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Wet For Women 4

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Daisy Jane » Review Date: 8/30/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended



CAST: Capri Anderson

         CeCe Capella

         Eva Long

         Lorelei Lee

         Scarlet Red

         Stella Cox

         Mindi Mink

Length: 3 hours 51 minutes

Date of Production: 6/24/16

Extras: Tailers for other Girlfriends Films productions

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: This DVD came with very little information about the specific formats used. The video quality was acceptable and didn't freeze or skip. The audio could have been slightly louder, but it's not a deal breaker. At one point, there is a dog repeatedly barking in the background.

Wet for Women 4 is brought to you by the folks at Girlfriends Films, a production company that touts itself as being “for fine folks with good hearts and curious minds.” While this tagline suggests that the film is tastefully sexy (and it is), it should also alert the more adventurous viewers to the fact that perhaps this isn’t the video series for them. Wet for Women 4 is hot, but tame…almost like “Lesbian Porn for Beginners.” That being said, each scene had a surprisingly natural feel to it and the actresses were realistically engaged the entire time.

The prologue to the storyline introduces the overarching factor that ties all of the scenes together: a box of sex toys belonging to one of the roommates. A few of the objects in the box make occasional appearances throughout the scenes, but for the most part, the gigantic dildos and steampunk-esque vibrators simply serve as visual props. While this cinematic set-up tries to establish a consistent theme, it’s very slow and spends an unnecessary amount of time leading up to the actual action of the film. The initial pacing of the film feels very reminiscent of a late-night soft-core flick and doesn’t really do justice to what ends up being a decent lesbian movie.

Wet for Women 4 is definitely not without its strong points. The chemistry between the actresses is undeniable and they all seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves. The camera shots are long and steady, capturing the true nature of female fucking. The girls don’t jump from one position to the next, but stick with what appears to be feeling good. The transitions between positions are natural and fluid, rather than orchestrated and geared towards simply making a good “shot.” There is a distinct feeling that you, as the viewer, are watching these sexy roommates in their natural environment, having very real sex. The authenticity of the fucking is what makes this a quality film.

Scene One

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The opening scene of the movie shows Capri Anderson seducing a younger, much less experienced CeCe Capella. CeCe does an excellent job of portraying the innocently curious young woman and actually succeeds in making the viewer believe that this is her first lesbian experience. Once the fucking begins, it becomes clear that CeCe is not as inexperienced as the character she plays. She is an eager partner, initially submitting to Capri’s expert guidance, but ultimately proving that she can hold her own.

Capri is sexy, like a young Denise Richards. Her gorgeous blue eyes are super intense and they stay locked in on CeCe the entire time. She does a great job in the leadership role, relishing her job of initiating the action. As CeCe straddles her face, Capri buries her long tongue in CeCe’s bush, showing no trepidation about the less-traditional pubic coiffure. There isn’t any hardcore fucking in this scene, but there is lots of hot grinding, licking, kissing, and fingering (the way fingering SHOULD be done…take note, fellas)!

It is refreshing to see actresses who aren’t focused on the camera the entire time and actually seem to be enjoying themselves. While the sex in this scene is the most tame, the chemistry between these two actresses is undeniable. The moans, the smiles, and the giggles are the real thing. It is beyond apparent that these women truly enjoyed working with (and on) one another. That is what makes good porn.

Scene 2

Lorelei Lee and Eva Long have the hottest scene in the movie. Sticking with the horny roommate theme, Lorelei and Eva step up the action from the previous scene. After admitting that she is rather kinky, Eva submits to being tied up by Lorelei. This is very mild kink (as kink goes), but it serves as a decent introduction for a viewer who is newly curious about submissive positions. It definitely helps that Eva has amazing tits that look fantastic bound up in the rope. The one shortfall of this scene is that the rope trick happens in real time. This hinders the pace and makes it feel like it takes forever for Lorelei to get Eva properly tied up. That being said, Lorelei apparently has a history in the scouts because that girl ties knots like a pro!

