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Go Big or Go Home Volume 2

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Randy N Chastity » Review Date: 8/5/16

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Genre: BBW / SSBBW.

Director: Not listed.

Cast: Ling Ling, Stazi, Erin Green, Joanna Roxxx.

Length: 1 hour; 53 minutes

Date of Production: 2016.

Extras: None.

Condoms: No.

Audio/Video Quality: The film played great on my MacBook Pro in full screen mode. It is not letterboxed. The sound was also good.

Overview: Overall, this is a mini collection of four scenes that have nothing to do with each other, other than the simple fact that they involve white or asian BBWs getting pleasured by white cocks.... the men really have no other reason to be there than to be a warm dildo and using the ladies for their enjoyment. There are two men. They each do 2 scenes and are shaved. All of the scenes were shot on one couch in one room. All they did was change the throw on the couch. The ladies are all beautiful and a treat to watch in action. They give a great performance and it is erotic watching them bend, fold, twist and vibrate as they get more and more aroused. The camera pays some attention to their asses, but the real treats are watching their breasts bounce. The ladies in scenes 1 and 2 really look like they are having an orgasm. All of the scenes end with the guy jerking off and cumming on the lady. An annoying problem with the movie, is that when it starts, the first 3:30 seconds is taken up with clips of the ladies getting off and the cocks that will penetrate them. Then there is 90 seconds of nothing — just a dark screen. Finally, at the 5 min mark, the movie starts.

The back of the DVD case has some postage-sized pictures of the scenes and that is it. There is no official web site to visit to find out more about the DVD, see scenes, or learn about the actresses. Some third party companies are hosting it though.

I am a submissive, locked in chastity. So it does not take a lot to get my cock to strain against the chastity bars. Unfortunately, I did not get 'hard' that often. I would have liked the guys to take a more active role. Otherwise, each scene looks like the others and that is boring. Ling Ling

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Scene One: Ling Ling and a guy who is not credited The scene starts with Ling and a man sitting on a couch. She is saying she came down from the North on the advice of Bill to see him as she heard a lot about him. A minute later, he has no pants and she is giving him a blow job ... trying to go down the entire length. You can see how far she gets as her lipstick leaves a mark at the lowest point. 2 minutes later, she is stripping for him, which could have been slower. She does leave on her fishnets and garter belt. She has an ample bosom and he says he wants to feel them. I thought, great, he was going to take control and handle them like a boss. Instead, he lays down again and she continues her BJ and adds a tit job. Her tits are a handful and she handles them beautifully, but he really does not need to be there if he is not going to do anything but lay there. 5 minutes after they meet, he is standing up and getting a BJ while she fingers herself. The scene is shot with one camera and it moves around to get a variety of angles. Some of the worst parts of the movie are when they change positions. He seems to feel that he needs to speak up then and it is with lame dialogue. He does get on his knees to lick her pussy, for 20 seconds, then stands up to bare back fuck, then get her in a cowgirl position, followed by a reverse cowgirl position and doggy style. Soon, they are on their sides with him fucking her pussy while she is playing with her breasts and pussy and moaning to a climax. It is also refreshing to see her come first. He then stands up and beats off to cum on her body. It is great watching her substantial bosom bounce, but the dialogue is lame and the action gets repetitive and boring quickly as he is basically just a human dildo. The cameraman realizes it very quickly as most of the scenes with both of them show her face and his head is cut out of the frame. She does all of the moaning and it is just enough, as any more would have been annoying. This is then followed by 60 seconds of a blank screen and then we get .... Stazi

