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London Bangers

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 6/26/16

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: British and Foreign

Director: Barrett Blade

Cast: Jasmine Jae, Sienna Day, Harmony Reigns, Stella Cox, Lexi Lowe,Ryan Ryder, Alexei Jackson, Sensi, Luke Hardy

Length: 1 hr 51 mins

Date of Production or Release: 2016 [Feb 24, 2016]

Extras: Three scenes, photo gallery, trailers, and a promo reel

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: A series of muffled voices, background noises, however the camera work sadly ruins the entire production, from bad framing to a confusion placement of the position to stand properly to capture the action. In addition, a few technical faults of shadows and lighting, while not affecting the performance does become a mix bag of problems when added to the cinematography.

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Overview: This film is a collection of scenes, none of them connected, a grouping of British ladies, headed by the United Kingdom’s 3-time Female Foreign Performer of the Year for both AVN Awards and Xbiz Awards’ Jasmine Jae. Jasmine leads off the adventure, while she delivers the experts of labor and enjoyment, the rest of the cast works their bodies to grind the true understanding of fucking, the crew’s performance leaves issues everywhere.

Scene One: Jasmine Jae, Ryan Ryder

It starts with the suggestion of erotic phone sex, and a tinge of the house tech music, nothing to creative or arousing with regard to eroticism, or true interest, though soon enough Ryan Ryder enters the room and sits on the only piece of furniture in the room, a couch. Quickly they start a kissing fest, leading to the sloppy kissing of Jasmine’s breasts. Quickly Ryan shifts to licking her divine pussy, before she gets on all fours and allowing him the aggressive posturing to work over her pussy switching to a rubbing vertical method; this section feels as if going through the motions. Then the camera personnel obviously confused for a brief moment and lose all framing, to awkward position for them, as the shifting continues. Then time for the customary blowjob, and while Jae delivers a solid combo of ball sucking and licking, before truly working over his shaft, as he encourages a bit of titty playing and hair pulling for the betterment of the viewer, though not too aggressive, allowing Jae to control the tempo indirectly. Quickly Jae rides his condom covered cock, controlling the depth and speed with her back to the camera, while Ryan creatively teases her ass, soon afterwards she returns to sucking his condom glistening cock. Oh how sexy – actually tasting her own pussy juices on it.  Then a few other changing of positions the standard, before ending with Ryan delivering a cumshot to the face, Jasmine finishing with a tongue swirling on cock.

Scene 1

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Scene Two: Sienna Day, Max Deeds

The scene suggestively mentions a peep show, a term perhaps lost to a few viewers in the United States, it refers to a colorful and tantalizing striptease act, but here again as the first scene the, only suggests in words. The camera effects actually lean to the weird side, while Sienna sadly leaves a lot to desire in the stripping technique, with a another voiceover of the sexy and intention of erotic words though nothing more for one to cling too. The scene will seem far too familiar to the first scene, with regard to the couch and the same starting positions in fact nothing is different, except a reverse of the positions. For example, Sienna faces to left while Jasmine faces to the right, otherwise the comparison filter the same. Sienna does a fine job of gagging with the throat fucking and tonguing of Max’s cock, but it really seems and appears as if both actors merely going through the paces, rather giving a emotionally charged exchange and development. Shamefully, nothing truly occurs to warrant an expansion on the scene, though Max does thrust harder and longer than Ryan, with regard of extended session of Sienna on her back, as oppose to Jasmine.

Scene Two

Scene Three: Stella Cox, Alexei Jackson

Stella, does a good job of repeating her line in the film, “oh Yeah” but seriously, the scene opens with more erotic verbal suggestions with a creative tease of masturbation, and at least set in the bedroom, for extra favor. It unfolds more slowly, than both scene one and two, and has Alexei spending time on his knees working her over with a lengthy tongue lapping, flickering over Stella’s pussy; however he also uses his fingers and arouses her clit. Fret not Stella returns the passion with a entice erotic tonguing of Alexei’s cock, and mixing some erotic talk, before turning the language to the explicit filth, long shaft licks, and swirling tongue on his balls, a tease on breasts and nipples. Then the couple, shifts to fucking side-by-side, with Alexei adjusting to a kneeling position, Stella on her back, before moving onto all fours for more intense fucking pleasure.  After some more position changes, Alexei cums over Stella’s glorious tits and she assists with a lovely tonguing and quick suck on his rod.

Scene 3

Scene Four: Lexi Lowe, Sensi

A sad return to the weird camera effects, there’s ideally no importance to them, and actually takes away to the scene of another peek-a-boo strip show, without much stripping or raising the eroticism of the moment. Lexi repeats her statements and phrasing during the opening of the scene, before joining into a sixty-nine position with films only interracial scene with Sensi, this position will repeat before the scene ends, and still brings a tame dullness throughout the session, the only surprise coming from that lack of steady camera work.

 Scene 4

Scene Five: Harmony Reigns, Luke Hardy

The one consisted aspect continues the strangest camera effects, with no added value to the film, Harmony delivers a solid performance with the focus on riding cock and bouncing with force for the pleasure and rocking the hardness of Luke for all his worth. While Harmony gives a very good blowjob, Luke reciprocates with the quickest lickfest; the mutual enjoyment definitely shows one-sided and leaves the viewer drain not in a good way.

Scene 5

Bonus Sex Scenes:

Impossible to read titles or headings from 6 feet away, will actually need to either play the film on the computer or run up to the screen for the choice, though not much here to really care about or concern oneself with. Three scenes, photo gallery, trailers, and a promo reel, round out the bonus section of treats.

Special Features

Bonus Sex One: Lucy Heart, Neco from Pickups

Most of these scenes should feel natural and not disjointed, and never should have off camera direction, of where and when to kiss, touching, and fucking, and please not carrying-on a conversation with the crew. This all distracts from the entertainment and just leaves distaste, for the viewers, and then the repeat call of weird camera shots, layered with foreign language none of it helps the scene progress forward in positive manner. All of this ruins the scene, except for Lucy licking up his cum and yet silly playing with it far too long, with her lips and sloppy session.

Bonus 1

Bonus Sex Two: Gigi Allens, Olivia Austin from The Key

A typical lesbian scene, with focus to the camera and not to each other, the ladies and one has the most annoying clanging bracelet and excessively long nails that prove too much for enjoyable finger fucking. The poor flesh tone color takes little away from the scene, since they accomplish that equally well beforehand, and the filming of position changes just leaves everyone hamming it up for the cameras. One does have a difficult time understanding what they are saying and it ends with a dry scissoring hump and it all feel down in the dumps.

 Bonus 2

 Bonus Sex Three: Candy Alexa, Mr. Anderson from Euro Pickup2

This last scene appears as a mess, Candy looks to the camera far too much requires quite a bit of direction, her blowjob while efficient lacks the interest and love for cock worship, and she needs step-by-step instructions. All of it coming from off camera, in a foreign voice and becomes annoying with suggests of different positions and that leads to bad framing and poor camera movement. The blowjob on condom and sloppy tone and later during fucking she is almost lunging at the camera and staying in one position for extended period of time, providing a strange ending.

Bonus 3

Who is she looking at


This entire movie seriously lacks interest for each other in the movie and for the viewer; everyone finds themselves in a role and providing a sloppy handling for everyone. This is a fine film to play at a bachelor night party or guys night or even at frat party. High value entertainment it is not, worthy of a rental no, best to skip it. 

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