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Office Obsession 4

Studio: Mile High Distribution » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 7/5/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Office Romance, All Sex

Director: N/A

Cast: Antonia Sainz, Bradley Brennan, Danica Dillan, Denis Reed, Jay Smooth, Paula Shy, Staci Carr, Veronica Vain

Length: 2-hrs and 17-minutes

Date of Production or Release: February 23, 2016

Extras: none

Condoms: No

Office Obsession Main

Office Obsession Main Chapters

Office Obsession Chapters Conti

Audio/Video Quality: Ever so slight bad framing, off camera voices, and a few annoying sounds.

Overview: The fantasies of office sex rank extremely high on many lists, and these workers try to get a leg up at work, and ready to get down and dirty, they seek to make deposits, putting their hands on the assets and making the hardware work with the software at a faster rate.

Introduction Note:

A strange opening, a collection of mismatch scenes, the best option for the viewers go to the menu, click the scene selection, a tad clearly for the starting point.

Scene One: Antonia Sainz, Denis Reed

Office Obsession Scene 1

It appears each scene comes with a title for it, and the stars in that scene, which is a good element as most part, as it called “The Games That We Play”, in a setting of modernized white sanitize office. Antonia gracing the screen appears at a glass door of the office of Denis, beginning to sexily stripping, enticing everybody with her poses and desiring to get a leg up on the accounting department. She pulls at her blouse, and skirt and then revealing her panties, sitting on his desk kissing Denis massages her breasts and nipples biting through her blouse, before squatting stroking his cock, as he stands her head wonderfully bobbing as she stroke his cock. A quick glimpse of her gorgeous ass, and yet strangely no talking, and no music, wondering if the audience is for the viewer to come up their own words, Antonia proves she’s a very good cocksucker. She then takes the most favorite position for office fantasies, bending over the desk, spread a bit (audience would of love a rear shot) sorry not happening it is a side view shot for the scene. Denis begins a solid fucking and finally a sigh from Antonia, for a lengthy enduring audit of fuck, before kneeling down to work on her pussy, the she shifts onto her back, rubbing her clit as he mounts for another godly fucking. Moving them over to what appears as a very uncomfortable chair, where Antonia straddles and plunges onto his cock for a riding moment while facing the camera. Then brief kissing, before another bending over her over the chair as she arched her back to an intense fuck her one more time, and then her kneeing for a cumshot deposit on her face, pleased with the payment, Denis kept the panties and returned to work.

Office Obsession Scene 1

Scene Two:  Paula Pearl, Daniel G

Office Obsession Scene 2

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The scene known as “I Got You Shook Up” that has a chimney cleaner though very clean cut Daniel, finds Paula’s panties blocking shoot, again no words for the most part and minimal music playing. Daniel stays on knees, fingers her pussy as she stands then straightens upward to suck on her nipples, before returning to lick her beautiful pussy, a nice tonguing and sensuous kissing. Paula kneels performing a slow quiet blowjob, taking a loving time to swirl her tongue, and dance her fingers over his shaft, as she sucks with deep passion. It is the classic blowjob position, a glancing upward look from her, her eyes battling loving for approval, an easy answer of approval, as he salutes her with his tool. Both kneel as he positions behind her to kiss her ear gently playing with her tits, before she assumes the all fours position and with a slow steady fucking hard enjoyment. They switch positions as he lay on the floor and Paula kneeled over him it a very well believable position, then to the couch fucking her on her back as he knelt. Screwing hard, kissing deep passionate, as they stay connected on the couch, he sits and she mounts him, and forceful fuck, as she facing the camera, sliding later to her knees and she jerks him off to have his cum on her tits, finishing with kissing him and he leaves a tool box with panties in them.   

