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Gonzo Story: Whorehouse Virgin, A

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/29/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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A Gonzo Story 3: Whorehouse Virgin

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Girlfriends Films

Genre: Gonzo with light story

Director: B. Skow


Cast: Iris Rose, Tommy Gunn, Alexis Adams, Ramon Nomar, Karter Foxx, Marcus Bay, Chad White

Length: 183:48 minutes

Date of Production: 1/18/2016

Extras: There were trailers and then a 32:11 minute long bonus scene from A Gonzo Story: The Mansion Family starring Maddy O’Reilly and Tommy Pistol as described below but there was no photogallery or “more” as advertised in the press release.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: A Gonzo Story 3: Whorehouse Virgin was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films. Using stationary and mobile cameras, Skow set forth to provide an upgraded experience from most gonzo flicks, adding a loose thread of story to tie the scenes together, Alex Ladd and Skow working the cameras while Gabrielle Anex took charge of editing. There was no continuous company watermark on the screen to get in the way and the lighting was plentiful to help keep the flesh tones accurate. The aural components by “Bina” were good too, the 2.0 Dolby Digital encoding added in during post production to limit the background noises, the vocals easily heard in most cases.


Body of Review: B. Skow is a skilled director of adult entertainment titles distributed by Girlfriends Films. His latest title in for review is called A Gonzo Story 3: Whorehouse Virgin, a set of four scenes that had Texan Iris Rose portray a legacy hooker in a brothel try to live up to her mother’s reputation with the help of Alexis Adams & Karter Foxx, with Maddy O’Reilly in a previously released, unrelated bonus scene. While the series is known for taking a gonzo approach to sex and add a very light story, I think Skow is starting to get the hang of crossing the genres, the resulting product providing a nice showcase for newcomer Iris, to say the least. The back cover described the movie like this: “Marie wants to follow in her mother's footsteps as the greatest whore alive. The only problem is doing the job itself. But with her stepfather's urging, and the help of her fellow brothel workers, Marie finds a way to make both herself, and her mother, proud.”

The company press release then said this: “Award-winning director B. Skow is continuing to earn critical acclaim for his adult filmmaking, as he takes his revolution in gonzo to another level in Skow for Girlfriends Films’ “A Gonzo Story: Whore House Virgin.” “A Gonzo Story: Whore House Virgin” dials into B. Skow’s vision for gonzo adult entertainment by incorporating traditional elements of gonzo, while removing those aspects that diminish the erotic experience. In this newest release, B. Skow adds realism and comedy, as he manipulates the basic gonzo approach to emphasize its strengths and enhance the enjoyment of the sex. “Gonzo has always been about raw chemistry, intensity and passion for sex,” Skow said. “Over time, it has changed, and my aim is to bring back that same interaction between performers that brings out that same emotion, chemistry, and connection on camera, while implementing elements of plot to help capture the viewer’s attention.” “A Gonzo Story: Whore House Virgin” tells the story of Marie, who decides to follow in her mother's footsteps as the greatest whore alive. The only problem is doing the job itself. But with her stepfather's urging, and the help of the other prostitutes, Marie finds a way to make herself and her mother proud. The cast includes adult stars Iris Rose, Alexis Adams, and Karter Foxx in four scenes of hardcore gonzo sex. The movie includes a bonus scene with Maddy O’Reilly and Tommy Pistol. It also includes movie trailers, photo gallery, animated chapter index, and more. "I loved the plot of 'A Gonzo Story: Whore House Virgin!'” exclaimed Iris Rose. “It was amazing how B. Skow combined a funny comedy with hot gonzo sex in one great movie! From the shoes to the stepfather relationship, it's an awesome story told in a way completely unique to porn."” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Iris Rose, the cute Texan featured on the front cover, was up first having sex with her step father played by Tommy Gunn, in bed. Iris is still a relative newcomer to porn with only 17 credits listed on the IAFD but she has definitely made an impact, her work for Skow among her best released to date. The creepy fauxcest aspect aside, Iris wore a flowered top and pale yellow skirt with a white thong running up her ass crack as she jumped Tommy on the small bed, ditching the attire to to rub all over him as he sucked her boobs and felt her up. He admired her all natural figure as she dry humped him, her body built for speed but offering some Texan curves as well. Iris had good eye contact as the upbeat music played, dominating the aural track at first until it simply faded out, Tommy spanking and massaging her ass while his mouth lingered on her chest some more. She then slobbed his knob aggressively, some spitting and hand to gland friction enhancing the experience for him more than the nut nuzzling, a second camera panning her legs and ass from behind as she inhaled his modest member increasingly deep. Tommy then fingered her bald beaver to warm her up more, replacing his fingers with his turgid pecker once he flipped her to the bed, her growing collection of body art observed before she landed on her back. While she was passive at vaginal riding initially, Iris did better when she was on top of him (at least in a few spots), her boobs bouncing as Tommy tapped her twat silly, the increasingly puffy pussy engorging with blood for that distinctive look, Iris eventually draining his dragon of sperm with the pop shot landing on her crotch.



