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Casual Encounters

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 4/14/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

 Casual Encounters Main

Director: David Lord

Cast: Jessica Drake, Romi Rain, Olivia Austin, Steven St. Croix, Eric Masterson, Mr. Pete, Marcus London, Derrick Pierce

Length: 1 hr 44 mins

Casual Encounters Extras

Extras: Three Bonus Scenes; Photo Gallery, Trailers, Promo Reel

Condoms: Yes

Audio/ Video Quality:  Both the audio and video have no issues or complaints, the framing as well the clear crisp audio work to enhance a thoroughly solid production and all the viewers to enjoy all of the action on the screen.

Introduction to Review:

First, anyone who is familiar with Wicked Pictures knows of the standard and quality, along with their desire to conquer the couples marketplace, instead of a single man they as a company empower the woman, whether girlfriend, lover or wife, and allow her to join into the fun. They also produce a higher degree of a filmmaking, with elaborate sets, designs, and productions. This time, the narrative of the plot the fleeting of moment of casual fuck sessions, with a tinge of domination and submission, but without the collars, whips and bondage, except for a hot blindfold session. It starts the dictionary definition of casual encounters and paraphrased from Urban Dictionary as a one night stand or casual sex, popularized by dating sites. The name removed Craigslist, however anyone with a brain knows by the words appearing the screen are referencing the site indirectly. Jessica lounging on a couch begins scrolling personal ads, and they appear on the screen, as does the ads and later texting along with sexting, it reference the a bit of You Got Mail, when instead of POV zooming on the computer it now shows as words on screen, as here: 

Casual Encounters Ads

As her search starts it picks on a few fetishes such as Furries (think of wearing either a wolf or squirrel full costume, and fucking in it), actual furry conventions exist, hell, even CSI did an episode on it, called Fur and Loathing. Then another fetish of a diaper boy, before stopping at the ad for sexual play with exciting possibilities and it hints of domination.

Casual Encounters Scene 1

Jessica Drake and Derrick Pierce – Scene One
Jessica (portraying the character Ann) arranges to meet Derrick at a bar and soon enough ventures into the bathroom, hence opening the door to the casual encounter and exhibitionism. Derrick provides an intense lick fest on Jessica leaning her back on the sink counter and against the mirror with gorgeous legs spread wide, he tongues deeply and provides the necessary fingering to please her very well. Soon, she slips off the counter gives a quality blowjob, with a classic flair to it, sucking Derrick’s cock, without her hands, as she teases her nipples by pinching and tugging on them, and then has a good throat fuck, without any disgusting stomach turning gagging – Class Act! The fucking has an erotic feeling even though it is raw and furiously intense, on the counter and a very good scene of her doing a well grind on Derrick and he following suit, showing the physical penetration and the pulsating cock pumping into her. In addition a nice incorporation of the bathroom mirror, finishing with a facial cumshot and using her fingers to scoop cum off her chin and sweater, understanding the phrase good to the last drop. 

Casual Encounters Scene 2

Jessica Drake and Marcus London – Scene Two

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This begins the early entry to a bit of domination, and testing boundaries, actually understanding how much of carnal desires she has for sexual conquests and adventures, as Derrick sends her to a parking garage for her to fuck the first man she sees. One wonders if Derrick prearranges the scenario, but she follows Marcus to his car, and begins a fun wicked seduction, not much in sense of words. Proving one important, while the back seat of many cars, especially sport cars not ideal for fucking, the passenger side gives those with the adventurous mentality something to strive for on the next date. The entire fuck session, gives a quickie, overall, as Jessica takes the aggressor on the prowl, and hunger on Marcus’ cock, sucking it wonderfully, remembering to take mouthfuls of his warm cock deeply into her, while firmly and lovingly caressing his balls, all for a lasting oral delight.  This chance opportunity shows there is always a moment to enjoy another lover, and she jackhammers herself onto Marcus’ stick shifting to pelvic thrusts to drive home the pleasure.

Casual Encounters Sexting

Casual Encounters Scene 3

Romi Rain, Derrick Pierce and Jessica Drake– Scene Three
Although the third scene starts with Jessica rubbing and grinding her fingers into herself, under her panties while wearing a thin t-shirt and lying her bed, sadly the viewer does not see her pussy. If one wonders why the moment exists, likely again a couples film, providing that the woman is permitted to pleasure her and how divinely erotic the act is for her lover to view and that she needs to take the time for her own sexuality to express itself. The interruption comes quickly with a text and sexting from Derrick and instructions for the next meeting of going to a motel basically Jessica staying dressed, walks in, sits in a chair and enjoying a bit of voyeurism. Romi on her hands and knees on the bed enjoying a great fuck from Derrick, and no actual words spoken, Romi, lustfully looks expresses every feeling and intent, she takes the pounding in the cheap motel room with a very slutty attitude. Never missing the opportunity to pile driver herself on his cock, and then giving a blowjob tasting her, own juices on his thick manhood. However the unusual finish  to the scene with Derrick motioning to Jessica to come over to them, after he decorates Romi’s face with his cream, Jessica instinctively knees and begins to lick up his cum on Romi’s face and practices a bit of snowballing.

