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Bonnie Spoiled Rotten

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/4/16

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Bonnie “Spoiled” Rotten

Evil Angel/Darkko Productions

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Genre: Compilation, Bonnie Rotten

Director: Jonni Darkko


Cast: Bonnie Rotten, Winston Burbank, Jonni Darkko, Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar, Vyxen Steel, Keni Styles, Chad White, Ike Diesel, Mick Blue, Jordan Ash, John Strong

Length: 268:05 minutes (168:57 minutes & 99:08 minutes)

Date of Production: 2016



Extras: The extras were mediocre, including a scrolling cast list, filmographies, trailers, a 8:11 minute long popshot recap, and some websites but this allowed for more footage included in the movie itself. Interestingly, there were no scene credits specifying which scene came from which production so I tried to determine the origins of each scene using the company website and the infamous IAFD.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Bonnie “Spoiled” Rotten was presented in the usual anamorphic widescreen the original version of the scenes were shot by director Jonni Darkko for Evil Angel. Each scene used a great deal of light and offered some variety in how they were shot, some scenes looking more saturated than others while the framing of some scenes was not as strong as the camera moved about so much, yet the action was always captured in such a way as to show Bonnie’s intensity and sexual prowess, the bitrate varying substantially too. The fleshtones changed according to the lighting and any filters used but frankly, I liked the look of the scenes here and did not notice any edits from the originals off the top of my head. The music infused scenes were presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital as well, the vocals an important part of Bonnie’s sexual repertoire given how loud and vocal she can be, further adding a layer of appeal for replay value.


Body of Review: Jonni Darkko is a director at Evil Angel that has won all sorts of awards for his stylish shooting. His latest release is called Bonnie “Spoiled” Rotten, a compilation of previously released scenes starring the powerhouse performer who has long been considered the reigning “goddess of gush” in squirting circles, her ability to let loose the juice on demand only one of her many talents. My only regret here is that no new footage was included so your value for the movie will depend largely on whether you have seen the scenes before (I had watched all of them at least a few times) but the nearly four and a half hours spread among the seven scenes did show some fine moments spotlighting Bonnie.

The company website described the movie like this: “Director Jonni Darkko has graphically exposed the radical tattoos, joyful sexuality and geysering girl squirt that distinguish porn superstar Bonnie Rotten. With seven of Jonni and Bonnie's outrageous collaborations compiled in the marathon "Bonnie ‘Spoiled' Rotten," it's the striking stunner's fans that might feel over-indulged. She shoves fingers down her throat, making herself drool, and gags on Jonni and Winston Burbank's cocks, which splatter her face in splooge. A huge double dong reams the adorable, buxom beauty's asshole to prolapsing, and she power-squirts girl gushers. Spanish fuckers Ramon Nomar and Toni Ribas alternate rectal plowing with ass-to-mouth face fucking; double penetration domination comes complete with spanking, anal gaping and waves of female ejaculation. A bowl of Ms. Rotten's own slobber makes her jumbo boobs glisten. In a nasty lesbian date, busty Vyxen Steel and Bonnie fuck water bottles, slather each other in lube and share explosive pussy juice showers. At the center of a three-cock circle suck, deep throating and breath control trash Bonnie's make-up - she spits the dudes' loads into a glass and drinks the whole mess! Studs Mick Blue, Jordan Ash and John Strong manhandle the star in a long, furious, soaking triple-penetration and double-vaginal spectacle.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Facial Overload 3: Bonnie Rotten, Winston Burbank, Jonni Darkko: The premiere scene in Jonni Darkko's 'Facial Overload 3' begins with a spit-filled, hand gagging masturbation sesh from the one and only Bonnie Rotten. After some brief hitachi play from Bonnie, she releases a massive squirt, and looks into the camera saying, "I want my sloppy whore mouth fucked." If that isn't a fantastic introduction into this movie, I really don't know what is. The bj eventually begins in a POV format to kick things off, with Bonnie being her unbelievably gorgeous self, hypnotizing the home viewers as she gives some massive cock chokes and sloppy deepthroats. Dirty talk is also extremely prevalent throughout this introductory dicksuck, making for an even better viewing than it already is. The facefucking is awesome in this scene and in the middle stages Bonnie even launches off a massive squirt that fires directly back into her own face, unbelievable. Bonnie is mesmerizing. The scene consists of two slop-emphasised blowjobs and two massive jizz squirts over Bonnie's beautiful face, but there is so much more. Bonnie does her thing in this scene; if you already love her, you'll love her more and if you don't love her yet, you will after this. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Bonnie Rotten is fucking amazing in every sense of the word.(review by Bobby Blake) The company website described the scene like this: “She's busty. She's lovely. And she's tattooed up to here. Pretty slut Bonnie Rotten loves nothing better than a huge, throbbing cock in her mouth, and today this illustrated, young wench gets two! First, Bonnie shoves fingers down her throat to make herself salivate and drool, plus she buzzes her sweet pussy with a vibrating wand. Then she puts her talented lips and tongue to work on Winston Burbank's massive member, gagging on the thick shaft POV-style until he splatters her lovely face with hot cum. Director Jonni Darkko offers Bonnie another hard dick... and another messy faceful of splooge.”


