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Trying New Things

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 7/5/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All Sex, Couples

Director: Jacky St. James

Main Menu

Cast: Alison Rey, Anthony Rosano, Casey Calvet, Donnie Rock, Kasey Warner, Richie Calhoun, Robby Echo, Sara Luvv

Length: 2-hrs and 3-mins

Date of Production or Release: February 1, 2016

Extras: Photo Gallery, Pick Your Pleasure, Behind the Scenes, Trailers


Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: No Issues

Overview: This is an interesting film as it lives up the concept of Trying New Things, from view adult films together, giving up virginity, first time anal sex, switching the aggressive sexual prowess.  


Scene One: Sara Luvv, Donnie Rock

Scene 1

Donnie is caught by his wife watching and getting off to a porn film, it causes an argument and she is puzzled why he’s viewing the film, after only three years into marriage, but it leads to an interesting aspect of her reexamining her own hang-ups and desires. Sara purchases him an adult movie, which he returns the favor by getting a video, called “Awakening to Love” for couples and they begin to watch, she appears scared, going against social norms. She begins kissing him, pulling off her tube dress keeping her spike heels and panties on, and starts sighing; he kisses her neck, occasionally looking back at the television to watch the film (camera).  Donnie gets his pants off and Sara works his cock, throat-gagging stroking while he holds her hair as she licks his shaft. Sara then mounts him, bucking wild on Donnie’s cock, they switch positions allowing him, more control to fuck her at steady pace on her hands and knees, pulling hair give good thrusts. Donnie munches thoroughly on Sara’s pussy and clit, before she sucks him again; he then has her lay on her back as to fuck her with deeper thrusts of pleasure. Sara mentions in voiceover, porn can open communications for fun, laughs, and enjoyment, as she hands him a DVD called “Big MILF Juggs #3”.

Scene 1

Scene 1

Scene Two:  Casey Calvert, Anthony Rosano

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Scene 2

This scene has the basis of understanding that marriage life can become a rut, and tad too comfortable, clipping toenails and ice cream in bedroom. Casey purchases a butt plug and states that all marriage needs adventure and this is what she wants to try next. Anthony unsure and shocked by her decision, and yet very much for it, though not informed of the prepping for it, it dives right into the moment. They start kissing each other on the bed, Anthony removes her dress and Casey strips him of his shirt, they exchanges touches, kisses licks and he sucks on her nipples. Anthony nibbles on her pussy for a little while, then with Casey’s insisting has him lay on his back on the bed, she takes firm control of his manhood leaning close starts with long strokes and wonderful eye connection giving a lasting blowjob. Casey gets on all fours and Anthony takes firm control of her hips and fucking slowly patient pacing thrusts, no rush, taking the moment for all it is worth. This all preps for the usage of the butt plug as places his thumb on Casey’s clit providing a little distraction and more pleasure; with some tease he inserts it fully. As for the first time for anal Casey is far too experience, and can’t portray it as someone who never did it before, just a little more pausing or deep signs would have sold the scene better.  She reaches back and plays with the toy a bit and in the process spreads her legs  further wider, as Anthony kisses and sucks on her toes and kisses her feet, before returning to lick her pussy some more. He then removes the toy and begins a slow fucking in her firm ass, as she plays with her pussy, nice slow fuck, after all supposedly her first anal fuck. Anthony stops a gets a bigger and thicker anal toy, kinkier the better and with some playtime using it (turn off for couples watching the film, want to encourage your woman, not make her scared). One more, hard intense fucking, and finally cums on her ass, starts well and gets a tad more interesting near the end of the scene.

Scene 2

Scene 2

Scene Three: Kasey Warner, Richie Calhoun

Scene 3

Herein for the third scene, it involves a role reversal, instead the alpha male getting his way, the wife wants to try her hand at the dominating role, it works well, but only for so long. Kasey normally and willing takes a submissive role as a pleaser, while Richie, the alpha takes what he wants when he wants, a bit spoiled. Now note this scene only uses the kink devices of a blindfold and handcuffs, otherwise that is all the bondage that occurs. Kasey wears a sexy outfit, though no need since she blindfolds Richie and handcuffs one of his arms above his head as he stands. This position doesn’t last long, and never correctly planned, his arm going to drain blood fairly fast leaving a uncomfortable sex scene even for the most seasoned stud. Though Kasey kneels to perform a blowjob, with a loving tongue play on the head of his cock, slurping down hard, her gloved hands work over his cock, a tease as she the stands to grind her ass on his cock, and twerk slightly on him. They move to a living room area, over to a couch naked blindfolded only for a little longer, Richie lays back and Kasey face grinds her pussy on him and doesn’t stop until she cums first. Then she takes control to grind on his cock, at a feverish pace, with aggressive fucking rubbing her pussy too, she gauges the depth of the plunging on his cock, and the pace, for her enjoyment. Then she switches laying her back and Richie on top fucking and raising the intensity upward, but here Kasey loses her power play, as he grabs her throat, though she attempts the statement the cock is mine, really has no factor or impact. Kasey issues commands such as smack my ass and eats my ass, but they lack vigor, and feel more as tease than an order. Especially when Richie bends her over the couch for more intense fucking for Kasey to enjoy and he controls the penetrating thrusts. However, at the end she orders him to jack off and licking her feet, before cumming on her ass.

Scene 3

Scene Four: Alison Rey, Robby Echo

Scene 4

Alison, supposedly a virgin wants to wait for her wedding day, not over religion, rather fairytale notion, though living together with Robby and giving him head, and sometimes parading around without panties to all light fingering. Always interesting how one defines virginity, yet with two weeks to the wedding, on a day of hanging around she wants to fuck, and no man will deny her that treat. Robby takes her to the bedroom, plans to go slow, kissing first and then sucking on her tits and rubbing her pussy, while Alison stroke his cock as he lays on his back. Then Alison opens wide to take his cock for a loving blowjob, while she knees on the bed, complete with close up of kissing and licking his head and shaft, sucking his cock. Robby has Alison change positions with him so that she is on her back, and he kisses up her inner thighs to slowly work on her pussy, the up-tempo beat change to a feverish licking lengthy moments of pleasure. She utters the words. “I’m Ready!” He slowly enters his cock into her, it is her “first time” while she is on her back, then the fucking speed increases and moves to a side by side fuck fest. Alison then performs another blowjob so she can taste her pussy juice on his cock, sharing some laughs, with each other a playful fun fuck session. Then  one last fuck of her first on all fours and with ass up and face down on the mattress with full-blown fucking intensity, ending with a kiss.

Scene 4


This film has a lot of potential to become a new series, but a little more creativity and it will be over the top; all the actors worked well to together, making for an interesting film. A few examples one like to try for exhibitionism, gangbang, threesomes or foursome all of this would work for the session, longer development also a good start. However, it works well for the couples especially a great to start those difficult marriage suggestions with your partner. 

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