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American Plumpers 4

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Kitty Stryker » Review Date: 4/7/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: BBW, All Sex

Director: Jeff Coldwater

Cast: Angelina, Bunny De La Cruz, Jayden Heart, Kayla Mounds, Jay Crew, Eric John

Audio/Video: Sound was fine throughout, I did have some weird issues with the video suddenly pixelating but it didn’t happen enough to be disruptive. I disliked the minute long breaks of just a black screen in between scenes, because when watching the movie all the way through, it just made it feel unfinished.

Length: 1 hour 51 minutes

Release Date: March 16, 2016

Extras: None

Condoms: No


The Cat's Whiskers?: I consider this a rent it. I was honestly confused by the promo for the porn being set up to play right before the actual scenes. I don’t quite understand why that wasn’t just included as a trailer. As it was, when I started watching this DVD, I was treated to a preview of the scenes right before I watched them, which seemed… weird. There was also a minute + long break in between that trailer and the rest of the porn, which felt sloppy to me. It makes me sideeye the whole porn, to be honest, because it feels like if you can’t put in the effort to showcase your BBW talent as you might for other girls, why even bother doing niche porn?

I felt like the men were genuinely into the girls, but the girls seemed pretty disconnected. Some of them are relatively new to porn, so fair enough, it takes a while to discover your persona and step out of your shyness. But I felt like I couldn’t tell if they wanted to be there, which tends to be a turn off for me. There’s moments that feel super hot and genuine, so it’s worth a watch for that, but as a whole I don’t know that I’d watch it again. I wish there was more space in these sorts of niche focus dvds to be creative, and less formulaic. If I can play bingo to the sex acts that’re going to happen and win every time, that’s not a great sign for rewatch value.

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Sex Scene 1: Bunny De La Cruz and Jay Crew have some saucy banter back and forth, with Jay worshipping Bunny’s breasts. He did struggle a little with her bra, but, to be fair, plus sized bras tend to have 3-4 hooks. It’s not easy, I’ll give him a break.

Jay’s jeans come off to expose a hard cock, which Bunny sucks and gags on during a pretty sloppy blowjob. His pubic hair is nicely trimmed. I do like how the two have a snarky back and forth during the sex they engage in, because it feels more natural and playful and fun. I also really enjoy hearing Jay say what he’s enjoying and how much. Bunny wraps her tits around his cock and jerks him off with them, much to his delight. I kind of wish we saw him eating her out a little more, because c’mon, dude, she gave you a blow job for like 15 min, you can at least lick her cunt for 5!

We then get to the PIV sex. Bunny has a nice and big ass, which she works on his cock with a fair amount of skill. There’s some more titty fucking, which I personally enjoy watching a lot. Then it’s back to mish, with Bunny playing with her clit while Jay fucks her. I did enjoy when he notices her rainbow tattoo mid thrust and says he’s never fucked under a rainbow before, which was pretty cute. And yay, Jay eats her out a little bit before going back to the ol’ in out in out. Bunny’s shaved pussy is plenty wet (you can hear her cunt, something that always gets me off). There’s more blowjobs, more fucking, more ass, and a cumshot on her ample tits. All in all, if you like watching asses and boobs jiggle, this is a good scene.

Sex Scene 2: Jayden Heart is admired by Eric John, who ends up sucking her fingertips out of a lust for her nails, something I haven’t seen before. Interesting, and Jayden seems a little taken aback by the attention to her manicure. I get it, straight men admiring our claws is a pretty strange and rare phenomenon (but, to be fair to him, it’s a very good manicure).

I do enjoy that moment when the performers are like “oh yeah we’re wearing a lot of clothes I guess we need to remove them” because it’s pretty much always awkward. I’ve also noticed that men in BBW porn never seem to wear underwear, while men in trans porn always have so far in my watching experience. I’m not sure why that is. Eric has no pubic hair, and is completely smooth in a way that feels a little alien to my eyes. Doesn’t seem to bother Jayden, who gives a nice enough blowjob. Her blowjob probably FEELS nice but it kind of looks boring, one of the things that happens when you fuck onscreen like you do at home. She is masturbating, but it’s hard to see at the angle she’s at.

