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Angela Loves Gonzo

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/1/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Angela Loves Gonzo

Girlfriends Films/Angela White Productions

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Genre: Showcase Spotlight, Angela White, Web-to-DVD

Director/Editor: Angela White


Cast: Angela White, Ramon Nomar, Anikka Albrite, Mick Blue, Toni Ribas, Manuel Ferrara

Length: 267:30 minutes (119:16 minutes & 148:14 minutes)

Date of Production: 3/1/2016



Extras: The best extra was a 20:47 minute long bonus solo masturbation scene by Angela White from her website involving what I believe to be the most erotic solo scene involving ice cream that I can recall, ever. The scene came out on March 5, 2014 and was labeled “022” on her website, described like this on the website: “There’s nothing like indulging in some guilty pleasures when nobody is around. This naughty afternoon snack turns into a sexy mess when a dollop of ice cream spills down my cleavage. I figure that since I’m already sticky I may as well revel in the sensation. I dip my breasts into the tub and lick the ice cream from my hardened nipples. The cold liquid makes my toes curl as it chills my skin. I can’t help but touch myself as the ice cream melts down my curves and drips over my pussy lips. Would you care for a lick?” There were also 21:30 minutes worth of trailers from Angela’s movies.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Angela Loves Gonzo was presented in anamorphic widescreen as credited to director Angela White for Girlfriends Films. While there were no crew credits other than Angela being listed as director and editor, in some portions of the included scenes, she was shown handling the camera herself or her partner was, other times the camera appearing to be set down ala Manuel Ferrara’s “Raw” series that garners so much acclaim. Unlike some of the technical perfect (or near perfect) scenes shot for Angela’s website, these were often a little rougher not just in terms of the sex but in how they were shot so there were moments with the picture out of focus or the fleshtones washed out, the strength of the project as a whole being the sheer intensity of the action, a wide range of sexual dynamics included. There was a company watermark observed on the lower right hand corner of the scenes and some of the framing left something to be desired but the pacing was strong and I doubt anyone will complain too loudly regarding the visual elements. The aural aspects of the movie were handled better than expected, the vocals in the interviews and sex scenes presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital using a 224 Kbps bit rate. The limited musical interludes during the tease sessions were listed at the end of the credits, upbeat enough for Angela to shake her goodies to but not so repetitious or lengthy to bug me, musical credits going to Kloudnine and Ben Beiny.


Body of Review: Girlfriends Films has become home to an increasing variety of quality porn producers of late, Angela White certainly among the best of the best. Her latest release is called Angela Loves Gonzo, a set of four scenes showcasing the incredible Australian babe as she continues to become a force in the industry. Now that her website has achieved a milestone of 100 quality scenes (and growing) and her continued plans for world domination are in the works, this latest production will undoubtedly be up for a variety of awards later this year, the busty brunette beauty already having garnered accolades from AVN, XBiz, and soon the XRCO. Of special note this time was how Angela paired up with some of her very favorite performers to include Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Anikka Albrite, Toni Ribas, and Ramon Nomar, the action proving as hardcore as ever as she indulged her fantasies to the fullest with the kind of energy and enthusiasm Angela was become well known for. In short, this was another winner. In a day and age where many still seem to think all women can enjoy sexually must involve romantic encounters with soft caresses and men catering to the every whim, it is significant that Angela tosses that idea on its head to show she loves a wide variety of sexually stimulating endeavors, from erotic lesbian touching to some seriously rough physical antics that even I am not generally fond of, some might claim this to be a statement of sorts that only Angela dictates what gets her off but that is for her to state, not for me to project for her.

