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My Sister Likes It Rough

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 5/1/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 9 minutes

Date of Production:  February 2016

Genre: Domination; Family Role Play; Fetish

Condoms:  No


Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Powell

Cast: Amara Romani, Anna De Ville, Tiffany Watson, Chloe Couture, Anthony Rosano, Jordan Ash, Bruce Venture, Bambino

Bonus Scenes: Bonus Scene 1: Rachael Madori and James Deen from Brothers and Sisters 3; Bonus Scene 2: Goldie and Toni Ribas from My Sister Has a Tight Pussy 3

Extras: Behind the Scenes with over 24 minutes of footage and interviews of the flick’s starlets; 2 Bonus Scenes; Scene Selection; Trailers for My Sister’s First Anal, Teens Like it Rough 2, I Love My Sister’s Big Tits 6; Photo Gallery; Pick Your Pleasure with selections for tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl and popshot; Fantasy Lingerie highlighting sexy lingerie; Company Info


Directors Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Powell have put together another hot flick full of domination, family role play and fetish ideas in My Sister Likes It Rough. Woodcrest and Powell are known for pumping out hot porn through the Digital Sin studios and this flick is hot to watch. I highly recommend it. The sex is hard and hot and the production quality is high. In addition to the sizzling scenes in the movie, there are tons of extras including 2 bonus scenes adding almost another hour of fucking. Tiffany Watson is the DVD starlet and cover girl and she enjoys being manhandled by hard cocksman Bruce Venture. Getting her face and pussy dick slapped, her ass spanked and her throat squeezed are all turn-ons for this horny stepsister and it shows all over her face. Watson is joined by Amara Romani, Anna De Ville and Chloe Couture. These girls are attracted to their stepbrothers and they all want a rough fuck. Jordan Ash, Anthony Rosano and Bambino fuck them hard just like they want. This flick is a hot watch as these girls get themselves fucked, slapped and squeezed hard, making them cum.

Scene 1:  Amara Romani and Anthony Rosano

Amara hears Anthony playing the guitar in the other room and she invites him to come practice in the same room she’s in. Anthony doesn’t normally play for an audience but he decides to join his stepsister. He asks her why she’s wearing her underwear. She tells him she hangs out all the time like that. Once Anthony starts playing his guitar again, the music draws Amara closer and closer to him. She leans over and kisses him. That makes Anthony uncomfortable. He tells her their parents just got married and it hasn’t even been a day yet. He doesn’t want them to find out anything about this. Amara promises she won’t tell anybody. Anthony puts his guitar down and asks Amara to tell him what turns her on and how she likes to be fucked. Amara says she likes to be fucked like a dirty little whore. Anthony sucks her tits and pulls her panties aside. She spreads her pussy and tells him to fucking slap her tits. He slaps them then starts licking her clit and making her body shake. Amara yells out that he’s making her cunt so fucking wet. He slaps her pussy just like she wants him to. Then he slaps her cheeks, turning her on more. Amara likes it rough and she really gets off when he starts fingering her pussy and tonguing her clit, making her cum.

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She bends over doggystyle and gets her ass hole fingered. He stuffs her pussy and her ass at the same time with his fingers, driving them in and out of her holes. Amara’s cheeks are red for the hard slapping. She stays in doggy position while Anthony penetrates her pussy with his cock, spitting on her hole first before filling it with meat. She looks back at him, telling him to fuck her like a little whore. He spanks her ass while he slams in and out of her pussy. She screams out for him to make her cum. He stuffs his fingers in her mouth and keeps fucking her pussy. After taking a hard doggystyle pounding, Amara sucks his cock, deep throating it with a little help from Anthony as he guides her mouth further and further down his shaft, making her spit up all over his dick. She lies on her back near the edge of the couch as he sticks his dick back in her pussy and pumps it. She begs him to choke her as he puts his hands around her neck, then he pulls out so she can suck his balls. They fuck in missionary position again with Amara fingering her clit hard and fast. She loves getting her face and neck squeezed while she’s being fucked and she tells him she loves being his whore. They spoon fuck then Amara rides his cock cowgirl style, getting her ass cheeks spanked and slaps while she bounces them up and down on his cock. After fingering her pussy and making her squirt and cum, they fuck missionary again and this time he pulls Amara’s hair. He pups her tight, wet hole until she turns over doggystyle. He pussy gets stuffed and then she gets back into licking his balls as she drops to her knees while he jerks off over her. He shoots his load all over her face then fingers and licks her pussy again, making her scream out and cum again. He wipes the cum into her mouth and makes her swallow.  

