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Along For The Ride

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 7/15/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Couples, Feature

Director: Jonathan Morgan
Directors of Photography: Jonathon Morgan (198 Credits) & Andre Madness (350+ Credits)



Cast: Charlotte Cross, Katie Morgan, Nikki Knightly, Carter Cruise, Michael Vegas, Eric Masterson, Tommy Gunn, Tommy Pistol, Damon Dice

Length: 2hrs. 3min.                  

Date of Release: May 24, 2016

Extras: Photo Gallery, 6 Trailers which are individually selectable, 2 minute Promo Reel for the Wicked Girls

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Bonus Scene 1: Carter Cruise & Tommy Gunn from Cruise Control

Bonus Scene 2: Charlotte Cross & Jack Vegas from Trouble X2

Bonus Scene 3: Asa Akira & Damon Dice from Dark Secrets

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The presentation is widescreen, and it's as clear and crisp as it was shot. The audio track is good, with some fancier-than-usual music during the title sequence and a good mix overall. Where the technical aspects are lacking is in the camera work. I'm not sure if the Directors of Photography were having a bad day, or what the hell was going on...but it seemed like they were having trouble finding their shot the way they wanted it, and the continual camera adjustments get played out for the viewer. Carter's scene just happened at a bad hour of the day and she moves in and out of shadow and lens flares, and the scene suffers from that in my opinion.

Overview: In this couples-friendly, feature film, former child star Becca Bradley (Cross) is trying to land the lead in a crime drama and her agent arranges for her to do a police ride-along for some real world experience. She gets paired with officer James (Dice) and they spend a few days checking out the streets. Along the way, Becca manages to foil two criminals and their cop-killing spree and finds herself falling for her ride-along buddy. Luckily for her, cops like hot girls too.

I was unfamiliar with Charlotte until this film hit my screen, and I haven't checked - but I'm willing to bet that she has a huge fan base. Great ass, great tits, and a face that might launch a thousand ships.

* This is "Couples Porn". If you are looking for these girls to get naughty and dirty like they have in the past, you can move along now. These are not the sluts you are looking for.

Intro: The movie opens with flashy graphics introducing the title and credits overlaid on a scene montage, just like a normal cop movie. We see Becca auditioning for a slasher movie, but the casting goes south when she is recognized as the girl that played Hannah Dakota, a children's fave..

Scene One: Charlotte Cross & Michael Vegas

Boyfriend Chad (Vegas) has dinner waiting when Becca gets home, but she doesn't have an appetite so they head to the bedroom so he can cheer her up. She looks great as Michael peels off her aqua-blue dress to show us her large nipples and a nice hairy bush hiding behind her purple panties. Her beautiful eyes light up the room as Michael gets busy with his tongue and fingers, causing her to squirt all over his hand and down her thigh. She returns the favor by putting his balls in her mouth and letting him do some throat thrusting, her eyes sparkling under the lights.

Charlotte Cross 1

She asks him to fuck her pussy and he throws her on the bed, leg over his shoulder and goes to town. Her eyes and smile are absolutely delightful, her gaze locked on his face as he pounds her dripping pussy to orgasm. The camera moves to an overhead position as she climbs into reverse cowgirl, but her head keeps popping past the top of the frame, so the POV changes to some lower angles which suffer the same fate. The framing gets better as the two go horizontal but then the cameraman can't decide just how close to the action he should be and his distance varies continuously. Chad throws her on all fours and fingerbangs her with both hands, making her gush before he drills her like an animal and then unloads all over her face. Unfortunately, the cameraman just never found his angle and we get the money shot from the side.

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Charlotte Cross 2

The camera work borders on annoying in this scene.

Scene 2. Katie Morgan, Eric Masterson

Becca is at her agent Terry's (Masterson) office trying to get out of the Hannah Dakota typecast and she wants to be the lead in a new action cop movie. Terry sends her on her way and promises he'll figure out how to make it happen. Terry's girlfriend (Morgan) stops by and he convinces her to call her brother the cop and get Becca a ride-along. She agrees, but she needs some servicing first. She lies back on the desk in her stylish red dress and spreads her long legs wide to get her gash gobbled.

Katie Morgan 1

As she drops to her knees to return the favor, our cameraman goes on another journey to find his angle. She gets tossed on a leather recliner and her sculpted boobs look fabulous as she gets the dick, stiletto-heeled leg over his shoulder. Her sparkly heels frame her tight and tiny as she rodeo rides getting pumped like a piston. There's a good overhead view of her triangle as she lies back on him and rides him, spanking and rubbing her clit. She gets drilled hard in doggy and drops to her knees to have Terry rocket blast all over her D-cups

katie Morgan 2

It's good to see AVN Hall of Famer Katie back in action after her hiatus from the industry. The getting banged on the desk is a cliche, but always fun scene. Unfortunately the camera work is once again filled with excesive, unnecessary movement.

Intro Scene 3: Becca meets gruff Officer James (Dice) as he pulls up to her house for her ridealong. She's wearing a cute red dress, hardly appropriate attire for this kind of work, and James isn't too happy. He gets unhappier when she tries to selfie in the patrol car and push some dash buttons. They stop by a coffee shop to meet some other cops for some comedic relief and to get briefed on the cop-killing spree. The cop work begins when they have to respond to a 588 in progress, and they rush off at like 3 miles an hour.

Charlotte Cross Smiles

Scene 3. Nikki Knightly, Tommy Gunn

Tommy walks into his convention hotel room, with Nikki the hooker. She's wearing a skin-tight black dress and stockings, all sliced up 80's music-video/hooker style. Her black shoes are spiked heels, literally. They have spiky things all over them. If you have a thing for shoes, you'll want to see these.

