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Swingers Getaway

Studio: Erotica X » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 8/16/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Couples, Swingers, Outdoor Sex

Director: James Avalon



Cast: Jenna Sativa, Leah Gotti, Gia Paige, Kimmy Granger, Sophia Leone, Damon Dice, James Deen, Seth Gamble

Length: 2 hrs. 4 mins.                  

Date of Release: June 21, 2016

Extras: Cumshots, 1:15min slideshow

Condoms: None

StudioErotica X

Audio/Video Quality: Presented in anamorphic widescreen with decent lighting for most of it. There are some ambient audio noises heard but it is shot outdoors so that is to be expected. There is an audio glitch with a volume change in scene two, but I don't think the casual viewer will catch it.

Overview: Leah and Seth set out for a weekend at a resort to put some fun back in their lives. It's not clear whether either of them know it is a swinger's resort, or they just stumble upon the right group of people at a nice little hotel. Either way, everyone involved has a good time in a couples-friendly format.

Scene 1. Leah Gotti, Seth Gamble

Leah Gotti 1

Leah and Seth arrive at a hotel and start making out by the pool as they explore the grounds while music plays. She tells him she wants him and he balks at the idea of doing her on the poolside couch but ultimately gives in. Leah is sporting a bit longer hair than I'm used to, and it has some highlights in it which look good as she goes down on her hubby in her sundress. Since there's nobody around, the two strip off their clothes and get busy. Her eyes are big as she gazes up at him in POV.

Leah Gotti 2

He returns the favor by sitting her on the glass bead-lined fireplace and licking her. She gazes hard into his eyes as he fingers her, her body lit by what seems to be a perfectly overcast day for filming. She lies back and spreads wide so we get a good shot of his rod slamming deeply in and out of her bald snatch. She pumps him furiously in cowgirl once they make it back to the couch, his head braced against a wall which can't be comfortable. She leans back and does a circular groin grind which is cool and then gets lifted for some balls slapping against her ass. She stands up and throws her leg over his shoulder which is a very cool position to see. The two continue through a few more positions, ending up back on the fireplace where Seth unloads all over her tummy. They realize they are outside in a public space and scamper off smiling and chuckling.

This is probably the best captured scene of the movie. The lighting is good, there's decent chemistry between the two, and since most of the action is horizontal there isn't many heads getting cut off.

Scene 2. Gia Paige, Kimmy Granger, James Deen  

The scene starts off with Seth and Leah lying in bed and discussing things they could do today. She tells him about a phone conversation she had with Gia about how Gia setup a threeway. The story went like this...

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kimmy granger and Gia Paige

Gia set up a surprise for her husband. He was to sit in a chair in the living room, blindfolded, when she got home, and he follows along. Gia comes home in a black evening dress, with her friend Kimmy in tow, also dressed in black. Hubby is sitting as instructed and Gia rubs his crotch. Kimmy introduces herself by massaging his chest and kissing him. Gia proposes they play "guess who has their mouth on your penis", and he's totally game. They play that game for a moment and then Kimmy stands up to take his suit off while Gia continues with the oral action.

kimmy granger and Gia Paige

Kimmy strips down and starts making out with James while he plays with her pussy. She shows off her oral ability by taking his shaft balls deep as Gia sucks his balls. Gia strips down, showing off her tight, inked, body as she sits on his cock and he peels off the blindfold. She looks pretty as she bounces on his boner and spouts a bit of dirty talk before she tells James she wants him to fuck Kimmy. Kimmy climbs on his face while Gia continues the grinding. The two girls perform some chair acrobatics as they swap places. Gia and James have good eye contact and Gia even helps Kimmy pump her hips onto James' cock, which is pretty hot. Kimmy looks great getting pumped from behind as Gia licks James' nuts. He swaps girls off and on, giving them equal bang time before finally filling up his wife's hole, which Kimmy licks out of her.

kimmy granger and Gia Paige

It's a hot scene. It would have been hotter had it not all occurred vertically, sitting on a chair. Widescreen cameras just can't catch all that high/low action going at once without somebody's head getting cut out of frame.

