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Lesbian Love Stories 8 Partner Exchange

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 7/1/16

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Lesbian Love Stories 8: Partner Exchange

Studio: Girlfriends Films

Genre: Lesbian

Director: N/A

Cast: Brooklyn Chase, Dana DeArmond, Georgia Jones, Jeanie Marie, Jessie Andrews, Jodi Taylor, Lilly Evans, Natalia Starr; Veruca James

Length: 2 hrs. 47 mins.

Date of Production or Release: Mar 11, 2016

Extras: Trailers

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality:  There are no true issues, a minor shaky camera and then a shadow of the crew casted on the wall in the last scene.

Overview: Girlfriend Films delivers another very good film, whose obviously intended audience is for women, especially with the slow build-up to the first scene. The opening sequence involves two couples meeting a therapist (unsure what actress is it, no name credited to her) at her home where they have wine and cheese and brief introductions. They move into another room and the therapist (who has no sex scenes) sits in a throne chair and the couples all squish together on a couch. It is here the viewer learns of the films direction to spice up the relationships, bedrooms, and explore in safe non-scary or harmful manner. A slow laid back introduction, which many male viewers likely to fast forward, as the ladies discuss mundane interests and what about themselves do they feel insecure on their beautiful bodies, showing no one is pleased with themselves.

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Opening Moments

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Scene One: Georgia Jones, Jessie Andrews

The therapist takes Georgia and Jessie into another room and blindfolds them both, telling not to remove the blindfolds until they both know each other is naked, and to undress each other fully. These two young ladies, talk, and kiss softly unhurried knowing there’s no need to rush, touching gently and smell the scent of one another, allowing the passion and excitement of pleasuring to rise slowly, all to break down the barriers in life and themselves. They kneel facing each other and gentle pussy rub each other, not to climax but just to simmer the passions, more romantic kissing occurring. Georgia and Jessie keep the blindfold on longer than expected but it all works well enough, as they provide enough passion to drive the scene forward, kissing nipples, a bit of titty sucking and careful avoidance of the pussy. A partial shadow of the camera shows on the women, but nothing too much to annoy anyone with, as the actions continue smoothly. Georgia works over Jessie’s pussy very well with a bit of tongue flickering on her pussy, though the camera avoids the close ups on the oral sex and more closely on the facial actions of the pleasure received. Georgia provides an exciting and wonderful lesson of tongue control of licking from to Jessie’s pussy to just at her asshole, and repeating this action while Jessie assumes a face down ass up positioning. Jessie delivers an equally tonguing with her darting capabilities, fret not they both do enjoy themselves with some scissoring and engaging hump to wonderful sighs of gratification.

Opening Moments of Scene 1

Scene 1 Credits

Scene Two:  Dana DeArmond, Jodi Taylor

A bit of strange music, country in style fills the scene as Dana and Jodi enter into the toy room, though don’t get too happy, this is still a basic bedroom, just a series of toys on the bed and no cuffs or bondage gear anywhere presented. Once again the therapist introduces them to the room and sets the stage, and tells them about the glass dildos and the sturdiness of them, along with the strap-on, and  then overhearing of passion ecstasy coming from the women in scene one, before they therapist leaves. Who again says if you need her just call out, though they never do that – wonder why? Soon enough Dana assumes the role of dominating partner, a mistress and spanks Jodi’s clothed ass as she kneels on the bed with her ass up and face down, Dana dominates loudly and grinds her pussy into Jodi’s ass. She continues to slap, grind, spit on her, treating her as a slut, the Mistress’ slut, and shows the power of her thumb on Jodi’s clit while she sucks on her own thumb as a little girl. Jodi shifts the position on her back and has her panties almost stuff into her own pussy. Dana gears up the strap-on and waits a bit of cocksucking before pile-driving into your submissive’s pussy. Jodi does enjoy her afternoon snack of fine wine and a nice munches, before the lovers collapse in a passionately kissing fest.

Scene 2

Scene 2 Credits

Intermission/ Intercut Scene: 

The therapist, has a brief moment with a topless Lilly Evans, with a hint of suggestion a Mistress and slave, but it adds nothing to the film, and actually only serves as a brief introduction to scene three.

 Therapist and Lilly Evans

Scene Three: Brooklyn Chase, Lilly Evans, Natalia Starr

This one has a baseline of the fears of a threesome with strangers and unsafe sex, however the scene never works or jells together, it all feels rushed, and the ladies never truly bond together. No complete setup or introduction, though eluding beforehand the therapist and her girl Lilly seem as if starting a bit of dom and slave play that ends just as abruptly as it started. Lilly becomes filler in the sandwich with Brooklyn and Natalia, which Natalia supposedly a shy woman, new to the lesbian lifestyle and yet becomes quite aggressive in the bedroom, as well as Brooklyn love-making skills. The camerawork for the scene muddles itself about, and has bad framing.

Scene 3

Scene 3 Credits

Scene Four: Jeanie Marie Sullivan, Veruca James

The scene unfolds interestingly enough, Veruca as a housewife seeking to explore her first time with a woman, and a missed opportunity from her youth, to be with another woman, and belief she has long kept private and dormant. While Jeanie, discusses the dominating and submissive relationship she’s in currently, though it seems a tad light in fabrication of it, not much enlightening or exchange of thoughts or questions. Soon the two women sit at a bar in part the living room area, and begin discussing daily lives more so from Veruca. Although the scene does cut away for a moment to wrap up scene three it returns quickly to scene four, and with ladies stripping to pretty ruffle panties that they both comment on and note the trimming of Veruca’s pussy. Veruca seems to have a more take charge position, leading them off to a bedroom and definitely shows that she knows what she’s doing even though the character suggests her first time, and it all comes across as a tad to rushed and almost a Skinmax (Cinemax) version to it at times, with hair blocking the view to the pusysylicking. Although a nice sixty-nine, one had hoped that the submissive woman, Jeanie would have turned the tables and become more dominating, with Veruca’s submission to her, however none of it happens, her eagerness overwhelms the scene.

Scene 4

Scene 3 Credits


This movie is definitely for the lesbian and girl/girl watchers, however, be forewarned this is not a wall to wall lick, suck fest, rather they discuss feelings, from jealously to intimate topics. The passion feels very real, but comes with the price of no instant gratification, though for those into starving off the orgasmic bliss, like the thoughts of edging this movie provides much on various areas, and yet screws away from others. If you have seen parts 1 through 7 you know the series and content and Girlfriends Films doesn’t let one down as usually. 

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