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Babysitters Just Wanna Have Fun!

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/22/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Babysitters, Threesomes, Compilation

Directors: Uncredited



Cast: Bianca Breeze, Dakota Skye, Kayla Carrera, Alexis Blaze, Mandy Armani, Sami St. Clair, Jessica Ryan, Ava Taylor, Abbey Brooks, Stevie Shae, Miss Dallas, Shay Fox, Ralph Long, Scott Lyons, Talon, Evan Stone, Jamie Stone, Billy Glide

Length: 1 Hour 20 Minutes    

Date of Release: August 31, 2016

Extras: Photo gallery

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good widescreen presentation, no real audio anomalies to speak of. Each scene varies a bit in overall tone depending on which production it originated from, but overall it works.

Overview: A compilation of 6 scenes that originally appeared in the "Couples Bang the Babysitter" series. Not having seen these exact titles before, I can't speak to how accurate these versions are compared to the originals. However, I get the feeling that someone in the editing room got a bit heavy handed while putting this title together. The setups seem shorter than intended and there are a lot of hard cuts in each scene, interrupting the flow of the scene as a whole.

Scene 1: Bianca Breeze, Dakota Skye, Ralph Long

Dakota gets caught smoking in the house and Ralph is worried his wife will think it was him. There's a hard edit and apparently the pair have come to an agreement that sucking his dick will make things better. Bianca storms in and is pissed that it smells like smoke but since Dakota's already half naked she figures she might as well get her jet black bush licked by Dakota's "filthy little cigarette mouth".

Bianca and Dakota

Bianca and Dakota

The pairing of the girls offers a nice contrast to the viewers. Bianca is a tall, skilled MILF and Dakota is cute as the babysitter fuck doll. Dakota's a bit overly loud in this scene, but she definitely has a body anybody would be happy to bang. Bianca makes good eye contact with her husband and Dakota does a decent job of not being relegated to the sidelines as the other two fuck. Bianca gets the heck banged out of her in spoon as Dakota licks her titties and that brings Ralph to his busting point. The girls drop as he spews on their faces, Dakota catching the brunt of it which seems to surprise the hell out of her.

This scene originally appeared in Couples Bang The Babysitter 10.

Scene 2: Mandy Armani, Sami St. Clair, Scott Lyons

Mandy and Sami

Mandy and Scott return home and check in with Sami. There's a lot of edits during the conversation but it seems as if Sami has started modeling a bit and Mandy just happens to be a photographer and all of a sudden Sami is naked, her mouth on Scott's cock, as Mandy photographs. Mandy joins in for a bit and then lets her husband fuck the nanny.

Mandy and Sami

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Mandy makes decent eye contact with the others and seems pretty content narrating along as the other girl fucks her man. There's a ton of crossfades in this scene, which takes the viewer out of the moment quite a bit, but Sami looks good bouncing on a boner as Mandy gets her pussy eaten. Mandy's ass looks great as she gets banged in doggie while licking Sami before the two drop for a face blasting, which causes them both to giggle as they get drenched.

This scene originally appeared in Couples Bang The Babysitter 10.

Scene 3: Jessica Ryan, Ava Taylor, Talon


Jessica suspects Ava's been using her toys while watching the kids and the edit brings us to Ava's punishment which is her bending over so we can see her ass and then another edit brings us to everyone getting naked on the couch with Talon finger fucking Ava as Jessica cradles her. Jessica thinks Ava has a pretty pussy so she takes over licking it while her hubby moves down to Ava's ass.

Ava and jessica

Ava and Jessica

Jessica narrates with some dirty talk then slobs Talon's knob to get it lubed up so he can ram it into the babysitter. Talon pummels each girl's pussy in succession while the other girl aids in clit rubbing and tit licking. Ava really gets into her rodeo ride, bouncing and grinding, as Jessica sits on her hubby's face. Jessica really seems to enjoy watching the babysitter just bang the crap out of her husband, but she gets her turn as he just slams in and out of her from behind as she plays with Ava's pink pussy. The scene gets screamingly loud as the trio just fuck like wild animals until they drop for the pop and some cum swapping.