Jayden takes her dress and panties off (kind of the standard black BBW dress and ruffled panties, but it’s a classic) and sucks Eric’s dick a bit more before moving into cowgirl. This is a great position to see her ample ass in. Then we get some reverse cowgirl, and see Jayden lifting up her belly so we can see Eric’s cock thrusting inside her shaved pussy. Then we go through doggy, and mish, but the performers seen… a little lackluster. There’s not a lot of back and forth here, and Jayden kind of lies there. It’s too bad, she’s definitely cute, I just wish she was a little more entertaining to watch? As a fat performer, part of the issue is definitely the positions she’s in- it’s going to be hard for her to be particularly hands on when she’s supporting her body most of the time.

The scene ends with a tit cumshot and a blow job. Shrug.

Sex Scene 3: Angelina looks pretty in her lingerie and a hair flower. She just gets right into with with Eric John, sucking his cock pretty much within the first minute. Who needs a storyline, or even dialogue, am I right? I can tell she has a bit of a hard time concentrating on a blowjob and masturbating through her panties, which I actually find really cute. Angelina also has a really gorgeous smile- she seems connected to the scene, which is nice, and eager to suck cock, which, considering that seems to be an important part of heterosexual porn, is a good thing.

I did notice her shoes were a bit big for her. But that’s the sort of thing only a femme or a foot fetishist would notice. There is some hot foot kissing that happens, which is pretty sexy (and I’m not a foot girl at all) and YES FINALLY SOME CUNNILINGUS! Seeing Angelina grab Eric’s hair and pull him into her cunt is great and I was definitely feeling it, especially as he gets his face all up in there. This is pussy eating for the pleasure of the performer, not for the camera.  MORE THIS PLEASE.

The fucking has some really good visuals. The angles are perfect for some explicit, see-it-all action, which is sometimes hard to get in BBW porn. Watching Angelina play with her clit while she gets fucked was super hot. There’s some titty fucking, which may be part of the theme for this particular type of film and studio, another blow job, more fucking, more blowjobs, more fucking, and a cumshot which mostly misses her face and hits her tits instead. I was glad, because she had some good makeup on.

Sex Scene 4: Eric John starts off measuring Kayla Mounds’ boobs in a few ways that are not particularly accurate for data, but, never mind. She starts with her boobs out giving a blowjob, and yeah, her boobs are pretty damn big! I was honestly pretty meh about Eric’s choice of clothes here, I felt he went a pretty lazy route with a teeshirt and like, basketball shorts. Yawn, make an effort dudes. He measures his dick (and yes, Eric, I saw you add a half an inch, don’t think you got away with that) and Kayla seems impressed (because frankly when a guy measures his dick the response he typically wants is awe, not apathy, as I learned in my travels). Kayla undresses and sucks Eric’s cock some more, pretty enthusiastically.

Once we get to the PIV though, I felt kind of bored. I mean, granted, I had just watched an hour and a half of porn, so that’s part of it, but it just felt very… vanilla, basic, non-dynamic. I want to see hands on bodies, not just pillow princessing. Her belly and thighs jiggle in a delightful way, and she’s super pretty! I just wish there was more focus on sex that involves the rest of the body, not just penises and vaginas. There’s the now-expected cleavage fucking, and more blowjobs, and more fucking, etc etc. I was kind of over it halfway through the scene. I think it’s just that BBW porn needs, in my mind, to be more interesting and interactive than just a penis going into a vagina. At least some dialogue, or like, bring the measuring tape back into it as a bondage thing, something. Eric ejaculated on Kayla’s breasts and I was kind of ready for the DVD to be over.


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