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Anal Ink

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/9/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Anal Ink

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Evil Angel/LeWood Productions

Genre: Anal, Tattooed Women

Directors: Francesca Le & Mark Wood


Cast: Karmen Karma, Mark Wood, Lily Lane, Chris Strokes, Dollie Darko, Kleio Valentien; Francesca Le (limited basis)

Length: 165:25 minutes

Date of Production: 2016



Extras: There was a cast list, website links, trailers, filmographies, a photogallery, a 5:31 minute long pop shot recap, and an entertaining 30:49 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that amounted to a series of interviews of the ladies naked in the house by Francesca Le after their scenes, skipping Lily Lane but otherwise an enjoyable experience.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Ink was shot in anamorphic widescreen color by directors Francesca Le & Mark Wood for Evil Angel. In keeping with the way the couple have been trying to upgrade their visuals in recent years, there was some great footage in most cases as tease, the ladies then given scenarios to role play in. The camera was largely stable and the editing not especially noticeable, the ever present company watermark located on the lower right corner of the screen not overly garish. The flesh tones were accurate and the resolution flattered the ladies most of the time, in all it was a good set of visuals even if expanding the picture from computer to big screen television made some compression artifacts more noticeable. The 2.0 Dolby Digital aural soundtrack was basic though there was some directionality on the score. The vocals and music were the dominant components with some whispers and ambients sounds at times tossed in or not caught in editing, nothing overtly dubbed or missed though so it was about right for a gonzo production.


Body of Review: Francesca Le & husband Mark Wood are two of the most popular directors in porn, their work at Evil Angel often a lot of fun. Their most recent release in for review is called Anal Ink, a set of four scenes where heavily tattooed ladies had anal sex with Mark or Chris Strokes. The best known lady of the bunch for me was the amazing Karmen Karma, Lily Lane, Kleio Valentien, and Dollie Darko certainly no strangers either as I have drooled over all of them a number of times, even Francesca Le sort of joining in for a couple of the scenes to add some spice to the event.

The company website described the movie like this: “The husband-and-wife team of dirty sodomites known as LeWood Productions is back with another gonzo ass-fest — this time concentrating on glamorous, sassy, tattooed bad girls and their talented buttholes! “Anal Ink” features backdoor fun with a wild cast of buxom, illustrated bimbos, whether teasing, masturbating with the help of director Francesca Le’s toys, or gagging on Mark Wood’s huge, ass-reaming dick! Bodacious brunette Karmen Karma gets her anus ruthlessly reamed and receives a creamy oral cum shot while exposing an inner bottom lip tat that reads, “Slut”! Curvy MILF Lily Lane sports an outrageous array of colorful tattoos; she sucks Chris Strokes’ dick ass-to-mouth until her slutty face is decorated with a tasty load. Artistically tattooed Dollie Darko gets probed by Francesca’s fingers and a speculum. Mark face-fucks Dollie and defiles her thick ass, making her sphincter gape. Athletic blonde Kleio Valentien pleasures Mark’s thick cock, which aggressively rams her every hole.” Heres a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Karmen Karma, the 24 year old freckled Michigan native featured on the entire left side of the front cover (and my main reason for interest in the movie), was up first with Mark Wood, her curvy body always a delight to watch in action. Karmen started off with a lengthy tease by the pool on a sunny day in her pink sequined bikini, pulling it up her snatch and lowering off her voluminous boobs while showing her form off. She then moved to the living room setting after some oiling up, the gal showing she would be doing anal by fingering her ass though the living room amounting to a reboot as she chatted with Mark who initially stayed behind the camera, no scenario here other than a straightforward gonzo scene. When Mark did join her, he couldn’t help but take some time to shake her ass and paw her tits, Karmen responding well to his touch well as she coaxed him to continue exploring her by peeling off her moist panties and having him rim her ass. He spanked his butt buffet and gobbled her gash before using some sizable anal toys to stretch her out, making her suck the plug and dildo before inserting them in her splendid ass. She then slobbed his knob in a very messy hummer, the streamers flying all over the place as she took him nearly to the bone in a throating moment, her superior eye contact enhancing it for him (and me) before she actively rode his turgid pecker in her ass in a myriad of positions. She gaped and diddled herself while his cock was porking her pucker, her sexual self confidence and enjoyment adding additional replay value, the gal taste testing him out of her ass until she drained his dragon of sperm, swallowing his manly juices and smiling up at him in appreciative fashion. The company website described the scene like this: “Bodacious, tattooed bimbo Karmen Karma rocks a sequined bikini that showcases her phat booty and plump titties. After oiling up her chest in the warm sun, this sultry brunette heads indoors for a nasty anal date with big-dicked Mark Wood. The older stud stuffs her asshole with toys, invades her throat with his giant cock in a slobbery, messy face fuck, and ruthlessly reams her anus. Karmen receives a creamy oral cum shot -- exposing her inner bottom lip ink that reads, 'Slut'!”



