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Shades of Kink 6

Studio: Sweet Sinner » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 7/6/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Bondage, Domination, Couples, Feature

Director: James Avalon

Shades of Kink Vol 6 Menu

Cast: Adrian Maya, Cadence Lux, Kylie Ireland, Logan Pierce, Marcus London, Marley Brinx, Tommy Pistol

Length: 2-hr and 17-min

Date of Production or Release: March 8, 2016

Extras: Slide Show Gallery, Behind the Scenes

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Minor issues of framing and crew shadows, otherwise a clean production.

Overview: Marley, a young impressionable woman who seems without much work experience, and secretive sexual/and other past, who working for a hands on eccentric screenwriter, Tommy Pistol. He’s interested in the topic of bondage, humiliation (light) and discipline, this adventure of research involves taking Marley into the world of dark pleasures.

Scene One: Marley Brinx, Logan Pierce

Shades of Kink Vol 6 Chapter 1

A scene that opens with a bit of a romantic setting and kissing on the bed, as Marley lays back and Logan kissing her neck moving down to her belly, slow unhurried, removing her top to allow the trail of kisses around her neck, back, and over her lips. The room cast a bit shadows, heighten more of the pleasure, the secret desires, as her jeans find themselves tossed on the floor, he continues to kiss, up her inner thighs, avoiding her pussy for a moment before lapping in unhurried pace. Marley sucks on his fingers and more kissing before she gives him a lasting blowjob, on her hands and knees, all greeted with great cocksucking technique of swirling tongue around the head of his cock all before plunging herself on top of him for a lengthy ride. Logan definitely gives Marley an intense fuck, as they switch positions, on their sides with her facing the camera, continuing with hard long thrust. After they finish, Marley unhappy with the sex, she slaps him wanting to get very aggressive with her, name-calling; clearly not feeling the same, the break up occurs and moves on the next scene, but not before a brief intermission.

Shades of Kink Vol 6 Scene 1

Intermission One:

Marley sits down her mom (Kylie Ireland – no sex in the film), to have a very fucked up discussion, and mentioning the upcoming job interview, and then hinting but never discussing what kind of 2-year stint in rehab. Marley meets a struggling screenwriter Tommy Pistol, who has starred in many horror movies, and actual is scriptwriter for two horror parodies in 2013 The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody and Beyond Fucked: A Zombie Odyssey (though has written others) and part of the much talked about exploitation-horror film Gridsploitation as director. Hence, for this part of this movie it is not much of a stretch to believe his frustration. Marley acts a bit foolish, unsure what to say or do, even when giving the simply task to organized, after a few sorrys Tommy very irked by her actions. She is ordered to bend over the desk for a spanking, skirt up panties down (though only view from a side view) with her learning the phrases “Yes Master, please punish me” and then “Yes Master, thank you please may I have another. This scene reminds one of the arthouse film Secretary with James Spader.  Tommy gives several sounding good slaps on her ass, and the quickest two-second fuck, and pulls up her panties telling to leave but that she has the job.

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Shades of Kink Vol 6 Intermission Scene 1

Intermission Two:

Marley has another discussion with her mother, she expresses confusion about the job, Kylie reinforces the truth that writers, eccentric group and that it will work out, and she’ll find her proper place. The next day, Marley blindfolded at Tommy’s home, while he tickles her with a feather, on the feet and her lovely tits, and few slaps, before sending her away to return to writing. Then another session he has her tied to a chair, throwing popcorn at her and she trying to catch it, teaching to be quiet and keep her mouth open, then Tommy whips out a super soaker gun and splashes her white blouse before sending her away again. The third time’s the charm, as he states on site research and the brief off framing, a tad too close, but not a big deal.

