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My Best Friend's Daughter

Studio: New Sensations » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/17/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours

Date of Production:  2016


Genre: All Sex; Teens 18+, Older Men

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Paul Woodcrest

Cast: Starring Sophia Leone with Sydney Cole, Bea Wolf, Naomi Parks, Karlo Karrera, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, Alec Knight

Bonus Scenes: Bonus Scene 1: Alaina Dawson and Jordan Ash from Cute Little Things 2; Bonus Scene 2: Alex Grey and J Mac from Cute Little Things 3

Extras: Scene Selection; Pick Your Pleasure with tease, blowjob, missionary cowgirl, doggystyle and popshot; Photo Gallery; Behind the Scenes with over 22 minutes of interview footage with the starlets; Trailers for Don’t Tell My Boyfriend I’m Cheating 2, The Cute Little Babysitter 5, Stuffin’ Young Muffins 9; Fantasy Lingerie promo; Company Info; Bonus Scenes: 2


The girls in My Best Friend’s Daughter are all into older guys and those guys are hot and heavy into them. Paul Woodcrest directs this flick that puts 4 starlets in the position of fucking their dads’ best friends and they all have to promise to keep it a secret. Sophia Leone stars in the movie and she starts her first day as Mick Blue’s personal assistant but she doesn’t understand why they are having their first meeting in his bedroom. He tells her it’s important for them to build great chemistry together and sex is the best way to do that. Sophia has always wanted to fuck him and she wants to start things off right on the job. They build great chemistry together and Sophia is left with her bosses cum all over her on her first day at work. Sophia is joined by Sydney Cole, Bea Wolf and Naomi Parks in this 2 hour flick. I recommend this movie. Sophia’s scene with Mick is hot and so is Bea’s scene with Ramon Nomar. Naomi fucks Karlo Karrera and Sydney fucks Alec Knight in scenes that these girls must keep secret. The production quality is great and the chemistry in all the scenes is good. Let’s hope there will be more to come in this series.

Scene 1:  Sydney Cole and Alec Knight

Alec is scheduled to play golf with Sydney’s dad but her dad isn’t home. Alec looks at his watch and wonders where he is. While he waits, Sydney confides in him that her dad has been so controlling lately and it’s upsetting her. Sydney says she’s an adult and he can’t control her this way. Alec tells her it’s because she’s his daughter. Sydney complains that he doesn’t want her to have a boyfriend. He doesn’t want her to do anything. Alec tells her she has turned into a beautiful young woman and he would love to be that special man in her life. Sydney trusts him because she has known him for a long time. He takes the opportunity to kiss her and he tells her she has to promise never to tell her dad. With that, Sydney straddles him and they make out. She swears she won’t tell her dad about any of this, especially when Alec turns her over onto her back on the couch and starts eating her pussy. He lashes her clit with his tongue, making her close her eyes in pleasure. There are lots of close up shots of Sydney’s pussy getting attention from Alec’s tongue.

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Sydney returns the favor by sucking his big cock. She bends over doggystyle to suck his prick and she can’t believe how big it is. She tells him she doesn’t know what to do with it. She makes quick work of his dick, lubing it up with her spit. She lies on her back for missionary style fucking and Alec works his cock into her tight pussy. She moans in pleasure as she stretches her pussy all the way open with deep, long strokes. Alec is fucking his best friend’s daughter and she is enjoying taking his daddy cock. She rides him cowgirl style, telling him to keep fucking her just like that. His cock stuffs her pussy as she grabs hold of her ass cheeks. She does a pussy to mouth, sucking her pussy juices off of his dick then lying on her side to be spoon fucked. Sydney positions herself doggystyle for more of Alec dick, telling him she has never had a cock that big before. He slams it in her pussy, making her say she never thought one of her dad’s friends could fuck her so good. She bounces up and down on his cock in reverse cowgirl position then sucks him again before getting a deep pounding in doggy position. She tells him she wants his fucking cum and he fucks her hard and fast then pulls out and pops in her wide open mouth. He beats her tongue with his dick and she sucks it again. He reminds her not to tell her dad and she tells him not to tell him either.

Scene 2:  Sophia Leone and Mick Blue

Mick is minding his own business in bed when Sophia knocks on the door. She gives him a hug and says she is super excited to be here but she doesn’t understand why they are meeting in his bedroom. He congratulates her on getting the job as his personal assistant and he tells her that he does most of his work in his bedroom and that’s why they are meeting there. He tells her she is perfect for the job and he knows they will have great chemistry together. He asks her if she wants to start today and she says of course. He starts asking her a bunch of questions, including asking her if she likes sex. Sophia does like sex but she doesn’t understand why he’s asking her this. He says it’s because sex increases the chemistry between them. Sophia is nervous about this and makes him promise to take it slow and to not tell her dad. He says of course. Business is all about secrets. He leans over and gives her some tongue then tells her to take his cock out. She grabs hold of it, telling him it’s so big and she sucks it. He tells her to enjoy his dick. She sucks his cock slowly, jerking it up and down and in and out of her mouth. He tells her she’s so much better at sucking cock than his last assistant. Sophia works her way down his shaft, trying to deep throat his meat.

