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Studio: Other » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 5/13/16

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There was a time when BBW superstar Lyla Everwettt was just another sexy, sizzling BBW performer tearing it up in the independent porn circuit, with her pear-shaped body and massive big ass being put through the rigor with amateur male talent blessed with the biggest, thickest black cocks in their city. Now she is undeniably BBW porn’s interracial fuck queen, with critically acclaimed performances for virtually every major BBW studio. For fans who want to see how she worked her way up through the ranks the old fashioned way, by earning her stripes and getting fucked hard from city to city, BBWLylaEverwettt.com recorded every one of her sexual encounters with top amateur male and female talent. This website shows you the beginnings of a shy but burgeoning superstar in the making, to now being an often requested superslut with a craving for black cock whenever she goes off on another one of her sexual travels around the country.

That’s right; she may be starring in and appearing on DVD covers for studios such as Jeff’s Models and such. But Lyla still performs in amateur productions for her website whenever she travels to events such as EXXXotica or wherever the talent is, as long as the talent has a big black cock to squeeze in Lyla’s very wet, always tight sweet pussy. Basically, wherever and whatever Lyla shoots, it gets posted on her website which is filled with plenty of jerk-off clips.

Home Page

Currently, there’s a clip of Lyla with her big round soft ass welcoming you. The clip features Lyla and Mr. Danger, a stripper Lyla hooked up recently with in New York City titled Sex With A Stripper. Lyla makes no bones about it; this sexy MILF loves all big black cocks. Her words she used to describe the scene, “Before he could make a move I had his cock deep in my throat. I’m such cock slut.”

There’s also a clip of the one of many solo clips Lyla shot in her own home. As they say, while everyone is away, this MILF will play. Further down on the home page are various clips, the best stuff Lyla has to offer. A few of these include Big Cocks and Cuckolds featuring Lyla’s “big daddy” Shane Diesel, Me VS Martin Pain XXX, Smash Attack, and the Horny Housewife Meets the Thug.

Photo Sets

Lots of photo sets each with hundreds of hi quality images with the ability to download each set in either 1024, 1280 or 1600 DPI resolution. Not the best photography (some of the shots are blurry, out of focus, and too much of the guy is showing and not enough of Lyla in some instances). For example, we see shots of Lodus Adonis in Round 3 with @Ludusadonis where her face is completely out of the frame and we barely see her body. That’s the case in many of the shots with guys but there is jerkable stuff too to be fair. There are decent shots of her face in the stills while she’s getting fucked and we get good close-ups of Lyla’s really sweet cooch, and getting creampied in one set, Meeting Mr. Nutz. But most of these sets would be better served with some photo editing and re-touching and leaving out a lot of the same, repetitive looking shots.

Events Calendar

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Nothing.  Absolutely nothing. No announcements of where Lyla will be appearing, what she’ll be shooting, no updates of her whereabouts at all. Before the Internet, guys really had to be in the know to know where their favorite girl will be appearing next. Sure, there’s Twitter these days which Lyla is very active on, but if I’m a paying member of the site, I want to know when I go to the calendar, where my favorite porn girl will be a month from now, two months from now, etc. This definitely needs to be worked on. Lyla gets around a lot but a central place such as her events calendar would be a great place to know if Lyla will be in a city near me. And Lyla does recruit local and new talent. A mention of this on her website on how to appear in a clip with Lyla—if you think you can handle all that ass and have a big cock—would really be a great way to recruit new members to her site.

Latest Videos

Unable to download her clips. May not be an issue for most but for traditional DVD guys like me, I like being able to download my videos, burn it onto a DVD and pop it in a DVD player to watch, rather than watch on my computer and streaming it. I just know if I want to see a video I wouldn’t want to always go to the site to stream a video. I want to the ability to view and jerk it anytime, even if I’m offline. Maybe the millennials are OK with it but a Generation Xer like me and older fans want to jerk off without always having to connect to the ‘net. However, the videos stream really well but don’t expect HD quality, not that it’s promised. A little grainy but hey, if I’m watching Lyla I’m watching her to jerk off to so I don’t mind blowing my load to a video of Lyla getting her face covered in hot white splooge.


