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My Girl Loves Anal 5

Studio: Naughty America » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 7/24/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 43 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: Anal; All Sex

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in 4K Ultra HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Featuring Marley Brinx with Holly Heart, Romi Rain, Jennifer White, Abbey Lee Brazil, Johnny Castle, Karlo Karrera, Van Wylde, Seth Gamble

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Slideshow; Trailers for My Wife’s Hot Friend and My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend; Adriana Chechik Interview


Naughty America, which is known for a number of online sites, has put together 5 scenes of anal bliss in My Girl Loves Anal 5. Marley Brinx is the DVD cover star and she takes it up the ass from her boyfriend Seth Gamble then takes a cum load down her throat. These 5 scenes run for over 2 hours and 43 minutes. With most of Naughty American’s DVDs, these scenes are a collection of some of their hottest webisodes. There aren’t that many extras other than a few trailers and the photo slideshow. I say watch this one online. Even so, there are a couple of really hot anal scenes in this flick. Jennifer White doesn’t disappoint in her threesome with Danny Mountain and Karlo Karrera. She not only takes it up the ass in this hot threesome, she takes 2 dicks at once in a round of DP fucking that's hot to watch. Abby Lee Brazil’s closing scene with Johnny Castle is another good one. She loves taking it up the ass and there’s no doubt about it by the end of her scene. The other starlets include Romi Rain, Marley Brinx and Holly Heart.

Scene 1:  Holly Heart and Johnny Castle

Holly is looking for Johnny and she can’t find him. They had a date tonight and she wonders where he is. She pulls down the bed sheets and she finds Johnny in bed. She can’t believe this because they were supposed to go out tonight. He tells her to give him 20 minutes and he’ll be ready to go. She waits 20 minutes and comes back only to find Johnny still asleep in bed. Holly lies across the bed, opens her legs wide and says if Johnny isn’t going to take care of her, she’s going to take care of herself. She pulls off her panties and starts rubbing her pussy, making it wet. Then she looks back at Johnny and tells him instead of going out tonight, they can dine in because she has a tasty pussy for him right here. She gets in doggy position on the bed next to him and continues to tease him, rubbing her ass hole and telling him to get out of bed and take a look at what’s going on. Johnny finally gets up and starts kissing her ass checks then tongues her ass hole. She tells him to get the fuck up, fuck her ass hole then take her out to dinner. Johnny is wide awake now, fingering her pussy with 2 fingers while he tongue fucks her ass hole. She orders him to spit in her ass hole and she reminds him how much she loves anal. Holly lies on her back and opens her legs wide for Johnny, so he can eat her pussy now. He licks her clit and tongues wet snatch, turning Holly on and telling her she taste’s so good. Johnny enjoys licking and eating her pussy and Holly enjoys getting her pussy licked.  

He tells her to stay right there in missionary position and sticks his dick in her wet pussy, fucking her hole while holding one of her legs up over his shoulder. She tells him to fuck her little pussy and get deep in her cunt. He pulls out and beats her pussy with his cock then sticks it back in there, plowing her hole and squeezing her tit. She tells him to get all the way back into her pussy and fill her up. After her missionary style fuck, she gets on all fours to get her throat fucked, letting Johnny ram her throat with his cock. The oral pleasure continues in 69 position with Holly on top sucking his cock and Johnny eating her pussy. She turns to riding him cowgirl style then she’s ready to get her ass hole fucked. She lies on her side and Johnny stuffed her ass hole to the rim with his cock, drilling her deep. She tells him they can get about dinner as long as he keeps feeding her his cock in her ass. With her ass hole stretched and wet, she rides him cock cowgirl style, taking it up the ass. The anal drilling continues in doggy position until Holly yells for him to give her his fucking cum. He pulls out and jerks his cock, cumming down her throat.

Scene 2:  Romi Rain and Van Wylde

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Romi’s all alone this weekend. Everybody is out of town and no one stayed around to hang out with her. She looks through her phone to find someone to call. She comes across Van and decides to call him. She tells him she’s bored and is just hanging out by herself. She asks him to come over and hang out and watch a movie. He comes right over and Romi is excited to see him. She tells him they’re going to have fun and she promises to keep her occupied. He asks about the movies and popcorn, but she doesn’t have any popcorn. Van is really excited about the movie but Romi has other things on her mind. She’s really not interested in the movie, she is interested in him. 2 hours go by and Romi is totally bored. She grabs the remote, turns the movie off and tells him that when she invited him over, she was hoping they could fool around for a bit. She wants him to fuck her in the ass now that she has the whole house to herself. Van finally understands and they start kissing.

