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Sexually Explicit 8: Anal Maniacs

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/25/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Sexually Explicit 8: Anal Maniacs

Girlfriends Films/Skow Digital

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Genre: Vignette, Anal

Director: B. Skow


Cast: Mandy Muse, Tommy Pistol, Morgan Lee, Ramon Nomar, Cassidy Klein, Chad White, Adriana Chechik, Xander Corvus

Length: 223:49 minutes (118:17 minutes & 105:32 minutes)

Date of Production or release: 1/29/2016

Extras: The best unrelated extra of the first disc was the bonus scene from Sexually Explicit 4 between Marica Hase and Tommy Pistol described below. The first disc also had 30:45 minutes of Behind the Scenes interviews (repeated on the second disc), the ladies staying clothed but offering some insights and humor. There were also some trailers on each disc, the second disc also offering an unrelated bonus sex scenes from Sexually Explicit 4 starring Casey Calvert and Karlo Karrera described in detail below.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Sexually Explicit 8 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films. While there were no technical credits for the production, most of the scenes and resulting tease montages looked like they were shot with two cameras, Skow likely joined by one of his regular cameramen and editors to polish up the resulting footage. The framing was not always great and the lighting was not as consistent as usual, some flesh tones washed out as a result and the color tones of some footage not quite matching that of the other elements from a scene. Each of the four vignettes looked a bit different despite very similar settings but the visuals were usually pretty fair, the framing and editing of the sexual trysts enhancing the look of the ladies more often than not. There was no continuous company watermark on the screen for those who care and the accurate flesh tones looked good. The aural components of the movie varied a bit more this time with the music appropriate to each vignette but not credited at all. The interview and moaning vocals were easily heard to make it sound decent.

Body of Review: B. Skow is a world renowned director distributed by Girlfriends Films these days. His latest release is a double disc title called Sexually Explicit 8: Anal Maniacs, the movie a set of four gonzo vignettes centering on sexual fantasies of a female cast including naturally curvy ladies such as Cassidy Klein, Mandy Muse, Adriana Chechik, and Morgan Lee. The back cover said it like this: “In this edition of Sexually Explicit, B.Skow explores a diverse selection of starlets who love to take Big Cock and Fun Toys to their tight little assholes. The Anal Maniacs in this special 2-disc edition includes Adriana Chechik , Mandy Muse, Cassidy Klein, and Morgan Lee. You won't be able to take your eyes off the screen when these girls interview, perform a long sensual dance, give personal anal instruction, and take a deep anal pounding. B.Skow gives you a deep exploration into the world of anal sex in Sexually Explicit, Anal Maniacs!” As an aside, the title was spelled incorrectly on the edge of the case, leaving out the “x” in “Explicit” but as suspected, director Skow delivered the goods when it came to the content of the show.

The company press release described the production like this: “Acclaimed director B. Skow focuses on hardcore anal sex in Skow for Girlfriends Films’ “Sexually Explicit 8: Anal Maniacs.” The two-disc DVD release is now available from Girlfriends Films. B. Skow gives viewers a deep exploration into the world of anal sex in “Sexually Explicit 8: Anal Maniacs.” The movie offers a diverse selection of starlets who love to have their backdoor stuffed by sexy toys and well hung studs. Each scene includes an interview, long sensual dance, personal anal instruction, and a deep anal pounding. “Sexually Explicit 8: Anal Maniacs” features Adriana Chechik, Cassidy Klein, Mandy Muse, and Morgan Lee in four must-see scenes. “I love going further into performers’ lives than any other director,” Skow said. “‘Sexually Explicit’ is as much about exploring the girls’ dirty thoughts and kinky fantasies, as it is about the sex scenes. Proper foreplay always helps intensify a scene, and fans will get that ten-fold with ‘Sexually Explicit 8.’” “B. Skow has brought an amazing vision to this series that has really connected with fans,” said Girlfriends Films President Moose. “From the beginning, ‘Sexually Explicit’ has attracted fans like few other series have thanks to Skow’s ability to bring out each performer’s personality and sexuality in each volume.” Through his Skow for Girlfriends Films label, Skow is quietly reshaping the landscape of the adult industry, as the award-winning director takes his experience from mainstream and adult work into a new movement being labeled Progressive Porn. Skow’s Progressive Porn Movement demonstrates how unique his style is, whether it’s how he approaches gonzo or feature porn movies.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Mandy Muse, a delightful San Diego brunette with 63 credits to her name on the IAFD, was up first with Tommy Pistol, the man less in his element given the lack of acting for the scene though he seemed to adore her. Mandy began in tight blue booty shorts and a sheer yellow bra, her ass munching on the fabric of her shorts as she swayed in the contemporary home’s hallway, grinding her rump and letting the bra slip down to show her all natural boobs and erect nipples. The tease was set to some upbeat music and led to the bed, her bald beaver as inviting as ever as she lifted her ass off the mattress while on her back, the visual appeal of the stimulating session not lost on me though the music then stopped, the color scheme looked different, and she masturbated anally in the second part of the scene, her perfect pucker easily handling the toys before Tommy jumped in to assist her. He fingered her holes while using the dildos, Mandy whimpering in delight while looking back at him, Mandy soon slobbing his knob actively with ease as she throated him. He kissed her and they started to vaginally fuck, some technical DP footage included before she moved onward to doing active anal with him in her ass, her fleshy ass cheeks rippling nicely as he poked her pussy and pucker. There was some 69 material but this time, it seemed as though only a single camera captured the action since he wasn’t shown to be gobbling her gash, Tommy then focusing on draining his dragon of sperm as he power pounded her pucker while she pushed herself hard to polish him off with some hand to gland friction (pasting her crotch), additional anal and oral ending the heated tryst quite well.