Scene two: Stazi and the guy from scene one The scenes starts off great with Stazi laying on a couch while the guy is on his knees worshiping her feet. She is in black lingerie and high heel shoes and he is fully dressed. He should have been naked and She should have been dressed. The dialogue makes it seem that he is a submissive and she is a Domme who sees lots of subs. A minute into the scene, she breaks the 'fourth wall' and says hi to the camera. That ruined it for me, as now it takes the scene out of being a voyeur in a sex fantasy that these two have and moves it to just another sex scene. They both get comfortable by taking off their clothes. Nothing special. Soon, the scene moves from a Fem Domme POV to just another sex scene. He asks her for her mouth on his cock and she moves over and starts sucking him. Even though he says there is so much they can do, they do the same things the other ladies do in the movie. She gives him a BJ while using her boobs to tit fuck him. She is out of breath and he is just laying there. He then tells her where to sit while he stands up so that she can continue the blow job. It is great watching her body and her heavy boobs. She can't get down the entire length of his penis, so she also spends time licking his cock and sucking his balls. He licks her shoes and says he came here to please her, but he spends most of the time having her please him. He puts her in awkward positions that look like he is having fun, but also look like she is in pain. It is great watching her body respond to the pounding and rubbing she is doing. He penetrates her in a variety of ways: cowgirl, doggy style They keep saying how good it feels and how wet she is, but he never breaks a sweat. She does a lot of scenes with her legs spread apart and she bounces ... a lot ... to the point where I bet she has a lot of lower back problems. Overall, it was a great idea to have a Fem Domme, but that did not last and it was just another guy using a lady for his pleasure. I'm not sure if she was always having a good time, but she really got into it and gave it 100%, while it seems that he phoned it in for his part. A minute of a blank screen and then we get .... Erin Green

Scene three: Erin Green and a guy who is not credited The scene starts out with her in pink lingerie and him fully dressed... and lame dialogue. But at least he takes control and starts to grab her breasts and suck her bountiful boobs. He then equates her soft breasts with his soft cock. Wait, what? Really? After playing with the boobs of a sexy bbw, he is still soft ... and says so... but then again, his most common dialogue is 'fuck'. Soon, then are both nude and he is getting smothered by her boobs. They do a face fucking scene, but it does not work. Neither one of them really seem to care. He then coats her boobs with some rubbing oil and then tit fucks and playfully slaps them. In a few minutes, the boobs start to show some color. Their scene starts off new and refreshing. But soon it moves into the predictable. It is great watching her and her body react to the various sexual positions, but they are all the same. She does all of the talking / moaning and he is just a giant dildo to penetrate her. He sits on the couch and she sits on him and bounces. Then she lays down so he can fuck her. They do every position where she can spread her legs wide (like doggy style or missionary). It is great seeing her pussy and ass, but the real co stars are the breasts. Then another min of a blank screen and ..... Joanna Roxxx

Scene four: Joanna Roxxx and the guy from scene 3 The scene starts with them both dressed on the couch. Soon, he is missing his pants and she is trying to give him a blow job, but he is so big, she only gets most of the way down. She takes off her dress to reveal that she has no panties, but is wearing a bra to keep her wide boobs together. Soon she removes her bra and she is ready for action. The scene then moves to her sucking and face fucking his cock, but it is more of her trying and a lot of hand job. He then tit fucks her and grabs her nipples. That was a nice change. The problem is that guys spend most of the scene on their own pleasure. He went to lick her pussy ... for 10 seconds and then mounted her to fuck her. This guy did more than the other guy in that he actually paid attention to her breasts, nipples, belly, mouth. But the bulk of the scene was her getting into all of the regular positions: cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style. Another nice change in this scene is that what he says adds to the movie. He talks about how great it is for her to give him a deep BJ, even though she can't. Or while he is teasing her ass, he is talking about all the things he wants to do with her ass next time.

Final Thoughts: Given my comments above, overall it is a good DVD. If you are looking for something with extras, then this is not it. In the DVD that I reviewed, It is an easy menu to navigate. There are only two buttons: movie or scenes.

This is a good movie to watch if BBWs are your kink / fetish. I suggest you start with scene 4 and and then go to scene 2, then 1 and lastly 3..

My rating: Rent it.

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