Shades of Kink Vol 6 Intermission Scene 2

Scene Two:  Adrian Maya, Marcus London, Tommy Pistol and Marley Brinx

Shades of Kink Vol 6 Scene 2

Adrian and Marcus engage in BDSM scene, though, a tad quickly for many who would enjoy more of the submission and domination, however it all works well. Marcus as the Master handcuffs submissive Adrian’s wrists to chains overhead and begins teaching. The collar around her neck notes ownership over her, she as his property, he controls her pleasure and pain, as he strips her of her clothing down to her panties. She’s flogged on her ass, tits, tummy, and thighs, turned to the camera and hand slapped on the ass, then paddled, with Marcus removing her panties pulling them down and off. He kneels to tongue her pussy as she stands, a bit unusual, as he, the Master kneels first, and then fingers her pussy before moving back up to suck on her nipples aggressively. He then unchains and moves her over to a couch, and again he kneels before her and munches on her pussy, burying his face and clearly tonguing her clit, making and giving her intense pleasure first, with a rapid finger fucking. Meanwhile Marley finds herself aroused by the pleasure and begins to rub herself slightly, Adrian, finally slides onto her kneels and sucks his cock, as he give good control thrusts into her mouth, and her eyes looking up at him. Then they begin fucking sadly with their backs to their guests, but thankful for the viewers another side view, though it will be correctly position in the scene. They give an intense hard thrusting fucking, that has Marley enjoying as she pulls her tits out spreads her legs more to rub herself as she witness the domination of Marcus’ cock delivering waves of pleasure to Adrian.

Shades of Kink Vol 6 Scene 2

Intermission Three:

This intermission comes together even quicker and shorter than the others, as she as another discussion with her mother, about the strange people the screenwriter meets.

Scene Three: Cadence Lux, Marcus London, Tommy Pistol and Marley Brinx

Shades of Kink Vol 6 Scene 3

It is considered hands on experience for the fourth scene, as Marcus London stars again this time with submissive Cadence Lux, and Tommy and Marley both stand in the bedroom to watch the action more closely. Cadence strips to her panties and bends over the bed awaiting the flogging from Marcus, who kisses her ass, and then paddles her again. Tommy informs Marley, quietly that they may watch Cadence and Marcus interact, however they need to ask for permission to involve themselves in the scene. Marley asks for permission from Marcus (Master) to touch Cadence ass and asks for Master for permission to spank her ass. Tommy moves into the scene behind Marley, informing her not to just spank her bottom in just one place, but rather move her hand around to work the sensations everywhere on Cadence’s ass, which is very true and accurate. Cadence begins a throat gagging cocksucking on Marcus once again Marley asks and receives permission from Master to hold Cadence’s hair as she continues to suck and places her hand on Cadence’s throat and feels her deep throat her Master’s cock. All of Marla’s requests actually come from Tommy, as if he is writing the scene, as he wants and taking over Master’s power and position. Marcus and Cadence begin to fuck and Marley gets very close to Cadence’s face to watch and observes the passionate hard fucking driven into her body. Afterwards, Cadence kneels to finish off Marcus with a blowjob, and while without permission yet allowed Marley touches Marcus chest and holds his cock for Cadence, and smacks his cock against Cadence’s face.

Shades of Kink Vol 6 Scene 3

Shades of Kink Vol 6 Scene 3

Scene Four: Marley Brinx, Tommy Pistol

Shades of Kink Vol 6 Scene 4

Tommy having an intense phone conservation, with the producer discussing the script and repeating words “misogynist porn” and “working relationships misconception bondage and discipline, not torture”. This all leads to Tommy and Marley climax scene, as he begins eating Marley’s pussy, with his glasses on, and then removes them halfway through and slaps her pussy, making her squirm from the pain and pleasure. She then lovingly and wantonly sucks his cock, on the couch as he plays with her pussy she licks his shaft long lengthy licks, before throat gagging on his cock. (The shadow of the crew appears for a moment.) Tommy holds her hair, and orders her to kneel and hands behind her back and force her to throat fuck his cock. She then rides Tommy long hard and with vigor deep pleasure and grabs her asshole to have deeper throats. He then commands her to taste her pussy juices, ordering her to squeeze his cock, giving him pleasure and pain with a continue blowjob and stroke fest. He fucks her side by side with her panting and begging for harder fucks, he delivers cumming on her pussy.

Shades of Kink Vol 6 Scene 4

Information on Extras: The behind the scenes have some interesting aspect and discussion most of it though points to positive outlook of Sweet Sinner Company.


Actually, a fun and enjoyable feature, with lots of solid acting from Marley, though, as always one wish for a tad more, the film as these interludes between Marley and Tommy, which fit and work interesting ways. A few moments one thinks it going to head in one direction switches into another, as Tommy a great job with the portray of the loony struggling screenwriter, with troublesome producers and deadlines. Then Marley wonderfully sexiness hopes to see more of her very natural performance, a hint of wanton lust and unsureness to fulfill Tommy’s complex desires. This is a good couple’s film, especially if turning from the vanilla to a bit of crimson pleasures. In addition, the film informs of those interested in this lifestyle to have conservations, view the materials, safety, safe words, a fantasy checklist and truthfulness with each other. Definitely watch and enjoy!

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