Scene Two: All About Ass: Bonnie Rotten, Jonni Darkko: Bonnie Rotten, the heavily tattooed hotty seen on the lower middle of the front cover, was up first to start the movie with a bang where she hooked up with Jonni Darkko. As Bonnie won all sorts of accolades in the recent award season, including XCritic and AVN’s Best Performer, the expectations were high for the scene and frankly, Bonnie met them. She began by parading around in her sheer orange bikini undies and matching stockings, some tall black stripper shoes adding to the effect. As she twisted and contorted on the bed, she fingered (and tasted) her asshole, masturbating with a large wand vibrator that got her off. Bonnie rubbed out a major fluid orgasm early on (with more later), moving to use a large black dildo in both pussy and ass as she continued her wet solo work. More toys stretched her perfect pucker and Jonni soon helped her with the toys in her ass, soon replacing them with his turgid pecker to find her actively riding and pushing back on him. She gave him a messy hummer and the knob slobbing fun led to more anal, her drool making more of a mess on her face than the genetic juice Jonni tossed there, Bonnie giving him some post coital head and playing with the semen before she came yet again with her blast of ejaculate as Jonni called her “amazing!” The company website described the scene like this: “Dressed in silky lingerie and fetishy high heels, exquisitely inked 20-year-old Bonnie Rotten teases director Jonni Darkko -- fingering her sensitive butthole and masturbating with a buzzing vibrator. The adorable, busty, young beauty reams both holes with a huge double-dong until her anus lewdly prolapses and she power-squirts girl juice in a gushing orgasm. A parade of huge toys stretches Bonnie's sphincter, followed by the director's stiff dick. Bonnie swallows Jonni's prick as well as various dildos in a slobbery session of messy throat fucking. He spurts a huge load of creamy splooge all over her pretty face.”


Scene Three: B For Bonnie: Bonnie Rotten, Toni Ribas, Ramon Nomar: Bonnie Rotten, next dressed as a sexy senorita (complete with hand fan), then offered a more glamorous tease by the house near some windows, the gal masturbating before she interrupted a colorful verbal disagreement between Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar. She rub all over them in her dress and the gist of the discussion centered on how sharing is caring, Toni upset at her initially though both men learned to appreciate her full service attitude after treating her like chattel. They pulled her hair and choked her a little, pulling her back and forth before she settled in to blow Toni while Ramon fucked him in a standing doggy. There was ass slapping and all the trimming as she opened her three holes to the men, her mouth regularly cleaning them off with the same passion, energy, and enthusiasm she showed in all of her scenes. Bonnie was an active rider with great eye contact too, no letting up as the men took what they wanted from her, the gal freely offering everything up as desired, with ample double penetration to suit those who need the ladies to push their limits. The Spanish language used started to fall off as they tore into her full bore too, her own finger poking her perfect pucker when the men were otherwise engaged in her mouth and pussy. Her fluid bursts were not as common here as some scenes of hers either but she directed them better, Bonnie getting a double blast of facial fluid in the form of their sperm before she poured out more of her own ejaculate and sucked them clean in the chemistry filled tryst. The company website described the scene like this: “Bonnie Rotten is gorgeous in a Spanish-style dress and fishnets. The tanned, exotically tattooed stunner flirts with Espanol-speakers Ramon Nomar and Toni Ribas, who choke, mash and feel her up ... a nasty threesome is on. The uncut cocks alternate plowing her rectum with ass-to-mouth face fucking; along the way Bonnie masturbates soaking girl squirt from her shaved cunt. Rough, dominant manhandling (four fingers ply her pussy and she's made to beg in Spanish!) leaves her delirious with lust. The erections saw at Bonnie's holes in a furious double-penetration complete with spanking, hair pulling, butthole gaping and quivering female ejaculations. In a pool she takes a head-dunking BJ as she's butt-reamed. After a thick, double cum facial, Bonnie lubes with slick semen and ejaculates waves of squirt onto the camera lens.”


