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James Deen's Amazing Anal Adventures 2

Studio: James Deen Productions » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/10/16

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Amazing Anal Adventures 2 (James Deen’s...)

Girlfriend’s Films/James Deen Productions

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Genre: Compilation, Anal

Director: James Deen


Cast: Chanel Preston, James Deen, Alektra Blue, Skin Diamond, Dana DeArmond, Tasha Reign, Ava Addams, Veruca James, Tommy Pistol, Lylith Lavey, Mick Blue, Madelyn Monroe, Zoey Monroe (the ending credits also listing Toni Ribas and Mr. Pete though they were not in the edited version of the final scene)

Length: 371:30 minutes

Date of Production: 2016

Extras: There were trailers, a pop shot compilation from the scenes and a photogallery but that was all on the disc.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Amazing Anal Adventures 2 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as directed by James Deen for Evil Angel. As this was a single disc release, the compression rate was markedly higher so there were some noticable effects on the visuals over the original scene releases. Danny Wylde was credited as the editor (though I’m certain he worked on many of these titles as a camera operator too), the guy doing a fairly credible job keeping the production on track as he would occasionally zoom in on the face of the ladies or James lip locked to a crotch, the flesh tones accurate enough and the use of James’ home working as well as the basic editing. There was no company watermark on the screen and there were some observed compression artifacts when watching on the big screen. The aural components were on the basic side too, the vocals easily heard in most cases.


Body of Review: James Deen has been distributed by Girlfriend’s Films for awhile now, the resulting movies showing his willingness to try new things. His latest title for the company is called Amazing Anal Adventures 2, a single disc, dual layer compilation of James’ anal sex scenes lasting over 6 hours, no mention of brand new material included in any of the press releases or the DVD cover. Given James hooked up with ladies like Zoey Monroe, Skin Diamond, Madelyn Monroe, and a number of others, I went into the production thinking it would satisfy his fans that may have missed many of his anal exploits (other men were used in a few scenes too). Note that the DVD did not list which productions the scenes came from anywhere at all, luckily enough I had reviewed each over the years so I took the time to tell readers where the scenes came from and linked back to my original reviews in the scenes on the singular disc. On that note, be aware that some scenes were clearly edited from their original version, particularly scene number nine.

The company website described the movie like this: “Calling all anal lovers! This new James Deen Productions release is just for you! James Deen's Amazing Anal Adventures 2 is a whopping six hours and fifteen minutes of some of James Deen's favorite and insanely hot anal scenes of all time. This compilation of James Deen's hottest anal scenes will have your eyes glued to the screen, begging for more.The sexy ladies included in part two include Lylith Lavey, Alektra Blue, Madelyn Monroe, Ava Addams, Tasha Regin, Zoey Monroe, Chanel Preston, Skin Diamond, Veruca James and Dana DeArmond, showing off their amazing asses while getting penetrated hard by the one and only James Deen. Watch these tight assholes getting licked and fucked the way they deserve to be.” Here’s a brief look at the nine scenes by cast, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Anal Day 2: Chanel Preston, James Deen: Chanel Preston, the sexy fine woman on the right side of the front cover, was up next with James Deen, the gal reclining on a gray couch in her bikini undies as she professed to trust him (after five years). Her hair had that metallic red tint to it that her recent scenes favor, James again having issues with framing and keeping focus as he groped her and then followed her around the house, his appreciation of her ass and “legs for days” noted. She offered to crush him with her legs, his nonchalant attitude about it surprising her, and he choked her while pushing her slightly over the bannister of the second story railing above the living room, the couple kissing before he started slapping her face. He was scruffy looking here, apparently not shaving for days as they argued about whether he was “James Deen” or “the cameraman”, his cock shoved into her mouth to largely end the argument as he tried to figure out places to tie her up and things to tie her with. She throated him and he face fucked her, the two boning on the floor and standing up, her ass opening u very quickly and absorbing him like a seasoned professional. While these were not her most active riding positions of late, the couple did show some chemistry together, her blowjob pushing him to the point of no return to allow him to glaze her face (and eye) in his manly fluids with Chanel providing post coital head to clean him off.


