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My Wife's Hot Friend 30

Studio: Naughty America » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 3/24/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 14 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; Affairs

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Starring Rachel Roxxx with India Summer, Presley Hart, Jayden Lee, Alexis Ford along with Erik Everhard, Johnny Castle, Kurt Lockwood, Billy Glide and Joey Brass

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection with choices to jump to blow job, sex or cumshot; Photo Gallery; Trailers for I Have a Wife and Wives on Vacation


Naughty America presents the latest in the My Wife’s Hot Friend series with My Wife’s Hot Friend 30. Rachel Roxxx is the featured starlet and DVD cover girl in this flick that includes 5 hot scenes. The movie runs over 2 hours and 14 minutes and presents Rachel, India Summer, Presley Hart, Jayden Lee and Alexis Ford in several compromising positions with their best friends’ husbands. These horny ladies fuck their best friends’ husbands, Erik Everhard, Johnny Castle, Kurt Lockwood, Billy Glide and Joey Brass and promise to keep it all a secret. Rachel fucks Kurt who is out for revenge after he finds out his wife fucked another guy and took a load of cum on her face. Billy mistakes India for his wife and mistakenly grabs her ass. That sets off a chain reaction in India that leads to these 2 fucking each other quickly, before his wife gets home. Alexis has been secretly fucking Erik’s wife and he finds out after Alexis accidently left her panties in his bed. She lets her wildest fantasies take over, fucking Erick and swallowing a big cum load in the end. Overall, I recommend this flick. There are 5 solid scenes that all are steamy enough to make this flick worth watching.

Scene 1:  Rachel Roxxx and Kurt Lockwood

Rachel is supposed to go shopping with Kurt’s wife Jill but Jill isn’t at home. Rachel is surprised because she was all excited about going shopping. Kurt tells her that things aren’t going well right now between him and his wife because he found out that she fucked another guy and had cum all over her. Rachel asks him if there’s anything she can do to make him feel better and maybe even get revenge with. Kurt decides that the problem has been solved and takes off her blouse, revealing her big round tits. Kurt squeezes them and tells her he has wanted to see her tits for so long. Rachel tells him she has wanted to see his cock for so long too. She lies back on the sofa on her back with her legs wrapped behind her head. She pins Kurt’s head between her legs while he eats her pussy, making her wet. Rachel tells him that her pussy if fucking pulsating right now for his tongue wagging. He fingers her hole, making it even more wet then he starts tonguing her ass hole while she fingers her clit. This sends her body into shivers. Rachel begs for his cock then finally gets it in her mouth as she drops to her knees and gags on his meat. Kurt tells her he wants to see her pretty eyes while she blows his wand.

Rachel gets her pussy stretched open in reverse cowgirl position for starters. She tells him his cock feels so fucking good as she rides it and fingers her clit at the same time, yelling fuck yeah. Rachel takes all of his dick in her snatch. She twists to her side and keeps riding his cock then turns all the way around into cowgirl position, where she really goes for a hard cowgirl ride on top of Kurt’s meat. After he slams up and down into her wet hole, she takes over and grinds back and forth on his meat, holding her ass cheeks open and telling him to fuck her right there. Rachel is going to cum and starts giggling as she keeps riding his meat. She climbs off and gets into 69 position on top of him and starts sucking his cock, telling him it’s so good. From 69 to doggystyle to titty fucking, Rachel gets it all in, taking Kurt’s cock over and over again. She settles into a missionary style fuck that gets her all wet and sweaty and ends in her getting splashed with cum all over her face as Kurt pulls out and pops. She licks up the cum off of his dick while Kurt says the jokes on his wife.