Scene Two: Morgan Lee, a Chicago native with about 60 credits to her name at this writing, was up next, the exotic babe paired up with Ramon Nomar to finish the first disc. Morgan had her hair up and was wearing a revealing purple outfit, her tanline pronounced as she teased in the home in a sultry but brief manner. The tease then rebooted to show her on a small bed with a pink jelly graduated dildo, Morgan addressing the camera as she pawed herself and soon masturbated in a sensual fashion. She slowly explored her ass and was eventually assisted by Ramon, the man pushing the toy back in her ass and spanking it, Morgan’s moaning meant to show she was getting off. She did some taste testing and then Ramon started sucking her tits as she asked him to go down on her, the man gobbling her gash and spitting on her crotch to facilitate fingering her, some minimal verbal bantering included before she reciprocated. Morgan aggressively blew him and easily swallowed the bulk of his raging boner, the turgid pecker not much of a challenge for her though it should be noted that she had very strong eye contact with him. The initial penetration positions using her shaven snatch were active but she became very passive during the anal, the expressions on her face indicating her comfort level even if she looked good getting anally planked. In the end, she milked his balls dry of semen to the point where he furiously beat off onto her crotch, a wealth of manly fluids though the need for him to work it so hard was strange, Ramon getting some post coital head as she gazed up at him (no chemistry observed here either).



Scene Three: Cassidy Klein, an exceptionally flexible young lady with a very lean figure and pretty eyes, was up next with Chad White, the California girl sporting over 100 credits to her name right now. Cassidy was already in a bedroom wearing a tight black bikini outfit as she bounced around to some upbeat music, her skinny frame looking like she could eat a few more meals as she smiled and strut her stuff energetically. The emphasis on twerking and working her ass was noted, her all natural bosoms soon revealed as her top was ditched and she kept looking at the cameras, the gal then rolling around on the bed to show her modest patch of pubic hair before a reboot using a different look on the beige living room sofa started. She wore a black tank top and patterned red skirt, a sex toy in hand to suck on before she peeled off her clothes to masturbate. The toy went in her ass and she sucked it clean a few times, spreading her legs wide apart when scruffy Chad stepped in to assist her. He rubbed her crotch and fingered her as the glass toy remained nestled deep inside her ass, the gal screaming out a great deal more than needed which weakened the impact which led to him going down on her. They kissed and she blew him, the hairy guy having to encourage her to go deeper than just the head as the streamers flew about, Cassidy giving good eye contact though and seemingly having fun blowing him. Chad smacked her ample ass and fingered her some more as she continued her oral onslaught, the gal mounting him for some active vaginal positions before she acted like he was killing her when the switched to anal. She gave him a crazy look as he stuffed his boner in her ass and let her eyes roll too, additional positions in her holes given some taste testing by the gal before her passive anal led to him drenching her in his spew, most of it landing on her thigh and upper torso though she tasted it too.



