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Anal Beauty 3

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 4/12/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 30 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: Anal; All Sex; First Anal; 18+ Teens

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Gracie Glam, Kelsi Monroe, Alex Grey, Arya Fae, Mick Blue, Jessy Jones, Christian Clay, Markus Dupree

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Website Info


2016 AVN Award winning Director of the Year Greg Lansky presents a TUSHY.com anal feature with the 3rd installment in the Anal Beauty series. Anal Beauty 3 features Alex Grey in her first anal scene, hosting Mick Blue in a hot anal romance that gets her fulfilled. Alex is the DVD cover girl and she’s joined by anal lovers Gracie Glam, Kelsi Monroe and Arya Fae. Mick, Christian Clay, Markus Dupree and Jessy Jones provide the meat these girls want to host. I recommend this move. Lansky produces a 2 hour and 30 minute flick with great production quality that puts the spotlight on anal sex. Alex and Mick open the flick in the first scene where Alex fucks her sister’s boyfriend out of revenge. She has always wanted to try anal and Mick helps her discover the anal lover inside. Arya Fae has a hot girl girl anal play scene before getting her ass hole stretched by Markus Dupree. She’s his biggest fan and taking his cock in her ass is a dream come true. Kelsi has to pay the price for stealing from Jessy and after bending over and getting her ass spanked, Jessy helps her work off her debt by penetrating her ass hole. Gracie Glam rounds out the flick with a sugar daddy anal fuck session that includes an anal creampie. She is really happy she decided to put her profile online. Anal Beauty 3 is another great, well produced flick with scripted scenes from a director who knows how to present the art of anal sex.  

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Scene 1:  Alex Grey and Mick Blue

Alex Grey does her very first anal scene with Mick Blue in this flick. She stars in the movie as well, gracing the DVD cover. When her scene starts, we find out right away that she is fed up with her sister’s antics. Her sister is always bringing her boyfriend Mick home and has hot loud sex with him in the next room. Alex has just about had enough of her sister because she knows her sister is doing all this stuff on purpose. Alex has a plan to get back at her. When her sister leaves to pick something up from a friend’s house, Alex makes her move. She wants payback for everything her sister has put her through. She walks into the bedroom where Mick is. She finds him naked in bed and she strips down to her red lingerie just for him. She pulls the bed sheet off of Mick and sees his big hard cock. She starts sucking it and Mick can’t believe what’s going on. Alex tells him not to worry about it and just relax and let her have her way. She starts licking his balls and shaft, running her tongue up and down his dick then putting it in her mouth. She starts gagging on it and beats her tongue with his hard stick. She looks up and smiles at Mick telling him that she’s way hotter than her sister and she knows Mick wants to fuck her because she’s seen him watching her. Mick tells her she’s so hot while she sucks his cock. Alex knows she can suck his cock so much better than her sister. Mick agrees and enjoys the long blow job.

Before long, Alex is on her hands and knees getting her throat fucked as Mick thrusts his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. She tells him she loves getting her mouth stuffed. Mick keeps pumping her throat, making her spit up and gag. She tells him his cock is perfect. That’s why Mick grabs her and lays her on her back, pulls her lingerie off and starts licking her pussy. He pins her legs all the way back and sticks his tongue deep in her pussy. Alex squeezes her tits while Mick runs his tongue up and down her pussy. He starts tonguing her ass hole too, making her eyes roll back in her head. He spits on her pussy then stuffs it with his hard cock, pumping back and forth in her tight pink hole. Alex tells him his cock makes her pussy feel so good. The fucking is slow and steady between these two as they kiss passionately. Mick fingers her clit while he fucks her pussy, making her feel good. Mick picks up the pace and starts fucking her hard and fast, making her cum. Then he licks her pussy juices and starts fucking her again. Alex is ready to take it up the ass now, telling Mick to go slow. He spreads her ass hole wide and plugs it with his dick.

