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GFE Collection: The Pink Angel - Joanna Angel

Studio: Holo Girls VR » Review by Christopher Thorne » Review Date: 4/6/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Title: GFE Collection: The Pink Angel
Genre: Tease
Studio: Holofilm
Running Time: 10:32
Stars; Joanna Angel
VR: 220 Degrees
Sound: Binaural

Joanna Angel VR Porn


Joanna Angel has signed an exclusive VR deal with Holofilm and this scene is her first from the deal and it appears on HologirlsVr. The scene starts out with Joanna on the stairs with a little bit of tease. she moves closer, MUCH closer and then proceeds to choke herself and stick her hand in her mouth. She does a bit of spit play which is very much in 3D. In this first part, Joanna looks right at you, which really helps with the VR and makes it more immersive.

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The bottom edge of the 220 degree VR is a litte to tight, and so when she comes down a few steps, and takes off her top and bounces a bit, looking down at her you can get a little bit of edge blur. This takes you out of the experience a bit. 

It's exciting to have Joanna this close, but in the middle of this scene she's a little too close, and with the edge blur you can't really look around much. It's all Joanna and all her face. 

Joanna Angel VR Porn

The scene cuts and it finds Joanna with her ass in your face, and she massages her pussy. Again she's just one step too low and the edge blur is noticeable. I'm sure camera placement is tough, but I'd rather seem Joanna's pussy than be able to see the top of the ceiling. 

Joanna turns around and sits back on the lower step and simulates jerking the viewer off. Again this is pretty damn close, perhaps too close, as it just doesn't give you a lot of opportunity to look around. Also as she plays with her pussy, you can't see it as it's blurred by the edge of the view. 

The scene ends with Joanna inviting you upstairs to fuck and then walking up the stairs. This actually gives you the best opportunity to actually look at her.

VR: The overall quality of the VR is top notch. I watched it on a Gear VR, and the colors were vibrant, the motion clear and the image immersive. The biggest issues really delt with camera placement, and where Joanna sat. It was unfortunate that she was so close and that parts of her we outside the 220 degree radius.

Sound: The sound is Binaural which helps give depth to the video. There isn't a ton going on from an audio point of view, and with Joanna this close it would have been nice for her to whisper in the virtual ear. 

Final Thoughts:

This is Joanna Angel's first VR Porn scene, and she does shine well in VR. Up close you get a real sense of how amazing her eyes are, how pretty her tits are, and get a real chance to really see all her tattoos. For fans of tats, you are going to be in heaven! The tough thing about the scene is that Joanna is positioned too close to the camera, this creates blur in key areas, like when she's rubbing her pussy. The action here is also a little too short. I'm not expecting real orgasms, but it's impossible to suspend disbelief when a woman rubs herself to orgasm in less than two minutes.

This scene is a must for Joanna Angel fans, it brings you closer to her than you've EVER been, but there's also room for improvement, which lands this scene in the Recommended rating space.

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