Romi has waited long enough and she grabs hold of his cock and starts sucking it, jerking it in and out of her mouth and slurping on it. She spits all over it. Van fucks her mouth then helps her get into doggy position on the couch where he starts fingering and licking her ass hole. She is so excited, she’s getting wet, telling him this is exactly what she wanted, getting her ass hole stretched. She lies on the floor on her back for a round of pussy stretching at first. They get into spoon fucking and this turns Romi all the way on. She’s screaming her loudest and is loving getting her pussy filled. She’s ready for her ass hole to get fucked now and she decides to take it in doggy position. He drills her ass hole doggystyle and it makes her tingle all over. She holds her ass cheeks open so he can get in her hole hard and deep. She tells him to fuck her ass hole! After that, she rides him cowgirl style, taking it up the ass and telling him to slide his dick in and out of her ass. Her reverse cowgirl up the ass happens balls deep and Van pumps her until he’s ready to pop. He pulls out and splashes her face and tits with cum, making her smile. She licks the cum off of his cock then sucks it.

Scene 3:   Marley Brinx and Seth Gamble

Seth is busy playing video games. The game is intense and Marley tries to talk to him right in the middle of it. The timing is bad and Seth has got to get back to the game. He tells her to stop so he can finish his game. Nothing Marley does is getting his attention. She finally pulls out her tits and tells him to fuck her. He’s still caught up in the game and tells her he can’t stop right now. Marley has another idea. She goes and gets dressed in sexy lingerie and asks her if he likes what she’s wearing. He barely looks at her and asks her to give him another hour and he’ll be done. Marley pulls out all the stops and tells him if her turns off the game right now, she’ll let him fuck her in the ass. That gets his full attention. He puts the game down, pulls her toward him and starts kissing her stomach and tits. The idea of anal sex has him right where she wants him. She tells him she’s so happy he made the right choice. He kisses her all over and lays her down on the bed missionary style where he plays with her hairy pussy, licking and tonguing it, making her moan. With her pussy warmed up, Seth pulls out his cock and starts fucking her missionary style with one leg up high over his shoulder. She looks up at him, moaning in pleasure while his cock drills her pussy. After missionary, she sucks his cock and swallows his balls, deep throating his meat and lubing it up with her spit.

Marley gets on top and rides him cowgirl style, bouncing her ass up and down on his cock. She follows the cowgirl fuck with more cock sucking and then is ready for the anal she promised him. She gets her ass hole plugged while spooning and Seth pumps her hole with every inch of his cock. She moans in pleasure while he fingers her pussy and keeps her ass hole plugged. He starts spanking her ass cheeks, asking her if this is what she wanted. Her ass hole is taking a pounding and its lubing his cock more and more. She gets into doggy position and Seth keeps drilling her hole deeper and deeper, making her scream. He pulls his cock in and out of her ass, making it gape. After more doggystyle pounding, Seth pulls out and shoots a load of cum in her wide open mouth. She accepts it all then grabs his cock and sucks it dry, swallowing his load.

Scene 4:  Jennifer White and Danny Mountain and Karlo Karrera

Jennifer White has a hot threesome in this scene with Danny and Karlo and it’s the only scene with a hot round of DP fucking. Jennifer and Danny are on a couples retreat and she paid top dollar for them to see a counselor today. Danny isn’t interested in seeing a counselor. He doesn’t think the counselor can teach them anything. She tells him they have to see the counselor today to work out all the kinks in their relationship so they can get married. Karlo is the counselor and he is meditating with his underwear on when Jennifer and Danny arrive. She tells Karlo that they’ve been having a lot of arguments lately. Danny says the problem is that everything has just gotten boring. Their sex life has gotten really boring and she doesn’t want to experiment anymore. Jennifer tells him that she has wanted to try a threesome all along and she is so glad that he’s open to this. She wants to do it as soon as possible. Danny agrees. They start kissing while Karlo watches, but Jennifer starts kissing Karlo. Danny didn’t realize she wanted to start right now and he thought they were going to have a threesome with another woman. Jennifer tells him if he does this for her right now, she promises she’ll let him have a threesome with another woman. He decides it’s OK and the three of them get back to it. The guys both kiss her all over and squeeze both her nipples at the same time, getting her all turned on. She rubs both their cocks and tells them not to hold back. The guys stand up and strip her clothes off, kissing her ass cheeks and telling her to get comfortable. Both of their cocks are hard now and she starts jerking and sucking both of them, gagging on them while the guys keep pinching and squeezing her nipples, turning her on. They start getting rough with her, making her choke on their cocks.