Scene Two: Alexis Adams, an adorably cute young lady with a smoking hot body, was up next in a scene with Ramon Nomar, some brief solo masturbation footage of her and Iris not truly long enough to consider listing as a full scene. The two ladies got off and then Iris had a second solo session before Alexis, back in her bright red dress, answered a call for her services to enjoy a tryst with Ramon, the man dressed in a suit. They were in a garishly adorned room sitting on the bed when Ramon had her move to his lap, Alexis proclaiming her need for him as the two caressed each other, her ample boobs coming out early for him to nuzzle as she told him how much she needed him. His hand felt her crotch and she became increasingly naked, her skimpy panties not covering much of her juicy slit. She dry humped him too and took her time getting him excited, his raging boner ready to pound her hard as she beat him meat and blew him while he reclined on the bed. Her enthusiasm during her hummer did not keep him hard though, the gal titty fucking him to get him back in shape for the vaginal penetration positions, Alexis sporting a small mound of pubic hair that was neatly trimmed. She was occasionally an active rider here, her ass looking terrific in doggy to the point where he pulled out to lick her front and back, resuming his drilling of her to the point where sweat was pouring off him like crazy, the modest sheen of bodily fluids gracing Alexis quite minor in comparison. By the end, her screaming was a bit too pornish for my tastes but she still looked great, Ramon milking his balls dry of semen to coat her torso and tits.



Scene Three: Karter Foxx, a lean hotty with a girl next door look, was then up with Marcus Bay, the gal in about a dozen released scenes per the IAFD. Like the other scenes, this one began after Iris had some solo fun, her frustration building when Karter came to the door in a sexy negligee and stripper shoes. Karter seemed really sedate here, offering Iris some sisterly advice before offering to allow Iris to watch her with Marcus. This scene differed in how slow they explored each other and how relatively emotionless they were, savoring the experience to a degree in a gonzo kind of way that allowed them to linger combined with a slightly erotic mannerism too. They kissed and her enjoyed looking at her pronounced tan line, his hands continuing to explore her figure until she used her feet to jerk him off. He then started pounding her shaven crotch as she held her legs spread wide, her reaction remaining the same whether his cock barely dipped the head in or more of the shaft was inserted, the lack of chemistry or passion greatly impacting the replay value for me compared to some of the other scenes. He juiced her up by hand between the positions and she knelt to blow him, Marcus nutting on her ass crack to finish up, the man making her lick the sheets clean and give some post coital head.



Scene Four: Iris Rose, having learned the tricks of the trade (pun intended), then completed her circle of learning by engaging in a scene with Chad White, now emboldened by her experiences with the staff of the bordello. The hairy guy was laying in bed masturbating when she jumped on top of him in her lingerie, some light trump music playing in the background as he kissed her mouth and body to her liking. She cleaned him off with a wet cloth, her pantiless ass provided some fine displays for the camera as she gingerly tended to him while he simply enjoyed the action. She then started soaking herself with the rag at his bequest, his hands freely roaming her body to appreciate all she had to offer as he whispered sweet compliments to her, some kissing, nuzzling, and even gash gobbling included on her hairless crotch while he warmed her up as she had done for him. Iris gave him a quick hummer before he started boning her pussy, a myriad of positions included where she was occasionally active at riding but always vocal, her labia tightly clenching his boner to drive him crazy until she polished him off, having the orgasm she had been prohibited from having as part of the story, his hand tossing out the load all over her crotch and lower abdomen.


Bonus Scene: A Gonzo Story: The Mansion Family: Maddy O’Reilly, Tommy Pistol: Maddy O’Reilly, the popular young babe featured on the far right side of the front cover, was up next after she found out about her cheating boyfriend (Toni), her desire to give him a blowjob resulting in the secret coming out. This led her into the heavily tattooed arms of Tommy Pistol, the gal making sure she wasn’t a charity case as she pulled down her dress to show her boobs. Tommy complimented her from behind the camera, the acting by all involved so deadpan as to make me think of several amazing possibilities to use their talents working for the DMV, Tommy caressing her “perfect” tits as she led him into the bedroom. Satisfied that her boobs were acceptable, Maddy next questioned Tommy about her ass, his comment of “I like girls with big asses” very unlikely to result in any human girl from reacting as she did. Still, she laid down in bed and let him see her puffy pussy, a lot of pubic hair located on top of it as he rubbed it (and she tasted the finger). This was extremely slow going but as far as getting to explore a cute babe, Maddy was a good choice, Tommy soon moving out of POV and into the scene itself as he dove into her ass as she bent over on the bed with her head down and ass in the air. He rimmed her, gobbled her gash, and fingered her, Maddy reciprocating by slobbing his knob when he was done eating her pussy. This led to some moderately active vaginal positions with taste testing, her tight snatch draining his dragon of sperm that he fed to her mouth as she reacted blandly, a smile crossing her face when Jodi gave her a seasonal greeting (the two basically swapping boyfriends).


Summary: A Gonzo Story 3: Whorehouse Virgin by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films took his previous formula and tweaked it enough to allow more variations, some light tease included in short bursts during the storyline. I rated the movie as Recommended because of the fun factor, strokability, and replay value, the casting of both males and females adding to the end results as well. In short, A Gonzo Story 3: Whorehouse Virgin continued Skow’s lasting legacy as someone who tries new things, often succeeding, rather than make infinite versions of the same old movie so check this one out if it sounds to your liking.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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