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He's In Charge

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 4/14/16

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Director: Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Powell

He's in Charge Menu

Cast: Abella Danger, Tommy Pistol, Veruca James, James Deen, Lea Lexis, Ramon Nomar, Dahlia Sky, Jillian Janson, Toni Ribas, Morgan Lee, Mick Blue

Length: 2hrs and 50mins

Extras: Behind the Scenes; Bonus 1; Bonus 2, Pick Your Pleasure; Photo Gallery; Trailers; Fantasy Lingerie; Company Info

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Condoms: None

Audio/ Video Quality:  The film delivers well on the video quality no glitches, or awkward pauses, however the same cannot be said for the audio, at times it sounds muddled and drops in quality quickly only to rebound again, and hence frustrating to raise and lower the volume often. The soundtrack gives a 70s feel to it and bit unusual.

Introduction to Review:

BDSM once held itself as a taboo, an area rarely spoken in the general arena, but with the explosion of 50 Shades of Gray, the world that exists with terms, conditions and deep mental connections, broke down into vanilla swirl, water down version the true essence of the culture and lifestyle. One should understand, the art of the act exists more tone, image, and substance than just mere action in begging, as is put forth in this production, here the actresses for the most take the role of not submissive but rather women that enjoy a bit of kink. This is mostly true except scene #2, which brings a bit of realism, connection of Master and sub. None of the scenes has a connection to each other, the so-called Masters don’t know each other and the ladies play their parts but lose the connection that one develops with time and trust. It is not something for couple’s interest in the BDSM, and even less with those trying to identify themselves as ‘Sir’ sorry the title, earned through communication, not given.

He's in Charge Scene 1

Mick Blue and Abella Danger– Scene One

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Mick’s voice seems a tad muddled at times, perhaps in audio, since in other films he speaks clearly and clearly not here, and a film using the dominant and submissive ploy he needs clear audio for the commanding tone used. It seems as if he was trying or attempting to channel the affliction of Antonio Banderas’ voice, but suaveness falls short. Abella appears just a tad too eager, in the bareness of a room, perhaps hinting to her anticipation of submitting to pleasure and lacking any true pain, the act of waiting might construe as the punishment.  She also, looks extremely appealing strapped to a leather and steel bound device keeping her face upright and to the camera. The scene shifts too quickly, no build-up, just random statements, words truly lack in developing the moment further, such as when Mick asks “What is your name?” Abella response with “You Choose” cute answer, though no title at the end of the statement, and the answer falls on deaf ear, one of many missed opportunities. Now while it is an adult entertainment, the scene #1 needs to set a tone for the film, and the audience that craves this adventure in lust. It has the necessary whipping of Abella’s beautiful pussy, a light handed wrap of his powerful hand  on her throat, and then a bit of tease with nipple tugging and titty slapping. Another miss comes when the camera position shifts to show a mirror, providing ever little in this direction. The mirror play in the culture of BDSM adds incredible amount of humiliation and acceptance to the submissive the place how their obedience pleasures their Master’s expression and arousal. None of it occurs, the props in place, the execution of them lacks immensely. Mick continues with more slapping of her pussy, with brief teasing to her clit, before using the legendary Hitachi Wand, to provoke more squeals from Abella. The fakeness echoes shamelessly, with her promising to do anything a word forbidden in the arena of this topic, to whore herself out to fuck everyone, and later no gangbang payoff. The countdown of 10 seconds is fun to watch and with scene dulling quickly actually grab the stop app and timed it 16.17 seconds, it proves how much they lost my attention. In addition, a very big element in BDSM, the Master or dominant rarely kneels before a submissive especially if she has yet to kneel first or in this situation still standing. Soon they change locations, and bit more interest light spanking, and steel suspension bars with remote winch control leather hand and wrist cuffs often located at Stockroom, nice feature, factoring more whipping and pussy fingering, leading the fucking of Abella in both a piling driving fashion, and cowgirl, along with face fucking her into a face-full cum. The most annoying statement from her “Holy Fuck” stated at least 30 times and a close second “Oh my God!” Really nothing else, like “Thank you Master” – sorry not here, again, the lacking of connection between sub and Dom, even in make believe, sours badly. The final sequence of usage of suspension and sybian device makes for some enjoyment, and then another round of fucking bliss.