Eva remains tied up throughout the first half of the scene, but Lorelei certainly makes it worth her while. Watching Lorelei bend Eva over the bed and lick her ass was definitely a highlight of this sexual duet. Lorelei is a voracious animal when it comes to oral sex and she is definitely in her zone when she is eating pussy and licking ass. The realism of the scene is enhanced by the fact that the women remain intently focused on one another the entire time. Again, there is a feeling of voyeurism because the sex feels so authentic. These aren’t a couple of girls who are worried about how their hair and makeup will appear on screen, these are professional actresses who truly love to fuck and it shows.

Scene 3

Like their horny roommates before them, Scarlet Red and Stella Cox take full advantage of this sexy living arrangement. Similar to the dynamic in the first scene of the movie, scene 3 begins with the less-experienced Stella Cox under the tutelage of the expert Scarlet Red. The significant height difference between the two women highlights the dominating position of the much taller Scarlet Red. Stella Cox is very petite, making it easily believable that she is the submissive student who is eager to learn from the bombshell Scarlet.

The thematic box of toys from the prologue makes an appearance in scene 3, as Scarlet introduces Stella to both the straight jacket and the red leather whip. The VERY brief inclusion of these props has the distinct feeling of having been incorporated solely for the viewer who is newly (and only mildly) curious about fetish acts. Although Scarlet lightly whips Stella a few times, it is like dipping your baby toe into the pool of kink because nothing ever “cums” of it.

Once the action begins, the balance of power between the women evens out. Stella and Scarlet have great chemistry and perform well together. Scarlet has an impressively long tongue and she utilizes the entire thing, tip to tonsils, while devouring Stella’s pussy. Stella’s slim body is dominated by her impressive tits, which she eagerly stuffs into Scarlet’s mouth whenever possible. Both actresses are visibly enjoying themselves (and one another) and the orgasms appear to be genuine. Like the other actresses in this film, Scarlet and Stella remain focused on the actual pleasure of the acts, rather than on the cameras around them. Watching the women REALLY watch one another is incredibly hot. The viewer instinctively senses that the actresses aren’t simply going through the motions, but that they actually like to fuck! Two HOT AS FUCK moments that shouldn’t be missed are when the two women jointly suck on Stella’s wet panties AND when they both lick Scarlet’s cum-covered fingers, fresh out of Stella’s pussy.

Scene 4

Scene 4 attempts to juxtapose the theme of the older woman seducing the younger by putting petite CeCe Capella in the position of dominance over female-cop roommate, Mindi Minx. The setup is humorous, as CeCe parades around in Mindi’s uniform with a bulge in her panties, but somehow this particular scene just seems to miss the mark. From the beginning, the dialogue is extremely awkward and uncomfortable to watch. It feels as if CeCe is delivering cheesy barroom pickup lines and never really achieves sexiness. Mindi’s initial disinterest is hard to overcome and CeCe’s incessant prompting somehow feels desperate. As an actress, it appears as though CeCe is much more comfortable in the submissive role and being the verbally aggressive leader just isn’t her thing (yet?). My personal opinion is that this was a shortfall on the part of the production company, not the actresses. The storyline didn’t fit with their personalities and acting skills, making it either a casting issue or a script problem.

Final Thoughts

Wet for Women 4 is a nice introduction to quality lesbian action. This film is not raunchy or edgy but still manages to have an authenticity that makes it worth the watch. The dynamic among the actresses is the main attraction that this feature has to offer. While the sex acts are rather pedestrian, the women are enthusiastic and don’t have that “dead behind the eyes” look that is often seen in pornography. The level of engagement between the female couples (and not with the camera) adds to the voyeuristic quality, which is a huge turn-on and a saving grace. This would be a great film for a couple who is new to the genre and is looking to start with something non-intimidating.

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