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Can You Handle This?

Studio: Reality Kings » Review by Daisy Jane » Review Date: 9/4/16

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Genre: Straight, Big Butt

Director: ?

Cast:Kate Alton

       Christi Ann

       Melissa May

       Crystal Rae

       Harley Jade

       Remy LaCroix

Length: 3:20

Extras: Despite being called “Special Features,” the extras on this DVD are unexciting at best. There are three options: Cum Shots, Picture Gallery, and Web Access. Cum Shots is the only section that is worth checking out. It contains the last minute of each scene, just as the girls get shot in the face and lick it off afterwards. The photo gallery simply contains still shots from the movie. Many of them are awkward and don’t catch the actresses in the most flattering light. The web access is a joke; it is a still frame with the website of the production company. All in all, there is nothing special about the “Special Features” section.

Condoms: No

Date of Production: 6/16/16

Can You Handle This? is a film from Reality Kings, which claims to have been voted “World’s Best Porn Site.” It is made up of twelve scenes, with each actress in two consecutive scenes. The film easily could have been divided into six scenes instead of twelve because there nothing unique about the scene breaks. Can You Handle This? is a fairly straight forward male/female movie, with nothing that stands out as very unique or taboo. The young actresses have a lot of energy and are definitely engaged the entire time, but there is a distinct feeling of amateurism in most of the scenes.

One of the highlights of the film is the occasional and unexpected change to the point of view (POV) camera angle. While the DVD doesn’t offer the option to manually change the camera angle, the cameramen do a nice job of bringing you directly into the action. Speaking of cameramen, one of the huge shortfalls of this film is the cameraman chatter. Five of the six actresses are subjected to random interview questions from an anonymous cameraman at the beginning of their respective scenes. While this is a relatively common format, especially when the actresses are new to the industry, it is awkward and unnecessary. Watching the girls sit in the spotlight as the cameraman asks random dirty questions and drops depressingly bad pickup lines is not a sexy way to begin a movie. Can You Handle This? Wastes nearly an hour in total making cringe-worthy small talk with actresses who aren’t there to chat.

Scenes 1 & 2

After the initial interview session, where Kate Alton is prompted to talk to the cameraman about her past rotten relationships, she is introduced to her partner, Alex (who sports a manbun and apparently doesn’t have a last name). Right from the start, the pair seems oddly matched. She is pretty and presents herself well, while Alex Manbun is oddly scraggily and unshaven (and not in a rugged lumberjack sort of way, but more in a “I just rolled in after being up all night” sort of way). From a female reviewer’s perspective, the size of his cock does not make up for his distractingly unkempt appearance.

Kate looks smoking hot in her black latex mini-dress and noticeably-wet red panties. Her ass is impressive and she really knows how to shake it when she’s grinding on his cock. The camera angle is perfect while she is on top, focusing in on her tight asshole flexing each time he jams his dick into her pussy. Kate’s big ass is in its fully glory as Alex digs his fingers into her fair skin and fucks her from behind. As the camera angle switches to POV, the hotness of the scene sky rockets. Doing her doggy-style and sticking a thumb in her ass is exactly what all of the viewerss want to do, so it serves the production company well to have included these shots in their final cut.

The problem with this scene is the feeling of inexperience. Kate manages to stay engaged the entire time, but there is a distinct feeling that she is just going through the motions. There is a complete disconnect between her and her partner, causing it feels as though she really has very little interest in him. She seems to dodge any position where she is looking towards him and she avoids kissing or even facing him. She looks at the camera way more frequently than her partner (I blame the manbun), which draws attention to their incompatibility. There is no spark between the two and it is clear that she is not attracted to him. This is clearly a casting issue, but a more experienced actress would probably get the job done more convincingly.