He's in Charge Scene 2

Tommy Pistol and Veruca James – Scene Two
This scene really brings the best and greatest duo of the movie, they both sell their roles very well, Veruca as adorable submissive, alluding to her continuing lessons in submission, starting the scene with her standing in high heels and her head in a steel cage. The setting of the room also sells the layout complete with jail-like bars, and skull on a shelf, it all works to set a tone for upcoming pain and pleasure. Then enters Tommy, a commanding stance, an accomplished horror film star and director, with at least six films in various stages of announced to completed adding to the resume 20 others. Tommy acquires a cane, thin but powerful in the right hands, his, and begins to whack Verruca’s fantastic ass gentle but efficiently, moving onto the back of the calves, thighs, tits and even her tummy, and including solid hand slapping of her ass too.  The infliction of both their actions really brings the eroticism and sexual arousal wonderfully, with Veruca providing a convincing tone of “yes Master” and Tommy replying with “whore” the language used and instruction does very well. Informing that the whore has power, to say when, and with whom, but accepts what Master gives and when to give the pain or the pleasure. Soon, some wonderfully cock-sucking occurs, released from the cage, hungrily feeding on his cock, first with no hands and then with them, and still carrying out a bit of force blowjob and gagging on his harden tool, with minor amount of drool when sucking on his balls. Now the gentle biting on the side of his cock may make some men squirm unpleasantly, but that is after all a bit of twisted pleasure in this scene. The usage of the electric wand, delivering little tingling shocks, not aggressively rather patiently allowing the arousal and encouragement of the “whore” to accept the exquisite pleasure from the pain, and conveys it very well to the camera and viewer.  Finishing with another great fucking of Veruca’s willing body, and the moments between them work very well and believable.

He's in Charge Scene 3

James Deen and Lea Lexis – Scene Three

James sits upon a black throne to establish himself the Lord and Master of the moment with bit of boredom on his face, herein again, we the viewers enter into a disjointed scene that seems to already in process, after all Lea, appears suspended with her back to her Master. The audio, slips a bit, and requires the adjustment of volume and the returns suddenly cause another distraction to lower it again. James begins to whip her back and sides, and speaks about how loud he’s going to make it so the neighbors know she’s a slut. Sadly it never gets that loud and there’s no way to know of the humiliation if occurs, nothing outside, no finger pointing or suggesting her slutty behaviors, as before in scene one the threat and no payoff. The usage of a steel rake, a fun twist on a toy, over her tender pussy and inner thighs, to heighten the tease, and a solid noting of cum-control an important aspect in the culture and playing department to edge yet hold back in a game of hell and heaven. The hell of waiting and suffering the torment and the heaven of achieving pleasure through fucking and sucking, with a bit cock-worship and yet incredibly short lived. It all feels as walking through the motions, and never committing fully. Though Lea gives a thrilling cowgirl fucking on the throne, with intense grinding, earning cumshot from James.

He's in Charge Scene 4

Ramon Nomar and Dahlia Sky – Scene Four
This last scene, brings a negative moment to the movie, Dahlia’s acts more as a dominant woman, perhaps alluding to a spoiled obnoxious girl, and always gets her way regardless of the situation, carries over a bit too much. Ramon seems to struggle to gain control and yet achieves as she lounges in a swing, not bound at first but Dahlia learns quickly to settle down and struggles with pitiful begging. A series of titty and pussy slapping measure out well, with the accompaniment of another electric wand display covering the sensitive areas of her tits, and clit and weirdly her tongue, Ramon maintains control of the wand during a casual fucking. He also used Mick’s countdown feature of the 10 seconds to cum control method, and but this time, the scene runs downhill early, and this method exists for 31 seconds. When Dahlia fails at the attempt he never returns to the cum control procedure, rather accepting of a cock facial slapping, and then cock sucking full of drool and gagging with a tad too much focus on gagging leading to a disgusting choking sound. Ramon takes a brutal fucking out on Dahlia as she’s bent over and getting light flogging. It all pitifully ends with facial fuck while she is kneeling in a cage and her head above, and Ramon does a push-up fuck, uncomfortable place.


