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Blonde + Blonde + Toy

Studio: Swank » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/20/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Blondes, Toys, All Girl/Lesbian

Director: Unknown



Cast: Misha, Gina, Michelle, Wivien, Sheila, Allysia

Length: 1 hour 35 minutes   

Date of Production: August 1, 2016

Extras: Trailer for DP Envy, Photo Gallery

Condoms: None Needed

Audio/Video Quality: Presented in crisp, clear widescreen. Captured well, with good lighting. There's an audio glitch or two, but since there is no dialog and only constant moaning, some of which seems to be looped or added in post you can safely watch this title while muted.

Some of my screengrabs show distortions. These are not artifacts visible during viewing, I'm not sure why this happens sometimes and not others.

Overview: The title says it all on this one. Eight gorgeous blondes pair up and use toys on each other. I'll go out on a limb and surmise that most of them are Russian, Czech, or Hungarian. It can be tricky to track these girls down via IAFD when they just use one name.

There are four scenes and each scene is broken into 5 segments: Intro, Foreplay, Toy 1, Toy 2 and Climax. You can watch the scene continuously or jump to a segment using the menus.

Scene 1: Michelle & Gina

Michelle & Gina

Michelle lights up a cigarette as the pair laugh and joke with one another while lounging around on red leather chairs as a standard keyboard loop plays. Gina comes over to her for some kisses and Michelle puts the ciggie in an ashtray as the keyboard abruptly cuts out. Gina's wearing a jean skirt and white fishnets; looking mighty fine as Michelle starts licking her ass cheeks and slit.

Michelle & Gina

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Michelle gets her turn, legs spread as she leans back in the chair to get licked and fingered. They slowly work each other out of all of their clothing, leaving me to track Gina by her fishnets as the beauties are so similar looking when bent over. A black vibe makes its appearance and Gina works Michelle over with it. Michelle returns the favor by sliding a gold vibe in and out of her. The two kiss and grope each other, standing and turning their asses to the camera as it fades to black.

Either these smoking-hot girls are both ventriloquists in their spare time or the constant moans were added in post.

Scene 2: Gotta & Wiska

Gotta & Wiska

Gotta is sporting a ponytail as the pair sit on a couch licking pastel colored silicone vibes while the keyboard plays and fades as the action starts. Gotta flicks her pierced tongue across Wiska's clit as she rotates her little green vibe in her. Gotta moans as if to a metronome beat as Wiska does the same to her before climbing into the top position of a 69.

Gotta & Wiska

The two sit next to each other on the couch, vibing themselves; Wiska choosing to insert hers into her ass. They sit there and do that as the camera gets different angles of it, all of which are nicely done. The microphone must be tucked into a couch cushion as their synchronized moans overload it at times, and they aren't that loud. The girls are cute, but the action isn't very hot in this scene.

Scene 3: Allysia & Misha

Allysia & Misha

Big, natural breasted Allysia and Misha are our next set of vixens. Allysia's in a leopard print ensemble with Misha in Red. Both are looking hot as hell as they jiggle each other's jugs. Misha unsheathes Allysia's tits and licks her big nipples and titty fucks her with a green vibrator before working it into Allysia's dual-pierced pussy.

Allysia & Misha

Alyssia whips out a really long lavender vibe and Misha slaps her melons around on it saying "oh yes fuck me". It's pretty hot when Misha does that by sliding the vibe in and out of her cohort using her mouth. The two toss each other around playfully, Misha rubbing her tits all over Allysia's pussy before ramming her with the vibe again. The two seem to be having fun, although there's no definitive orgasms that I saw. There seemed to be at least some chemistry here, not just two hot girls killing time.

Scene 4: Wivien & Sheila

Wivien & Sheila

This pair of buxom blondes are both wearing sheer black outfits and sporting pearl jewelry; Wivien opting for smaller pearls but more of them then Sheila. They smile and giggle as they touch titties and jiggle. Fans of big busty blondes will love these two! Soon enough, the clothes are off and Sheila shows off her great ass by bending over the couch. Sheila has a large colorful tattoo on her shoulder, Wivien sports a black tramp stamp. There bodies are toned and firm.

Wivien & Sheila

Wivien takes off her heels and massages her partner's tits with her feet before rubbing her mouth and nipples on her pussy, the camera pulling in really close for the action. The two take turns standing for some vigorous fingering and ass slapping. They do a lot of tit jiggling and look into the camera a few times before the glass dildos come out for play. I've always thought glass dildos looked cool, and you can do cool things with them, now I know they also sound cool when rubbing against pearls. The pair spends some time in a hot 69 before cuddling to close the scene.

Cover vs. Content: Hot girls on the cover, hot girls on the disc. Cover accurately portrays just what you get.

Final Thoughts: Let's get this straight: this is not going to be at the top of your porn stack being played over and over. But, it is exactly what the title says it is. Two blonde girls using toys on each other. The girls are hot, and they're blonde. There's nothing groundbreaking as far as lesbian sex acts go, but you aren't really expecting that when you pop this disc in. Sometimes you just want to check out hot blondes playing with each other; you know whether or not that applies to you in particular and for that crowd I'm going to recommend you add this to your collection. Many other viewers may want to just rent this or stream it once, especially since there really are no bonus features on the disc.

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