Casual Encounters Scene 4

Jessica Drake Eric Masterson, Mr. Pete, Steven St. Croix – Scene Four

Herein is not only the biggest and most involved scene in the film, but also the one that has the greatest passion of all degrees of fucking and clearly represents the cover of the DVD, with the reasoning to purchase this movie, and have repeatable views of it. Derrick acting as a true gentleman, opening the door, having Jessica gets into his car, both dressed very nice, he places a white blindfold on her, drives her to a dirt parking lot with several vehicles parked and headlights on all to watch the sexual ecstasy. Meanwhile, couples and other single men watch from the protection of the darkness as Jessica stands unsure and yet very eager, shiver for anticipation and nervousness.  Soon enough the action heats to a slimmer when three men approach her and begin to kiss, grope and fondle her body, with her bending over to start to suck. However finds the comfortable position on her precious knees to continue the enjoyable suck-fest where each of them have a hard cock for her talented lips, everyone watches their cocks  welcome by her tongue and invited to slip pass through her gorgeous lips and bask the warmth of her mouth. The men take advantage to finger her pussy and do a little play to her ass, all with increasing pleasing sighs from her, and especially as the work to fill all her holes at ones, yes fucking in the ass, she handles it like the pro that is. The entire scene arouses in many aspects, and shows the control she actual has, the audience all glued to her performance and that adds to the incredible fuck and suck fest, by the talented swordsmen. Once finished, she stays kneeling and Derrick appears and he removes her blindfold, now aware that she’s not a slut, rather a submissive in nature wanton to please and receive pleasures from the wonderful cocksucking that she provides and the joys of the intense fucking, and aware of the pleasure she gave and got from the audience all a tease. She then orally thanks Derrick for the immense pleasure by providing a finishing blowjob.

 Casual Encounters Scene 5

Jessica Drake, Olivia Austin and Derrick Pierce – Scene Five

The final segment of the film opens with another self-pleasuring of Jessica in a sizzling sudsy shower scene of her leaning back and using a shower nozzle, giving a new meaning deep cleansing, though not wanting to wash the cum and sex, rather craving more of it. While the scene is short in length it opens the door again for couples to hint to enjoy each other and themselves everywhere which is possible. Jessica later texts Derrick and encourages him to come over for one on one time just to fuck alone, when he arrives and sits playing with a blindfold, the story picks a interesting twist plot point. [SPOILER] His wife Olivia appears, and learn through a few words on the screen of an open marriage and okay to play with others, but Derrick was hiding things and keeping secrets, hence violating the trust and communication need in a the relationship. Jessica sits back and again takes a voyeur position with a slight change, her silent instruction for them to perform, a switch in power play of her assertion than the role of submission.  Olivia hungrily feeds upon Derrick’s cock and soon enough welcomes Jessica to join in on a dual sucking and licking of this cock, combining for heating threesome, complete with Derrick munching on Olivia’s pussy with the flickering speed and accuracy of snake’s tongue making each lapping bring more sighs and moans heighten arousal. This entire final sequence really drives home the ideal sexual pleasure for all including a long, intense fucking, Derrick services both women and Jessica and Olivia, thankful for it and each other. As for Jessica next conquest:

Casual Encounters con


Included in the movie, in the extras section has a very extensive section of three bonus scenes.

Casual Encounters Bonus 1

Jessica Drake and Steven St. Croix - Bonus Scene #1

The first bonus scene is from the film Wanted (2015) by director Stormy Daniels, the theme of a western and Steven portraying a sheriff, exactly a payment perhaps for a barter to left Jessica off, but not with a thorough fucking. Now, out the three bonus scenes this one ranks as the best and one have Jessica in corset and she’s definitely spilling out of it on more ways than one. Once again, Jessica’s talented mouth works over his balls then puts Steven’s cock through a bobbing and able to salute measure ensure and that oral skills give him lasting enjoyment, which result and pounding in front of a mirror and later on her back on a table that never relents except for a nice explosive cum rush.

Casual Encounters Bonus 2 

Olivia Austin and Kevin Moore - Bonus Scene #2

When one sees one POV (point of view) from Tease Me 3 (2015) they seen them all, this reviewer does not care too much for them, so pardon this portion regarding the scene not fully informed and detailed. First, Kevin, the director, likely the whitest man in the porn industry, no skin tone color to him, and the condom has more than him, and secondly, for the movie one hears the constant sirens from outdoors and the entire scene finds itself very force.

Casual Encounters Bonus 3 

Romi Rain and Steven St. Croix - Bonus Scene #3

The last bonus scene from the movie Pretty Dangerous (2015) from director Stormy Daniels, and another Wicked Pictures production, has Steven starring in this one too with a tongue that Romi calls a ‘demon tongue’ for he uses his talents to convincingly tease her pussy. Thus, makes sure to have her succumb to the wanton pleasures in both of them by sucking his cock and him delivering a lasting hard fuck, finishing with a thoroughly complete cumshot to her face and tits.


Jessica still has the ability to show, why she’s in demand, from taking on three men in one scene to showing her talented tongue and oral skills, with over 350 performer credits, and being on screen almost 100% of the time proves there’s no letdown or going soft when she’s on the screen. As for the movie, highly recommended, especially for the couples, many times the girl on girl scenes turn some wives off to the movie, however those herein are incredibly limited, focusing rather on pleasuring and pleasing of carnal desires and fantasies to accept yes as the only answer for the sex prowess and encounters with another. Best of all Jessica among the other actresses truly know and understand how to perform good solid blowjobs with control on the gagging and gurling of the common throat fucking, a turn off to some couples. Remember Wicked Pictures delivers a stellar film, and easily to understand why they have the staying stamina in the industry, and willing to come and come again to prove why many of the moans in bedrooms echo the words “Thank you Wicked!”


A moment to note the Bonus Scene #1, Wanted was Amber Rayne’s last movie who passed on April 2, 2016, she died from “a possible accident or overdose” – per the assistant chief of L.A. coroner’s office reported in the Los Angeles Times on April 5, 2015. She had over 500 performer credits in adult films, and starred in several adult horror parody films, some those were The Human Sexipede (First Sequence: A Porn Parody) (2010) which references The Human Centipede (2009) and then Saw: A Hardcore Parody as one see the pattern. 

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