The chemistry builds between the two of them when she strips down and bends over doggystyle on the bed. He rubs her ass cheeks then turns her over on her back to eat her pussy. Sophia is in full ecstasy from his tongue and squeezes her breast while he licks her clit. With her pussy wet, Mick spreads it open with his dick, fucking her missionary style and making her cry out yes, yes yes! Soon her pussy is filled all the way up and Mick fucks her harder and faster, making her cum. Before riding him cowgirl style, she sucks his cock, licking her pussy juices off of it. She gets a pussy assault cowgirl style as Mick fucks her hole balls deep, making her moan.  She grinds back and forth on his cock then let’s Mick fuck it again. Sophia can’t stop sucking his dick and she lies on top of him in 69 position, sucking her hard prick while he eats her pussy. From there, she gets fucked in reverse cowgirl position and it keeps her screaming. These 2 are working together great and Sophia is glad she took the job. After eating her pussy, he fucks it doggystyle and then he spoon fucks it. Her wet pussy is creaming all over his dick and she can barely take the pleasure. He fucks her missionary style then quickly pulls out and pops all over her chin. With cum draining down her neck, she sucks his cock. He tells her that he knew they would have great chemistry together.

Scene 3:   Bea Wolf and Ramon Nomar

Bea is startled by Ramon when he walks up. He has some bad news for her. He tells her they have to stop seeing each other because he doesn’t want her dad to find out. Bea’s dad is Ramon’s best friend. He tells her they have to end this before they get into deeper water. Bea isn’t ready to give up on their relationship so easily. She tells him that she wants to go all the way. No more fooling around. This entices Ramon. He follows her into the living room where she is waiting for him with no bra on. She tells him he made the right choice as they start kissing each other. He starts kissing and sucking her nipples then kissing her stomach and unzipping her pants. He eats her pussy from behind as she stands and looks back at him. She bends over doggystyle on the couch, Ramon pulls her pink panties aside and starts tonguing her pussy. Bea is hot to watch, especially with her ass bent over. He fingers her pussy and keeps eating it. She tells him she has wanted him inside her pussy for so long. He pulls his wet finger out of her pussy and sticks it in her mouth, making her taste it. Ramon tongues her ass hole too before he stands up and fucks her face. She tries to take all his cock at once down her throat and it makes her gag. He drives his meat in her mouth. She takes control and starts sucking it, leaving trails of spit draining from her lips.

She bends over doggystyle on the couch to keep sucking his dick then she stays in that position and gets fucked. She holds her ass cheek open while he stuffs her snatch. She tells him it feels so fucking good. This is what she has wanted for so long. It’s so deep in her pussy. Ramon fucks her pussy and slaps her tits, telling her he’s going to make her cum. Bea tells him the fucking is amazing and she finally cums as he fucks her pussy in reverse cowgirl position and fingers her clit. She hits her orgasm hard then climbs off and sucks his dick. Ramon grips her hair and tells her let him fuck her mouth. She shows him how much of his cock she can take down her throat then she rides his dick cowgirl style. He fingers her ass hole at the same time, making her squeal and cum again. He puts her on her back again, opens her legs wide and eats her pussy, making her cum one more time. Bea is so happy their relationship isn’t over yet. He fucks her missionary style and she tells him to never take his dick away from her. He spanks her ass cheeks while he stretches her pussy then he pulls out and shoots his load all over her face and tits. She sucks on his cock then rubs his cum all over her tits.

Scene 4:  Naomi Parks and Karlo Karrera

Karlo doesn’t understand why he has to babysit Naomi. She’s 18 years old. But Naomi’s dad asked him to babysit her because she has been partying. He tells her that none of that would happen now that he’s here. He asks her if she has ever been with an older man before. She says no. Karlo asks her if she ever thought about fucking an older man. He puts his fingers down her shirt and realizes she doesn’t have on a bra. He pulls her shirt down and sucks her tits, telling her that those young guys don’t know how to do this. He starts kissing her all over and asks her not to tell anybody. She promises she will never tell. That’s when she bends over she he can pull her short off and play with her ass cheeks. He rubs and spanks her ass, telling her she is all grown up now. She has wanted him for so long and she is excited when he starts tongue lashing her pussy. She is wet already as her fingers and licks her clit.

Naomi bends over doggystyle to suck his big cock and it’s something she has wanted to do for a long time. She works her lips all over his dick and gets her throat fucked when Karlo grips her hair and thrusts his meat down her throat. He tells her she is such a good girl.

She jerks and sucks his dick then hosts it in her tight pussy doggystyle. She keeps her ass cheeks open so he can drill her hole harder and deeper. They go from doggy to spoon fucking and then Naomi finds herself cumming as she rides his dick cowgirl style. He holds her hands behind her back and stuffs her hole, making her cum. She rides his cock in reverse cowgirl position and then lies on her side for a hard spoon fucking. She tells him to fucking fuck her little pussy. Karlo does as she asks, fucking her hard. After sucking him off, she lies on her back for missionary fucking, holding her legs up in the air while his big cock stretches her pussy. They do another round of doggystyle fucking and then Naomi grabs hold of his dick, sucks it and takes his load in her mouth, coughing up cum when he pulls his dick out.  

Final Thoughts:

Sophia Leone stars in My Best Friend’s Daughter and it’s her first day on the job as Mick Blue’s assistant. Mick is her dad’s best friend and she wants to make a good impression. Sophia’s first meeting with her new boss is in his bedroom and instead of filing papers, she finds herself getting fucked and building great chemistry with her new boss. After taking a popshot on the face, she has to promise to keep all their business dealings a secret. She can never tell her dad. Paul Woodcrest directs Sophia along with Sydney Cole, Bea Wolf and Naomi Parks in this 2 hour flick and I recommend it. The set up is great. These 4 starlets all have the hots for their dads’ best friends and they each get into a secret sex session with these older guys who teach them a thing or two in the bedroom. The dads best friends are Mick Blue, Karlo Karrera, Alec Knight and Ramon Nomar and they aim to please, making these girls cum. The flick is done well and the chemistry in each scene is great. I hope this is the start of a new, hot series.

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