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Anal Models 3

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/4/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 40 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: Anal; All Sex; First Time Anal; Big Cocks

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen HD 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Leach Gotti, Alexa Tomas, Kinsley Eden, Taylor Sands, Xander Corvus, Mick Blue, Buddy Hollywood, Christian Clay

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Popshot Recap; Photo Gallery; No Regional Coding


AVN award winning best new imprint Tushy.com studios presents their 3rd installment in the anal models series by 2016 AVN Director of the Year Greg Lansky. This flick is 2 hours and 40 minutes of high quality porn showcasing DVD cover girl Leah Gotti in her first ever anal scene with cockstar Xander Corvus. Leah is joined by 3 other anal loving starlets, Dutch bombshell Taylor Sands, in an exclusive scene for Tushy.com, Spanish siren Alexa Tomas and Kinsley Eden. These girls get their sphincters stretched by Xander, Mick Blue, Buddy Hollywood and Christian Clay. Leah lights up in her first ever anal scene, opening the flick in the first scene and enjoying her deep anal penetration. Dutch starlet Taylor pairs with Mick and enjoys her anal romance and Kinsley and Christian have great chemistry as he works her ass hole over in multiple cock filled positions. Alexa’s session with Buddy gets even hotter as she keeps talking to him in Spanish, telling him what she wants. It’s hard not to like this flick with all the great cinematography and high end production combined with 4 gorgeous girls who love nothing more than taking a hard cock up the ass. I highly recommend this movie. It’s another anal winner from Tushy and Lansky. One thing that would make this DVD even better is more extras like behind the scenes footage and interviews with the girls so fans can get to know them even more.

Scene 1:  Leah Gotti and Xander Corvus


Leah’s mom got remarried about a year ago and she’s been living with her stepbrother Xander ever since then. They get along really well but she has noticed him watching her. They are very close, having breakfast every morning.  Deep down, she is attracted to him and she believes he’s attracted to her as well. One day she finds a rejection letter that Xander got from his favorite college. Xander is so disappointed about this so Leah decides to cheer him up. She joins him in the bedroom and starts kissing him. She pulls down her bra and tells him that she knows he has wanted to see her tits for a long time. He starts sucking her tits, telling her how perfect and perky they are. She pulls his pants off and starts sucking his balls then his cock, jerking it in and out of her mouth and keeping her big beautiful eyes on him. She tells him she can’t believe she’s sucking his dick right now. Xander tells her they have to keep this just between the 2 of them. She bends over doggystyle to get her mouth fucked and in no time, she’s gagging and spitting up, telling Xander that she’s never had her mouth fucked like this before.


Xander eats her pussy then starts fucking it missionary style, sending Leah into ecstasy early. Her pussy is so tight, Xander has to take his time to work his cock in her hole. She turns the tables now and sits on his cowgirl style, straddling him and riding his cock. This is where Leah gets to experience her first anal. He tells her to stick his cock in her ass. She’s unsure at first, but Xander convinces her to trust him. She sits on his dick cowgirl style and works it in her hole slowly, telling him it’s so big. She can’t believe she’s getting her ass hole fucked. Xander stretches it out more and more and starts fucking her tight hole

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faster. Soon, Leah is sitting all the way down on his cock and riding it deep, moaning in pleasure. She tastes her own ass juices in an ass to mouth session, then rides his cock in reverse cowgirl position, making her ass hole gape this time. Leah hosts more cock up her ass in missionary position and gets a surprise anal creampie as Xander blows his load deep in her ass hole. She squirts his cum out of her

hole and tells him there’s so much cum coming out of her ass.

Scene 2:  Taylor Sands and Mick Blue

Sexy Dutch starlet Taylor Sands does an exclusive anal scene for Tushy, getting her ass hole stuffed by cocksman Mick Blue. Taylor needs some extra money and she takes on a babysitting job for the summer, working for Mick and his wife. She lets the couple know that the kids are all taken care of and she’ll be in her room if they need anything. Mick’s wife knows he thinks Taylor is hot and she asks him if he wants to fuck her. Mick tells her not to turn him on like this right before he has to go to work. He kisses her and leaves for the office. Once he leaves, his wife goes to Taylor and tells her she has an idea for a way Taylor can make some more money for the summer. Friday is Mick’s birthday and she asks Taylor to play with him a little bit. She tells Taylor that they’re a very open couple and this would be good for him. Taylor isn’t so such, but Mick’s wife hands her a check and she realizes that this is more money than she would make all summer. She agrees to do it. Later that week on his birthday, Taylor walks into the living room and tells him that his wife left a special present for him. She drops her dress to the floor and asks him if he likes what he sees. Mick grabs hold of her and the fireworks go off between these two, kissing passionately. He tells her he’s been waiting for this moment for so long. She takes off her bra and he sucks her tits. The chemistry between these 2 is hot as they enjoy the moment. Taylor bends over doggystyle and Mick buries his face in her pussy, eating her from behind and driving her crazy. She gets her hairy pussy eaten some more in missionary position and it makes her cum as Mick licks her clit.

She gets on the floor on her knees to suck his cock, fingering her clit at the same time. She closes her eyes as she works his dick in and out of her mouth, enjoying every minute of it. She licks his balls then turns over on her back to fuck. Mick starts in her pussy at first, fucking her missionary style, working his cock in and out of her pink pussy. These 2 continue to kiss passionately as Taylor tells him he fucks her so good. The missionary style fucking in Taylor’s pussy turns into missionary style fucking in Taylor’s ass and she moans in ecstasy, telling Mick his cock is so fucking big in her ass hole. He works it deeper and deeper into her hole, spreading her ass cheeks open and telling him she loves it when he fucks her ass. Taylor does a hot ass to mouth then sits on top of his hard cock for a reverse cowgirl anal session. Mick finishes her ass hole with a long hard doggystyle fuck, drilling her deep and straddling her so he can pound her ass hole hard. Taylor sucks his cock in more ass to mouth until Mick pops in her mouth and on her face. Taylor looks up at him and tells him happy birthday.

