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Hotwife Bound

Studio: New Sensations » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/2/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: BDSM, Fetish, Hotwife, Wives

Director: Eddie Powell



Cast: Jasmine Jae, Katrina Jade, Kimmy Granger, Priya Price, Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar, Anthony Rosano, Xander Corvus

Length: 2 hrs. 5 mins.                

Date of Release: July 11, 2016

Extras: Pick Your Pleasure, Photo Gallery, Trailers, Fantasy Lingerie, Company Info, 28:25 minute BTS Interviews

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Pick Your Pleasure

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Video is shot in HD and presented in anamorphic widescreen. Much of the footage seems to suffer from overhead lighting or side lighting casting perpendicular to the lens and creating a foggy effect. This can be remedied with a bit of contrast and brightness control on the viewers part, but it's a bit annoying. Audio is captured and presented well.

Overview: New Sensations is back with another title in the Hotwife genre. This time around; four women get tied up and shared with another man. The husbands look on, but stay out of the actual sex acts being performed on their wives. If you are into the fantasy of your wife being tied up and dominated by another guy, this might be an interesting title to check out.

Scene 1. Katrina Jade & Toni Ribas & Leo Christensen (Non-Sex)

Leo and Toni discuss the desires and rules of the upcoming fling and walk into a room where Katrina is tied to a chair in lacy black lingerie, a vibrator tucked into her panties and she is whimpering uncontrollably.

Katrina Jade

Toni spits in her mouth, pulls her hair and checks out her pierced nipples. He asserts his dominance as Leo looks on while sitting in the background, making sure Katrina will allow him to do anything he wants. Leo comes in for a close look as Toni throat fucks his wife as she begs to be allowed to cum. She tries to wriggle the vibe to the spot she needs, but Toni is busy attaching an ankle spreader bar to her before he frees her hand so she can get it where she wants and then he pulls the vibe away. He unbinds her and fucks her doggy and presses the vibe hard into her clit as she begs and whimpers. (The begging and whimpering has been non-stop and loud since the scene opened and it is getting totally annoying.) Leo maintains constant eyeline to her face as she gets roped and poked. She's an active fuck doll, but even the ropes in her mouth don't shut her up. Neither do her panties as she gets leashed with a rope and fingered to squirting. Katrina is hot, and shows off her flexibility as well as her bald beaver as she gets bound gagged and cock-hammered. I can't recall her ever being this porno-vocal before, but it's really not attractive to me. She gives a cock grinding lap dance move and bounces like a maniac, her beautiful bod shot nicely*. She gets tossed to the floor and spoon fucked into oblivion,enjoying her light choking.

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Katrina Jade

Toni takes her through a bunch of sex-positive tie positions, spinning her around on the chair or the floor at his will, and using her pussy as his own personal jerk off tool. She seems to love it and finishes him off by pressing her nose into his pubes, drooling and gagging as he finally blows all over her boobs as Toni holds her leash tight and Leo stands up to check out the finale. She missed a couple of spooge drops, so she gets to lick them off the wooden floors like a good little sub.

* This scene is shot with a lot of angles that cast a weird "light fog" over the scene that made me keep adjusting my position thinking my screen was getting glare from somewhere. It wasn't on my end. She literally porno-moaned from ding-to-dong. That was totally annoying, and I almost hit FF about 100 times because of those two issues.

** Rope fanatics will love/hate the ropes used here. They are the soft bondage ropes, of decent quality, and they have contrasting taped ends, rather than whipped, knotted, or melted. The ties are quick, useful, and on-the-fly; nothing innovative here.

Scene 2. Kimmy Granger & Ramon Nomar & Ryan McLane (Non-Sex)

Kimmy gets off the phone with Ramon, and informs Ryan she's going to get bound and boinked by Ramon that night. They are both hot on the idea. Her eyes and mouth smile big as Ramon binds her wrists with black rope that matches her lingerie and then Ramon prepares the wireless "squirt vibe".

