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Sexually Explicit 9: Breast Exam

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/25/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Sexually Explicit 9: Breast Exam

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Girlfriends Films/Skow Digital

Genre: Vignette, Big Boob

Director: B. Skow


Cast: Brooklyn Chase, Tommy Gunn, Abigail Mac, Karlo Karrera, Jasmine Jae, Ramon Nomar, Subil Arch, Jon Jon

Length: 150:38 minutes (70:04 minutes & 80:34 minutes)

Date of Production or release: 6/7/2016

Extras: The first disc’s extras began with some trailers and then from the scene screen included two lengthy Behind the Scene clips, Brooklyn Chase’s naked interview lasting 28:20 minutes (the gal stating her preference to vote for Donald Trump, or whomever the republican nominee is but otherwise having a good discussion with Skow) and then Abigail Mac getting a 38:08 minute Q&A session with Skow where he bemoaned his loss of eyesight as he ages but she remained positive talking about a lack of farting, getting wet during lap dances, and a variety of topics (the farting bit was hilarious) while getting and remaining naked. The second disc also had trailers and then a 25:30 minute long Behind the Scene session with Jasmine Jae, the gal keeping her clothing on longer than her peers had, some thoughtful conversation with Skow as interesting to hear (not just because she told stories of finding older men hot) and then the 29:33 minute long BTS with Subtil Arch showing her on the shy side (refusing to sing or even keep a beat, but getting naked as Skow’s interview made her uncomfortable). The scene menu also revealed a bonus scene from Gonzo Story 2: Open House starring Jasmine Jae and Ryan Ryder with Nina Elle masturbating as she watched them; the 33:09 minute long scene described below in detail.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Sexually Explicit 9 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films. Skow was the sole camera operator and there appeared no attempt to deploy multiple cameras this time, some portions looking like too much light was used to wash them out or having the ladies stand in front of windows to the outside but the framing was good and the mix of close up, medium and pulled back shots was a nice touch too. I did not see a problem with compression artifacts, each disc keeping the BTS footage apart from the movie to put one section on each layer of the dual layered discs, but the editing could be a little sloppy, bouncing around in a less polished manner. There was also no continuous company watermark on the screen for those who care and the accurate flesh tones looked good in most cases. The aural components of the movie by Bina seemed competently handled, the tease sections offering a musical score while the sex parts included the vocals, Skow interjecting on rare occasion compared to many of his peers.


Body of Review: B. Skow is a world renowned director distributed by Girlfriends Films and one of the few who I drop everything else for when one of his flicks come in. His latest release is a double disc title called Sexually Explicit 9: Breast Exam, the movie a set of four gonzo vignettes centering on sexual fantasies of a female cast including big boobed babes like Jasmine Jae, Brooklyn Chase, Abigail Mac, and Subil Arch. I have enjoyed the series given how much fuck for the buck it has offered, few of Skow’s peers releasing so much material in double disc sets these days to make his stand out all the more. The back cover said it like this: “This 9th edition of B. Skow's best selling, all sex series "Sexually Explicit" is packed with four big titted girls showing you the secrets of their bodies and cock riding skills. Come on a wild ride with the big breasted and sweet faced Brooklyn Chase, the lovely seduction of Abigail Mac, the nympho cock lover Jasmine Jae and the ever naughty Subil Arch in this hardcore packed 4-hour experience by award winning B. Skow. This hardcore fuck fest is not to be missed!”