Scene 3:   Alexa Tomas and Buddy Hollywood

Spanish starlet Alexa Tomas is a gorgeous bombshell. She talks about moving to California with no money, but after a few months, she started dating a guy who was very generous to her and provided her with a luxurious lifestyle. But even with everything she has, she’s still bored. The only time she would have fun is when her boyfriend’s son would sneak around taking pictures of her. She has caught him a few times, looking at her and she knows that he constantly masturbates. One day at breakfast, she finds herself turned on by him. After her husband leaves for the day, she puts on her sexiest lingerie and walks into Buddy’s bedroom where he is masturbating again. Buddy wants to know what she wants and he can’t understand what she’s saying at first because she’s speaking in Spanish, but he soon figures it out. She tells him she wants to see him jack off and think about her. Buddy starts jerking his hard cock again and Alex joins him in bed, jerking his dick for him. She starts sucking it, looking up at him while she works her mouth further and further down his shaft.

After kissing him and sucking his dick, Alexa lies near the edge of the bed on her back as Buddy eats her pussy. She keeps speaking in Spanish to him, asking him if he likes eating her pussy. The heat is building between these 2 and Alexa keeps it going, keeping her eyes pinned on him as he starts fucking her pussy. He holds one of her legs up over his shoulders and pumps her pussy, keeping her in total pleasure. She stays in that position for her anal stretching, enjoying his cock as it opens her ass hole. Alexa holds both of her ass cheeks open as Buddy’s cock drills deep in her ass. She lies on her side to get her ass hole stuffed then sucks his dick in a sloppy ass to mouth session followed by taking more cock up her ass in reverse cowgirl position. The hot anal romance between these 2 finishes up in doggy position. Then Alexa takes things into her own hands, grabbing his cock and jerking it off until he cums in her mouth.

Scene 4:  Kinsley Eden and Christian Clay

Kinsley had such a good time at a party last night. She got wasted and spent the night at her friend’s house. The part she likes about spending the night at Blair’s house is hanging out with Blair’s dad. She’s into older guys and she’s pretty sure Blair’s dad is into her too. Blair is still asleep and Kinsley takes the opportunity to go into Christian’s room. He asks her what she needs, but Kinsley pulls down the covers and grabs his dick, telling him she has always wanted to see his cock. She bends over doggystyle and starts sucking his meat and licking his balls. He tells her to show him how much she loves sucking his dick and that’s when she tries to deep throat his cock. She licks it all over, running her tongue up and down his shaft, then swallows it, working it further and further down her throat. She gets on her knees on the floor and Christian stands in front of her, ordering her to open her mouth. He starts fucking her throat, making her smile. She is enjoying sucking his dick, showing him just how nasty she can be.

Christian sucks her tits, moving his tongue back and forth from one to the other, turning Kinsley on even more. She lies on her back near the edge of the bed with her legs wide open and he penetrates her pink pussy, working his cock deeper and deeper in her snatch. She fingers her clit while Christian pumps her hole. She tells him to fuck her harder and faster and this sends her in to total ecstasy. She’s screaming so loud now that her friend Blair hears them fucking through her bedroom wall. Kinsley is on the verge of cumming, moaning and giggling as Christian thrusts deep in her pussy. She grabs hold of his arms while he fucks her wet hole. She stays in the same position and hosts his dick in her ass. He works his dick in her ass hole as she tells him how big his cock is. Christian fucks her ass hole faster, plowing all the way in, stretching her hole wider and wider and spanking her tits. He tells her she’s a nasty girl. The close up on Kinsley’s ass hole fully stuffed with cock in reverse cowgirl position is a hot point of this scene. Her pink pussy is in the shot to as she starts to work her ass hole up and down on his big, hard dick. She tells him her ass is so open now. She gets in doggy position and Christian straddles her, pumping her ass hole which is all wet now. Kinsley’s eyes roll back into her head as Christian drills deep. He pumps her right up until he’s ready to pop, pulling out and shooting his load in her mouth. Kinsley sucks his cock and licks up his cum, telling him it tastes so good.

Final Thoughts:

Cover starlet Leah Gotti does her first anal scene exclusively for AVN award winning best new imprint Tushy.com in the new flick Anal Models 3 directed by 2016 AVN Director of the Year Greg Lansky. Leah is a turn on to watch as she enjoys getting her ass hole stretched by Xander Corvus in the opening scene of the flick. She has fun and is excited about the experience and it shows. Leah is joined by 3 other anal models in the flick, Dutch bombshell Taylor Sands, in an exclusive scene for Tushy.com, Spanish starlet Alexa Tomas and Kinsley Eden. These girls are equally as excited about hosting cocks up their bums. Kinsley is especially excited, showing great chemistry in her anal romance with Christian Clay’s hard cock, getting into a hot reverse cowgirl ride with his dick. Dutch favorite Taylor does her anal scene exclusively for Tushy, taking on Mick Blue in a hot doggystyle fuck up the ass that is a turn on to watch. You won’t forget Spanish siren Alexa either. Her sultry sexy scene with Buddy is unforgettable. Overall, I highly recommend this movie. It’s 2 hours and 40 minutes of deep penetrating anal sex, interesting story lines and great cinematography. The addition of more special features like behind the scenes footage and interviews with the starlets so the fans can get to know them more would have made this DVD even better.

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