Scene 2:  Anna De Ville and Jordan Ash

Anna sneaks up on Jordan Ash while he’s watching porn. She’s shocked because the porn seems so rough. Jordan tells her that this is the kind of sex he likes to watch. Anna hangs around to watch a bit of it but Jordan tells her to leave so he can watch his favorite porn by himself. She leaves and goes to her bedroom to masturbate. She has a vibrator and is running it back and forth across her pussy. Jordan hears a noise in the room and goes to investigate. He sees Anna masturbating. He joins her in the bed and asks her what’s going on. Anna says she’s watching rough sex and it’s the kind of porn she likes. She says she wants to be slapped around. She enjoys that. Jordan says he enjoys it too, but he’s not supposed to fuck his stepsister. She tells him it’s not their fault that their parents got married. She says she would like to be taught rough sex. Jordan starts kissing her and starts slapping her pussy. She begs him to do it again. He starts choking her and she is turned on by it. She says she wants to be fucked just like those girls in the movie are being fucked hard. She begs him to pound her and she fingers her pussy, telling him it’s so wet for him. Jordan checks out her wet pussy for himself, fingering her then spanking her clit.

She orders him to give her his cock and she works it out of his pants and wraps her mouth around it. Jordan holds her head and guides it up and down his dick. He tells her to do it like the girls in the movies and go all the way down. She starts gagging and he tells her it’s OK, just keep going. Soon, she’s spitting up all over his cock, but she wants more and puts his cock deeper and deeper down her throat, telling him it’s so big. She beats her face with his cock and Jordan tells her this is just the beginning. He chokes her and she begs him to fuck her. Anna says she is so ready to get fucked and she gets in doggy position on the bed. Before Jordan stretches her pussy, he spanks it and spanks her ass cheeks, turning her on even more. He penetrates her pussy from behind and Anna slams her tight pussy back and forth on Jordan’s cock. She tells him his cock feels so good inside her pussy. Anna closes her eyes and moans in ecstasy and her pussy gets filled up from behind. She tells him to spank her harder. Jordan pins her arms behind her back and asks her how it feels to get fucked. He pinches her nipples while pumping her pussy. She tells him to squeeze her tits harder. Anna turns around to get her throat stretched. Jordan pulls her hair and fucks her throat, making her gag again, telling her she’s a good girl. Anna is ready to get fucked again and she lies on her back for a hard stretching missionary style fuck with her legs pinned back by her head. She wants nothing more than for Jordan to fuck her harder. This part of the scene is one of the hottest in the flick as Anna’s legs are locked behind her head and her pussy gets pumped while she begs to be fucked harder. She rides him cowgirl style then in reverse cowgirl before getting spoon fucked and slapped. Jordan pulls out and pops all over her hairy pussy.

Scene 3:   Tiffany Watson and Bruce Venture

Tiffany is the DVD cover girl and featured starlet and she gets fucked hard by Bruce Venture in this scene. Tiffany and Bruce are lying in bed wondering what they just did. They promise that no one can find out about what they just did, especially not their parents. Bruce says he’s not going to be known as the guy who fucked his sister. Tiffany says she doesn’t even want to know what would happen if her parents find out. Bruce asks her if she liked the sex. Tiffany says of course she liked it. She’s never had it like that before. It was rough, just the way she likes it. They say they can’t do that again, but Tiffany says a round 2 would be nice. They talk themselves into one more round of hard sex, especially now because their parents won’t be back for a while. Tiffany starts jerking Bruce’s cock and Bruce starts putting his hand around her neck and then rubbing her tits. She puts his cock in her mouth but not before Bruce slaps her face with it. Tiffany is horny for Bruce’s cock and enjoys jerking it back and forth down her throat. She starts gagging but doesn’t stop sucking his dick and Bruce thrusts his cock further and further down her throat. The rough play begins as he spanks her pussy, getting her aroused. He fingers her pussy, making her moan. Tiffany goes back to sucking his cock, bent over on her hands and knees and deep throating his meat. Tiffany cums after getting her pussy fingered hard. Bruce spits all over it then beats it with his cock. Tiffany is lying on her back with her legs wide open, telling him she wants his fat dick in her tight little pussy.