Scene Two: James Deen Loves Butts 3: Alektra Blue, James Deen: Alektra Blue, the former contract star featured on the front cover, was up first in a very short tease session that gave her yummy ass and amazingly brilliant eyes a lot of footage before she was joined by James Deen. Her cover outfit had open areas all along her back including her sweet ass, her black panties nestled deep inside her crotch as she felt herself up in front of a large window and around the house. The scruffy director grabbed her roughly and they kissed, her closely cropped patch of pubic hair neatly trimmed as he gobbled her gash and ass which led to her reciprocating. She aggressively slobbed his knob and throated him with ease, his turgid cock soon ready to pork her perfect pucker and pussy as he choked her (including portions with a belt looped around her neck), slapped her around, and tore into her ass rapidly, her energy levels and passion not caught on camera as well as expected but better than when the director just sets the camera down and walks off. There were times when she would crawl off to tease him with her ass and her solid eye contact elevated the connection between them, the mediocre lighting making her smeared mascara look horrible as the scene closed up, James nutting in and around her mouth with one stream going to her eye.


Scene Three: James Deen Loves Butts 1: Skin Diamond, James Deen: Skin Diamond, the light skinned black gal featured on the left side of the cover, was up first with James Deen. She walked into a sterile living room in sheer black lingerie, her thong buried as deep in her ass crack as my tongue would like to be and her body as firm as ever. She gave a nice show during the tease but it was way too short, James walking in fully clothed to pull her outfit up her shaven slit. He choked her and had her spout off comments about how he took her for the first time, fingering her before eating her ass and gobbling her gash. As he savored her ass, she held her cheeks apart, Skin reciprocating by sucking his nuts and throating him during a decent blowjob. This led to some passive vaginal plowing where she screamed a lot and then some equally passive anal, Skin doing a lot of ATM between positions before masturbating as James unleashed his load of genetic juice on top of a glass table for her to lick up.


Scene Four: Deen Vs. DeArmond: Dana DeArmond, James Deen: Dana DeArmond, up last on the couch with James Deen, finished off the show by devoting herself to him in an anal romp of her own. He fingered her and sucked her erect nipples as they made out, their hands all over each other throughout the scene where he gave her as much oral as she gave him. They goofed around and continued to ham it up for the camera, James using his hands on her pussy and ass as she held her legs above her head, her own clothing tossed aside first though his joined hers in short order. He choked her and made her give him sloppy head, some nut nuzzling and taint play included between their aggressive fucking of both pussy and ass. Her makeup was smeared as they continued but she did not care in the slightest, the gal one of the most active anal riders in the jizz biz at this writing. They fucked like teenagers in heat too, their mutual chemistry always shining as the sweaty duo bumped uglies, the guy feeding her his spew to her mouth right out of fucking her ass, some of the nut going to her chest.


Scene Five: James Deen’s Sex Tapes: Porn Stars: Tasha Reign, James Deen: Tasha Reign, a lean blond with big implants and shorts that showed off her legs, was up next in an apartment with James Deen, the man making it clear that he brought his camera since he was invited (makes sense to me). Their lengthy discussion started in on how long she masturbates for, the sheer amount of solo time amazing the man before he followed her around the place shooting footage of her stripping for him. This started on the stairs but led to the bedroom where he munched her pussy at length while leaving the camera focused on a single point, the result being the best camera angles were lost all too often. Still, Tasha seemed to like the guy and he certainly appreciated her, eating her out more as the vaginal fucking turned to anal, his tongue planted firmly in her ass. Tasha was not a very active rider at all though, her reliance on looks understandable even if she did not seem to merit a place on the front cover, but she took the facial finish of sperm well, offering James some post-coital head as she laughed.


Scene Six: James Deen’s Sex Tapes: Porn Stars: Ava Addams, James Deen: Ava Addams, the busty brunette bombshell from the front cover, was up last in bed with James Deen, limited tease starting the duo off on each other where he was slightly rough with her though she clearly enjoyed him all the way. He savored her boobs and she pawed his package growing in his shorts, her hand assisted hummer delightful to watch which led to a 69 and some very active riding positions. She impaled herself on his cock and was grinding her hips into him really well when she was on top of him, her splendid ass rippling nicely as she enjoyed James. Ava liked anal too, giving James some dirty talk as he drilled both of her holes, the anal leaving a pronounced anal gape at times though she was on fire to engage him in more sexual positions from there, the ending hummer in POV showing her superior eye contact and oral skills followed by some standing doggy until he rubbed one out on her face.


