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Mike John's POV Overdose 4

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/8/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Mike John’s POV Overdose 4

Jules Jordan Video/Mike John Productions

Genre: Compilation, Gonzo

Director: Mike John (2 scenes) and Tim Von Swine (6 scenes)



Cast: Jada Stevens, Mike John, A.J. Applegate, Tim Von Swine, Veruca James, Kimberly Kane, Adrianna Luna, Zoey Monroe, Gabriella Paltrova, Carter Cruise

Length: 296:33 minutes (156:49 minutes & 139:44 minutes)

Date of Production: 2016



Extras: The extras were confined to the second disc, starting off with trailers, a cast list, a photogallery, and then a 16:56 minute long pop shot compilation from the scenes before some web links to Mike’s website.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Mike John’s POV Overdose 4 was shot in anamorphic widescreen for various productions listed below by directors Mike John and Tim Von Swine for Jules Jordan Video. Given the widely recognized status of these two men as the top of the heap for point of view (POV) camera work, I knew the scenes would look great, the lighting, steady cameras, and smooth flow of the action always well done. I was a little surprised at the lack of a company watermark on the screen as I recall the original versions of the scenes having but many of you will welcome that as an upgrade, the fact of the matter being the “elegance through simplicity” model worked amazingly well here. The double disc effort had few visual defects compared to companies that compress too much material as a means of saving money, even on my big screen television the eight scenes looked fine, the bitrate varying considerably when I checked it but not an obvious problem to be found. The aural aspects were also well done, the 2.0 stereo soundtrack lacking separation and depth but offering a great deal of clarity, all vocals (even whispering) could be heard with ease, no ambient sounds getting in the way of the fun.


Body of Review: Mike John and Tim Von Swine have long been established as two of the best “old school” directors when it comes to point of view (POV) camera work, some that use a second party camera for a simulated POV effect doing a good job but not up to par by comparison. The guys have been distributed by Jules Jordan Video for some years now, tough times making it tougher to continue the dynasty when too many viewers think all porn should be “free”. Their latest release is a compilation of eight previously released scenes, a title called Mike John’s POV Overdose 4, starring both men having some amazing sex with ladies such as AJ Applegate, Carter Cruise, Kimberly Kane, Jada Stevens, and other sexually appealing babes most men would give their left nut to sleep with. This double disc production did not edit the scenes so it lasted about five hours, not a bad scene in the batch. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: POV Pervert 15: Jada Stevens, Mike John: Jada Stevens has an opportunity to show off a bit of her personality while she talks with Mike John. Later, the cutie pie removes her clothes and teases the camera for us. Then, the playful lady places her attention on the director's cock as she performs a very nice looking and stimulating POV bj. Her good cocksucking work effort translates well on screen. Afterwards, the much satisfied man puts his focus on her snatch and soon, he is fucking her from behind which includes some good anal action. There are good shots of Jada's cute butt at times. She tosses his salad momentarily before riding him. The viewer will continue to be turned on by the woman's hot body. Finally, she takes his load onto her receptive tongue and gladly swallows his cum. (review by Apache George)


Scene Two: Elastic Assholes 11: A.J. Applegate, Tim Von Swine: AJ Applegate, the stunningly attractive blond with the wonderfully heart shaped ass seen on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up first with Tim Von Swine. I can’t blame him for reserving such a high end hotty for himself, the gal looking fantastic out by the pool in a skimpy bathing suit. She had some light body hair covering her body and what some might call “a few extra pounds” but to me, she was great looking. As I have pointed out in the past, the look of such a beauty under the natural sunlight is my absolute favorite, her fleshy ass bending over to warm up with a modest vibrator, AJ sliding it in and out with ease before the couple went inside. From there, she gave him a playful POV blowjob, her eye contact superior throughout the scene and her oral skills with slobbing a knob just fine. She treated him like royalty and showed an attitude of adoring the guy, the two moving to active vaginal penetration of her shaven snatch before some additional oral led to her taking him in her sweet ass. This continued for a lengthy bout of boning until a realistic looking anal creampie deposited her newly acquired wad of genetic juice inside her, a cut allowing her to push it out in runny fashion on the chair and carpet.