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Scene 2:  India Summer and Billy Glide

India is busy vacuuming the living room. Billy mistakes India for his wife and he sneaks up behind her and grabs her ass cheeks. India is startled and Billy is shocked. He apologizes for grabbing her ass, but he really thought India was his wife. They reminisce about how much fun they used to have when they used to fuck around in school. India is getting turned on and asks Billy what they’re going to do about this situation. Billy says his wife will be gone for 20 minutes. India says all she needs is 10 minutes and she kisses Billy and pushes him back onto the couch, pulls his pants down and starts sucking his cock. She jerks his meat and gags on it, telling him his dick is so fucking big. She tries deep throating him but doesn’t get all the way down his shaft. Billy stands up and fucks her mouth, making her spit up all over it. They make their way to the bed where he spreads her legs wide open and starts tonguing her pussy. India tells him it feels fantastic as she starts breathing harder and faster. She tells him to suck her pussy and get it nice and wet.

With her pussy really wet now, she stays in missionary position and gets her pussy pumped by Billy’s hard cock. She holds on to the sheets of the bed, telling him to fuck her just like that. All that fucking makes her cum on his cock. She sucks his cock, telling him she wants to clean up all the fucking cum off of his dick. After sucking his cock, she sits on it in reverse cowgirl position, fingering her clit and riding his meat. This gets her screaming again, making her cum on his cock. Billy fucks her hard, fast and deep, making her eyes roll back in her head. She screams out for him to keep fucking her just like that and it’s going to make her cum again. They spoon fuck and India sucks his prick again before she bends over doggystyle near the edge of the bed, letting Billy stand up behind her and pound her hole. When Billy is ready to pop, she tells him to shoot his cum all over her ass like he used to. He cums all over her ass cheeks and she wonders whether the whole thing took more than 10 minutes.

Scene 3:   Presley Hart and Johnny Castle

Presley is taking a shower, letting the water fall all over her body. She has nice boobs and a hot bod. Johnny walks into the bathroom expecting to see his wife, but it’s Presley. He apologizes for barging in on her. Presley tells him not to worry about it. She’s sure he’s seen a naked woman before. They start talking and Johnny asks her why there was so much tension between Presley and his wife. She tries to explain it but then just blurts out that Johnny’s wife stole him from Presley. He can’t believe what he’s hearing. Presley moves in closer to him, wrapped in her towel and she lets the towel drop and tells him they could make up for lost time. Johnny so no because he’s married now, but Presley is persistent and tells him not to worry because his wife will never find out. She pins him back against the vanity and starts sucking his hard cock, telling him she’s waited for this for a long time. Johnny says he understands what all the tension has been about. Presley just wanted him to fuck her. She agrees and says she also wanted to get back at his wife. With that, she puts his cock back in her mouth. Johnny holds her head in place and starts fucking her mouth. Presley asks if her cocksucking is better than his wife’s. He says yes then starts kissing and squeezing her tits and telling her to rub her pussy.

She bends over doggystyle over the side of the tube so Johnny can eat her pussy from behind. He gets her pussy wet then sticks his dick inside her, pumping her from behind in standing doggy position. Presley looks back at him, enjoying her hard pounding. She stops and turns around to suck his cock, licking up her pussy juices off of his dick, then Johnny tells her to bend back over and turn around. He keeps fucking her pussy from behind as she grips the sides of the tub, yelling for him to give it to her. Johnny lies on his back on the floor and Presley climbs on top of him in 69 position and sucks his cock. Johnny eats her pussy at the same time. From there, Presley rides his cock in reverse cowgirl position then turns around cowgirl style, bouncing her ass up and down. Johnny grabs her ass cheeks while she rides his dick. She sucks him off again then turns on her side to get spoon fucked. Her head is resting against the side of the tub while Johnny calls her a good girl for taking more and more of his cock. He pumps and pumps then pulls out and shoots all over her face and tits. She grabs his cock and sucks it, licking up the cum. She looks at him and tells him this is the best reunion she’s ever been too.

