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#Teens 2

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/23/16

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#Teens 2

Digital Playground

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Genre: Teens, Compilation

Director: Robby D.


Cast: Courtney Cummz, Scott Nails, Michelle Maylene, Jasmine Byrne, Chris Charming, Teagan Presley, Jenaveve Jolie, Eric Masterson, Riley Mason, Tommy Gunn, Holly Morgan, Marco Banderas, Nadia Styles, Carmella Bing, Anthony Hardwood

Length: 224:57 minutes

Date of Production: 2/22/2016


Extras: There were some trailers to newer releases, some spam, and a short photogallery but that was all.

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: #Teens 2 was presented in the same anamorphic widescreen the scenes were originally shot by Robby D. for Digital Playground. Unlike some compilations on the market, this one cut right to the sex so each scene was edited to a degree, nothing crucial for the majority of rain coaters and no company watermark onscreen at all times but parts of the buildup missing. Each scene looked fairly similar with decent lighting, solid camera work, and respectable flesh tones but the scenes were shot quickly so your mileage may vary. The video bit rate varied considerably but the scenes looked much like I remember the originals otherwise if that helps your decision. The aural components were presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo but there was no headspace, special effects, or anything else that made me think the sound was rendered in anything except for monaural or basic stereo and then had a surround track encoded in post production. Regardless, I could hear most of the cast just fine, including those behind the camera when I paid attention, that always part of the fun of the series.


Body of Review: Robby D. has long been one of the most creative and talented directors in all of porn, his work for Vivid and Digital Playground often way ahead of the pack of peers that would emulate just about anything he did. I have not heard from him in quite some time but wherever he ended up, his latest release from DP is a compilation of his works called >#Teens 2. The single disc release included over three hours of material, much of it strokable with a great cast in the nine scenes, the emphasis advertised as having something to do with teenagers, except when I saw the front cover, “young” came to mind rather than “teen”. Perhaps answering my shout out about a lack of former contract performers were in previous compilations, all three ladies featured on the cover were indeed former contract stars, half the cast claiming such a designation as well but the reality was, the scenes were all taken from the “Teen America” series I adored so often. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that some condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Jack’s Teen America 15: Courtney Cummz, Scott Nails: Courtney Cummz, the hotty on the center of the front DVD cover and initial reason for me picking this title up in the first place, was smoking a cigarette in her white bikini by the outdoor pool. She asked if Scott Nails wanted to swim naked and then admired his package before showing herself off to the guys. Her ass was great looking and this was shot back when she had her nipples pierced; making Scott get a full erection as the men played with it. She then grabbed her large red dildo and walked inside the house; soon lubing it up and stretching out her ass ("hitting spleen" according to Robby when Scott stuck it in so far). She did ATM and was soon doing anal with him as he pounded her fleshy behind while she jilled her clitoris. When she then sat on top of him, she impaled herself soundly with an ease escaping most gals doing vaginal, riding him so very heatedly as he lay on the floor. The scene ended when she took command of his cock and jerked him off (with some oral assistance) into her mouth.


Scene Two: Jack’s Teen America 14: Michelle Maylene, Scott Nails: Michelle Maylene, the cutie on the right hand side of the front DVD cover, was up next in her schoolgirl outfit as they went into the now-standard set (Robby's mansion with the questionable artwork…joking). She was friendly and had an all natural body, making me understand why she was DVD Talk's Spotlight Performer awhile back, and seemed to appreciate Scott Nails as they pranced through the house. She has a unique looking face that doesn't look like a lot of other gals (adding to the freshness factor) and her playful demeanor made the tease work even better than usual. She gave great head, proving to be one of the best cocksuckers of the week, moving over to a vaginal ride after the abrupt edit from Robby telling her to "lick his asshole". He was huge compared to her tiny pussy (making her asshole look like it was talking) and she wasn't as active during the ride but her vocals were pretty solid as the two bumped uglies. The minor focus issues didn't distract though it was so shadowy at one point that I wasn't sure if he was in her ass or not. After numerous positions, she finally pumped up and down on him during some reverse cowgirl but I would've preferred she do more before that too. It ended when he jerked out a load to her mouth to be swallowed.