Scene 3 & 4

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Just like Kate Alton, Christi Ann is forced to endure bumbling conversation with the cameraman. It feels like the viewer is witnessing an awkward teenage boy with no game. It’s almost unbearable and I would most certainly fast forward through it. The only mildly redeeming factor about the awkward interview is that we find out that Christi Ann is half Cuban and half Vietnamese, with the ass of a Cuban and the legs of a petite Vietnamese woman. Her body is impressive and she is very comfortable showing it off.

When her partner enters, there is immediately more chemistry than in the previous scene. He is attractive, with a muscular body and a southern accent. The first thing that Christi Ann notices is that his cock and balls are practically perfect. It’s a strange observation to make, but she was absolutely right. It looked like an artist’s rendering of what a beautiful package should look like!

He starts by pouring baby oil all over her tits and ass, which she rubs all over herself, but not quickly enough for the cameraman, who feels the need to point out that they are getting oil on the couch. Thankfully that is the last time we hear from him in these scenes. This destruction of the “fourth wall” adds nothing to the film and only serves as a very real distraction. Production companies should take note.

Once again, the POV camera angle is the high point of the action. As he straddles her face and titty-fucks her from above, the viewer feels like they are right there, watching their own cock fuck her perfect oiled-up tits. Even once the angle transitions back to normal, the cameraman does a good job with staying focused on the same shot for a prolonged amount of time, rather than jumping all over the place. He finds a good angle and sticks with it. Why can’t the cameraman just focus on this instead of doing all that talking?


Christi Ann is incredibly enthusiastic throughout her scenes. She does a little bit of quality dirty talking, which is always an added bonus. She is very adept at grinding and bouncing on her partners cock while she is riding him, both forward and reverse cowgirl. Watching her ass clap as she fucks his long cock is almost hypnotizing. Christi Ann is an actress who knows what she likes and knows what she has to offer, making her a good choice for a partner with a lot of energy.

Scenes 5 & 6

Melissa Mae is definitely the most inexperienced member of the cast. The cameraman asks her about her hobbies and we learn that she is small-town horse trainer. She seems a long way from home, but that doesn’t seem to faze her. While she is clearly new to the industry, she gives it her all. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for in enthusiasm, even with a supporting actor who is rather unforgettable. She has a great smile and big, beautiful eyes that lock onto partner, especially while she is sucking his cock.

Her ass is ample and watching her get fucked from behind is impressive. A few minutes of POV is well-timed, as the viewer gets a perfect shot of her pussy getting reamed, as well as a close-up of him fingering her asshole. Despite the hotness of the POV, the rest of the positions are rather mundane, with nothing to get overly excited about. This film tends to use the same handful of positions over and over again, and these scenes are no exception.

Melissa Mae is an innocently cute girl who clearly seems to be enjoying herself. Once she builds up her bag of tricks a little bit more, she will be a regular player in the good-girl genre. Her big heart-shaped ass and tight little pussy will probably be making more appearances in the very near future.

Scenes 7 & 8

These are the scenes that save Can You Handle This? from obscurity. Crystal Rae deserves all the credit for making this movie watchable. After eight scenes of repetitive positions, Crystal comes out of nowhere, like a sexy superhero, and saves the day…err, film. The lack of awkward cameraman-chatter immediately sets this scene above the rest. There is a tiny bit of a backstory, as Crystal Rae catches her stepbrother rubbing himself while watching her undress, but it is only addressed at the very beginning. Besides, she doesn’t seem to have any qualms about it, as she grabs him by the cock and leads him to her bed.

The chemistry between Crystal Rae and her partner is undeniably hot. They are clearly into one another and are both visibly turned on. The actor isn’t specifically named, but he is by far the most attractive male in this film. He is tan, muscular, tattooed, and very well-groomed. For this first time in this movie, the couple seems well-matched and the leading lady seems genuinely pleased with her partner.