Scene Two: Lily Lane, the sexy brunette best known for her work at Burning Angel (seen featured on the lower middle of the front cover), was up next with Chris Strokes, the heavily tattooed hotty sporting a juicy ass and a mere 21 credits on the IAFD at this writing. She wore a pink and black mesh one piece over her oiled body, her sultry appeal somewhat different from Karmen as the upbeat music played, her implants giving her something to grab in the front before she teased with her fleshy ass I have come to appreciate. The camera spent some time exploring her cool tattoos before she ditched the attire and spread her ass wide, her precious pucker looking like it was warmed up beforehand as her heart shaped ass remained in full view in the backyard setting. I again appreciated the tease lasting longer than a couple of minutes, my belief that such a display is an upgrade over other companies that have cut back on tease, Lily showing her landing strip of pubic hair and providing a variety of facial expressions, the pouty look sending a chill up my spine for some reason. The action picked back up in the living room by the infamous white couch as she proclaimed her slut status and mentioned she “couldn’t say no”, Mark chatting with her before Chris was fingering her “tight little butthole” and grabbing her tits playfully. When the subject of sucking cock came up, she reversed the dynamic briefly to tell him he’d find out whether she’d throat him, his raging boner ready to cut diamonds as she applied some hand to gland friction, spit on it, and took increasing amounts of his rod into her mouth. Her eye contact was solid and her dirty talk worked well for me, some titty fucking and additional oral, Chris taking her in a standing vaginal as she continued her aural onslaught, Lily laying on her back for the anal to begin. While she became very loud about the anal, she pulled it off convincingly, her myriad of positions and taste testing including her going all out rimming him when he was on his own back. Chris reciprocated briefly to lick her ass and stuffed some toys in her ass as they fucked, the variety of action enhancing the scene until she milked his balls dry of semen for a glazed look though she did not swallow. The company website described the scene like this: “Busty, tanned Lily Lane is a curvaceous bimbo with an outrageous array of colorful tattoos. This illustrated MILF shows off her big tits and spreads her butt cheeks to reveal her puckered asshole, then kneels to give Chris Strokes' huge cock a gagging, deep throat blow job. The eager stud crams his meat into Lily's bare pussy and tight rectum. Passionately he rails her thick rump, lets her suck his dick ass-to-mouth and splatters Lily's slutty face with a tasty load of splooge.”



Scene Three: Dollie Darko, the New York MILF featured on the upper right corner of the front cover, was then up with popular hotty director Francesca Le and Mark Wood, in Dollie’s 17th scene. The scene began like the others with some pool side tease on a sunny day, Dollie a bit curvier than the others but in the voluptuous way that some of us who might not really care for super sized BBW’s still find wildly appealing. Her tattoos looked very detailed and her snatch patch barely covered her bald beaver as she pulled it up her labia, her glorious ass looking mesmerizing when she bent over to show the light shine of some oil. In some ways, she reminded me a great deal of a curvier version of Joanna Angel (a good thing by the way), her playful teasing offered in a bit cooler dynamic than the more playful peers in the other scenes but appealing all the same. When the outdoor tease ended, she was shown inside on a dark green couch, Francesca chatting with her and feeling her up but not fully participating as I prefer her to do, the seasoned director stuffing her hand in Dollie’s mouth to act as lube for insertion elsewhere as the performer spewed forth some nasty dirty talk. When Dollie was laying on her back with her legs spread wide in the air, Fran started stuffing her four fingers in the gal’s ass, anchoring the thumb but not putting it in as Fran whipped out a large black dildo to fuck the gal with, moving to an inflatable version and speculum to explore the tremendous ass in front of her. Mark then took over, the naked man walking over to offer Dollie his cock for her to readily suck, her eye contact well played as she worked him orally and Fran went back behind the camera to offer audio commentary. While she didn’t throat him like the others did, he slid right into her slutty ass with relative ease, the gal actively riding him and adding some salad tossing to her oral. He “fucked her like a dirty little whore” and her extended anal gape hang time was displayed for the camera, the gal coaxing him to nut all over her mouth as she finished him off orally, Mark missing her with a few streams of his seed though she seemed to enjoy his goo. The company website described the scene like this: “In a tiny bikini and adorned from head to toe in colorful, classic tattoos, buxom bimbo Dollie Darko loves teasing porn couple Francesca Le and Mark Wood with her voluptuous body. Francesca shoves fingers down Dollie's throat and up her ass; she invades Dollie's rectum with an inflatable dildo and a speculum. Next, Mark face-fucks Dollie and reams her thick ass with his enormous cock, making her sphincter gape widely. The illustrated bombshell swallows a messy mouthful of cum.”