This scene originally appeared in Couples Bang The Babysitter 10.

Scene 4: Alexis Blaze, Kayla Carrera, Evan Stone

Alexis and Kayla

Alexis takes $5 out of Evan's wallet and he's willing to forgive her as he's in a hurry to leave, but his wife won't hear of that. Kayla strips searches her and finds the cash in her panties. Evan tries to be reasonable about the whole thing so they can leave, but the edit takes us to Alexis' mouth on his member with his wife quickly sitting on his face before helping with the cocksuck.

Alexis and Kayla

She insists that he fuck the babysitter as she watches, and Alexis is a bit hesitant due to his size but she allows him in. She doesn't seem comfortable with it in missionary or cowgirl, so Evan fucks his wife in doggie as he kisses the sitter. Alexis gets sidelined at one point, becoming a viewer as Evan pumps Jessica furiously until he explodes all over Alexis' face.

I didn't like this scene, that originally came from Couples Bang the Babysitter 7. I found Kayla's attitude initially off-putting (yes I know it was part of the performance) and I really couldn't get past that. It didn't help matters that Alexis just didn't seem to be into the scene at all.

Scene 5: Abbey Brooks, Stevie Shae, Jamie Stone

Abbey and Stevie

Abbey and Jamie were planning on hitting up a swinger's party, but Abbey's never been to one and is feeling insecure. Obviously, she's secure enough in her own sexuality to discuss this matter in front of the sitter, who admits she thinks it would be hot and she would totally try it. The couple decides to stay home and bang Stevie instead. This scene starts to sizzle before anyone has any clothes off.  The interaction between the three is hot, with great eye contact. Once the clothes get ditched it really heats up as the girls share in sucking his cock while talking dirty and smiling at one another. Jamie starts sliding in and out of Stevie slowly as his wife spouts dirty talk about her tight pussy as she licks the sitter's clit.

Abbey and Stevie

This is great porn. On one hand you have a soft and pretty looking girl in Abbey, with a beautifully sculpted rack and a fleshy round ass. On the other hand you have Stevie; edgy looking, inked body with a tight little ass. Stevie helps pump Abbey's ass up and down as she rides her hubby. The two girls are good dirty talkers and it is very hot as they lay atop each other so Jamie can swap between their snatches. Everyone seems to be having a great time as Jamie spends an equal amount of time jamming them both before jerking off on their faces.

This scene originally appeared in Couples Bang The Babysitter 10.

Scene 6: Miss Dallas, Shay Fox, Billy Glide


Shay is sucking her husband's thick cock while sitting on her bed, with Miss Dallas pretending to be asleep. Once Shay touches the sitter's ass she's happy to "wake up" and suck some cock herself. She's quick to strip so she can sit on some dick while Shay rides face. Dallas fucks Shay's husband as he gets his balls sucked by his wife.

Dallas and Shay

Shay takes her turn atop the cock and she's as skilled a rider as Dallas was. Like the last girls these two lie on each other so he can take turns in their holes. Shay goes back for some more facesitting while Dallas rides actively in reverse cowgirl. Billy decides to slide slowly into his wife in spoon while Dallas licks his balls and Shay's clit. That causes him to pop all over his wife and Dallas does cleanup with her tongue.

Dallas and Shay

This scene, from Couples Bang The Babysitter 9, didn't do anything for me personally. There wasn't anything inherently wrong with it, it just did not appeal to my tastes. Your mileage may vary.

Cover vs. Content: I don't think the cover is all that and a bag of chips, and the scene with Abbey and Stevie definitely trumps the cover. Content wins this one.

Final Thoughts: This disc is hit or miss. Considering it has 6 scenes I'm not sure why it got edited down to such a short running time. Perhaps the original scenes were that short also, I'm not sure.

The scene with Abbey and Stevie was the shining star to me, and the scene with Dakota and Bianca also offers some sizzle. I think I'm going to recommend that you track down the original scenes and stream those online; that will give you the most mileage for your money in my opinion. There's really no bonus material, and you may already have the original discs in your collection, so I don't see this disc as a great purchase for most.

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