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Jack's Back

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/31/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Jack’s Back

Digital Playground

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Genre: Gonzo

Director: Robby D.


Cast: Eva Lovia, Charlotte Stokely, Madi Meadows, John Strong, Bibi Noel, Dallas Black, Mr. Pete, Riley Reid, Aiden Ashley, Melissa Moore, Dahlia Sky, Luna Star, Tommy Pistol, Karlo Karrera, Katrina Jade, Lea Lexis

Length: 224:43 minutes

Date of Production: 11/29/2015


Extras: The best extra was the 9:52 minute long Behind the Scenes feature where Robby D., looking much older with a gray beard and glasses, talked to the cast in different settings during the five day shoot. There was also a photogallery and web access but that was it.

Condoms: None


Audio/Video Quality: Jack’s Back Robby D. for Digital Playground Wiz and Philadelphia Collins were credited as the editors, the “look” of the cuts not the same as the wealth of previous “Jack” titles but pretty smooth overall considering the 4K handheld camera use by Robby. Joey Pulgadas was listed as the “DIT” here, his touches seen throughout some of the episodes but the lighting and flesh tones nicely done in most cases just as Robby’s framing and eye for what works enhancing the final product. I listened through my surround sound speakers but even when I spot checked the 2.0 stereo sound, there was no separation between the channels that I could tell and it was as basic as any of the previous series using the name, the vocals easily heard along with all the usual ambient noises not removed in the scenes.


Body of Review: Robby D. was one of my favorite people in porn for many years, his guy humor and outgoing personality as important to how he was perceived as his talented eye for shooting porn. When Digital Playground was sold some years back, the director seemed to disappear from the face of the Earth, a few projects credited to him though not always looking like the body of work I was accustomed to that he shot at the company or Vivid before that. Well, in the most classic of senses, Jack’s Back is his return to the company and to the popular character he portrayed for years, the former emphasis of a man trying to have sex with ladies by telling them he was shooting music videos now reduced to living in a parent’s rental house trying to find a female roommate. The format here was to offer an episode that had a full sex scene and typically a blowjob or solo scene by another gal. With babes like Katrina Jade, Eva Lovia and Riley Reed in the mix, I knew there’d be strokability and replay value but my question was; “Could Robby bring back the old magic?” The back cover described the movie like this: “Jack's back and he's on the prowl for some new slutty girls ready to get raunchy on camera. Join the adventure as he devours and conquers each one of their tight pussies.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene/Episode One: Eva Lovia, Charlotte Stokely, Madi Meadows, and John Strong, populated the first episode that was released online on 1/16/2016. Charlotte, a blond from Utah that was quite a big name years ago, was up first with Californian newcomer Madi, a brunette with gorgeous eyes and a limited body of work. The couple rode to the rental house from the beach and were exceptionally upbeat, pawing each other in the back seat and flashing their goodies before briefly meeting contract hotty Eva, the fine looking young lady on the entire right side of the front cover. Eva stepped out to have a tryst with John as the episode focused on Charlotte and Madi making out in bed, getting naked and exploring each other orally as they gobbled gash and ass, the action fairly minimal though showing some chemistry between them, their solid eye contact enhancing the encounter. Then, Eva, dressed in a white t-shirt and string thong nestled up her juicy ass, showed off for “Jack” and John on the large living room couch, John pulling her in close to suck her boobs and warm her up. He ate her neatly trimmed pussy before boning her pussy, pulling his turgid pecker out of her so she could slob his knob, easily throating him and applying some hand to gland friction while maintaining some decent eye contact. While Eva was not the most active rider of the movie, her polished oral skills were first rate and she soon drained his dragon of sperm for a facial, the gal providing some post coital head as she smiled and laughed tied to the verbal banter with the director behind the camera.



Scene/Episode Two: Bibi Noel, Dallas Black, Mr. Pete, and John Strong, were up next in a scene released online on 1/23/2016. The show started with Pete munching donuts as he and the director discussed the room for rent, Bibi interested in renting as the Hungarian hotty posed around the house in her tight crop top and white pants. Pete kept interjecting (cock blocking “Jack”) when Bibi mentioned she could do “stuff” to get a better rate which led to her large implants coming out and the gal having sex with Pete. She groped Pete’s growing bulge until she released his raging boner from his pants, Bibi telling Jack that it turned her on for him to keep recording. The blond arched her back as she inhaled Pete’s cock to the base, bending over to emphasize her shapely ass though she peeled off her pants to use a conveniently located dildo until Pete took over banging her. She was an active rider during the vaginal sex, slowing down a bit when they switched to anal which soon led to her milking his balls dry of semen, Pete beating off all over her face, Bibi gingerly cleaning him off orally. The episode then jumped abruptly to showing John playing with a knife, the guy going to the store with Jack. In the parking lot, they encountered Dallas who fussed at John for not calling her back, the guys offering her a ride as she bitched at John though she gave the Russian guy a sloppy hummer in the back seat as they drove down the public roadways. In the end, Dallas jerked him off to completion, the couple making up as she finished him off.