Scene Four: Sloppy Head 5: Bonnie Rotten, Jonni Darkko: The beautiful Bonnie Rotten is our main focus in the final scene on the first disc, kicking things off with an effortless tease that is bound to have you senselessly stroking yourself into a trance. Bonnie looks fucking incredible as always here, simply staring into the camera teasingly as she prepares herself for the scene that awaits. Action eventually starts with Bonnie giving herself some deep hand gags, nearly sticking her entire hand into her mouth while simultaneously jamming her fingers into her pussy. Have I mentioned that I love this girl? Anyways, before the bj even begins Bonnie unleashes a couple of violent pussy squirts, and eventually jam-packs Jonni's johnson into the nether depths of her throat. Energy is utterly fantastic as it always is with Bonnie; she eventually lets loose a couple more squirts as the scene progresses, in the midst of sucking Jonni's slurpstick like the absolute professional that she is. A Darkko mega-load is Bonnie's reward for a job well done in the closing moments, and the screen fades after she blows us some cum bubbles and gives us one final squirt for good luck. Dawwww. Bonnie is exceptional in every sense of the word, as I go back to edit this review 2 years later my thoughts on Bonnie still ring as true as they ever did. Perhaps the best in the modern era. (review by Bobby Blake) The company website described the scene like this: “Busty, heavily tatted punk princess Bonnie Rotten loves teasing a guy with her enormous tits before sucking on his rock-hard dick. Lucky director Jonni Darkko films Bonnie POV-style as this lingerie-clad cutie gags on his boner, drooling a mixture of saliva and lube into a bowl. Soon she's covered in gooey slobber, her face and massive hooters glistening. Bonnie buzzes her clit with a vibrating wand until she reaches a squirting climax. She expertly deep-throats the director's shaft, guzzling girl-cum, lubricant and warm spit, until Jonni spurts a messy load of sperm all over her pretty face.”


Scene Five: Liquid Lesbians: Bonnie Rotten, Vyxen Steel: Bonnie Rotten, the heavily tattooed brunette babe on the right side of the front cover, and blonde bombshell Vyxen Steel, the gal on the left of the cover, were up together first in what I knew going in would be the key scene of the show, Bonnie’s title as the reigning “Goddess of Gush” not touched since she revived the genre almost singlehandedly awhile back. Rather than just show the couple squirting up a storm, they began with some sloppy saliva antics in a white room, licking and caressing each other while playing with all the right body parts in a heated fashion. They poured oil and gobbled gash, some ass play punctuating the passionate scene that included some solid eye contact to enhance the replay value. Of special interest to some might be the use of large black toys for penetrative purposes, the use of sparkling soda water for power purging curious but fun too, even foot fetish fans getting some love this time. The company website described the scene like this: “Tattooed temptresses Bonnie Rotten and Vyxen Steel are ready for a messy, sensually good time. These busty lesbian beauties slather each other's body with goopy lube, drooling as they probe juicy cunts with fingers, dildos and water bottles. Vyxen and Bonnie gag on a long black double dong, swapping spit; Bonnie's asshole prolapses in lewd pleasure. Their nasty, all-girl fun makes for explosive showers of hot pussy juice and liquid lubricant, until both sluts are drenched in lust.”