Scene Four: Adriana Chechik, the beautiful brunette featured on the left side of the front cover with amazing eyes and a terrific ass, was up last in a scene with age appropriate Xander Corvus, her body of work including well over 200 scenes (many of them showing her anal skills). Of all the ladies in the movie, Adriana was expected to be the “sure thing” in terms of her actively riding any cock that came her way, the mechanical skills of the smoking hot lady never in question. She wore a rainbow dress that was sheer enough to see everything and short enough that it only covered the top half of her ass, her huge pubic bush not my favorite way to go with the unshaven look but the lean gal as sexy as ever. Her pretty eyes looked at the cameras a lot, this scene showing the most prominent use of a multi-camera system of all four, the editing a bit too rushed but her hardbody the one that garnered her many nominations, even a “win” for her tranny scene not long ago. The tease was a slower paced one than the previous three, her sexual confidence overflowing as she caressed her body to the generic music, peeling her top down to show her chest and pulled up to show her jungle bitch bush. The music stopped when she was in the bedroom wearing a completely different bikini outfit, one sheer enough to see her nipples and the toy much larger than the ones the others used as a means of stimulating herself. Most of her hand went in her ass first but the large glass dildo slid in easily too, Adriana working it deeper and deeper until Xander took over. Her anal gape hang time was pronounced and she seemed to enjoy the stimulation, the guy fingering her and going down on her before she inhaled his modest cock, the sloppy oral by both of them soon leading to active vaginal riding positions as Xander fingered her ass some more. Given the major difference in size between his cock and the toy she used to warm up with, her moans seemed way out of place during the anal but the good news was that she was at least partially active at anal riding, Xander choking her a bit before she throated him some more. Additional toys were used this time, including a small wand vibrator and giant anal beads, the lighting washing out some of the flesh tones as it was too strong for the conditions, Xander preferring to bone her pussy over her ass. By the end of the encounter, he nutted his seed all over her crotch and lower torso, Adriana a little mechanical on the action but at least able to capably handle anything finding its way into her ass.


Bonus Scene: Sexually Explicit 4: Marica Hase, Tommy Pistol: Marica Hase, a skinny Asian hotty from Tokyo (whose name was spelled wrong in the production), was up first as a passive love doll for pervy Tommy Pistol, the man exploring her ass with a large canvass paint brush as part of the tease. She was initially positioned with her panties around her ankles and a dull look on her face, the gal not responding to stimuli in the slightest as Tommy disrobed her and pawed her boobs as well as bald beaver. He then fingered her and the subtext was that he was a painter looking for inspiration, his fingers on her twat and probing of her ass finally getting a meager response, his fingers sliding into her ass as well. He kissed her and massaged her crotch before sucking her tits and feeding her his turgid pecker, the gal sliding into a 69 so he could gobble her gash and ass left mostly to the imagination as only one camera seemed to be operating at any given time. Scruffy Tommy then applied a wand vibrator to her pussy as she continued slobbing his knob, her modest oral efforts on a guy sporting such an average sized rod not impressing me much. The oral led to the vaginal penetration positions where Tommy shined, his pecker easily handled by the gal as she actively rode him here and there, her eye contact was minimal though and she became extremely passive during the anal, Tommy having to do all the work before her hand to gland friction milked his balls dry of semen, his finger marks left on her throat where he choked her, though a little more vaginal plowing was needed to elicit his seed. 37:09 minutes


Bonus Scene: Sexually Explicit 4: Casey Calvert, Karlo Karrera: Casey Calvert, a very exciting brunette hotty lately, was up next in bed wearing a flowered top as her tease montage played with glimpses of Carlo Carrera all over her. The storyline was not as obvious this time, the upbeat tempo of the music in stark contrast to the slower, more sensual visuals. He felt her up and she loved the attention, her natural curves reacting to his efforts quickly, her bald beaver sporting no obvious razor stubble as he explored her labia in a delicate manner. The lighting was occasionally a bit harsh on her pale skin too, adjustments made on the fly to fix the flesh tone accuracy as he went from poking her pussy to prodding her pucker, feeding Casey a taste of her own juices before they started kissing in earnest. The music began tapering off slowly as she put her head down and ass in the air, a bottle used as an anal dildo along with his fingers. I adore Casey much like Chanel so they merely have to show up and look interested for me to appreciate them, pairing them up with mopes having an impact however. The foreplay did not seem to interest her here though, the gal reaching out to slob his knob as he fingered her slowly upgrading the action, the active vaginal plowing leading to passive anal, Carlo returning to her pussy before shoving his turgid cock back in her mouth. The build up of excess lubricant looked nasty and the paint by numbers tryst resulted in him pulling out to nut all over her crotch and lower abdomen, some kissing as they cuddled gingerly just seeming a bit fake for me. 36:31 minutes


Summary: Sexually Explicit 8 by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films merited a rating of a strong Recommended for providing a nicely strokable experience. The longer tease sequences were again appreciated, the double disc approach allowing the talented director to squeeze out some extra picture quality and stuff more content on the physical media for collector’s like myself. In short, Sexually Explicit 8: Anal Maniacs was another winner for Skow’s porn resume, the selection of top ladies doing anal sure to garner some attention at award time given the wealth of footage included so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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