Scene Three: Jack’s Teen America 13: Jasmine Byrne, Chris Charming, Scott Nails: Jasmine Byrne, one of my favorite Latina hotties, was up first as she answered the door in her schoolgirl outfit. Following the formula of the series, she teased Robby and Chris Charming (who was filling in for a tardy Scott Nails) as they discussed her standing in the contest (she had been on before and has rightfully proven to be a fan favorite). Robby hooked him up by describing Chris' huge dick, which led to Jasmine feeling him up and eventually sucking on it. Just as things were progressing nicely for Chris, Scott showed up and she wanted them both (although it was clear that Chris had the larger penis by far). She looked fine as she went back and forth between their shafts, sucking away like she was dripping wet underneath. Fans of hers will probably appreciate that she kept looking at the camera seductively as she used hands and mouth to work them up (and it didn't take long for Chris to pull down her tighty whities to begin drilling her perfect pussy). Scott got his chance too but one of the benefits of knowing her sexual repertoire is that I knew she would do a DP here, showing lots of energy and enthusiasm while doing so. Scott was on the bottom in her pussy so he kind of laid there while Chris tore into the ass like a white boy at the dance (lacking any real rhythm) but she seemed appreciative nonetheless. This led to the men swapping positions and then doing her one at a time, unleashing their loads to her open mouth far too early (though lasting longer than I would have done). With a great start like this, even her swallowing was just icing on the cake.


Scene Four: Jack’s Teen America 11: Teagan Presley, Scott Nails: Teagan Presley, the popular hotty featured on the center of the front DVD cover, was up next as she teased the camera by lifting her skirt. The schoolgirl outfit looked very appealing on her lean little body and her desire to get spanked before some anal was too much for Scott Nails to pass up; especially after she begged him. He used a wooden paddle with holes in it and this turned her on to the point where she got goose bumps all over her body. She gave him a quick blowjob and the couple went to screwing after that. The use of a large red toy to stretch out her ass was kind of interesting but nothing worked as well as his dick hammering away at her after she did some ATM with that toy. There was some other rougher stuff like choking (in which she choked herself at one point) but the fact was that he was so large that it added to the appeal of the action. That she could be so active with a dick in her ass was a sight to behold and it ended when she licked up his spew off the glass table top (shot from underneath too). This was a scene that Teagan fans will really enjoy for all it had to offer.


Scene Five: Jack’s Teen America 12: Jenaveve Jolie, Eric Masterson: Jenaveve Jolie, the hot brunette featured on the middle of the front DVD cover, was up last this time wearing a school girl outfit consisting of a loose white shirt, black skirt, and no panties as she played basketball. She was stoked up on making it to the semi-finals almost as much as Robby was that she never wore panties. Her partner for the scene was Eric Masterson, who appreciated getting to play with her after a quick game of strip hoops. After some more humor (the look on Eric's face was classic when she actually made a basket), they ended up back on a couch with him wearing a shirt labeled "dirtbag" and her stretched across his lap getting spanked. I love looking at her ass and the way she purred while he played with her was really bone-inducing for me. The sex itself was as good as she usually provides, making this a two trip scene if you catch my drift. The oral was fun to watch, although not the best of the show, and then they screwed with him wearing a rubber. I haven't seen a lot of condoms in Digital Playground movies recently so it kind of shocked me but it didn't truly detract from the passion of the sex between them as he sawed away on her fine little pussy. I liked the way she rode him in his lap, showing the others how to do it, though a few more minutes of this would've been nice as bonus footage. It ended when he rubbed out a small load to her breasts as she coaxed him on verbally. The scene was good enough to elevate the heat just enough to warrant a better rating.


Scene Six: Jack’s Teen America 16: Riley Mason, Tommy Gunn: Riley Mason, the brunette on the right side of the front cover, was up next as she wore her schoolgirl outfit over to the home of muscular Tommy Gunn, forgoing the usual dynamic as a candidate for the beauty contest as he disciplined her for smoking a cigarette. There was some domination themes visited, with him gagging her and strong arming her to the bed, getting her wet through her panties as she struggled in her handcuffs. This seemed much more like a scene out of Robby's Control series for his Handheld Pictures company but I wasn't complaining since she continued on after being freed. He had given her some fine oral and she smoked her flesh cigarette in return, making light of the act with her comments in between sucking him off. He had some wood issues initially, being unable to get rock hard even as he teased her pussy with his cock but this didn't last long as she took a more active role in riding him when on top. She bounced like she was on fire, showing her best work in the two cowgirl positions before he jerked off to her face. The stream of semen went to her mouth for swallowing in an excitingly different scene.