Angela described the show like this on her website: “I’m just dropping by to announce that my new movie Angela Loves Gonzo is now available to order. I’m really excited about this movie not just because I think that the scenes will be really popular and resonate with many fans but also because of the timing of the release. As a genre, gonzo has had an onslaught of attacks from conservative and anti-porn feminist campaigners for being the most degrading and misogynistic type of pornography. I wanted to release a gonzo DVD that challenges the assumption that women cannot or should not enjoy rough sex. Releasing Angela Loves Gonzo is as much a political statement as it is another step in my sexual exploration through porn. But another thing I wanted to make clear with this release, and what I think most critics of gonzo miss, is that it can also be one of the most intimate and authentic genres. By removing the crew and the artifice of scripts and storylines, gonzo allows performers to focus on connecting with each other. While Angela Loves Gonzo does feature consensual rough sex, the movie includes an equal amount of genuine intimacy, light hearted jokes, tenderness and mutual affection between performers. Angela Loves Gonzo does away with camera crews, professional lighting, and cliched porno scenarios to showcase Angela White in candid hotel sex romps. This movie gives the viewer a POV and voyeur’s eye view of Angela as a woman who enjoys exploring the breadth of sexual expression; from the most tender and romantic to the rough and raw. Angela and Ramon Nomar’s chemistry is so intense they barely get their clothes off before the fucking begins. They move from the car to the bathroom to the bed in an energetic and fervent encounter that leaves Angela with smeared makeup and a mouth full of cum. In the next liaison, Angela and Anikka Albrite devour each other in passionate lesbian sex before sharing Mick Blue’s big hard cock. In this incredibly sensual and heartfelt threesome, the camera becomes part of the action as the trio take turns shooting while they share in each other’s pleasure. Toni Ribas ups the intensity by making Angela squirt multiple times while combining consensual rough play, choking and slapping with slow passionate love-making. The finale features Angela with Manuel Ferrara in an anal sex session which is as extreme as it is intimate. Their intense connection enables Manuel to push Angela’s sexual limits and explore her dirtier side. Angela Loves Gonzo offers fans a window into Angela’s private sexual life as it documents her diverse desires and immense sexual appetite. The bonus scene demonstrates Angela’s love for indulging in all sensory pleasures; viewers get to witness ice cream slowly melting down Angela’s delicious curves in a hedonistic masturbation scene. This is a glamorous ending to a multi-tempo movie that offers up something for fans of varying tastes.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Angela White, the magnificent brunette bombshell from Australia I’ve ranted about for some time now, was up first in a scene with one of her favorite partners, Ramon Nomar. This was scene 036 from her website from a few years back, starting off in the car where she slobbed his knob aggressively and playfully on public roadways before they tore into one another in a generic hotel room. While I admittedly favor the professional lighting and camera work of upscale porn, I couldn’t deny the chemistry and passion driving this scene, the tryst lasting about an hour and a favorite from her website no matter who you ask. He drove as she pawed his package and streamed some dirty talk, the gal using some hand to gland friction to warm him up, some awkward positioning leading to road head. She throated him and mentioned the likelihood of death if he didn’t pull over, Angela pulling out her impressive breasts to flash though I found her brilliant eyes to be just as alluring. When they arrived at the hotel room, he immediately started pounding her perfect pussy, her glorious ass bent over for a myriad of active riding positions as they took turns holding the camera (a Canon as I recall). She then knelt down to nuzzle his nuts and give a fine POV hummer, his turgid pecker exciting her as she alternated between giving the blowjob and some titty fucking. Her eye contact was as superior as always, her bald beaver looking as delicious as her ass, and her tits flailed around in a way that implants just don’t do. Angela’s facial expressions were extremely realistic too, the ending hummer and titty fuck draining his dragon of sperm for the facial that continued as she gave some post coital head and swallowed, a few moments of showering displayed from behind the glass opening over the bed. The website described it like this: “I start sucking Ramon’s cock while he’s driving because I just can’t wait until we get back to the hotel room. Once we’re there we don’t even get all our clothes off before we start fucking. When Ramon and I fuck it’s always `intense, and this is one hour of raw and unbridled fucking. See if you can keep up with us!” 6/11/2014



Scene Two: Angela White, the world class babe featured on the front cover, was up next with multi time “female performer of the year” blond hotty Anikka Albrite, a young lady that appeals in every way, and Mick Blue. The scene was labeled as 040 and began in a large hot tub, the ladies in skimpy bikinis as they made out and tickled Mick (who wielded the camera in POV). The fun factor element of the scene was off the charts, anyone that has watched Anikka and Mick together will know exactly what I mean (they are a married couple) but Angela brought her own playfulness to the mix too as the ladies showed off and savored each other in a sensual manner. The trio then moved into the bedroom, Mick following the ladies as their incredible asses swayed back and forth, some lesbian antics including gash gobbling and bosom sucking before they started double teaming Mick orally. As expected, the eye contact was great and the ladies both actively rode his raging boner vaginally, the lengthy POV blowjob at the end showing both ladies pushing Mick over the edge to milk his balls dry of semen and cumswap the remains, more lesbian play included as they took turns getting each other off with a lot of energy. The company website described the scene like this: “You’ve seen the amazing chemistry that Anikka Albrite and I share and now you get to watch us share a cock. And this POV scene puts you right in the middle of the action! We start licking up and down Mick Blue’s shaft; our tongues meeting at the head of his cock to make out. Moving behind Anikka, I play with her juicy pussy while she continues to work his hard dick. We swap, and Anikka makes me squirm while I try to concentrate on the cock in my hand. When Mick slides inside Anikka I work her clit and she licks my arsehole while Mick fucks me in doggy. We share everything, including Mick’s cum which we kiss back and forth between our eager mouths.” 7/9/2014