Scene Three: Jerk Off Material 9: Veruca James, Tim Von Swine: Veruca James, the tattooed brunette shown on the upper middle of the front cover (to the right of center), was up last as she sat on the wooden bar stool in her purple bikini undies. She had a shaven beaver and was soon descended upon by Lee Bang, Hooks, and D. Snoop, the young lady verbally bantering with them as they played with her boobs and ass. She took turns blowing them and was initially too enthusiastic, the guys telling her to slow down lest the scene end far faster than they thought it should. Veruca benefited by her passion for pecker and eye contact, the enthusiasm and energy offered up by the gal far better than most with as limited a porn resume as hers is (around a dozen titles if I recall correctly). The blow bang portion of the scene was especially awesome and the guys rewarded her with some caresses and oral at times, the talented lady swallowing all three of their wads of ball batter before she cleaned up for a second round of full sex with Tim Von Swine. While Veruca always seems to have fun in her scenes, she really lit up at the thought of working with Tim, her lack of conscious problem for working with the average male type (Tim being a regular guy physically, albeit with the kind of sexual endurance many of his mopes only wish they had) noted. She spread her legs on the ottoman and masturbated with a dildo, replacing it in her mouth with Tim’s throbbing rod as she gave some hand to gland action during her hummer to enhance the moment. Her passion for pecker had not subsided from the initial part of the scene and she still gave that great eye contact that she is known for, her even more active riding of his cock vaginally as she pumped back to meet him in doggy POV just great to watch. She taste tested him and went to doing anal, Veruca getting completely glazed with his facial by the end (including an eye shot!).


Scene Four: Elastic Assholes 11: Kimberly Kane, Tim Von Swine: Kimberly Kane, the tall brunette hotty seen perched on a chair in the lower left hand corner of the cover, was up last but far from least as she gave Tim Von Swine a decidedly heated show out by the pool in her black bikini undies. I admit to having enjoyed her in a wide variety of genres over the years, her recent gonzo efforts a very nice contrast to many of her less experienced peers as the hairy chick enjoyed his fingers in both holes. The tease led to them moving inside for some POV action starting with her admiring his “perfect” pecker. She felt it up and nibbled as needed, sucking him slowly at first but ramping up the pace and depth of her oral as time passed. I know a lot of fans really appreciate it when the woman shows the average looking guys a lot of personalized attention, stoking their egos and treating them like royalty, Kimberly one of the best at serving a guy this way from what I’ve seen (in her movies at least). That said, they engaged in a number of vaginal and oral acts from there, the taste testing leading to some equally heated anal pounding, Kimberly impaling herself on his thick chubby and Tim taking a page from the Raw series by laying the camera down to get completely in view of the composition. Her ass was just fleshy enough to ripple delightfully well as she rode him too, my own desire to see gash gobbling truncated but saved for a later time. The scene ended with an anal creampie too, his ball batter oozing forth from her backside as she farted it out while she apologized in the chemistry filled scene.


Scene Five: POV Pervert 15: Adrianna Luna, Mike John: Sexy Adrianna Luna has a short chit-chat with the director before her lustful tease occurs which includes some very good titty play by the woman. Next, she uses her mouth and tongue to caress his dick before Adrianna gets fucked missionary style. Even though the doggie moments are quite effective as being turn-on material, it is the cockriding activity that really gets the viewer to heat up a lot by watching her beautiful body. Later, Mike cums in her eager open mouth. (review by Apache George)


Scene Six: POV Pervert 16: Zoey Monroe, Tim Von Swine: The Premiere scene in Mike John's POV Pervert 16 begins with a fairly sub-par tease from 22 year old hottie Zoey Monroe. Don't get me wrong, there are some nice moments, but these introductory moments are essentially a candid conversation between Zoey and Director Tim Von Swine that soons moves into some 'betterness' as it continues. Action sets in with a blowie from Zoey, (I'm a poet) and soon progresses into a doggie style fuck that gives the scene much more of a promising feel than any part of what preceded it. The anal sex comes next, continuing in the standard 'POV pervert' style that we've all come to know from Swiney's recent works. Zoey's ass is beyond perfection, and captured nicely at parts, especially when the lube leaks over her butt cheeks to portray an utterly picturesque view of Zoey's shiny 2-hole. Sex tends to revert back to vaginal much of the time, with some nice stints of anal sex and thorough gaping from the overtly playful Zoey. The scene tends to be relatively drawn out toward the latter moments, but still has some noteworthy action leading up to a solid facial rewarded to Zoey in the closing moments before she gives the Swine-man a couple final dick-kisses to close it out. Nothing new or groundbreaking here from Tim, but a nice scene even so, showcasing an insatiable Zoey Monroe who seems to be a fan favorite these days. Nice scene. (review by Bobby B.)