Bruce sticks his dick in and out of her pussy, teasing her but Tiffany begs for it to be harder. He starts slamming her hole, making her scream. He keeps teasing her pussy, pulling his cock out of it then beating it with his meat. Tiffany fingers her clit while her pussy gets stretched but she really likes it when Bruce chokes her. He fingers her pussy again, making it wet.

She straddles Bruce and sits on his hard cock, riding him cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on it. She grinds around and around on his meat and holds her ass cheeks open while she fucks his cock. After sucking him off and getting her pussy fingered, she gets fucked balls deep in spoon position and this has her screaming her loudest of the scene. She loves being pounded hard. She takes his cock in reverse cowgirl position, getting her pussy stretched and filled. The pair then slam their bodies into each other in doggy position followed by Tiffany being pinned to the bed and fucked missionary style until Bruce is ready to blow his load. He fucks her faster and faster and then pulls out and shoots his load all over her pussy.

Scene 4:  Chloe Couture and Bambino

Bambino notices a mark on his stepsister’s arm and he wants to know who caused it. He asks if Jake did that to her. If so, he’s going to kill him. Chloe tells him it’s no big deal. The mark was caused when she was having rough sex with Jake. Bambino says he’s never hard rough sex but he has always wondered about it. Chloe offers to be his first rough sex experience. Bambino says no way, she’s his sister. Chloe says it will be their little secret. She wants to do this for him. They start kissing and soon he unbuttons her top and kisses her tits then takes her panties off. He spanks her round ass cheeks and she makes it around to his cock, jerking it in and out of her mouth.

Soon after, Chloe is getting fucked hard on the couch, lying on her back and the good feeling has her mouth gaping open. She smiles and moans, looking at him. Bambino grips her around her neck, chocking her while he pumps her pussy. Chloe likes it even better when he pins her legs back on the couch and spreads her tight pussy. He pulls out and she licks up her pussy juices off of his cock then lies on her side to get spoon fucked. He eats her pussy for a few minutes then helps her get on top of him in cowgirl position. She rides up and down on his cock making it disappear up her pussy. He pulls her hair tight and spanks her ass cheeks, making them red. Chloe keeps riding his cock but this time she’s taking it in reverse cowgirl position then she bends over on all fours to host his cock in doggy position. After a hard pounding, she gets fucked missionary style until Bambino pulls out and cums on her pussy. She rubs it in with a big smile on her face.

Final Thoughts:

Slapping, gripping, squeezing and chocking are the things the girls in My Sister Likes It Rough all like to do. Hard, rough fucking is what gets them off and they act out their rough sex fantasies with their stepbrothers. Tiffany Watson stars and is joined by Amara Romani, Anna De Ville and Chloe Couture in over 2 hours and 20 minutes of hard sex. DVD starlet Tiffany gets her pussy stretched and fucked balls deep by Bruce Venture who dick slaps her face and snatch, turning her on. Her red cheeks and wet pussy show how much she likes rough cock. Flick opener Amara Romani is as horny as ever in her romp with Anthony Rosano and Anna De Ville begs for rough sex lessons from her stepbrother Jordan Ash. Chloe closes the flick in her fuck session with Bambino who becomes Chloe’s rough sex student. I highly recommend this movie. Directors Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Powell know how to produce and direct hot porn and they’ve done it again with this flick. It’s full of domination and family role play and great sex. There are also tons of extras including another 2 bonus sex scenes. These girls want to be manhandled when getting fucked and it’s a pleasure to watch them work out their rough sex fantasies on film.

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