Scene 3. Jenna Sativa, Leah Gotti

Leah finishes her morning bedtime story with Seth wishing he could have a threesome, and she tries to bribe him with yoga if he wants one. Yeah, that's not happening, so she heads off to do yoga and meets Sophia. They go through some poses, each one's nipples falling out here and again but nothing sexual happening. They agree to meet the same time tomorrow and Leah heads off to hit the shower.

Jenna Sativa and Leah Gotti

Fortunately, Jenna is already in the glass walled shower, which is in the lobby of the hotel, She is nude and looking hot. She invites her to join in and explains that everyone at the hotel is there to hookup and the two start making out. Jenna looks great leaning back against the back wall, all backlit as Leah licks her hairy pussy. the two get on the floor of the spacious enclosure and do some clitoral stimulation with the handheld shower as they prod and lick each other's hole. There's some cool shots of the girls from far away, shot thru a gas fireplace. The shower continues to run the entire scene, which is pretty long, but it's hot lesbian action in a great location so I don't think the staff or guests will complain too much.

Jenna Sativa and Leah Gotti

Damon just got out of the pool and walks in to rinse off, finding the two going at it on the floor and excuses himself but then realizes that one of them is the girl his wife did yoga with. Apparently, Sophia was smitten with her so they set up a double dinner date for the night as Jenna scampers off.

Scene 4. Leah Gotti, Sophia Leone, Damon Dice, Seth Gamble  

Damon and Sophia are sitting at the outdoor area and a huge dinner spread has been assembled as Leah and Set show up. Everyone is dressed well (Sophia looks especially fetching in her yellow dress), and pleasantries are exchanged as the couples get to know one another and enjoy the food, eyeing each other's partners longingly. After a bit, Sophia suggest they hit the hot tub and they all run up to it in a race, last one buys the next round of drinks. The girls run exceptionally well up the stairs in their heels, and get there first. Sophia is quick to strip down and Leah follows suit, both climbing into the tub as the husbands look on before disrobing themselves.

Sophia and Leah

The two girls look phenomenal as they stand in the middle of the tub and immediately start enjoying each other's body. The guys express their pleasure of it with a glance to each other and move in on the other's wife. the sunlight plays across their bodies and faces as everyone does some sensual kissing and touching. Sophia climbs up on the edge and everyone positions for some simultaneous oral action. The girls show good effort in their blowjobs, Leah taking an aggressive approach while Sophia prefers the sensual method. The two then switch partners. The girls get their slits licked and fingered, while sitting on the side.

Sophia and Leah

Damon is first to stick his cock in the other man's wife and Sophia climbs on Leah's guy for some active bouncing. The foursomes positions are well laid out during this so we get some nice foreground and background action well-framed. Leah gets in a doggie position that allows her to access her husbands balls while she gets rammed. There's a reposition where the two girls go down on Seth before lining up face-to-face while getting doggied. The foursome rotates through each other and positions, but as the scene goes on the sunlight starts to fade and the photography suffers for it a bit. The girls end right back where they started, sucking cock to get a load in their mouths. They stand up, turn to each other and share them with one another in hot kiss. One of the guys says "so hot, we should do this more often baby."      

Sophia and Leah
Cover vs. Content: The front cover suggest it is a couples flick, and that it is. The back cover accurately depicts what you will find on the disc.

Final Thoughts: Leah and Kimmy are the fast-rising starlets of the industry and they do good work here. Their dialog is natural and their sexual exploits are caught well for the most part. Gia is a super-cutie in her scene, looking hot in that dress (and out of it). Sophia looks positively radiant, and Jenna gives a great shower scene. The guys' acting is all on par and they give good sexual performances. There's nothing hardcore about this title, and I think couples will enjoy it. There are a lot of heads chopped off at the top or bottom of the frame, and that always irks me; it may not bother you. I'm going to give this one a solid Recommended rating, although it could use some more bonus materials and extras.

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