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Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger 55

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 8/20/16

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Lesbian Seductions

Genre: All Girl

Director: n/a

Cast: Elexis Monroe, Prinzzess, Magdalene St. Michaels, Zoey Holloway, Alexis Fawx, Kristen Scott, Megan Sage

Lesbian Seductions 55

Length:  3 hrs. 12 minutes

Date of Production or Release: June 17, 2016

Extras: Trailers

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: No significant problems

Overview: If one has seen ever any of the previous lesbian seductions films, and familiar with Girlfriend Films then no surprises and shocks await them in this direct production.

Scene One: Megan Sage and Prinzzess

Scene 1

The seduction setup feels a bit forced and clumsy to put these two women in the same room, but Prinzzess takes the role of the seductress, and Megan as the prey, as with her worldly knowledge she convincingly tells of how sex with boys is very wrong, including condom failure rates and lies of pulling out before cumming. (Note: the pulling out method, as we all know doesn’t work and is deriving from the traditional Catholics’ birth control method). Prinzzess a star of this series, having performed in eight previous films, takes control of Megan’s lessons, starting with kissing, and light touches, before making them more aggressive, rubbing over Megan’s clothed pussy all to awaken her desires. Of course, Megan responds willing and wanton, before long Prinzzess flicks her tongue on first Megan’s pussy as she lies down between her prey’s thighs. When it is Megan’s turn (and this is either going to be believable or not), she does her best to provide the innocent girl, awaiting instructions, and acting slowly on them, but sadly it only lasts bit. A tad more instruction and hesitant could heighten the pleasure. Quickly, enough without words and reasoning the inexperienced Megan, she is on her knees with her face down and ass up and Prinzzess licks over her pussy again, before the switching of positions, and Megan’s aggressive side appears, more knowledge, and understanding the quickness of finger fucking.  They end in a loving embrace tasting their cum off each other’s fingers and facial lips.

Scene 1

Scene Two:  Kristen Scott and Alexis Fawx

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Scene 2

Kristen confesses her adoring passion and interest of Alexis, while apologizing for how Megan previously blurted out the lust she coveted for Alexis. This creates the tension and explodes is a bit of quality rage acting from Alexis, as a woman who mentors to young women, on sexuality finding herself as the object of one’s desires, all of it working to slightly humiliate Kristen, and set a tone quickly for the viewer. Though the scene briefly touches on the confusion and struggle to understand the sexuality, but it is not a drama film or a If these walls Could Talk episode, the threat of calling a father figure to add the humiliation of her freely expressing one selves thoughts. As an adult film the term discipline, arises alerts to a coming spanking, and that begins the next lusty journey to scene two for all to enjoy. Off to the bedroom, and Kristen in bra and panties in the center of the bed, with leather cuffs attached to her thighs, with velcro straps and Alexis pacing proudly, though a brief moment of muffled  sound of Alexis speaking. Alexis makes the fantasies that Kristen has into stark realties, ordering her to her kneels though obeys for moment and tells of how fantasy of them both goes. Alexis portrays the dominatrix very, and aggressively handling Kristen paddling her ass, and it really starts as Kristen calls her Ms. Fawx. Alexis holds Kristen firmly from behind and slips her left hand into Kristen’s panties and teasing but aggressively rubs her pussy while making her recount her desires and how often she masturbates to the thoughts of her. There is a odd ‘jump cut’ in the scene, less than a second, but enough for this reviewer to rewind to check, and it does occurring, likely an issue with the camera operator, as everything seems in place, and the action never stops. This scene makes the DVD a worthwhile revisiting, and definitely shows the power that Alexis can administrate to a submissive woman, she never losing the power position. Without revealing the scene too much, as one need to enjoy it for them, it has Alexis giving Kristen a tongue- lashing on Kristen’s pussy and up to her ass, all from behind, and right back to the teasing torture of words, nipple twisting, and domination.  

Scene 2

Scene Three: Elexis Monroe, Magdalene St. Michaels

Scene 3

This scene, feels misplaced, it has no connection to the previous ones, some other reviewers suggest that it’s from Girlfriends Films’ Vault; and that is confirmed by this reviewer, it is also scene three from Imperfect Angels: Episode 2 (2008). Magdalene portrays a divorced woman, who has Elexis assisting her in setting up the house and transitions to Elexis in a hall, asking about her preference for women, while Magdalene dresses in the bathroom, confessing lesbian desires. All very innocent, discussing the bi-curious and bisexual seeds, the masturbating to women in magazine but loving men, and led to Magdalene divorcing her husband cause the seed of passion for women. It shows and speaks about not right to lie to yourself but who you are, and thereby cast turmoil to others, fret not the scene transitions to a pleasant fuck session soon enough. Magdalene invites Elexis into her web, and speaks to her about the curiosity she has for women, and deep buried passion to explore this other suppressed side of her. Enforcing the efforts of touching and kissing Magdalene controls the tempo early and moves them onto the bed rather quickly it is a slow developing scene, which shows, that eroticism taking the time rise pays off very well. While quickness works sometimes, but the build-up in these scenes heightens the overall passion for the women and provides the viewer a lesson to understand the desire to keep everything a steady pace, making the moment last longer with more intense payoff by the end.

Scene 4

Scene Four: Prinzzess, Zoey Holloway

Scene 4

Again, as in scene three, this combination, holds no connection to the first two of the movie, and is again suggested to be another clip from a different, however this time no discovery can result in that claim being correct or false. Prinzzess and Zoey discuss the breakup of Zoey’s marriage and it quickly leads to a lesbian moment, the seduction does materialize well, it feels all too natural. Their discussion of touch follows all the natural moments, and required position, as Prinzzess lusts for the older and mature, reluctant Zoey, hence, the seducer actually is Prinzzess rather than Zoey, yet they make the scene work nicely. A very nice moment occurs as Zoey finds herself briefly gagged with Prinzzess’ panties and partially blindfolded, as she teased and caressed slowly, with soft touches and licks to her pussy and nipples. However, scene four includes shaky lightning, bad framing at moments, and off camera noise, though not enough to distract but all of it hinders the enjoyment of the scene.

Scene 4

Summary: This film is the first one in the series that this reviewer ever saw, and scene two was definitely one revisited twice, it makes the whole DVD worth the price of admission, and Prinzzess does two very nice scenes additional. Everyone delivers solid performances, and work well with their counterparts, giving a good film for the fans of the series and girl-on-girl lustful acts, masterpiece no, solid quality yes.


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