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Teenage Blow Dolls

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 8/21/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Director: N/A

Chapters 1 & 2

Cast: Nora, Arianna, Harper, Aaliyah (none of the men named)

Chapters 3 & 4

Length: 1 hrs. 33 mins.

Date of Production or Release: August 10, 2016

Extras: Trailers

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: No significant problems

Overview: The title does truly summarized the story, and with that is very erotic arousing, though no words pass between these women lips, though cock definitely does, besides if a picture is worth a thousand words, then this film allows for thousand images to flood the mind.

As stated previously no words are uttered, though it has foreign tinge to it (for briefest moment it sounds as if someone spoke but could not confirmed who and whether it was on set or from the crew) and the male actors are just there for their manhood.

Scene One: Nora

Scene 1

It starts with Nora admiring herself in the mirror, in fishnet lingerie and a man comes up from behind and turning her to him, and he tongues her nipples through the lingerie, quickly switching to him sitting on a bed and she kneels to kiss first, but then delivering an exquisite blowjob, just as promised in the title. Nora strokes gently having him grow larger in her hands, and provide exceptional eye contact, showing her desire to please and pleasure as she licks in a slow at first but quickens the pace to a fine tempo, with a mixture of kisses on his cock. They switch to Nora standing and the guy kisses her left inner thigh and the tongues her pussy aggressively, the camera drifts to her facial reaction before returning to him. She then adjusts to fucking him on top, no words, just the sounds of fucking. This continues in various positions including a ridiculous and unorthodox standing fuck, which last mere seconds, showing how unconventional and disinterest to both in the moment. A little play from them in front of the mirror though would have been nice, however Nora returns to her kneels to lick the underside of his cock and equally savor her own pussy juice lingering over his cock. The entire scene is deeply fucking nice, and delivers a solid opening for the film.  

Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene Two:  Arianna

Scene 2

Adrianna kisses a man while he stands with his shirt off, and his jeans down, as the camera pulls back to show more of them, she then positions herself on to her hands and knees at the end of a bed, to suck his cock as he throat fucks her, but no throat gagging. He holds her hair and reaches back to rub her ass, while Adrianna’s lips glued to his cock, before tonguing his balls and cock. She then moves as he changes to the rear of her body, with her face down and ass up, so he may finger fuck and tongue her beautiful pussy paying close attention to her clit. She returns to her hands and knees as he teases with his cock against her pussy, and change in position with her on her back and deep hard fucking and thrusting his cock into her pussy. The entire scene as a lengthy fuck session, before Adrianna moves back to sucking his cock on her knees, with strokes at increasingly faster pace and licks followed with a underside tease lick. Her incredible talented tongue swirling over the head of his manhood, while mixing strokes and kisses to the moment, yet keeps a good glance on his reactions. The finishing result is a wonderful explosion on her face and with more of her tongue’s excellent skills.

Scene 2

Scene Three: Harper

Scene 3

Harper stripped in front of mirror before laying down on massage table, a man enters and begins to rub her body with oil and rubbing her ass, thighs, legs, back and shoulders, but returning to focus on her hot ass and slipping his hand between her thighs. The time to linger heightens the pleasure and arousing all the senses, before she rolls over onto her back his strong hands rub thoroughly up her body, over the legs, and up to her breasts. However, avoiding one area, knowing the waiting for the pleasure only makes it better, then slides fingers between the thighs and begins to rub the pussy, on an even pace. Harper kissed him passionately as the camera gave a close up of her pussy as his fingers manipulate the folds of the lips. He then position himself at the top of her head and she reach overhead to stroke him (very different), before rolling over, with her ass slightly jutting up, as she deliciously sucked his cock. He fucked her on her side as they faced the camera, as he pile drove his cock into her, as she briefly rubbed her clit for extra pleasure. They move briefly allowing him to fuck her on her  all fours, afterwards she sucks his cock briefly and then lines up nicely to ride his cock in reverse cowgirl, great framing and wonderful angle and pivots to show herself rubbing her clit as she grinds slowly on his meat tool. A very nice scene, with ass fucking, and the only downside a disturbing loud squeaky massage table, otherwise the passion of Harper excels wonderfully.

Scene 3

Scene 3

Scene Four:  Aaliyah

Scene 4

Aaliyah appears in the same room as scene three, as two men enter dress only with towels wrapped around their waists, they work together to strip her and then her have lay belly down on the same massage table. (Note: the dark hair chest man has a nasty scar on his stomach.) They oil over her body but focus on her ass cheeks, and the camera captures it all, especially the ass cracks and slipping between Aaliyah’s thighs and working over her pussy. They each smack her ass and encourage her to roll over and work over her tits and pussy slowly and yet very erotically. She reaches under their towels as they both stand on both sides of her and the towels of course drop as she takes time and turns stroking and sucking their cocks. Then a very creative shot to provide a more excitement, an overhead shot, with Aaliyah’s head pointed to the bottom of the screen, showing a close up of her nice technique of cock sucking, as they each two finger her pussy. She moves to sucks one of the men on her stomach as the other tongues her ass and slides in fingers into her pussy while he hungrily enjoys sucking cock. The men switches places partake in a stellar fuck and suck session and Aaliyah gives all she has as her two primary holes filled with thick dicks, this threesome work well together giving a wonderful cum filled finish for the viewer to enjoy on repeat viewings.

Scene 4

Scene 4

Summary: First a note, all scenes happen in the same room, noting the production costs to the low end, but the passion of sucking cock and fucking, rank highly erected and wonderful compose screen performance of all four women. Each of them give a solid performance deliver new passions to tongue teasing tantalizing sucking and encouraging cocks to rise to attention, and become cum covered  for their lovers enjoyment.

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