Scene Four: Kleio Valentien, the blond Austin native featured on the lower right corner of the front cover, then finished up the movie with Francesca Le, and Mark Wood, her stunning body art already recognized by fans in her nearly 100 scenes listed on the IAFD. Kleio followed the format of teasing out back by the pool, the sexy gal wearing a skimpy neon yellow colored bikini as she felt herself us slowly, her neatly trimmed pussy swallowing her panties in the front while her generous ass did likewise in the back, her erect nipples poking through the fabric before she pulled the top to the side. The camera seemed to pan extra slow here and the resolution was strong enough to capture the fine body hairs as her oil coated ass and taut stomach swayed back and forth. Kleio smiled a lot as she twerked slowly and gave the camera a great look at her collection of body art, the lean gal soon found in the living room on a white couch bending over to an appreciative Francesca behind the camera, her pucker ready for booty duty as the seasoned director complimented the tight hardbody from head to toe. Kleio claimed she’d be anything Fran wanted as the director reached to caress her from behind the camera, a small black wand vibrator handed the youthful performer to masturbate with as well as a red vibrator eased into Kleio’s ass to stretch her out a bit for Mark’s pecker to pork her pucker. Within moments, Kleio was inhaling Mark’s raging boner orally as he reached over to spank her, the energy and enthusiasm fitting nicely into the mix of the other scenes that shared some similarities but also offered variations to keep things interesting, Mark vaginally fucking her a little before he ate her out and switched to anal as she begged of him. Kleio was not as active at riding his cock in her ass but she streamed some solid dirty talk as she looked over her shoulder at him, additional penetrative positions showing her push back to meet his thrusts and otherwise up her game though not engaging in taste testing like the others had so much until the end when he unleashed his load onto her open mouth as she looked up at him with a smile, Kleio swallowing the modest nut in happy fashion while licking her lips. The company website described the scene like this: “Leggy, fit blonde Kleio Valentien loves showing off her athletic body, elaborate tats and big, round boobs. She masturbates with a vibrating wand as perverse director Francesca Le probes Kleio's asshole with a dildo; the sultry blonde cleans it off ass-to-mouth. She pleasures the massive cock of Mark Wood with her talented mouth; the passionate stud pumps her full of throbbing dick, ramming her pussy and rectum, before spurting his goo onto Kleio's outstretched tongue.”


Summary: Anal Ink by directors Francesca Le & Mark Wood for Evil Angel had a quartet of very appealing young ladies with wonderfully artistic bodies that many will appreciate so I rated this one as Highly Recommended, their levels of energy and enthusiasm to engage in anal sex standing out in the otherwise crowded field. To me, the tattoos were secondary to the performing skills, sexual confidence and universal appeal on display by the gals, my biggest complaint given the strength of the extras and the technical aspects being the very limited amount of participation by Francesca Le, barely qualifying as her being in the movie at all in the final two scenes. That said, each lady offered a slightly different body style to a degree, from Kleio Valentien’s lean hardbody to Dollie Darko’s bodacious ass, Karmen Karma’s near perfect matched curves, or Lily Lane’s sultry mannerisms combined with her delicious ass. In short, Anal Ink was truthfully advertised with each lady covered in some amazing body art and doing some of the best anal of their respective careers, the additional tease out by the pool before a straightforward gonzo scene relying on the quality of the performer over some goofy scenario so check this one out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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