Scene Seven: Dominations: Veruca James, Tommy Pistol: Veruca James, a perky brunette with a lean body and big smile, was up last in a very short scene where she pranced about the house in pink and black garb, sniffing the tie of Tommy Pistol as he stood helpless duct taped to the wall (as seen on the upper left of the front cover). His face was not covered and his cock was left free but otherwise the improvised spiderweb held him fast as he sobbed, asking her how he got there. She relished placing light kisses on his face and neck, blindfolding him with the tie as she went down on him. Her blowjob and subsequent penetration positions were limited by the fact he was tied up so well but it had a slight erotic appeal, his cock in her ass displayed moderately well given the conditions as she spread her cheeks to actively ride him. She then dropped down to blow him once more, the hand assisted hummer directed by him including her squeezing his cock so her double handed meat beater hand job got him to drizzle out a small load into her mouth for swallowing, her post coital head modest before she took the tie off his eyes.


Scene Eight: James Deen’s Big Boob Massage Movie 2: Lylith Lavey, Mick Blue: Lylith Lavey, a curvy brunette with a pretty face and generous proportions, was up next in a scene where Mick Blue was already rubbing her oiled up body as it glistened in the light of the room. He wore a standard attendant uniform and made little circles around her major muscle groups, especially her ass, Lylith smiling with enjoyment as he continued to explore every spot on her possible (including her ass crack and precious pucker). She then flipped over for him to expand the realm of his manual dexterity, her rack the perfect target for him to focus on initially though his hands ran down her flat stomach to her neatly trimmed snatch, a few wisps of pubic hair on her crotch left but that was all. Mick then sucked her tits as he massaged them, his fascination with her breasts understandable though she clearly wanted more. He diddled her pussy and she reached out to help herself to his cock, sucking him down with a hand assisted hummer before his oral on her led to them screwing vaginally. The vaginal led to anal but she remained largely passive in the penetration positions, her perfect pucker clenching him tightly as he massaged her labia with his hand. They tried more positions and seemed to get along well enough, Lylith taste testing him out of her ass and enjoying his thorough workout, the passive anal leading to her kneeling before him to let him glaze her face with his seed.


Scene Nine: James Deen’s Slut Training: Madelyn Monroe, Zoey Monroe, James Deen: Zoey Monroe and Madelyn Monroe, the two smoking hot blond babes from the front cover, were up last in a scene that included Mick Blue, Mr. Pete, Toni Ribas, and James Deen. The ladies began with each other in their skimpy black cover lingerie, kissing and role playing a little as they ate pussy and ass, sucked boobs, and warmed up in a very pleasing manner. Madelyn seemed to adore Zoey’s glorious ass and Zoey gave some fine facial expressions proving the oral worked for her quite well, this scene lasting about half the nearly three and a half hour movie all by itself. They fingered each other and did a 69 with a good deal of energy, their sheer enthusiasm on the wooden floor bringing James into the picture to share them as he saw fit. While he seemed to favor Zoey at first, tearing up her perfect pucker and bald beaver, he did not shy away from Madelyn in the slightest, moving back and forth between them until he led them upstairs to tackle Mick, Pete and Toni (as well as himself) after nutting in Zoey’s waiting mouth. The ladies swapped the goo and crawled behind him to meet the other fellows, ending up on the large gray couch where the guys boned them like they owned them, all three holes for each ladies ravaged as the men saw fit, Zoey taking the DP like she was taunting Mick and Toni as Pete put Madelyn through her paces before the guys swapped around. In the end, the guys unleashed their loads all over the faces of the ladies for them to lick at and share, Zoey seeming to get more than her share, nothing distracting the ending lesbian kiss as the seed kept flying on them. (Note: this was a truncated version of the original scene).


Summary: Amazing Anal Adventures 2 by director James Deen for James Deen Productions was a single disc compilation of previously released scenes where James would bone female ass from various productions, Mick and others stepping in as needed for those keeping track. It had admittedly modest technical values but decent replay value and strokability so I rated the movie as a Watch It Online unless you’re a long time fan of the guy who happened to miss out of the scenes as they were released who might rate it higher. While not all asses are created equal and few performers really excel in backdoor boning, there were some standout performances here as noted above, usually women already having an established rapport with the director. In short, Amazing Anal Adventures 2 was the kind of compilation you might just enjoy if this cast appeals to you so check it out if you haven’t seen the multitude of scenes previously.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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