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He's In Charge 2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/5/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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He’s In Charge 2

Digital Sin

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Genre: BDSM, Vignettes

Director: Paul Woodcrest & Eddie Powell


Cast: Melissa Moore, Toni Ribas, Samantha Hayes, Mick Blue, Gina Valentina, Ramon Nomar, Blair Williams, Chad White

Length: 166:14 minutes

Date of Production: 2016


Extras: The first extra was the best of the batch in terms of being related to the movie itself, a 29:11 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that amounted to a series of interviews with the ladies of the cast (Blair Williams standing out as offering something off the beaten path a bit). The two bonus scenes, one from He’s In Charge 1 with Lea Lexis and James Deen (37:36 minutes, see description below) and the other from What’s Next? 2 with Marley Brinx and Anthony Rosano (31:09 minutes), were the other good extras this time. While not related to the titular content, they were fun to watch. There was also a pick your pleasure menu, a photogallery, a lingerie commercial, some trailers, and company info.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: He’s In Charge 2 was presented in a crisp anamorphic widescreen as shot by directors Paul Woodcrest & Eddie Powell for Digital Sin. The cameras were steady, the footage well shot, and the editing minimal enough that it was less noticeable than projects shot for lesser companies. As expected, there was a company watermark on the lower right corner of the screen at all times but it was not overly intrusive. The aural components of the show were basic enough, the vocals easy to hear as were the sounds of the rough sex. The music was not credited but it was tasteful and complimented the tease footage onscreen when used.


Body of Review: Paul Woodcrest & Eddie Powell are two top directors at Digital Sin, each capable of shooting quality porn under a wide variety of conditions. Their latest in for review is called He’s In Charge 2, a light tribute to the increasingly popular BDSM genre that has become all the rage though this time putting the man at the helm of the action. Each of the ladies was lean, fit, and submissive to the needs of their male partners, from cover cutie Gina Valentina, to adorable Blair Williams, to Samantha Hayes and Melissa Moore, the physical restraints were always evident but the mental submission the strongest. The back cover described the movie like this: “We hope these girls are ready, because it's domination time! Samantha Hayes, Blair Williams, Melissa Moore and Gina Valentina are here, and they're about to get tied up, gagged, and fucked like never before. These naughty girls need to be taught a lesson, and luckily for them, he's in charge!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Melissa Moore, a cute newcomer from Dallas, was up first with Toni Ribas, the scene starting off with Melissa trapped in a belted black bag with only her head sticking out. She struggled in her confined state but unsuccessfully, a lot of mood music and lighting enhancing the creepy situation as Toni entered the picture to assess his prize. He drooled in her mouth and slapped her around before choking her, whispering to her as he unzipped the bag to grope her like a toy. She called him “master” and complied with his wishes, her ample chest revealed as she cried out which led to him smacking her boobs too. He lubed up his fingers in her mouth and reached down to her crotch, yanking her hair as he continued beating her, pulling out a flogger as he pulled her out of the bag, some metal devices on her hands preventing her from resisting as he porked her pussy in various positions. He then gobbled her gash after the flogging, her neatly trimmed snatch all red and glistening with juices as he verbally abused her, Toni soon feeding her his turgid pecker so she could slob his knob, his size making it easy to throat before the vaginal penetration positions resumed until she drained his dragon of sperm for the facial, the gal discarded as he left the room. The company website described the scene like this: “Melissa was ready for a round of hardcore dominance at her pussy's expense. With my new fuck couch I spread her mouth wide and fucked it hard before I would reward her aching pink hole for meat. She was positioned just right with her sweet cheeks showing me her wet mound and I pounded away all while she submitted to every inch and every ounce of cum poured on her cute face.”



Scene Two: Samantha Hayes, a sexy 20 year old from the Midwest (or Alaska, depending on who you believe), was then paired up with Mick Blue, the dark room as moody as the last with the naked lady hanging in a floating leather cage as Mick whispered to her and pinched her nipples between slaps. This scene differed from the last in that she smiled and gave it more of an appearance that she was a willing participant instead of a victim, Mick testing her physical limits while admiring the view as he spanked her and gave her slightly hairy pussy some attention. This led to him flogging her in her cage, her erect nipples and other responses indicating her desire for him to continue. He then used a wand vibrator to pleasure her, the sensations stimulating her as she followed his rules, Mick freeing her only to put a red ball gag in her mouth. Mick used black tape to blindfold her eyes and whipped her body, pulled her pubic patch, and otherwise gave her the stimulation she craved, the wand getting her off again and a device applied to keep her mouth open once the gag was removed, various blowjob and vaginal penetration positions accompanying her body being fixed to the large leather X frame before she milked his balls dry of semen, Mick using the vibrator one last time to juice her up. The company website described the scene like this: “Samantha was finally caught in my web of dark fantasy. She had no escape from my dungeon and took everything I rubbed onto her young pussy with and especially my cock. She had to let all control over to me as I took her body on an orgasmic hard core fucking session.”