Kimmy Granger

She looks like she's ready to do a high-end fashion shoot as Ramon clit rubs her with the vibe and her lean body tenses in excitement as he pulls off her top. Ryan braces her leg and Ramon muffles her mouth as she almost immediately squirts all over the leather furniture. His cock is way too thick for her to get much of it in her mouth, but she looks great licking and sucking whatever she can. You can tell how small her ass is, and/or how big his cock is when she climbs on him and makes her ass jiggle like gelatin as she bounces her way to orgasm. "Hubby" holds her hair as she rides to another orgasm, and he makes her thank him. She makes a valiant effort at shoving his cock farther down her throat, and then hubby ties a bit into her mouth and she bounces beautifully all over Ramon's big cock, cumming again.

Kimmy Granger

She puts her body through its paces and positions for the camera, her husband, and the viewer as she gets strapped in for some real riding. Ramon commandeers the action, and Ryan just enjoys the show, helping to hold her in position when needed. She makes sure her husband has a front-row view as she enjoys the fuck out of another man's dick until she can't cum anymore, and he explodes all over her. It's a very hot scene, although I wish the bondage was a bit more in-depth and intense.   
Scene 3. Priya Price & Xander Corvus & Levi Steele (Non-Sex)

Priya Price

Levi straps Priya to a decorative room divider spread-eagled, and her big eyes look at him lovingly as he tells her he invited an old friend over. She looks hot in her matching lingerie, with a complementary collar. She's been waiting to hear that and promises to fuck him so good and Xander gets called in. Xander wastes no time unleashing her big boobs from their holster and playing with her holes. She gets her pussy vibed and he spanks her juicy booty with a leather paddle a bit as Levi sits nearby, fondling himself. She maintains good eye contact as she gets rammed while they dirty talk back and forth. She gets leashed up and dog crawls to a chair where she can suck some dick. She thanks Levi for letting her be a little whore.

Priya Price

Levi holds her arms back as Xander fucks her spit-drenched tits. He holds her leash as she straddles furniture to get fucked to a squirt, vibe in hand. We get good camera angles for this action-packed sequence. Hubby adds his handcuffs to the mix as she horse rides Xander. She's one hell of a jockey, that's for sure. Her hair and face are sweaty, her eyes shining brightly by the time Xander unleashes his load all over her and the couple thanks him for a good fucking. Priya is as vocal in this scene as Katrina was in hers, but I didn't find it as annoying.   
Scene 4. Jasmine Jae & Anthony Rosano & Eric Masterson (Non-Sex)

Jasmine gets introduced to Anthony, her long, curvy body framed by lingerie that matches her hair. Anthony unholsters her giant hooters, with their perky little nipples standing upright. He whips off his tie and binds her wrists, as Eric whispers reassurances to her. She makes bedroom eyes as she whispers back and then deep throats Anthony while hubby holds her hair.

Jasmine Jae

The lass looks lovely as she makes love to Anthony as she watches her husband sit next to them. The men pull her into a doggy and Eric straps her to the bottom of the couch. She and hubby stay face to face as she gets fucked from behind, spouting a bit of British-accented dirty talk. She does some sack sucking as her husband unbinds her hands and ties her feet so she can sit and get rammed from below. She grinds and thrusts and works Anthony into a sweat. She's strapped in a 3-point tie, getting one stockinged-foot licked as She begs Anthony to spray all over her and he pops on her patch. Everyone thanks each other for a great afternoon.

Jasmine Jae

Cover vs. Content: The cover portrays a woman being bound and another guy (the husband) looking on in a seductively lit "dungeon" or other such setting. Nope. If you are looking for dark bondage - move along. Cover is a bit misleading here.

Final Thoughts:  I'm not a Kimmy fanboy, but I thought she stole the show here. She was like the lone sports car at a muscle car show. The scenes are pretty good, they just aren't super hot for the most part. the unintended fogginess kind of ruins the atmosphere and the shot at times. It's as if the team left their UV filter and lens hoods in their other gear bag. The lighting just isn't as spot-on as most productions from this company, which surprised me. The talent is good looking, even if some of them were more vocal than usual in this production. If you are a Hotwife fan, or a fan of bound girls in hot lingerie, then you might want to pick this up.I think the average viewer will be satisfied to  Watch It Online. Just make sure you have some control of the contrast and brightness on whichever device you view it with.

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