Alex grips her ass cheeks, holding them open while Mick splits her hole. Alex tells him to fuck her tight little ass hole because she’s always wanted him to do this. Alex’ hole is stretched open now and Mick is pumping it hard. She fingers her pussy while Mick fills her hole. Alex is cumming again. She lies on her side as Mick keeps stuffing her ass hole. The best part of the scene is when she gets fucked in the ass doggystyle, telling Mick that she wants it bad. He holds her ass cheeks and Alex tells him to fuck her little ass hole from behind. There’s a great camera angle and shot of the anal romance between these 2 doggystyle. Her hole gets fucked balls deep in reverse cowgirl position so much that she has to tell Mick to take it easy on her ass hole. He pulls out and she quickly get on all fours so he can shoot his load in her mouth. She swallows his cum and tells him it tastes so good. Then she tells him she has to hurry and take a shower before her sister gets back.

Scene 2:  Arya Fae and Markus Dupree

Arya is in a hot scene with Markus and the scene starts with some girl-on-girl action. Arya is Markus’ biggest fan and she is so excited to be chosen to be in his latest video. His manager instructs her to go to the back and put on the lingerie they bought for her. His manager helps her put the lingerie on but she tells Arya that the only thing Markus is interested in is anal. His manager promises to warm up her ass hole so she will be ready for him and can take his cock deep in her ass. She leads her to the bed and these 2 get into a hot girl girl game of anal play. Arya is bent over doggystyle while her new girlfriend spreads her ass cheeks open and spits in her hole then licks it up. She tongues Arya’s ass hole and spanks her ass. Before long, Arya’s ass is open and ready. That’s when Markus joins her. She wastes no time sucking his cock, grabbing hold of it and jerking it back and forth in her mouth while she bends over doggystyle. Markus helps her out by pumping her throat and making her gag. He grips her hair behind her head and fucks her throat, making her stop for air.

Arya gets her turn in ecstasy as Markus kisses, tongues and licks her pussy. She is lying on her back missionary style with her legs spread open as Markus buries his face in her snatch. He keeps her in that same position and starts fucking her pussy hard. The fucking between these 2 is hard and fast right away and Arya enjoys perching her legs up over his shoulder while he plows through her wet snatch. Her pussy has gotten wet now and Markus take the opportunity to lick it, driving her crazy. He sticks his dick back in her hole and keeps fucking her. The action heats up whey she tells him she wants to open her ass hole for him. Lying there in missionary position with her legs perched up in the air and wide open, she gets her ass hole stretched by his cock. She keeps her eyes on him and her mouth gaping open as he pounds her ass hole harder and faster. Arya’s ass hole is pumped balls deep and she loves it. The action turns to hot doggy style anal with Arya looking back over her shoulder as Markus’ cock pumps like a piston up and down in her tight hole. He pulls her but she begs him to put his cock back in her hole. Markus fucks her ass hole doggystyle until he’s ready to pop. He pulls out and blows his load in Arya’s mouth. She swallows it and keeps sucking his cock, licking up any leftover jizz.

Scene 3:   Kelsi Monroe and Jessy Jones

Kelsi is such a great babysitter. She has answers to every question Jessy asks her. Later in the week, Jessy notices that there is money that’s missing from his wallet. His wife has no clue what happened to the money. Jessy decides to install cameras to find out what keeps happening to the money. He can’t believe it when he sees Kelsi on camera taking money out of his wallet. He confronts her about it. Kelsi is surprised and doesn’t know what to say. Jessy tells her he can call the police or she can bend over on his bed right now and show him her ass. Kelsi takes the last option and bends her big round ass over on the bed. Jessy spanks her ass cheeks for being a bad girl. Kelsi tells him she didn’t know he was such a pervert. Jessy starts tonguing her pretty little ass hole, driving her crazy. In no time, Kelsi is taking his finger up her tight ass hole. With her hole warmed up, Jessy tells her it’s time to suck his cock. She strips out of her clothes and starts rubbing his cock. She tells him she didn’t realize he had such a big cock as she works it in and out of her mouth. She irresistible as she bends over on all fours and crowds her throat with his cock. Jessy starts fucking her mouth, making her gag and blow spit bubbles all over his cock.