Scene Seven: POV Pervert 16: Gabriella Paltrova, Tim Von Swine: Next up is pint-sized babe and a personal fave of mine, Gabriella Paltrova. Gabi kicks the scene off looking as stunning as ever in a tight pink get-up, before giving some effortless teases toward the camera. Action gets underway fairly swiftly as she leads Tim into the Casa De Swine and he dives into her pussy dick-first with reckless abandon. The sex is strong right off the rip as Gabi continues to act teasingly while Tim groans in acceptance of her, and a short but outstanding dick-slopping bj ensues in the coming moments. Gabi's boner inducing energy is lovely as the introductory sex continues, later being anally filled with a glass dildo and reverting back to some dicksucking to keep Tim honest. The anal comes soon after, with some extremely noteorthy ATM's sprawled throughout as well. Gabi's attentiveness to the camera is sure keep you jerking furiously, and her spirited personality is nothing more than an added bonus to nearly every movie I've watched her in. The scene continues wonderfully before finishing off with a Swiney jizz-squirt to Gabi's pretty mouth before the screen fades. A very simple yet effective scene here, giving us yet another look at one of the newer porn beauties on the block in Gabriella Paltrova. Great spank material here, SWEET! (review by Bobby B.)


Scene Eight: POV Pervert 17: Carter Cruise, Tim Von Swine: Carter Cruise, the fetching blond beauty featured on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up first with Tim Von Swine, the gorgeous young lady making him the latest believer in her corner as he assumed the role of her “number one fan”. His reasoning was not just her physical appeal, although he certainly extolled her many virtues in that sense, but her sheer attitude and overall package combined. She began out by his pool in a frilly top and some blue jean shorts, not a cloud in the sky as she posed for him while he complained about tease footage. She slowly disrobed and he oiled her up, sliding his thumb in her incredible ass as the North Carolina native hypnotized him (Tim adoring her wealth of pubic hair too). The tease was strokable enough but she walked into the house and knelt in front of him to slob his knob, her seductive eyes again alluring as the teenager worked him over so very well. She added some hand to gland friction as well as kept superior eye contact, some hand to gland friction enhancing the moment for him before he started banging her pussy as she diddled herself to an orgasm. As the initial waves of pleasure subsided he fed her some of her own juices off his turgid pecker, Carter inhaling him again before she removed her shoes to impale herself vaginally some more. This led to the advertised anal as her precious pucker spread wide to accommodate his thick member, the couple going slowly but slowly increasing the tempo of the riding as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. She was an active rider in both holes and pumped her hips to get off again, eventually kneeling with her wonderful eyes wide open as he delivered the semen to her open mouth courtesy of her own hands, some nut nuzzling and intense double handed meat beating draining his dragon for her to swallow.


Summary: Mike John’s POV Overdose 4 by directors Mike John and Tim Von Swine for Jules Jordan Video was a winner, the only thing that would have made it better being the inclusion of new footage or bringing the ladies back to offer audio commentaries, the sheer amount of high quality fuck for the buck earning it a rating of Highly Recommended. Sure, I enjoyed watching favorites of mine like Carter Cruise, AJ Applegate, and Kimberly Kane get pounded silly to earn their hog sauce from Tim and yes, Jada Stevens and Adriana Luna looked sweet taking Mike out for a spin, Gabi, Veruca, and Zoey certainly living up to their ball draining reputations too but what set the scenes apart was how well the POV format brought it all to life in a way the circus act sex crowd never seem to understand so if you haven’t picked up the original movies the scenes came from, this was a mighty fine selection for your collections. In short, Mike John’s POV Overdose 4 by Mike John and Tim Von Swine may well be a swan song of sorts for the talented directors but hopefully the future will hold more opportunities for them to show the world how to do POV the right way, not the expedient way, so give this one a look.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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