Scene Six: She Swallows Sperm: Bonnie Rotten, Keni Styles, Chad White, Ike Diesel: The third scene in the film features the always impeccable female performer of the year Bonnie Rotten, kicking things off with yet another one of her insatiable teases, before some candid talk leading up to the introductory bj. Bonnie is full-go immediately upon the scene's opening, running the show hard as she works her first three stunt cocks over like the superstar that she is. Action continues with Bonnie being her incredible self, begging for the guys to "fuck her up" as they make their best attempt to do so. Bonnie is nonstop throughout the entire course of this scene, and unfortunately it seems like these guys are having a tough time keeping up with her. The scene doesn't suffer at all though; Bonnie knows how to run a scene, and as things progress we see some fantastic trademark 'Bonnie squirts' while the guys torment her with the hitachi wand. Some unexpected sex takes place late in the scene, with Keni Styles giving Bonnie some hard thrusts as Ike and Chad work her face over. Bonnie's face is pretty wrecked before the cum even starts flying, mainly from the insane amount of pussy squirts she continuously releases throughout this melee. The scene ends with Bonnie getting four loads over her magnificently jizz mangled face and a couple of last words from her to send us off. This was a great scene, again proving the fact that Bonnie Rotten can turn anything into gold. Porn dudes; let this be a lesson, you better eat your wheaties on the morning you have to shoot with Bonnie Rotten. She will eat you alive. (review by Bobby Blake) The company described the scene like this: “Beautiful, exotically tattooed Bonnie Rotten, AVN's Female Performer of 2014, looks gorgeous in a net bikini top, garter belt and stockings, but even hotter getting sloppy at the center of a three-cock circle suck. Deep-throat face fucking, head manipulation and nose pinching breath control make her eyes water and her mascara run. She laughs joyfully as her spit-spackled face gets cock-slapped. When each dude cums Bonnie spits the jism into a glass ... and drinks the mess at the end. But what makes the scene really wet are the multiple ejaculations irrepressible Bonnie's pussy blasts!”


Scene Seven: B For Bonnie: Bonnie Rotten, Mick Blue, Jordan Ash, John Strong: Bonnie Rotten, looking incredibly sensual in her cover outfit, was up last teasing in a completely black room (in contrast to the all white rooms other directors use so often), the camera making certain to show her sexy eyes and alluring facial expressions before she entered the rest of the house to encounter Mick Blue, John Strong, and Jordan Ash. The tease continued on the furniture for a bit, her lean hard body sprawled out as a sex kitten in search of some prey, the guys eventually finding her to get all over the gal in no time at all. They immediately picked a hole each to make her air tight, Mick in her pussy, John in her ass, and Jordan in her mouth, but they switched places regularly and gave her some breathing room to blast the setting with her own water works show at regular intervals, even adding in some double vaginal penetration which showed the guys were secure in their own manliness as they rubbed together inside of her. What worked best about the scene was not the use of these particular men but how she poured on the passion yet again to stand out from the crowded pack without the need for a Ferrara, Everhard, or other favored meat puppet (again, nothing wrong with these three in general terms). The resulting energy and lust shown repeatedly on her face just made it better than most, the ending shower of seed directed all over her face ending with her squirting all over, prolapsing her ass, and doing some more active riding with her ass in an over the top manner where she just looked cum drunk for lack of a better term. The company website described the scene like this: “Exotically tattooed brunette beauty Bonnie Rotten looks striking in black gloves and a slave collar/chain. Muscular Mick Blue, Jordan Ash and John Strong immediately stuff the joyful slut's three holes in a wild banquet of manhandling triple-penetration and soaking female ejaculation. The studs get rough with tit slapping/mashing, hair and limb pulling and ass-to-mouth face fucking that produces waves of gag spit. Irrepressible Bonnie literally begs for the nastiness. Through the marathon, she desperately ejaculates multiple geysers of girl squirt! Bonnie's butthole gapes and prolapses like an angry rosebud. She throws her head back as two cocks fuck her cunt at once! Sperm and spit cascade down her body in a climactic circle-suck. Bonnie can't suppress lusty, filthy-mouthed excitement.”


Summary: Bonnie “Spoiled” Rotten by director Jonni Darkko for Evil Angel was a collection of seven previously released scenes shot by the director which showcased lovely Bonnie Rotten, the lack of new material meriting a rating of Watch It Online but if you don’t already own them, this was definitely a collection to tell your friends about as a strokable double disc set worthy of admiration. Bonnie has a tremendous body of work for various companies and directors, her own directing showing a lot of promise from what little I’ve seen of late, my own selection of her “best” work for Jonni not always including these scenes but the movie was a great deal of fun. In short, Bonnie “Spoiled” Rotten was a collection of 7 lengthy scenes from Jonni’s archives that most fans of the glorious Bonnie Rotten will almost certainly have seen numerous times before but if you are just discovering the wonderful goddess of gush, check this one out as a keeper for your collection.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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