Scene/Episode Three: Riley Reid, Aiden Ashley, Melissa Moore, and Mr. Pete, were up next in a scene released on 1/30/2016. It started out with Riley and Aiden, the cuties seen on the upper middle of the front cover, jumping in the car and showing selfies of each other before taking more, the ladies looking like sisters (Aiden possessing the larger rack by far). The gals wore tight shorts and showed ample ass cleavage, their donut delivery soon showing why Pete was gaining a paunch as he chowed down once more (his eyes were glossed over again too as though he was high). The ladies kept taking pictures and getting less dressed, Pete asking the ladies for help in taking better pictures leading to the big headed “motherfucker” going upstairs to the bedroom as Jack followed with his camera showing the asses of the ladies quite well. They ended up molesting Pete on the stairs, the sugary donuts turning the gals on as they double teamed Pete orally to throat his cock and suck his balls, some good eye contact included as they prepared him to fuck them both. While the vaginal pounding did not take overly long, there was some great shots of the ladies from where Jack stood beneath them on the stairs, the resulting load plastering the faces of Riley and Aiden for the final set of naked selfies. The episode then jumped to pale Melissa, the lean gal looking a bit out of place until she had a solo masturbation scene in the bath tub, some under water footage adding a new twist as she used her favorite glass dildo to get off, her bald beaver spreading easily for the toy.


Scene/Episode Four: Dahlia Sky, Luna Star, Tommy Pistol, and Karlo Karrera, were then up in the fourth scene of the new series, the release date of the production being 2/6/2016. Luna, a curvy Cuban chick with black hair and nice cleavage, was up first as Jack fed the gal on a wooden table outside. Karlo came by and cock blocked the director, immediately hitting it off with Luna to Jack’s dismay. They ended up in the house where she was all over Karlo and ignoring Jack, her sexy Latina accent adding to the effect as he played with her nipples and tits. She bent over in her blue jean shorts, the fabric cut so high that three quarters of her glorious ass hung outside of them, her red thong driven deep inside her crack as she continued to tease really well. The energetic lady was soon increasingly naked and bouncing on Karlo’s lap, puling his cock out to play with it as she knelt down to blow him, her solid eye contact enhancing the action even before the titty fucking and passionate impaling on her snatch. They kept at it and Karlo plastered her mouth as she beat his meat, most of his manly seed falling shirt of her mouth though he didn’t complain much as she swallowed all she could. That action cut away to have Dahlia and Tommy join Jack, laughing at his misfortune of not getting laid by Luna as Tommy ate Jack’s pizza. Tommy offered to show the blond (seen featured on the lower left portion of the front cover) the room for rent, Jack walking in on them in the bathroom where the two were engaged in some small talk before she blew him and jerked him off to completion for a facial. The sex was short here but she seemed to be having fun, her eye contact and open mouth polishing Tommy off as he nutted in her mouth.



Scene/Episode Five: Katrina Jade, Lea Lexis, Tommy Pistol, and Karlo Karrera, were up last in a scene originally released on 2/13/2016. The episode started with Katrina, the smoking hot brunette featured on the upper left corner of the front cover. She was dressed in slutty attire and wanted to see Jack’s larger room, the slutty babe excited when she found out he had a massage chair in his room (also a stack of DVDs and Blu-ray discs on the desk). The vibrations from the chair excited her and the playful verbal banter led to her feeling herself up, her “Fuck Everything” short and skimpy shorts working for the tattooed hotty as she enjoyed the chair’s ability to “let the stress out” though the guys were getting increasingly tense as she started masturbating. Soon enough, she was blowing Tommy who then vaginally fucked her, fingering her delicious ass as his pecker porked her shaven slit, her respiration rate increasing until she got off, Tommy giving her a vaginal creampie as his best parts oozed down her ass crack onto the bed. The episode then cut away to former gymnast Lea exercising in a public park, Jack hooking up with her as they caught up though he was happy when he found out she was no longer going out with “what’s his face”. She started masturbating in the car as he drove down the road, the gal feeding him a taste of her twat to work him up though she ended up switching to Karlo in the house as the more muscular man ate donuts. Her tease act was hot and soon resulted in her blowing Karlo to completion, the sloppy blowjob not interfering with her ability to show off her curvy ass as her black thong rode up the crack during the hand assisted oral. There was a short titty fuck too but that was it, Lea pushing Karlo over the edge to grace her tongue with his sperm.


Summary: Jack’s Back by director Robby D. for Digital Playground might not have been quite like the varied series starring the director as “Jack” but I liked it all the same, the technical values well done, the casting including some very appealing ladies, and some of the magic spark the director always offered in the past so I rated it as a higher end Recommended. There was more fuck for the buck than the previous series used to provide and while the BTS was on the dry side, the lack of “Montel the talking dildo” a shame, and some of the finer elements needing some getting used to, I hope to see more volumes released in the series. In short, Jack’s Back was the most positive sign coming from the company since Robby left, instilling the kind of fun factor entertainment value I always appreciated and the kind of playfulness most of his peers are simply unable of understanding how to capture so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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