Office Obsession Scene 2

Scene Three: Danica Dillan, Steve Rogers

Office Obsession Scene 3

Next up “Feeling Naughty” Steve at his desk writing, with a Danica on the phone sets it down  table and talking again as before no words, only music and nothing fancy, then shifting to the close quarters in a file room. Danica climbs onto the step school, and he admires her skirt especially her legs and gorgeous firm ass, though again as other scenes from the side view, as he mouths words, she clearly shows how upset by actions of his. He abruptly leaves, leaving her in the room to have a private moment and she goes from offended to sliding off her panties, slips them into a box with a note, and placed on his desk where opens it, finds them and reads the note with intrigue – the audience knows nothing. Now further down the strange road, he finds her in the office, she starts to undress, as he reaches her pussy, but she slaps away his hands, again no words, a little teasing before he begins sucking her nipples. Danica starts necking, urging him for a more aggressive approach, as she starts kissing, her tongue flickering light and then soft quiet talk. She then rub her tits against Steve’s clothed cock, sliding to kneel as he sits, sucking him like pudding pop, and throat gagging, (sadly hearing voices off camera) she begins titty fucking him, with mix of dirty talk, returning to sucking and gagging, with a mix of licking his shaft. [Small glitch paused moment] Danica rode with her back to the camera, while piling driver on his cock, with vigor, and then Steve picks her up and bends her over the conference desk, a very poor creaky desk, fucking her hard before switching her onto her back, fucking more intensely, soon enough she drops to her kneel to slurp and sucks cock.  

Office Obsession Scene 3

Scene Four: Staci Carr, Bradley Brennan

Office Obsession Scene 4

The title for scene four “Say My Name” has Staci and Bradley sharing a small office, as he sits at his desk Staci stands slightly behind him and shows some cleavage and soon enough strikes a seductive pose of her bent over with music taking a bit of 70s classic throwback in tone. Again they talk without words, just their lips moving before she gives him a sexual shoulder massage, followed by a long slow stroke of his tie, and then teasing with her panties and tits. Bradley continues to sit, but massages her titties, sucking and licking them slowly, she then wiggles her ass as he licks and kisses, but stops him. All so that she may strip for him, taking a quick grab for her tits, but she assumes the position on her knees for gagging blowjob but with nice angles, continue the silent talking during the acts. He rises and stands as she gives a wonderful suck fest on his cock, all the down, as her tongue works over his balls. Soon enough they switch position with Staci bent over the desk and he tongues her pussy along with an up close finger fuck of delight. Staci puts a leg and readies for a lasting fuck fest from Bradley, riding his cock, a wonderful fucking and drilling before he cums on her ass and pussy.

Office Obsession Scene 4

Scene Five:  Veronica Vain, Jay Smooth

Office Obsession Scene 5

The fifth and final scene has the title “Twerking 9 to 5” gives and early hinting to the possibility to have a double entry sadly those hopes find themselves dash away, as the scene starts with music and no words, no shock there it the same tone from scenes one to four. Veronica performs a sexy revealing twerk session at her desk while the camera on the computer records and transmits it to her boss/co-workers’ computer. Jay and an unknown second man watch the video, and within moment’s walks over to Veronica and with a hand motion away go the second dude. She lies on the desk as Jay licks and finger bangs her for moment, before burying his face and tonguing her pussy, with a quick flick of his tongue to her clit, but mostly focus to yodeling in her valley’s full lips, shockingly the vocals appear. She then kneels and spits on his cock stroke and lathers it up and down right into her mouth and gives a complete accounting of how to suck his rod, and bit of ball sucking too, while stroking him very well. Once they beginning to fuck in silence, the second guy reappears while looking down at spreadsheets, and not aware of the spreading of her pussy on the desk, throws the papers into the air and runs away so scared of the sight. THIS IS A CRAZY MOMENT! Jay continues to fuck with a smile first on her back, then side facing the camera with a close up of the fucking and pounding into her. He staggers back into a chair Veronica climbs down and sucks his cock again while kneeling in very nice up and down motion, nothing to fancy. She then mounts him facing the camera and fucks and pounds her pussy on his large member sliding between her large thick pussy lips, all with an intense grind. They finish with a flourish of movements including cumshot on her tits.

Office Obsession Scene 5


This is a solid production the flaws too few to count, therefore if you’re familiar with the previous series then you understand what you have here, and if not then basically all the standard fucking with the words, and sometimes it hurts, though not intended for couples directly, it can still work for creating fantasies. I would recommend the purchase of the film, one note though the order of the scenes on the box art is out of scene placement; it seems to list them in alphabetical order. 

Office Obsession Scene 5 WTF

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