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Deception (Kink)

Studio: Kink.com » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/14/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Bondage, BDSM, Torture, Simulated Rape, Horror, Feature

Director: John Paul "The Pope"

Ratings Note: This film will either appeal to you, or not. Please see my wrap-up at the end for recommendations on whether you want to spring for this fairly pricey disc.



Cast: Cherry Torn, Veruca James

Length: 1 hr 21 min  (Trailer)               

Date of Release: July 20, 2016  

Extras: 15:55 min. Premiere video Q&Awith John Paul, Veruca and Cherry. Fun facts and interesting tidbits! 14:04 min. Interviews with the girls and John Paul. 15:00 min. Photo slideshow. Peter Acworth (Kink.com founder) Bio text. When the movie ends it cuts right to the director interviewing the girls. This is essential viewing, don't skip it!

Extras Menu

Condoms: None Needed

Audio/Video Quality: Amazing. Cinematography is top notch, but much of the action is filmed using a weirdish filter in post production because that's how things get done in some horror genres. The musical score is creepy, as it should be.

Overview: Cherry and Veruca go off for a vacation at a cabin in the woods. If you've watched any horror movies in your life, you know what that means. If you're an aficionado of horror - then read on. If you aren't really into the genre - STOP RIGHT HERE . This isn't a PG-13 horror movie. This is X-rated BDSM footage that combines "Hostel"-level psychological terror and bondage with up close and personal nudity. There's not much traditional sex in it, but there's a lot of intricate bondage. This film is not for the faint of heart. You have been warned.

If you're still with me, then you are in for a treat. Get the popcorn ready as this roller-coaster ride unfurls. It's one hell of a ride. This isn't traditional porn, so the majority of those still with me can stay zipped up during it. This flick is like "Last House on the Left" meets a good porn cameraman and a serious ropemaster. Again, if you are weak of heart or aren't into hardcore BDSM - THIS FILM IS NOT FOR YOU. This is edge-of-your-seat terrifying at times.

Synopsis: Our two starlets head out to a cabin in the woods for some nature time. Once they pull up, they meet Randy the property owner and he shows them into the cabin and they pick out their rooms. He leaves them to themselves and lets them know if they need him he'll be down at the truck...

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Cherry Torn

Cherry notices there's an outdoor shower, and she feels the need to go check it out before nightfall when it'll be cold. Veruca figures she could use a quick nap after the mountain drive, so she heads off to her room for an hour, at which point Cherry is supposed to wake her. She peeks on Cherry as Cherry lathers up, and decides to skip the nap and masturbate a bit while fantasizing about the two of them.


Cherry and Veruca

She fantasizes about the two of them getting busy in the shower grinding and tribbing. She touches and rubs herself while visualizing the action the two could be enjoying. She decides to blow off the nap and join Cherry for a quick shower, which takes Cherry aback but only for a moment. They both wash up and head inside. After dinner Cherry mentions there's a hot tub that she saw while out for a smoke and they agree that's a good idea for the night. They head to the tub for some relaxation in the chilly air.


Morning comes and the two set off on a backpacking day trip through the forest. Apparently, they have a stalker that likes the scent of their dropped bandana. Soon, they reach the ridge but the GPS fails them and they get lost. Veruca shows off her woodsy skills as she takes charge and makes them a shelter for the night, to start back down the mountain, fresh in the morning. They curl up for the night but nature calls to Cherry in the midnight hour and she ventures off to squat, only to be drug away by an assailant in the dark. Veruca wakes to find Cherry missing and sets out to search for her, only to get knocked out and wake on the forest floor later.

Cherry Torn

Meanwhile, Cherry is bound with intricate rope ties, strung up between some trees, terrified as she gets manhandled by her abductor. He grabs her breasts and fingers her nether regions roughly without a word.

Luckily, Veruca is conscious now and sets off on a rescue mission. She hears the gagged screaming and since the abductor has momentarily left she approaches without the knife she needs. She has to go back to her pack to get it to free her friend and runs off the way she came.

Veruca James

Obviously, that plan never works in a horror flick and she ends up on the forest floor getting choked out and nearly raped in a rough and tumble battle amongst the sticks and stones. Her pleas for help are genuine and terrifying, but they go unnoticed in this serene forest environment. Her struggles actually do work out for her though, and she manages to break free and run off towards the shelter she was seeking in the first place while her attacker goes back to the object he was most interested in, the strung up helpless naked girl. Veruca grabs her equipment and heads back to save her friend but maybe it's too late.

Cherry Torn

Our villain has adjusted his ropework and Cherry is in a very precarious pose now as he decides to whip out his flogger and go to town with it. Her screams and tears mean nothing in these desolate woods and the flogger is relentless. He whips her tits, her ass, her back. And all she can do is whimper through her intricate gag.

Veruca is back on track for another rescue though! She's headed back running and leaping through the woods like a deer in a forest fire...


Veruca James

Oops. Foiled again! Our villain seems to have a sixth sense for danger and this time he's a bit more successful with his subduing of Veruca. She's strung up on the ground and stripped naked so he can have his way with her titties by using a cane on them. It's very hardcore and you can bet her begging and pleading and screaming for help came from way down deep inside of her. But she has to save her friend, and herself....so she perseveres through the pain and anguish that the attacker is delivering in a non-stop manner.

Wrap-up: That's all I can say. The story goes on but it twists and turns and anything I say after this will give it away. All I will say is the whole flick is a serious nailbiter. If you like your BDSM hardcore and realistic, set in nature, or you are a fan of horror flicks set in the forest: THIS IS YOUR E-TICKET Ride. Highly Recommended! This film brings old-school, gratuitous T&A in horror films to a whole new level. This one goes to 11. It's 1 louder.

If you are an average viewer that likes your BDSM to involve furry handcuffs and your horror flicks to cut away when the bad guy lifts the weapon - this is something to avoid. If you are curious, but just a little bit afraid - watch this online: but if you aren't a hogtied.com member this will probably run you about 1/2 the price of the disc! You might be better off buying it, or subscribing to their service if this is the kind of content you are looking for.

This film is not for everyone. I'd say it will have a limited audience at best, but I think both porn and horror collectors will seek out this title for years to come.

Hogtied.com and Kink.com blew me away with this flick! Kudos to the entire cast and crew! Freaking awesome film making. The extras are great, including that interview right after the movie (which some people will hate, I'm sure)! But, I'm a film buff and a horror buff that just happens to be writing a horror-porn review. Hope they produce way more features like this!

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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