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Raw 26

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/26/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Raw 26

Evil Angel/Manuel Ferrara Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Manuel Ferrara


Cast: Amber Ivy, Manuel Ferrara, Adriana Chechik, Harlow Harrison, Alexis Fawx, Megan Rain

Length: 301:27 minutes (183:44 minutes & 117:43 minutes)

Date of Production: 2016



Extras: The extras included trailers, a helpful cast list, some filmographies, websites, and a 7:17 minute long pop shot recap.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Raw 26 was presented in a nice 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel. The visual elements for the series are rarely optimal, Manuel often places the small video camera on a table or other convenient location to allow him a hands free experience with the ladies and the lighting is whatever is available, but they suffice to convey the raw energy of the chemistry filled sexual trysts he gets by picking women that truly want to work with him. As such, this volume in the series looked similar to previous efforts, the enthusiasm and passion provided more than making up for the modest technical values as presented. The audio was also on the modest side, the microphone built into the camera capturing whatever sounds it could, the vocals usually easy enough to hear even when the partners whisper to each other though some of the ambient sounds do get in the way from time to time.


Body of Review: Manuel Ferrara is one of the few male performers always able to truly enhance a scene, his work at Evil Angel showcasing how he adores ladies of all types. His latest title in for review is the recently released double disc Raw 26, the movie living up to the series in terms of selecting attractive women for the lead to work with. As the double disc offerings in the series have decidedly dwindled of late, I was curious if this was designed to be a premium version of the flagship series, noting that with ladies such as Megan Rain and Adriana Chechik headlining, some effort was made to garner additional attention. Then there was the scene with Alexis Fawx, a total babe who has really rocked of late, newcomer Amber Ivy, and deliciously curvy tattoo enthusiast Harlow Harrison to round out the set.

The company website described the show like this: “In “Raw 26,” director/stud Manuel Ferrara provides candid looks at his private rendezvous with sexy starlets, granting voyeurs a front row seat to peep in on real people in authentic sexual encounters. Fiery redhead Amber Ivy struts into Manuel’s hotel room donning a tight leopard print mini-skirt; they passionately kiss and she worships his famously huge, uncut cock in an intimate but very lewd hook-up. Superstar beauty Adriana Chechik showers in Manuel’s hotel room to prepare for their date, but the horny director can’t help hopping in with her. She slobbers over his shaft, priming herself for an intense butt fuck. Adriana sucks cock directly from her ass in a tasty 69. Manuel ravages stunning blonde Harlow Harrison instantly upon her arrival; she repeatedly gushes girl squirt as he fingers her pussy and teasingly wraps her massive tits around his shaft. Curvaceous MILF Alexis Fawx takes a furious pounding, moaning as Manuel slaps her bulbous breasts. Petite teen Megan Rain is impatient to get her rear reamed. She tells Manuel, “I want my boyfriend to watch you fuck me,” and he plunges his cock into her asshole. Megan sucks cock ass-to-mouth and takes a massive, slimy load of facial semen.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Amber Ivy, a redheaded newcomer best known for her work with Burning Angel, was up first with Manuel Ferrara, this scene to be her highest profile endeavor to date though she only sports a half dozen or so credits on the infamous IAFD. Amber had a juicy ass as she came into Manuel’s room, some balcony shoots leading to scruffy Manuel extolling her many virtues in the generic hotel room as he addressed the camera. She came in wearing an animal print dress with a lot of makeup on and her boobs pouring out, the gal playfully teasing him before they kissed. The lighting was a little strong and rather than provide a lot of the tease I enjoy, he was totally worked up to jump her bones, setting the camera down to make out with her on the bed as her panties nestled tightly against her perfect pucker while they rolled around. Her eye contact was good and she seemed to appreciate his lengthy efforts to warm her up, Manuel savoring her tits and Amber slobbing his knob actively while applying some hand to gland friction, whispered comments to each other establishing a connection of sorts. But before the oral he started porking her pussy with his turgid rod, some fantastic riding showing her tight snatch milking him in a myriad of positions, her nut nuzzling and titty fucking as a break leading to her putting on a great showing, some gash gobbling and rimming by Manuel included along the way too. For that matter, she tossed his salad too, looking up at him as she tongued his ass until he dipped his wick back in her bald beaver, Manuel making her squirt before she drained his dragon of sperm for the facial, Amber licking his manly seed up which inspiring Manuel to finger her to another gusher on the hotel furniture in the nearly hour long encounter. The company website described the scene like this: “Legendary cocksman Manuel Ferrara gets to fuck one of his favorite new girls, redheaded alt vixen Amber Ivy. Amber struts into his hotel room for their private date donning a leopard print mini-skirt, with her luscious tits bursting from her top. They kiss passionately, leading to a hard-core slam-fuck on the hotel bed. Manuel eats her pussy and bends her over for a hot and heavy dick-down. She orally worships his mammoth schlong; he fingers her to a gushing squirt. The stud slathers the slut's face with a giant load of cum.”



