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Scale Bustin Babes 58

Studio: Other » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 6/29/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: BBW, Big Boobs, Big Butt, Gonzo

Director: Rodney Moore

Cast: Kimmi KaBoom, Evey Spark, Lila Lovely, Maddie Lewis, Mandy Majestic, Rodney Moore

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were good.

Length: 2 hours, 14 minutes

Extras: Photo Gallery

Release Date: 11/9/2015

Condoms: No

Overview: This classis series brings us, always, a mix of new and established performers. While the lineup is varied, the performances here, for the most part, go one way. Downhill.

Scene 1 Kimmi KaBoom, Rodney Moore

Kimmi is a performer I’ve heard lots about but never seen perform. She’s on the boxcover but I have to tell you, her image doesn’t really grab you. As for her performance here, it also won’t grab you. Showing off the award she won for best boobs at the 2015 Biggie Awards, we see why she didn’t win any performing awards. Kimmi just doesn’t have that natural sex appeal all great performers have. She doesn’t know how to work the camera and she lets Rodney do all the work. There’s no give and take on her part. Poor Rodney has to fuck a woman who is either bored or doesn’t want to be there. She mainly goes through the motions at best, in between doing nothing in the scene but laying there. As much as Rodney tries to get her going, mentally she’s elsewhere. The whole scene is a dud. However, I always say that an opening scene sets the tone for the whole DVD. With two exceptions, this scene does set the tone of what you’ll be seeing further along this volume.


Scene 2 Lila Lovely, Rodney Moore

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Lila is pissed that her fiancé is getting a hooker for himself at his stag party. She wants revenge and wants to fuck Rodney to get back at him. Although he’s reluctant, her tall, creamy white body with curves for days, is too much for Rodney to resist. Now this scene is completely the opposite of the first scene. Where that first scene is a scene better left in the vault, Lila’s scene is one to be seen by all so everyone knows how to properly perform a scene. Not only is Lila plenty of eye candy but she can suck cock so good that it almost gets Rodney to blast too soon. Plus she knows how to work the camera, and she can fuck. Rodney can’t wait to enter Lila and when he does she instantly moans in delight. Rodney fucks her in mish but also pummels her doggy, the cameraperson never losing sight of Lila, who’s body was just made for a hard fuck. Lila seems up for anything including a large blast of Rodney all over her face with her eyes open no less. That is how it’s done and that is why Lila is one of the best BBW performers around.


Scene 3 Mandy Majestic

Mandy is at her boyfriend’s place and when he tells her he’s coming back late, she leans back on the couch and finds a vibrator behind the cushions. Because that’s where guys hide their vibrators. Mandy is a BBW star for sure but immediately, you can tell Mandy was just not there mentally. This scene is short which is the one thing positive to say about this scene. Mandy does look good naked but when she’s fucking herself, she appears to just wing it. She puts no effort at all, even the cameraperson appears bored as he just shoots her without going in for extreme shots. It’s just a dull scene with a girl acting like she’s masturbating. Mandy is better than this but when you start doing scenes just for a paycheck, it’s the sign of a downhill slope.


Scene 4 Maddie Lewis, Rodney Moore

Rodney finds out that his flight will be late. As an act of protest he decides he’s going to pull his pants down and jerk off. Maddie is sitting next to him and she seems unsure what to do. Pretty gross that Rodney thinks this is what guys will want to see this. What was the point of that? You have a pretty girl in the scene but you’re going to expose yourself first? Fortunately, newbie Maddie takes his cock and starts throating it. With his cock in her mouth it quickly makes you forget the first few minutes of the scene. She is wearing a business suit but after she sucks off Rodney for a good while, he makes her get totally undressed. We find she’s not wearing panties or bras and her body looks really amazing. This is strictly a BJ scene and while BJ scenes don’t usually get us going, Maddie sure does. She’s new but her sexual aura really comes out. Even Rodney appears to be enjoying it, always a good sign. While we would’ve loved to have seen that body get slammed hard by cock, Maddie gets kudos for her awesome BJ skills.


Scene 5 Evey Spark

Not only does this scene not work, Evey has no sex appeal, not natural in front of the camera and this should not have been a closing scene. What was Rodney thinking? This is a perfect example of a scene that should’ve been left in the vault. Evey talks into the camera before her solo show, wanting the audience to help her decide what toy to use. She finally picks one then there’s more talking before she fucks herself. Then she fucks herself but she is just going through the motions here. This goes on for an agonizing 40+ minutes. Evey has no sparks whatsoever. A closing scene should leave viewers satisfied. This scene won’t and one look at Evey you’ll see there’s just no emotion on her face. Finally someone off camera blasts all over her but again, no real emotion on her. Evey is definitely the kind of girl who wasn’t meant for porn. This scene is a filler scene at best, nothing that will get guys off.


Summary: While we credit Rodney with the cast of varied performers, the veteran girls really didn’t bring their best with them. It’s a disappointment when a girl of Mandy’s stature just showed up for a paycheck. Kimmi KaBoom, an award winner and a girl I’ve heard is good, was a real disappointment. Also, while we can’t stand it when Rodney thinks it’s a good idea for him to get naked first and start jerking off, as he did sitting next to stunner Maddie Lewis, she at least saved the scene with a sizzling blowjob performance. We don’t get off with BJ only scenes but her sexiness, her oral abilities and her slammin’ body which Rodney was wise to make her take it all off, really saved this scene. Obviously, the best scene is between Lila and Rodney. Lila as far as we’re concerned, is one of BBW porn’s best finds and once again, kills it. Lila is a future performer of the year nominee, and deserves the top prize one day. Her fuck skills are second to none, and her sexual magnetism gets Rodney, who’s been with the best BBWs, excited and close to blasting off too early. Her sizzling strokable scene is really the only reason to Watch It Online.

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