She goes from cock sucking to doggystyle fucking and is insatiable for Jessy’s meat, moaning in ecstasy as he fills her up. She tells him his cock feels so good in her pussy. Jessy fucks her harder and faster, making her cum right away. They make a smooth transition from pussy fucking to ass fucking, staying in doggy position with Jessy spanking her ass cheeks while he spreads her ass hole open. She tells him she’s never done this before, but she likes it. She fingers her clit while her ass hole gets stuffed then she takes him up the ass cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on his meat. Kelsi enjoys ass to mouth cock sucking and sucks up her ass juices off of his cock then sits on it again, taking him up her ass. After more ass fucking, she does ATM then gets spoon fucked up the sphincter, telling him to fuck that ass hole. Kelsi moves to her knees to accept Jessy’s cum load as he shoots off in her wide open mouth. She grabs his cock and licks the cum off of it. Jessy tells her she’s been a good girl and after a couple more fuck sessions like this, she’ll be able to repay him.

Scene 4:  Gracie Glam and Christian Clay

Gracie needs some extra money. She has been paying a lot of bills and there’s no money left. Her friend told her about a sugar daddy website that would be great for her. She really gets into the site and meats Christian. They talk back and forth on the site but she is finally ready to meet this sugar daddy. She goes to his house and joins him on the couch. He tells her it’s nice to see her in person. Gracie admits that she wasn’t sure at first, but she’s glad she came. Christian tells her that it’s time to get down to business. He’s looking for a girl he can fuck every month. He promises to give her money. Gracie says she’s willing to try new things as long as Christian teaches her. He tells her to stand up and take off her dress for him. She is happy to take his orders and shows off her body for him. They kiss passionately until Christian bends her over his knees and starts spanking her ass. He keeps her in that position and tongues and fingers her ass hole.

Gracie gets on all fours and sucks Christian’s toes then works her way up to his cock. He beats her tongue with his hard dick then shoves it down her throat, instructing her to open her mouth. She deep throats him while he spanks her ass. The throat fucking is hot between these two as Gracie swallows his cock and licks his balls. After a hot 69 session, Gracie is ready to host his cock in her pussy cowgirl style. She rides him, making his cock disappear in her pussy then she gets pinned down missionary style on the couch. But before Christian starts fucking her again, he licks her from her ass hole to her clit, driving her crazy then he starts fucking her again, missionary style. There’s great chemistry between these 2 as they fuck each other. Gracie keeps her legs up in the air while her pussy gets slammed. When it’s time to fuck her ass hole, he makes her lie on her back, put both legs up in the air and hold her ass cheeks open. Gracie gets her ass hole stuffed with cock and Christian pushes it deeper and deeper, spreading her ass wider and wider.

She gets spoon fucked up the ass, does ass to mouth then bends over doggystyle for more ass penetration. She tells him he’s such a pervert. After a hot doggystyle fucking, she rides his cock cowgirl style, taking all of it up her ass. Gracie turns the action around to reverse cowgirl ass fucking and she likes it just as much. All the hard pounding reverse cowgirl ass penetration leaves Gracie with an anal creampie as Christian shoots inside. Gracie squeezes his cum out of her hole then starts sucking his cock some more.

Final Thoughts:

2016 AVN Award winning Director of the Year Greg Lansky presents the art of anal sex in a TUSHY.com feature Anal Beauty 3. This series brings Lansky’s focus on anal sex to the screen and it stars DVD cover girl Alex Grey in her very first anal scene. She gets her ass hole stretched by industry cocksman Mick Blue who helps Alex get revenge on her sister. This movie is highly produced with scripted scenes and I recommend it. Alex is joined by Kelsi Monroe, Arya Fae and Gracie Glam who really become anal beauties in this 2 hour and 30 minute flick. Lansky presents hot anal sex scenes that are cinematically shot like none other. Alex’ anal session with Mick is followed by Arya Fae in a hot girl girl scene at first where she gets her ass hole warmed up. Arya, who is Markus Dupree’s biggest fan, finally gets her ass hole pumped in order to guarantee her a spot in Markus’ new music video. Kelsi Monroe is the best babysitter ever but she has one flaw. She’s got sticky fingers and once Jessy Jones finds out, he makes her pay by penetrating her ass. Gracie Glam closes the flick taking the cock of her sugar daddy, Christian Clay, in her ass hole. She finishes with a hot anal creampie. Overall, you’ll enjoy Lansky’s 3rd installment in his Anal Beauty series, showcasing the art of anal sex.

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