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Cum Swapping Sisters

Studio: Desperate Pleasures » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 8/18/16

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Genre: Taboo

Director: JW Ties

Cast: Olivia Kasady, Zoey Carter, Hope Harper, Camille Black, Kate England, Akira Shell, Sierra Simmons. Anneliese Snow, Zelda Morrison, Mandy Muse

Length: 88 minutes

Extras: None

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The video quality is good and quite clear. The audio quality is good as we can hear their voices well. I did not hear the shuttering of a camera in the background. I was very relieved since many Desperate Pleasures films have that annoying sound. There is no watermark. 

Overview: Cum Swapping Sisters is a film directed by JW Ties and from the studio Desperate Pleasures. Six of the seven scenes focus solely on blow jobs. Some of the most favorites performers used by this studio appear such as Hope Harper, Camille Black, and Mandy Muse.

Scene One: Dark-skinned Sierra Simmons and Akira Shell get onto their dad's bed and take out his dick for some shared bj activity. The nice dirty talk by both girls is a turn-on with Akira doing most of it though. Their team work is solid with good slow sucking. There is a good amount of licking the top of his dick. Throughout the scene, Sierra rubs the cock a bit. She and Akira do put good effort into making this POV cocksucking scene quite enjoyable. In the end, Sierra is stroking the hard dick as Akira sucks it a while with good work to make their dad cum in her mouth. Then, she and Sierra share the cum through some kisses. 

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Scene Two: Zoey Carter and Olivia Kasady enter their father's room and climb onto his bed. They want to share his load. So, an anxious Zoey pulls down the man's clothing to expose his dick. She is definitely the more passionate and energetic cocksucker while, in contrast, Olivia puts on a much slower pace to her oral work. In the meantime, Olivia is the one who mostly does the handstroking action throughout this scene. Even though their performance was faster paced than the first scene, it still was entertaining. But, Akira and Sierra's performance was still better. Zoey and Olivia should have had more dirty talk. In the end, the man cums in Zoey's mouth and she and Olivia kiss to share the tasty creamy treat.

Scene Three: Hope Harper and Akira Shell are talking on the sofa. Both girls are arguing that she is the better cocksucker. So, Hope challenges her sister to a daddy blow-off. When they get into their dad's bedroom, Hope applies a much more heated bj than Akira. However, the hottest moments come when Hope is sucking that dick while Akira is sucking the man's balls. Both women put forth good efforts that will make the viewer hard. As their scene progressed on, it was evident that both ladies wanted to put forth solid and hot bj work so they could show off their different styles. Finally, Hope takes the man's load and she shares it with Akira when they kiss.

Scene Four: Anneliese Snow and Zelda Morrison argue about who is the best cocksucker. They decide to let their daddy decide by blowing him off. The two blondes with pigtails provide steady bj efforts. Nothing too fast or too slow here. I did enjoy how they interacted with each other and how they both got turned on by each other's cocksucking work. Lastly, Zelda sucks him off and then, she shares the cum with Anneliese.

Scene Five: Hope Harper and Anastasia Rose want to please their dad by sharing a cocksuck. The sight of their tongues and mouths simultaneously on that dick is very hot. Also, both girls are energetic cocksuckers who create solid excitement. Hope makes good slurping sounds and Anastasia provides good eye contact. They also have good chemistry together. We also get to see their titties. In the end, Hope jacks the man off with both hands and Anastasia licks Hope's hand.
Scene Six: Older sister Camille Black is arguing with her younger sister Kate England about who is the best cocksucker. She tells her dad that they need him to settle it by allowing them to blow him off. Kate gets on her knees and sucks him with a nice steady delivery. As a matter of fact, Camille provides a similar bj technique too as both ladies use a tender approach like when the dark-haired Camille sucked on their dad's balls. In the end, Kate sucks him off. Most of the shots are POV mode, but at times, we do get some shots from the side.

Scene Seven: Tattooed Camille Black and her sister Mandy Muse are sucking their dad's dick. Both are good horny little devils. In this scene, Camille climbs on top of the man for a 69. Suddenly, blonde Hope Harper opens the door and catches her sisters and her dad. The cute girl joins on the fun as the three sisters orally pleasure their dad's dick. Afterwards, the sisters take turns in riding their dad with the brunettes providing the hottest dick riding session. The cocksucking and handstroking action gets hotter as the scene progresses on. Finally, the girls jack him off.    

Conclusion: The thought of sisters blowing off their dad and swapping his cum is risque. When you combine that thought to the performances in this film, you arrive to a good tabooish cocksucking movie. They scenes that have Hope Harper, Akira Shell, or Camille Black are the ones that provide the most turn-on value. They really put on a highly stimulating performance for the viewers to jack off too. These ladies also have very good chemistry with their partners. Watch It Online.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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