Scene Seven: Jack’s Teen America 20: Holly Morgan, Marco Banderas: Holly Morgan, a curvy little hotty with light hair that has been in a number of movies for the company (causing speculation that she was under consideration for a contract in the past), was up next as a gal with a need for seed. The scene title card mentioned her having the prettiest pussy ever and it really was a nice one, the lady saying she wanted to win the contest ever since she sucked her first cock. Marco Banderas eyed the 19 year old with the kind of lustful stares most men his age give hotties, his limited language skills not needed given his obvious intent to get some of that pussy; some silly dialogue leading the men to the house as Jack shot footage of her panty covered ass. Marco savored his opportunity to check out her ass too, sticking his head there to her delight. His limited oral led to her slobbing his knob, perhaps not as aggressively as she has in the past, but a decent enough round of oral all the same. Her biggest strength was her pretty pussy wrapping tightly around his rod as she slowly rode him, taking longer to warm up but managing to prove her appeal going beyond the look of her cookie thanks to her tightness. She engaged him in a few positions before he jerked off to her titties, not a bad scene to enjoy from the looks of it.


Scene Eight: Jack’s Teen America 19: Nadia Styles, Eric Masterson: Nadia Styles, masturbating on her bed with a dildo in her ass, was up first after she was sent home for masturbating in the bathroom, claiming to be 21 years old with her panties around her thighs. As gentlemen, Eric Masterson and Jack assisted her with removing the device; though Eric tested her “five star talent” by working the toy in and out of her sweet ass to warm her up. It was a huge toy and she sucked it clean, a small bit of excess lube slipping out when he finished extracting the device. She liked it better back inside her colon so he kept using it but after she started sucking him off, a glass toy replaced the ridged delight and she did a technical DP as he poked her pussy with it inside of her. She yelled out in porn fashion as he penetrated her, Nadia’s ass looking really nice from all angles. When she was on top of him, she actively rode the cock as though getting off, the over the top vocals diminishing a little as she seemed to enjoy the action more. It struck me as odd that she never did take his cock inside of her ass after all the fuss made with the toys stretching her out but her love of PTM and positive attitude was nice; Eric depositing a fair load on her tongue.


Scene Nine: Jack’s Teen America 19: Carmella Bing, Anthony Hardwood: Carmella Bing, the busty brunette seen on the left hand side of the cover, was up next as she stood in for her missing sister as Jack and Anthony Hardwood interviewed her. If you like curvy babes, she looked better in action than on the front cover, with the junk in her trunk jiggling really well when spanked. Anthony could barely contain himself as he orally pleased her pussy, titties, and ass; Carmella practically begging for his cock in her mouth so he obliged her quickly to take advantage of her readiness to please. She might not have been the most gifted oralist I’ve ever seen but the way she treated his dick like it was made of chocolate helped elevate the scene’s heat almost as much as the titty fucking. The penetrative portions of the scene were a bit of a letdown for me when she let him do all the work in both the vaginal and anal portions but at least she did a lot of taste testing. She was very vocal too so I have to admit that while I expected more from her, the sonic strokability merited more attention. By the end, she gave a few minutes of quality riding time and took the facial well enough but it was always a mixed ride for me.


Summary: #Teens 2 by director Robby D. for Digital Playground was a dedicated compilation of scenes focusing on attractive young women regardless of what sex acts they partook in, the mileage varying considerably as to how good some scenes were. I rated the compilation from the “Jack’s Teen America” series as a very solid Watch It Online, my belief that unaltered scenes work best in their original context, enough of these ladies certainly not hailing as teenagers when these scenes were first shot. In short, #Teens 2 was advertised as having a plethora of teenaged babes with but there were plenty that I did not believe merited such a claim so adjust your rating accordingly but give this one a look all the same. Note on the credits listed at the beginning of the scenes, whoever did it should have noticed that listing “Eric Masterson” when you don’t know the guy’s name is a poor manner of attributing someone when many quality sources, from XCritic to the IAFD, are available for free.


You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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