Scene 4:  Jayden Lee and Joey Brass

Joey is getting dressed and walks into his closet to pick out his clothes. As he begins looking through the closet he comes across Jayden hiding in the closet half naked. She decided to borrow a dress for a big date she has tonight. Joey tells her she has to stop doing this because his wife works hard for this stuff and it’s not fair for Jayden does this. He gets in her face and tells her she has to stop this and he’s getting tired of it. Jayden gets in his face and starts rubbing his chest and asks him what he suggests they do. She can think of a few things they should do to fix the problem. They start kissing and he helps her out of her bra. She walks him over to the bed, pinning him against it, kissing his chest, then his stomach and making his way down to his dick. She pulls his pants down and puts his cock in her mouth, sucking it and bobbing her head back and forth. She’s on her knees, working his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. She’s soon gagging on his meat and asking him if this is his idea of getting along. She tells him this has to be their little secret. Jayden lies on the bed with her legs open wide near the edge of the bed. Joey sticks his tongue in her pussy and licks all over it, then he sticks his cock in there, stretching it out as he pumps his cock in and out of her hole. She has her leg up over his shoulder and is moaning in ecstasy. They fuck missionary style for a while and Jayden loves it, especially when he pins her legs back behind her ears. They transition to spoon position where she gets a balls deep pounding in her ass. The anal fucking continues in reverse cowgirl position and Jayden bounces her ass up and down, swallowing up his cock deep in her ass hole. She takes more cock in the ass in standing doggy position and then in a downward doggy near the edge of the bed until Joey pulls out of her hole, telling her here it cums. He pops all over her ass cheeks.  

Scene 5:  Alexis Ford and Erik Everhard

Alexis drops by Erik’s house looking for something. She looks under his bed and he asks her what she’s looking for. She tells him don’t mind her. She says she went out with his wife last Friday and left something at his house. Erik asks her what she left. She finally confesses that she left her panties in his bed after she had a little fun with his wife. He asks her what kind of fun did they have. She says her panties ended up coming off after she fucked his wife in his bed. She giggles and says he has to keep it a secret. Erik wants to know how come Alexis fucked his wife and not him. Alexis tells him she can show him what she did with his wife. They start kissing and she looks at him and says things started the same way with his wife. Erik tells her she needs to lose those panties again and he pulls her top down, revealing her big, gigantic tits. He sucks her tits and licks her nipples while she squeezes them together. She tells him her panties are so wet right now because she has always fantasized about fucking him. Erik promiser to make her fantasy a reality and in no time he’s eating her pussy. Alexis lies back telling him to eat her pussy, it’s make her so horny. He starts fingering her hole while he licks it, driving her crazy. She tells him she loves cock in her mouth, but before Erik puts his cock in her mouth, he fingers her hard and makes her cum.

Alexis bends over doggystyle and starts deep throating Erik’s meat while he stuffs 2 fingers in her pussy, getting it more and more wet. She spits on his cock and jerks it in and out of her mouth. They roll over onto the bed and she sits on his dick cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on his dick and telling him it feels so good. Alexis is screaming at the top of her lungs as Erik pumps her pussy. She lies on her back and gets fucked missionary style while he keeps both hands on her tits. She sucks his cock again and then takes a hard pounding in her pussy from behind as Erik slams her hole doggystyle. She grips the edges of the bed sheets and screams out, biting the sheets as he fucks and fingers her pussy at the same time. The downward doggy fucking makes her cum again. She gets on top of his cock one more time and rides him in reverse cowgirl position. She tells him it feels so fucking good as he fills her wet snatch. Alexis begs him not to stop. She lies on her back again for a final round of missionary fucking that leads to Erik pulling out and cumming in her open mouth. She swallows his cum then sucks his cock, squeezing out all the left overs. She tells him it tastes so good going down her throat.  

Final Thoughts:

Rachel Roxxx is the DVD cover girl and featured starlet in Naughty America’s My Wife’s Hot Friend 30. Rachel is joined by her hot friend costars India Summer, Presley Hart, Jayden Lee and Alexis Ford in 5 scenes running over 2 hours and 14 minutes. These hot friends let their horny natures rule as they fuck their best friends’ husbands, promising to keep it all a secret. The lucky husbands, Erik Everhard, Johnny Castle, Kurt Lockwood, Billy Glide and Joey Brass promise they won’t tell either, pumping their wife’s best friends and splashing them with loads of cum. All of these scenes carry enough heat to make this flick worth watching and the scenes are all set up and shot well. Overall, I recommend this flick. You’ll especially enjoy watching Alexis and India give in to their fantasies.

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