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GFE Collection: All For You - Abella Danger

Studio: Holo Girls VR » Review by Christopher Thorne » Review Date: 4/21/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Abella Danger VR Porn

Title: GFE Collection: All For You
Genre: Tease
Studio: Holofilm
Running Time: 11:15
Stars; Abella Danger
VR: 220 Degrees
Sound: Binaural
Director: Manuel Ferrara & Brian Shuster

Review: We are big fans of Abella Danger at XCritic, and watching her in this VR Porn from HoloFilm it's another reminder why. The VR starts with Abella Vaping smoke at us. This may sound displeasurable, and in reality it might be, but in the VR space it's hot as hell. The vape/smoke coming at you is one of the most realistic VR experiences I've had so far. 

Abella does a really good job of playing with the depth of VR, coming close to us so we can gaze into her stunning eyes, and then going back away from us so we can take in her body.


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Abella Danger Vape in VR

Abella does a fantastic tease, showing off her breasts and taking dirty. She spits to lube up her pussy, which in VR/3D is really hot. After playing with herself for a while she turns around and reveals she's got a clear anal plug in. She plays with herself a bit from this position and then pulls out the anal plug. Her positioning in relationship to the camera couldn't be better. All the action is front and center and there's a real sense of depth.

Abella then turns around and puts the Anal plug in her pussy and rubs herself off to an orgasm. The orgasm feels real as Abella writhes and moans. She then takes another hit on her vape and showers us with smoke. Sexy as hell again. She lingers right at the eye-line saying "my holes are yours".

She turns back around, re-inserts her anal plug into her ass slowly. She turns back around, plays with herself, and sticks her feet in your face (something foot fans will love)> Adella then blows a final could of vape at us.

This scene is nothing short of fantastic. Abella Danger does a great job of playing with the space, without ever losing site of the fact that this is a porn and she still needs to perform. Her performance is excellent and so is the direction. It's no surprise that Manuel does as well behind the VR camera as he does the traditional one.

VR: The VR in this scene is really good. Abella plays with the depth, coming close to shower us with vape smoke and look into our eyes, but then stepping back so we can look at her wherever we want to. The smoke/vape effects one of the best I've seen in the VR space and the 220 degree VR works well for this scene. Abella manages to keep within the visible field of view for about 85% of the time. There are a few brief moments where parts of her are blurred. 

Sound:  The Binaural sound works excellent here, maybe too good as you can hear the camera or sound person breathing a little too loudly off camera. Otherwise it's very immersive and well done.

Final Thoughts: When you put Abella and Manuel plus VR you're bound to get something great, and for the most part this scene REALLY is. It flirts with the first VR XCritic Pick but misses it by a hair for a slight out of frame blur towards the end with Abella and the wheezy camera guy. But that's not to say this isn't amazing work, it really is and heartily deserving of a highly recommended rating. Watch this scene and you'll be convinced that the future for porn is VR. Period.

I watched this scene on a Samsung Gear VR & Samsung Milk VR player.

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