Scene Three: Angela White, next up on disc two, was wearing a sexy black one piece in a hotel room with Toni Ribas, another favorite male of hers. This was labeled as scene 044 on her website and as he wielded the camera in POV fashion, she maintained excellent eye contact and a very sexually frisky demeanor as she showed her chest off, her inspiring ass soon displayed as well when he pulled the fabric up from her curvy mounds as she tried to unleash his cock from his pants. She whispered to him and took her sweet time examining his rod before the hand assisted hummer, encouraging him to lay down as she continued to be the sexual aggressor, lightly blowing air on his cock and jerking him off agonizingly slowly before diving on him to lick and suck him off. The playfulness really enhanced the action here, Angela aggressively sucking his balls and taint before she gave him some foot fetish action and a titty fuck, sliding her shaven slit on his boner to actively ride him in various positions, then bending over to show her heart shaped ass high in the air with her head down to push back and pump him silly. He fingered her ass and she gave him a foot job too, more oral from time to time driving him to distraction with Toni alternating between shooting POV and setting the camera down, tossing her to the bed to tear into her. Eventually, Angela devoured him orally by throating him too, going all the way down to elicit his load, Toni then tossing her around to use his hand to get her squirting up a drenching storm, both needing to catch their breath as they mentioned the scene was shot in Las Vegas. The company website described it like this: “Toni Ribas and I start off slowly; after all, I never rush a blowjob. But once we are warmed up Toni takes charge. He grabs me by the throat, slaps my face and tells me what to do. With his thick Spanish accent I can hardly understand what he’s asking me, but of course my answer is always: YES. He fills up my pussy with his hard dick and then stretches it by adding his fingers. He pumps his cock in and out of me and finger fucks my hungry pussy in unison. My cunt is his for the next hour. He makes me squirt multiple times and I return the favour by making him cum TWICE. This is consensual rough sex at its best!” 8/6/2014



Scene Four: Angela White, last up in a tight red dress, was then totally into Manuel Ferrara in scene 090 from her website, the hotel room secured as they set the camera down to go at it. Angela claimed to be “addicted to caffeine and cock” but they clearly seemed to adore each other, Manuel loving her curvy flesh and both of them providing solid eye contact. He ate her out once the camera was set in static mode facing the bed, Angela’s elevated respiration rate not coming across in a pornish fashion at all as she laid back to enjoy his ministrations, the man moving up her body to excite her further with a kiss. There was some choking but even if you just listened to her whispered comments or took a moment to really look at her facial expressions, you’d know they were into one another, a great deal of intimacy displayed as he caressed her body and nuzzled the nape of her neck before he got aggressive by smacking her yummy ass and holding her down. He rimmed her and the dynamic of going back and forth from sensual to dominating was a trip, Angela embracing it really well. Manuel then picked the camera up for more POV and she pulled off his attire, the picture losing focus too much for my tastes though again, she worshiped his body from foot to head, sucking his toes and cock in a dedicated manner. This oral led to them fucking like crazy in an active manner, the vaginal soon leading to anal after she warmed her terrific ass up with her hand, gushing some bottled lube on his erection to jerk him off before she took him in her ass. As she warmed up, the anal became more pronounced in how active she rode too, the scene looking a lot like one of Manuel’s scenes from his “Raw” series that wins so many awards. After awhile, Angela impaled herself on his cock too, more oral and hand to gland friction included as well as foot fetish though I admit the way her head was pushed into the working toilet was on the bizarre side for me, Manuel plastering her open mouth with his genetic juice for her to swallow, her make up smeared and running as she gave one last bout of head to him, Angela having explored her nastier side in a way that not everyone will appreciate. In fact, it excited her so much that she then masturbated on the floor to a very juicy orgasm, not her first in the movie, or even the scene itself for that matter, the wonderful young lady tasting her hand while telling Manuel how bad he was. The website described the scene like this: “This marathon fuck session pulls no punches. Manuel and I are here to fuck and you get to watch us devour each other for almost 1 and a half hours. This encounter traverses a lot of sexual terrain from the most intimate romantic kisses to anal fucking and gaping. Our chemistry is undeniable and our insatiable lust and curiosity lead us to the depths of our sexual desires. In this raw hotel sex tape, we go from tender and passionate to rough and nasty and back again.” 11/10/2015


Summary: Angela Loves Gonzo by director Angela White showed her exploring hardcore, rough sex and completely enjoying it in a quartet of scenes, the level of rough action balanced by some real intimacy that is not very common in mainstream porn productions these days, making it another treat to advise you about so I gave it a rating of Highly Recommended. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t personally care for women being roughed up in scenes, whether the ladies clearly establish that they like it or not, but the levels of energy, enthusiasm, and fuck for the buck quality were exceptional courtesy of Angela’s established sexual confidence and willingness to explore the darker aspects of sex, the icing on the cake being how she worked with such quality of people including wonderful Anikka Albrite, and guys as well regarded as Manuel Ferrara and Mick Blue. In short, Angela Loves Gonzo is almost certainly a “sure thing” at awards time later this year for a variety of categories and for very good reason, so I expect another wave of fans joining her legions of followers as she continues to impress so check this one out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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