Nikki Knightly 1

Being a good little hooker, Nikki gets right down to business, spouting some dirty talk and telling him to get naked and sucking his big, fat cock. She sits on his face and sucks him some more in a 69 while filthy words spew from her mouth. She adjusts her stockings as he rubbers up and sticks it in her hooker hole, her legs behind her neck. We see the cameraman's hand flash by as Nikki screams about fucking whores, hookers and prostitutes. Her pretty little titties get some screen time once she peels her dress down to her waist. We get good shots of her hookery-shadowed eyes and her shiny collar looks good in contrast to her red-tinted dark locks as she bounces her ass to his cock in doggy.

Her long, stockinged legs look great as she bounces on him in reverse cowgirl, and yet again the head cropping problem rears its ugly head. She gets back in pretzel position so Tommy can gun her gash to work up a load that he sprays all over her pussy. They make small talk and he gets ready to pay her when the cops bust in the room and make arrests. Becca peeks in on them to see just what a 588 is and hurries back to the car before James notices her...but it's too late. He drops her off at her house and tells her to wear something more functional for tomorrow's ride.

Nikki Knightly 2

Nikki looks great as a hooker. Kudos to hair/makeup/wardrobe in this scene!

Intro Scene 4: James shows up to Becca's house, where she's dressed in a half-shirt and tight little shorts, ready to rappel down buildings, bust down doors and be a Super-cop. They patrol the streets a bit and hit up the coffee shop where they get to know one another a bit. He drops her at home after the day is done and heads back the next day to find Becca crying since her boyfriend moved out and he convinces her donuts will make it all better. He's starting to warm up to her charms as they munch pastries and have to respond to a call. he puts her in the back seat, so she can't get out and they stop to help a stranded motorist.

Charlotte Cross SuperCop

Scene 4. Carter Cruise, Tommy Pistol

Becca's still in the back of the car when the stranded motorist (Cruise) turns out to be bait for an ambush situation. James gets shot and stuffed in the trunk of his car. Shooting a cop is a huge turn on for Tommy and Carter and they get busy on the hood of the squad car. It's easy to see why Carter garnered awards for best new starlet and best actress as she looks completely natural on her knees in the gravel sucking cock on the side of the road. The two crazed criminals plan the continuation of their cop-killing spree as she slobs his knob aggressively stretching his balls and slapping his cock.

Carter Cruise 1

Carter's blonde mane shines in the sun as she gets bent over the hood of the car and Becca watches the two fucking from the back seat. Carter's pierced nipples bounce as she gets railed and Becca tries to keep from having a nervous breakdown. Tommy pinches and stretches carter's pussy as he rams her before unloading all over her face.

Becca comes to the conclusion that she's basically a trained cop now and formulates a plan to turn the tide on the criminals. She manages to get out of the car, grab the gun, and throw them in the back of the squad car. Upon checking the trunk, she finds James is alive and well. Later in the month, at Terry's office, she finds out she got the movie role and heads off to James' house to celebrate.

Carter Cruise 2

This scene suffers from the angle of the sun. It places Carter in weird shadow and light situations, often hiding the detail of the action and creates some obnoxious lens flares at times.

Intro Scene 5: Becca Delivers donuts in more ways than one.

Charlotte Cross and Damon Dice Kiss

Scene 5. Charlotte Cross, Damon Dice

Charlotte Cross Reverse Cowgirl

Now that James has healed a bit and they are no longer ride-along partners he's quickly seduced into riding along in a different way. Topless Becca again lights up the room as she takes James in her mouth and then kisses him passionately. Charlotte squirts a bit, pretty quickly once her jeans are peeled off and tossed aside. The two lock gazes as he mounts her in missionary, her boobs bouncing as he bangs his balls against her bottom. She gets to grinding on him once she's on top, cumming and squirting on his cock. The cameraman manages to not chop her head off this time. They share a bit of oral activities before he throws her on her stomach to hammer her hard and deep. Pulling her pretty ass into the air finally drives him over the edge and he flips her over to cum on her smiling face.

Charlotte Cross Cum on Face

The camera work is a little less tedious in this scene, although we do get a cameraman's shadow in scene at one point.

Final Thoughts:

Stormy Daniels wrote a good story. If it turned into a big-budget buddy cop movie with say Bruce Willis and Charlotte Cross, I'd pay to see it. If Charlotte appeared on my TV in a weekly funny crime show, I'd watch it for the season or two that it lasted.

The movie is good, don't get me wrong, but I just find some faults I can't get past with the photography. These aren't guys that just bought some cameras at the local big box store. Between the two award-nominated photogs, they have hundreds upon hundreds of credits to their names. Directors of Photography shouldn't be making amateur mistakes like we see here in a star-filled cast feature film from one of the big studios.

I flip-flopped on my feelings for this flick each time I re-watched the film trying to come up with a solid recommendation for the average viewer. Charlotte is a pure delight to watch, and the storyline is great. Charlotte is definitely an up and cummer to keep your eyes on. This is a superstar in the making folks. It's really geared to be a couples movie and for that crowd I have settled on a Recommended rating. Plus, with 3 bonus scenes, you get a ton of bang for your buck! For Charlotte fans, you could go either way, buy her scenes individually or grab the disc so you can see the movie as intended, with all of the non-sex interludes which are pretty fun to watch. It's worth having in your library, but I wouldn't absolutely urge anyone to rush out and grab a copy.



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