She’s ready to get fucked now and takes Danny in her pussy doggystyle while she continues to suck on Karlo’s hard cock. Danny plugs her snatch, filling her up while she gags on Karlo. She tells Danny his cock is so deep in her pussy and she loves it. The guys swap places and Karlo starts fucking her hole while she sucks on Danny’s meat. She orders Karlo to slam her hole nice and deep. Karlo fingers her ass hole, getting it ready for his cock then he stuffs his dick deep in her ass, spreading her legs wide open as she lies on her side and deep throats Danny’s dick. With her pussy and ass stretched open, she’s ready for a DP session with the guys. She sits on Danny’s cock cowgirl style then gets penetrated in the ass by Karlo. They fuck both her holes, sending her to cloud 9. She tells Karlo to spank her ass while he fucks her hole. She rides Karlo in reverse cowgirl position and he soon goes into overdrive, stuffing her ass hole all the way. Danny adds to the party, fucking her pussy at the same time for a round of reverse cowgirl DP. Danny is the first to pop, shooting her face with cum. Karlo follows close behind with another load splattering on her tits. She squeezes the left over cum out of his cock then thanks him for the hard anal fucking.

Scene 5: Abbey Lee Brazil and Johnny Castle

Johnny is busy taking his real estate exam on his computer but Abbey tells him he’s always studying and he never has time for her. She’s horny and pulls up her top, showing her pretty boobs and tells him she wants to have some sexy time. He tells her he’s sorry but he has to finish his exam. He’s got to do this right now. Abbey doesn’t like this one bit and she puts on her sexiest lingerie for him and shows it off form him. She tells him she put this on especially for him and all she wants him to do is fuck her ass. Johnny closes his laptop, bends her over doggystyle and eats her pussy from behind. She gets on the couch in doggy position and starts sucking his cock, holding and jerking it and deep throating it. Johnny gets back to eating her pussy then her penetrates it with his cock doggystyle.

She still has on her sexy lingerie while Johnny pounds her pussy and spanks her ass. She tells him she missed his cock so fucking much. He fills her up, giving her the pleasure she has wanted all day. She sucks him again then goes on a hard cowgirl ride. Johnny keeps her hole filled, making her cry out in ecstasy. She sucks him off again then gets fucked even harder in spoon position. Johnny pulls out and spanks her pussy with his cock. She is cumming from all the pussy pounding action she’s getting from Johnny. She stays in spoon position to take his cock up her ass and Johnny fucks her hole balls deep. After a hot ass to mouth cock sucking session. Abbey lies in missionary position with her legs pinned back behind her ears. Johnny stretches her ass hole again, pumping it hard and deep. He takes his cock from her ass hole to her mouth, fucking her throat then he goes back to fucking her ass hole doggystyle. He goes from ass hole to pussy and back, working his cock in and out of her holes. She lies on her side for more pussy pumping. Johnny pulls out and pops right in her mouth. She keeps her mouth wide open, accepting all his cum until no more is left. She swallows his load and tells him that’s all the time she wanted from him.

Final Thoughts:

Naughty America’s My Girl Loves Anal 5 is a collection of their anal webisodes and I recommend you watch this one online. Marley Brinx is the DVD cover star and she is joined by Holly Heart, Romi Rain, Jennifer White and Abby Lee Brazil. Marley gets fucked up the ass by her boyfriend Seth Gamble and greedily accepts his cum load down her throat. The DVD runs for over 2 hours and 43 minutes but there aren’t a lot of extras. The production quality of the scenes is good and the chemistry in the scenes is good as well. The hottest scene of the flick is Jennifer White’s threesome with Danny Mountain and Karlo Karrera. She has always wanted to fuck 2 cocks at once and her fantasy comes true with these guys. The hot threesome turns into an even hotter DP style fuck that keeps Jennifer in ecstasy.

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