Included in the movie, in the extras section among other trivial segments contains two bonus scenes, and following the pattern as before these scenes have no association with the other four scenes, rather a continuation of men acting as dominant individuals.

He's in Charge Bonus Scene 1

Jillian Janson and Toni Ribas Bonus Scene #1

The bonus scene #1 known with the title of Bound for Sex, opens with Toni, bound a tad oddly and getting self pleasure to her precious pussy, with the assistance of both her fingers and bondage rope too. Her actions don’t seem to displeasure her Man in charge, Jillian; rather he willing accepts her lusts, again going against the norm in of other scenes in general on this movie. Soon enough though a series of mindless nipple pinching, finger sucking, with Jillian gives her pleasure, it seems as she actual holds the reigning power, and assumes a position of being in charge. However, Jillian does put Toni’s mouth to good usage by having held a paddle, while he fingers her beautiful pussy, again not lasting long with any punishments returns to light paddling with a stars paddle. Oh how pretty, and definitely out of the Adam & Eve end of beginner’s kink initiative, would at least accept one with the word ‘slut’ but not here in the film. The cock sucking that Toni starts with very enjoyable, passion, it does turn to choking throat fucking, which ratchets up a gagging session, bad enough to make one sick on the gagging sounds, and viewers’ stomachs will become unstable soon enough. In addition, the damn bondage rope just becomes an annoying prop, and never shows any positive reinforcement for it, no karada – sorry.

He's in Charge Bonus Scene 2

Morgan Lee and Mick Blue Bonus Scene #2

This segment had the title Schoolgirl Bound, and a wonderful segment, Morgan wearing a cute schoolgirl’s uniform, blindfold, skirt, and an open blouse, oddly leather black boots, not the standard white knee high socks, and tied to a pillar. Mick sits at a table eating cereal and admiring his prize possession, and soon enough pours the remaining milk on her, sending shivers and then using a fur and leather paddle (something likely found at Spencer’s), to tease and caress her gorgeous body. He continues to pussy rubbing showing no panties, and pushing her down to her knees with a fun cock slapping. Morgan shows why she’s a new starlet, taking his cock willingly into her mouth, sucking and licking all while bound and blindfolding, earning high marks in her euthanistic performance, with a bit of drool and slight gag, nothing overwhelming her talented tongue and mouth. Mick repositions her and begins a thoroughly good and soundly fucking, and mixing hand slaps on her ass. They move to another area, and with blindfold removed the repeat the sucking cock and fucking in multiple positions, with some tit torture, and great aspect of the discipline of the acceptance of the cumshot, by her eagerly licking it off the floor. One would have liked a bit of shyness from Morgan, more of taking a new girl into submission, especially with her opening position, but needless to say the film cums to a sound finish with this scene.

The film has a great scene two, and wonderful bonus scene two, that using tone and language to convey the heighten pleasures of truism  found in the bondage, with the believability, the movie with these two scenes, leaves it lacking and suspect of craving the kinky nature yet not committing. The film gives a lack of attention and leads the audience to search a better product online at such sites as kink.com and Whippedass.com rather spending the time with this movie. At times the camera loses stability and shifts the frame placing a quirky angle and since it is not an arthouse movie then an error occurs, sadly. Noting two aspects normally acquainted with the topic of hand, both find themselves missing from the movie, first solid spankings, by the hand or paddle, only bonus scene #1 delivers a bit of this, and the second very common the taking or have the submissive one beg for humiliation, and delivering an aggressive ass-fucking. 

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