Crystal Rae can be summed up in one word: professional. She is excellent at what she does and seems to legitimately enjoy doing it. She has a great camera presence and is exotically beautiful, with long black hair and dark eyes that remain locked in on her partner. Her long, lean body is accentuated by her big tits and highlighted by her extreme flexibility. She gets fucked in several variations of the splits that seem physically impossible, including a standing split, where her leg is up on his shoulder in a completely vertical position.

Once again, the POV camera angles shouldn’t be missed. When she kneels before him sucking on his cock, her eyes remain locked in on the viewer with an intensity that feels very realistic. It seriously made me wish that I had a cock! It is unfortunate that this DVD doesn’t have the option to watch the entire film from POV because it would have changed the overall rating from “watch online” to “recommended.” Even a collection of the POV moments would have been a welcome addition to the rather-sparse Special Features section.

All in all, this scene is a winner. That being said, I don’t think that it is enough to warrant buying the entire film. Crystal Rae and her mystery partner need a film of their own. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts and needs further documentation! The way in which he relishes her body and her truly animalistic response to his touch makes this particular scene worthy of recognition (and replay).

Scenes 9 & 10 

Harley Jade is first seen wearing thigh-high tube socks while hula hooping on a balcony overlooking the ocean. She has a gorgeous body with a great ass that is accentuated by her grey thong one-piece. The hula hoop is a great prop for drawing attention to her curves and even the goofy socks seem to serve her well. She is a good performer and keeps up her enthusiasm throughout the scenes.

Harley Jade's ass is the main attraction in these scenes, as her partner can’t seem to stay away from it (and who can blame him?). That being said, there are several instances where she is getting fucked, but it feels as though the camera isn’t in the ideal position. With an ass like hers, the camera should always be right up in there. Watching her mount him and fuck the shit out of him is ridiculously hot because her ass is the focus. When she switches around to reverse cowgirl, it feels like the viewer is being robbed of some perfect ass shots.


Although this entire film is filled with girls with great booties, Harley Jade is the one who knows how to use it best. She is the first one who knows how to twerk and watching her ass clap as she rides his cock is endlessly sexy. Harley Jane should be giving twerking lessons in the greenroom to all of her fellow starlets!

Scenes 11 & 12

Remy LaCroix seems like a girl that would be super fun to hang out with. She begins her scene by riding a hover board around the living room in her panties and knee socks, looking like she is truly having the time of her life! In addition to her hover board skills, she is also an accomplished hula hooper (hula hoopist?). While the hula hoop made an appearance in one of the previous scenes, Remy uses the hoop to its full potential, accentuating her ass with every different trick she performs.

Remy LaCroix keeps things interesting by integrating the hover board into various different positions. She twerks on it, grinds on it, gets fucked on it, and even squats down and sucks his cock while on it. It seems rather dangerous, but she accomplishes it like a pro! More often than not, props like this are superfluous and feel forced, but Remy manages to integrate the hoop and hover board into the act in a way that really works.

The chemistry between Remy LaCroix and her unnamed partner is genuine. They have good eye contact throughout the scenes and watching them fuck is a pleasure. Watching them giggle and make out doesn’t feel forced or artificial. A definite high point of the scene is watching him pick her up wheelbarrow-style and support her weight while he fucks the shit out of her from behind. He is impressively strong and because of this, he is able to showcase all sorts of unique positions staring Remy LaCroix.

Final Thoughts

Can You Handle This? is not a film that will stick out in your head for years to come. The sex is repetitive and the actors often remained in the same positions for too long. While the inexperience of several of the actresses brings down the overall quality of the film, the real killer is the cameraman chatter. It is completely unnecessary and a gigantic waste of time. While certain aspects of the film are definitely redeeming factors (such as the occasional POV camera angle or Crystal Rae’s splits), I have a hard time envisioning myself recommending the purchase of this particular DVD. The viewer could easily watch the highlights online, especially if they are interested in seeing Remy LaCroix getting fucked on a hoverboard. If the question is “Can You Handle This?” the answer is yes. If the question is “Would you watch this film again?” the answer is probably not.

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