Scene Three: Gina Valentina, the all natural cover gal from Miami, was then given to Ramon Nomar to play with, her black lingerie enhancing her look as one glance at the front cover will show. The scene began with Gina all trussed up and drooling from a red ball gag in her mouth, Ramon fussing at her as she lingered with her hands over her head in her sexy black lingerie while he hit her and licked parts of her. Her drool made a mess as he flogged her upper torso, her skinny figure looking especially tiny next to the much taller man as he stimulated her pantied pussy, the dynamic returning to that of the first scene more than the second. He fed her a taste of her pussy juices and smacked her tiny tits as she cried out, Ramon spanking her shapely ass before giving her some head and attaching clamps to her nipples and labia (with weights no less). Just as they started to fuck, the clamps pulled off her nipples which caused her some additional pain, Gina gritting her teeth as he reattached them. He then fucked her pussy in several positions and made her wait for release as he applied some hand to gland stimulation, yelling at her as he caused her to juice up, her squirting best observed after he pulled out, a few bouts of alternating this act pushing her over the edge, Gina blowing him before one last push of plowing led to him nutting all over her crotch with his manly fluids. The company website described the scene like this: “When super hot teen Gina asked for a darker fantasy she wasn't expecting my dungeon of goodies. In her best black lingerie she looked good tied and gagged while I slipped my cock into her hot and wet pussy. Little did she know this kind of hard core action would have her pussy dripping wet and my hot cum covering her pussy.”



Scene Four: Blair Williams, a curvy blond from San Diego who was 21 when this scene was shot, then finished things up in a scene with Chad White. Chad rang a bell as he set the tone by giving her various rules of engagement, demanding she orgasm every time he rang the bell. She was initially trapped in a metal cage while the scruffy male verbally threatened her, the gal dressed in sexy black and red lingerie as he reached in to choke and kiss her. Her bald beaver reacted well to his touch and he remained in charge, grabbing her forcefully and fingering her before offering his chubby to suck on. He fucked her face as she looked up to him from her knees, Chad pinching her nose tight in a display of breath play before she beat him off as instructed, sucking the head of the modest member until she throated him. He then used various implements to keep her mouth open or to tie her to the black padded “horse”, her delicious ass in the air and her hands bound to her legs as he climbed aboard to finger, flog and fuck her, the gal the most active rider of the movie and most able to readily throat him with ease. There was some ass play when he fed her heart shaped ass the handle of the bell from earlier but the emphasis was on him tearing up her dripping wet pussy as she got off, her cheeks reddened from swats as he gave her a vaginal creampie that seeped out of her one stream at a time. The company website described the scene like this: “My enslaved sexual teen slut Blair eagerly awaited my command while her pussy dripped in her sexy lingerie in the cage. With my permission I fed her my swollen inches into her mouth before tying her ass up and burying my cock deep between her sweet butt cheeks and into her tight young pussy. Like a good girl she let me empty all my cum inside her.”


Bonus Scene: He’s In Charge 1: James sits upon a black throne to establish himself the Lord and Master of the moment with bit of boredom on his face, herein again, we the viewers enter into a disjointed scene that seems to already in process, after all Lea, appears suspended with her back to her Master. The audio, slips a bit, and requires the adjustment of volume and the returns suddenly cause another distraction to lower it again. James begins to whip her back and sides, and speaks about how loud he’s going to make it so the neighbors know she’s a slut. Sadly it never gets that loud and there’s no way to know of the humiliation if occurs, nothing outside, no finger pointing or suggesting her slutty behaviors, as before in scene one the threat and no payoff. The usage of a steel rake, a fun twist on a toy, over her tender pussy and inner thighs, to heighten the tease, and a solid noting of cum-control an important aspect in the culture and playing department to edge yet hold back in a game of hell and heaven. The hell of waiting and suffering the torment and the heaven of achieving pleasure through fucking and sucking, with a bit cock-worship and yet incredibly short lived. It all feels as walking through the motions, and never committing fully. Though Lea gives a thrilling cowgirl fucking on the throne, with intense grinding, earning cumshot from James. (review by “Impale Her”)


Summary: He’s In Charge 2 by director Paul Woodcrest for Digital Sin was a collection of four all new scenes starring attractive young ladies engaged in various sexual exploits, the theme of role play or control as intriguing as ever. With ladies like Blair Williams, Samantha Hayes, Gina Valentina, and Melissa Moore, it is easy to see how the movie merited a rating of Recommended from me, the men never too rough and the sex never too far from the couples friendly action the company is known for. In short, while He’s In Charge 2 displayed some talented camera work , the main draw was the inclusion of the attractive young ladies in the heated sexual trysts so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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