Scene Two: Adriana Chechik, the beautiful brunette hotty featured on the left side of the front cover, was up next with Manuel Ferrara, the California gal’s amazing eyes and lean hardbody the kind that truly earned her award this year for “best tranny scene” from AVN. While many might argue she should have won a great deal more accolades, more prominent ones at that, the fact remains that Adriana appeals to a lot of folks, not just gender bender types. Manuel brought the camera into the shower area of the hotel room where Adriana was showering, her large bush of pubic hairs standing out from the crowd but Manuel setting the camera down as he joined her, their teasing verbal banter showing how very comfortable they were with one another. They kissed and caressed one another as they warmed up in the hot shower, soon vaginally fucking like a couple of horny teens on prom night which led them to the large bed to continue the tryst. Her makeup was messy but neither of them cared one bit, some fine shots of her perky ass on display as she put her head down and ass up as he tore into her snatch, his thumb spreading her perfect pucker wide in preparation for the ensuing anal that took place with only brief bouts of oral from either of them allowing a break. He juiced her snatch up too though, getting her off as he slurped up the resulting juices, Adriana kneeling before him to reciprocate, licking his ass and eventually beating him off during the final oral as she looked right at him, her powerful oral skills not including throating but milking his balls dry of semen all the same. The company website described the scene like this: “Beautiful brunette superstar Adriana Chechik showers in director Manuel Ferrara's hotel room, and he can't resist joining her. She strokes his uncut cock while they kiss, soon dropping to her knees for a slobber-soaked blow job. They towel off and move to the bed, where Manuel plunges his dick into her anus; she tastes his massive shaft directly from her asshole, slobbering over it in a 69. He thrusts his fingers into her pussy and she repeatedly gushes. Adriana slurps her juicy squirt from his fingers. She rims his asshole and pumps his cock till he fires his load over her flushed face.”



Scene Three: Harlow Harrison, a busty blond bombshell newcomer from Pennsylvania, was up next with Manuel Ferrara to round out the first disc, the heavily tattooed lady definitely adding to the diversity of the casting here but reminding me that for all her 16 listed scenes released, she has become a force thanks to her enthusiasm and energy. Manuel referred to her as a “tattooed type chick” that he discovered on a Burning Angel set, his primary fascination with her tits well served given the way she was busting out of her top. They kidded about how she wanted to peg him and he promised she would be his first when he started doing that kind of thing, the couple kissing in the hotel room as though they were long time friends with benefits to lead them to the bed once he set the camera down. As she gets “giggly when she gets happy”, she could barely contain herself as he savored her bosoms and rubbed her body, sliding his hand into her pants to stimulate her more. He then helped her remove her stripper shoes and licked her feet, Harlow spreading her legs in an inviting manner for him to lower onto her as they went back to making out, her eye contact very solid as he lowered to eat her neatly trimmed crotch. She then inhaled much of his raging boner and they fucked vaginally in a myriad of positions, the two taking a break when he almost nutted as he was so into her. Like the others, she gave him full service head too, showing no hesitation when licking his ass as he beat off, her very active riding leading to squirting by his hand and titty fucking before she knelt on the floor to receive his wealth of spew, her hand and mouth coordination combining with her eye contact to finish him off soundly, some chemistry between them established early and remaining right to the very end. The company website described the scene like this: “Stunning blonde Harlow Harrison has model looks, a fiery personality and a yearning for fat cock. The leggy babe meets up with stud Manuel Ferrara for a private date, giggling as he ravages her immediately upon her arrival. They share kisses as they strip; Harlow deep-throats his massive schlong, almost driving him to a premature load before Manuel catches his bearings and fucks her in every way imaginable. The perky slut lewdly eats his bunghole and gushes squirt as he fingers her pussy. Her round knockers stroke his shaft and she slurps his erupting cum.”