The company press release described the production like this: “B. Skow has announced new release ‘Sexually Explicit 9: Breast Exam’ featuring four ferociously well-endowed superstars of the XXX screen. For this film, which he affectionately describes as a ‘big titty bonanza’ acclaimed Director B. Skow has rounded up some of the biggest names (and biggest breasts) in hardcore porn. Starring Abigail Mac, Jasmine Jae, Brooklyn Chase, and Subil Arch, Skow pulls out all the stops and uses his unique ability to capture the essence of each actress first in leading tease scenes that culminate to exquisitely explicit pairings with their male counterparts – Karlo Karrera, Ramon Nomar, Tommy Gunn, and Jon Jon. Added to the 2.5-hour feature is extra footage of each of the four stacked actresses in private, revealing interviews. The 2-disc set is also supplemented with a bonus scene from ‘A Gonzo Story: Open House’ starring Jasmine Jae and Ryan Ryder, with Nina Elle watching. With extra bonus features included, the entire DVD package spans 4 hours of glorious gonzo acclaimed B. Skow is known for – making ‘Breast Exam’ just what the doctor ordered.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Brooklyn Chase, a 30 year old brunette from San Diego, was up first with Tommy Gunn, the popular lady sporting DD boobs on the left side of the front cover. I have long enjoyed Brooklyn’s performances and she really hasn’t been around as much of late so I relished watching her here, the gal having lighter highlights in her hair as she teased in the bathroom wearing a black and white skirt and torn crop top, no panties getting in the way of her incredible ass. The music infused tease around the house was too brief but she was soon rubbing one out on the white lounger, Tommy joining her as she masturbated her bald beaver and pinched her own nipples. Her eye contact was decent and other than some planes flying by overhead or minor noises in the background, the bulk of the aural experience was the couple moaning or whispering once the sex started, Tommy massaging her chest and working his way all over her body as she smiled broadly. He then slid his finger in her juicy slit and gobbled her gash, Brooklyn loudly moaning before she reciprocated by slobbing his knob. She did her best to throat him and she even sat on his face before they engaged in 60, the single camera approach limiting exactly what angles were captured but centering on her face for the most part. She was most active riding in cowgirl variations but her ass looked best in doggy, the ending titty fuck draining his dragon of sperm with the help of some missionary vaginal, the editing a little rushed for my tastes though in line with what others have been doing lately too. In the end, he pulled out and beat off to her bosoms as she held them together, pumping away between the sweater puppies to close out though she offered no post coital head.



Scene Two: Abigail Mac, the Baltimore native featured on the right side of the front cover, then finished up the first disc in a scene with Karlo Karrera, the fetching young lady already credited with over 150 scenes on the IAFD. Abigail’s scene started in the house where her hair looked like she just woke up, a kind of sexy sleepy look to her eyes as she caressed herself to upbeat music in her tight white top and red laced panties during the montage. It was fun and she did a good job, ending up on a bed naked though the music stopped and the reboot showed her clothed once more as she masturbated. Karlo came up behind her to reach through the metal headboard and paw her boobs and neck, Abigail making it look like his mere touch was driving her wild though she did it in a more believable fashion than some of her peers, the couple ditching their attire slowly as he came around to go down on her perfect pussy, diddling it as she spread her legs wide. She had a neat triangle of pubic hair that looked inviting too, his turgid boner whipped out for her to take a turn, the raging erection too long for her to throat but she did manage to suck past the head. She had excellent eye contact when not told otherwise and he was soon balls deep in her pussy as she assumed a head down, ass up doggy for him to plow her, the editing again on the abrupt side as she pushed back to meet his thrusting member and stream dirty talk to him at the same time. Both even gave each other additional head between positions, the myriad of angles building up some fine sexual tension as he tore her up to her liking. Her dirty talk seemed to drive him crazy though, Karlo milking his balls dry of semen all over her torso before she rubbed his manly fluids into her skin and tasted it off her tits.



Scene Three: Jasmine Jae, an exotic MILF from England with some of the biggest implants frequently seen in modern porn, was then up next to start the second disc in a scene with Ramon Nomar. I think Jasmine is a bundle of fun, the gal always showing a willingness to do what it takes to pleasure a partner, the tease starting in the contemporary home where her tight aqua dress hugged her delicious curves so very well. While the five minutes of tease was on the short side, the well proportioned young lady applied her polished moves with a lot of sexual self confidence, her neatly trimmed cooter quickly responding well to Ramon’s presence when she waited for him on the bed. He cupped her tits and kissed her like they were old friends, soon licking her ass and pussy as well as fingering her pucker to stimulate her. Jasmine then applied some hand to gland friction on his pecker and titty fucked him, rubbing his bone against her soft bosoms as she sucked him off (as he was fingering her). She drooled on his rod to lube him up and then the plethora of vaginal positions began, more oral complimenting her enthusiastic riding as she savored their combined juices, some nut nuzzling included and some POV camera work as she practically sucked his balls through his raging erection, some quick cuts back to them fucking eventually ending in missionary where he pulled out to plaster her tits with his manly fluids, Jasmine taking over to finish him off and do some post coital head as though she truly enjoyed it.