With that said some of the videos do have a very amateurish look to them, and the sound quality isn’t the best. Sometimes you see the video going out of focus, and there’s plenty of room for editing. Things that can be left on the cutting room floor include extended blow jobs. Lyla is arguably the best BBW cocksucker in the business but seeing a BJ scene taking up a quarter of the scene is too much. We want to see Lyla getting fucked hard and right away. Some of the shakiness and when the camera moves around the bed to get a shot at another angle or side could be edited out. It’s not necessary to see everything that went on. Sometimes less is more. There’s also a particular anal clip where things got “messy” if you know what we mean. Yeah, those things can be left out as well.

Still, while these clips are essentially amateur scenes it doesn’t have to have that amateur looking video quality. Yet, Lyla started as an amateur performer, completely raising the standards for BBW performers on the indie/amateur circuit, which got her noticed so the amateurish quality of her videos in a way define her. She’s an indie starlet who’s now one of the most popular BBW performers today. In other words, these are her roots and she hasn’t forgotten her roots by still going back and shooting with amateurs and local talent.


That’s what you see in every video. Lyla, the amateur performer who is destined for greatness, cutting her teeth in the gritty independent circuit and these mostly older clips on her site remind us where she came from. She’s a superstar who did what few performers do today—by fucking her way, literally, to the top of BBW superstardom, slowly but surely and steadily and earning her top BBW status.


This is really an online catalogue of performers Lyla has worked with in her travels so if you want to see her work with fellow BBW queen Eliza Allure, Slick Punisher or Smash Trucker among others, just click on their photo and it takes you to all the scenes Lyla has shot with that particular performer. A nice touch here for sure, rather than have members go through every page and looking at various clips before finding a clip to jerk it too.


Almost non-existent. The one blog post that is on there is outdated so there are no updates on what Lyla is currently up to or where she’ll be in the future, her life or any upcoming scenes. Guys love reading about the performer’s lives because the more facts they know about her, the more they feel they know their favorite porn girl on a personal level. As approachable as Lyla is at these various events she attends throughout the year, not everyone will be lucky to meet her so she should make an effort to blog to keep her members updated on her daily going ons.

Spoil Me/Wishlist

None. Kind of rare for a performer not to have a wishlist on their site. A great way to have your loyal fans that want to support you is to have a wishlist. There’s no shame in asking fans for help as long as you don’t overdo it and even if it’s just a few, inexpensive items, there are fans who will love to show you their appreciation by sending you gifts. And who doesn’t like to be surprised by a box of cool stuff they weren’t expecting?


Non-existent. Why have it listed if there’s nothing included or have any details about Lyla? As a fan it would be disappointing not to have a page where I can learn some cool facts about my favorite porn girl I didn’t know before but always wanted to know. Another flaw we have to point out but also one that can be easily fixed and we hope these flaws will be fixed the next time we revisit the site.


With all the great video content that there, Lyla fans will no doubt want to sign up. Her stuff is worth buying, that’s why Lyla offers a 30 day plan for $16.95 for the first month then $19.99 every 30 days.

Then there’s a three month membership for $50.85, billed one time. There’s no yearly membership so your best bet is to sign up for the three month membership. We hope a yearly membership will be coming down the road since it’ll cost fans less in the long run.

Lyla updates her site semi-regularly but even much of her older stuff is well worth jerking it to over again, so the three month plan is our recommendation for sure.


My Overall Thoughts

I’ve pretty much given all my thoughts. It’s not perfect, there’s LOTs of room to really build this site into something great. It’s mostly video and photo set driven so that’s not a bad thing. I just wish more could be done with FAQs, Events Calendar, Blog, etc. Plus work on making better quality videos . . . we’re not saying shoot in HD but editing will truly go a long way. The photo galleries have plenty of great shots of Lyla but there’s also room for improvement here too.

Perhaps more regular video updates but we understand, it all depends on how often a girl gets work and traveling isn’t cheap. Maybe on your wishlist, once one is up, request fans for airline gift cards so you can travel to shoot more awesome content when you find a willing and hung talent that wants to work with you.

Still, Lyla remains one of the best she does and perhaps one of the best BBW performers to hit the industry by storm recently. Her website should reflect that but BBWLylaEverwettt.com is still a great place to see exclusive footage of Lyla you definitely won’t see anywhere else. We do recommend to Join It.

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