Scene Four: Alexis Fawx, an increasingly popular blond MILF from Pennsylvania, was up next with Manuel Ferrara in the first scene of the second disc, the passionate beauty steadily moving up my list of “must see” ladies of late. The scene actually began with the sexy blond prancing about on the big bed from some of the other scenes, her tan line sexy as fuck as she pounced on Manuel’s turgid erection to give a hand assisted hummer, her garter and stockings outlining her glorious ass that he dove into orally when he set the camera down, Alexis relishing his treatment of her even before they started to bone. Her pussy was tightly trimmed and clenched as they actively fucked, her talented hip grinding and puffy labia juicing up readily as she impaled herself soundly on his rod. She let loose the juice as they fucked too, her solid eye contact and chemistry a treat to watch as she polished him off with a hummer, swallowing his load playfully as Manuel continued to claim how she made him “cum so hard”, the gal laughing at the sheer fun factor both came to appreciate though I wished there was more set up than they showed. The company website described the scene like this: “Gorgeously curvaceous MILF Alexis Fawx wastes no time getting acquainted with hung director Manuel Ferrara. She playfully teases him, then buries his massive cock in her throat. The stud plows her on the bed. He slaps her gigantic tits as she springs up and down on his cock incessantly, whimpering. Alexis rims his asshole lewdly. She slobbers over his colossal shaft, wraps her tits around it and sucks semen straight from the source.”



Scene Five: Megan Rain, the pretty little piece of ass featured on the right side of the front cover, was up last with Manuel Ferrara, the young lady considered the best second choice for best new starlet last year in all the credible awards. Don’t let that fool you though, in terms of active riding, nasty anal antics, and a frisky sexual attitude, Megan fits right in with whomever she works with even if she really stands out best with guys like Manuel. Unlike the other scenes, this one started with Megan addressing the camera and talking about her anticipation to have Manuel fuck her in the ass, her tight blue top and booty shorts hugging her tiny frame as she teased the stationary camera in front of a white couch in a frisky fashion. While I admittedly prefer thicker ladies, even slightly thicker gals, Megan takes that mechanically aggressive approach in her scenes that shows no limits and pair her with the right guy (such as Manuel) and the sparks can really fly. She dropped her drawers to show her panties tight on her ass and pussy, putting on a solo show which was interrupted when Manuel came into the room to ask her what she was doing, his hands assisting her in warming up as the couple kissed, whispering to one another as he choked her and otherwise enjoyed her “built for speed” body. She then blew him with the camera facing her ass, Manuel soon fingering her perfect pucker before she mounted him to actively ride him vaginally, some really active oral between positions on her part leading to the advertised anal interaction. She became overly loud at times and pornish in her methods, the gal moving to the bedroom where she jumped on the bed with her head and and ass way in the air for Manuel to rim, her invitation clear to him that she wanted him to tear up her spankable ass, the gal throating him a bit first but sucking his balls and ass with equal vigor. Megan had great eye contact and chemistry with Manuel though, her playful demeanor exciting him a great deal as she aurally coaxed him more, all three holes readily available for him to do as he saw fit, her dirty talk elevating the replay value for me substantially too as she impaled her ass on his throbbing boner. In the end, she beat him off to obtain the facial of spunk all over her face, his manly fluids glazing her face as they kidded about the spider web on her face. The company website described the scene like this: “Teenage slut Megan Rain impatiently waits for stud director Manuel Ferrara. She sits in front of the camera, boasting that she's 'going to get butt-fucked today,' while drooling and fantasizing about sucking his uncut cock. Manuel arrives with a towel around his waist and she can't help yanking it off and getting to work. Megan sprawls on the bed and hungrily slobbers over his shaft. His giant cock lunges into her tiny asshole and fucks her in every position; she thanks him by way of a sloppy, ass-to-mouth blow job. He splatters her face with a huge load of cream.”


Summary: Raw 26 by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel had solid levels of fuck for the buck thanks to the chemistry between the performers, all of the five sexual trysts strokable with the kind of replay value I expect. I knew the raw energy of Megan Rain and Adriana Chechik would suit me, even on their worst days that provide ample drive to stand out, but it was Alexis Fawx that I came to favor the most, Harlow Harrison also offering a fine set of moves and Amber Ivy’s newcomer appeal seeming to elicit something extra from Manuel. The overall energy and fun factor quotient assisted in meriting a rating of Highly Recommended though, Manuel pulling out all stops to release a strong volume of on of his most notable flagship series. In short then, Raw 26 was one of my favorite titles in awhile given the strength of casting and the degree of passion found in the enthusiastic trysts so check it out and see why the movie worked so well for yourself.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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