Scene Four: Subil Arch, a sexy Russian hotty with smaller tits than the others but easily the most pronounced bikini tan line of them all, then finished things up in an interracial scene with Jon Jon, the appealing young lady better known overseas than in domestic porn even if that seems to be changing of late with some high profile works like this one. Of all the ladies in the cast, I was least familiar with this Russian chick, her lean form seen a few times but the gal never really garnering my notice as a big titty lady of note compared to her well known peers. If you like ladies built for speed over comfort and with pretty eyes, she will appeal, even that tan line making her look curvier as she disrobed in the bathroom. The tease was infused with slow motion, the upbeat music on the generic side but fitting for porn, her top and panties soon discarded to show her shaven slit, lucky Jon coming in to savor his prize as he towered over her, his sizable hands inspecting every inch from what I could tell. He tasted her pierced boobs and took her to the bed to eat her out, Subil returning the favor to aggressively blow him though once he was fully erect, she could not take as much of him in her welcoming mouth. She titty fucked him and paid him compliments regarding his genetic gift, Jon then spooning with her to begin the vaginal positions, no obvious chemistry but the pair having fun all the same, her eye contact decent for a foreigner and her active riding as good as any of the others. In the end, Jon choked her as he unleashed his seed on her chest, the biggest load of the day from my point of view and it impressed her, Subil tasting his goo and giving some post coital head to go to the credits.


Bonus Scene: A Gonzo Story 2: Open House: Jasmine Jae, a busty brunette Brit with a fine ass, was up first with Ryan Ryder, the man who recently won tremendous acclaim as “Peter Pan”, as sexy blond cover gal Nina Elle gave them some inspiration (but did not participate otherwise). The scene was another unique Skow take on gonzo in how it would weave very short teases of the leading ladies in provocative positions, typically in varying states of undress, Jasmine groping Ryan and showing her amazing ass as she bent over in her skimpy dress as the couple was shown the house for sale by Elle. They ended up on the bed with Elle getting nervously frisky on the nearby chair, the blond tasked with providing an audience as the European couple went at it. Ryan caressed Jasmine’s body from her large, enhanced hooters to her crotch before the gal applied some hand to gland friction to ready his soon turgid pecker for her oral love. She slobbed his knob aggressively and playfully, the scene captured with two cameras so her ass could be shown in the air as it cut back and forth, just her pierced pussy poking through as she was shown in doggy blowing lucky Ryan. Elle slowly rubbed one out as the main event continued, Ryan porking Jasmine’s neatly trimmed pussy in a multitude of positions with some intermittent oral, the riding active at times and her eye contact pretty good. The spooning led to her draining his dragon of a large wad of sperm directed onto her crotch, Ryan dipping his wick back inside her as the deal was sealed. I thought the pairing of the couple with the similar accents was a nice touch given they were presented as a couple, the two showing some chemistry together as well.


Summary: Sexually Explicit 9 by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films merited a rating of Recommended for providing a solidly strokable experience. The longer tease sequences were again appreciated, the double disc approach allowing the talented director to squeeze out some extra picture quality and stuff more content on the physical media for collector’s like myself. In short, Sexually Explicit 9: Breast Exam had a lot of the fun factor I appreciate so much, my favorite of the cast probably Brooklyn Chase but the others, particularly Jasmine Jae and Abigail Mac more than Subil Arch, showing their relative merits to the world comfortably, so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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