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My Son Banged My Wife

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/23/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Affairs, Family Roleplay, Cuckold, All Sex

Director: Mike Quasar



Cast: Olivia Austin, Sarah Vandella, Rio Lee, Taurus, Logan Pierce, Tyler Nixon, Brad Knight, Small Hands. India Summer is featured in the Bonus Scene.

Date of Release: August 2, 2016

Extras: 27:12 minute Bonus Scene featuring India Summer and Tyler Nixon, Popshot Recap. Kendra Lust's Perfect Stroke commercial plays before title.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent capture and anamorphic widescreen presentation of four well lit scenes. Audio is crisp and distinct. No annoying keyboard loops!

Overview: Mike Quasar takes us into the world of cuckolding in these four vignettes. Three of them are actual cuckolds, while Sarah's scene is just her cheating on her husband with his son. Not having tons of experience with the cuckolding genre I can't speak to how "hardcore" the cuckolding actually is in this flick, but I get the feeling it's on the low-end of the scale as far as true degradation goes. It's a good introduction to the genre if you are looking to check into that world. The performers are all top-notch entertainers and the production value is pretty high.

Scene 1: Olivia Austin, Tyler Nixon

Olivia's husband is taking a nap on their bed and she comes in to kick him out because she needs the bed for a guest she has coming over. He's taken aback when his son, Tyler, bops onto the bed. Hubby thinks it's a bit awkward and Tyler agrees as him and Olivia kick hubby to the edge of the bed. It's kind of a funny setup. Tyler starts licking her perfect tits and Dad interjects that they're perfect because he paid a fortune for them; the two kicking him back to the bottom of the bed to sulk.

Olivia Austin

Olivia's looking fine in her red panties and no bra as Tyler fingers her snatch, asking if he can call her Mom. Dad thinks it's weird but chooses to stay and watch when given the chance to bail. Tyler rubs her beautiful body and Olivia wishes hubby would appreciate her like this. The mattress sounds as if it might still have plastic wrap under the comforter as Tyler licks her perfect pussy as he talks about how great it is to his Dad. Olivia has hubby move behind them so he can take notes on how it's supposed to be done. He sits there, dejected and staring as his wife sucks his son's cock. She slips in a few soft humiliation jabs at hubby as she gives an awesome looking hand-assisted BJ. Tyler appreciates that he can throat fuck his whore of a stepmom as her ass jiggles.

Olivia Austin

Husband and wife have a deal in place, and she keeps reminding him of that as Tyler pumps her twat. The fucking is hot and fast, and the dialog seems totally improved; "Dad" doing a good job of staying dejected as the other two suck and fuck each other while smiling. Her body looks great as she bangs her booty on Tyler's balls in cowgirl while humiliating her husband. It looks just as great as she gets banged in spoon and Tyler pops on her patch for her to lick up as she shows it to her hubby.

The husband plays his part well as his son bangs his wife and they thoroughly enjoy it, planning to do it again. It's not super-degrading to the husband, and the fuck pair are fun to watch as they seem to have genuine sexual chemistry.

Scene 2: Rio Lee, Logan Pierce

The camera is tight on Rio, in red lingerie, and Logan as they discuss that it's not respectful for him to fuck his Dad's wife. The camera pulls back as Dad interjects that he's "right there" on the couch with them. He's not a fan of being humiliated by listening to this, but she offers him an out and he stays to watch instead. Logan gets busy with the busty Brazilian/Malaysian (who is speaking in a British accent of sorts).

Rio Lee

-- sponsored by --

She leans her head and arms on hubby as his son laps her pussy while she spouts British dirty talk. Logan is quick to drop trou and and start ramming her shaven hole. Her nipples are hard, and her talk is enthusiastic as she gets shagged by her stepson. Her "Darling" gets interested and watches closely as she impales her mouth on his son's dick. She narrates to hubby as she shakes her fine ass while her pussy gets pounded from below in cowgirl. Rio's a seasoned pro that has no problem switching from pussy to mouth or jumping into a new position while spouting dirty talk.

Rio Lee

Logan chops into her slit with his cock like a lumberjack on meth as Dad watches. Believe it or not, she's still wearing those super-long stilettos that I failed to mention. She spouts tons of dirty talk in her British accent causing him to blow on her boobs.

Scene 3: Sarah Vandella, Small Hands

Sarah's a teacher, and hubby drags Small Hands into her classroom because the kid's a fuck up who flunked out of college. The guys acting skills are way overdone here, but Sarah seems on point. Dad storms out, leaving the pair to introduce themselves to each other as they haven't officially met yet.

Sarah Vandella

Sarah looks super hot as a teacher, blonde locks tied back, red camisole, and a skirt with black garters and stockings underneath. That's all quite apparent as she sits on her desk with an idea on how to get her new son's mind off of academics. She's all over him in a New York second and he's quick to peel off her clothes and check out her epic ass and perfectly round tits. She's pretty and playful, making great eye contact as he goes down on her. Her dirty talk sounds natural and fun as she drops to her knees and absolutely inhales his shaft. Wow. She can work a dick like nobody's business. She gets excited as she asks if he wants her pussy and hops back onto the desk, legs spread wide so he can access her hole.

Sarah Vandella

Sarah is an absolute delight to watch as she pumps all over his pecker expressing her own delight with words instead of screeching or moaning. Small Hands is no slouch, spreading her pussy nicely for the camera and holding her at a great viewing angle. She instructs him to lie on her desk as she sucks his cock while he removes her shoes so she can safely slam her slit onto his shaft. They banter as she bounces, her beaver nicely displayed. She plays the naughty teacher well and looks and sounds fan-freaking-tabulous doing it. This is a woman that loves to fuck, and as a bonus; she looks great on film while she does it. The two bang like bunnies, her looking best when she shows off her doggie-style skills moving from knees to squatting and back while gyrating her awesome ass. The two talk as he pumps her in missionary. She's in the mood to be a whore and wants to drop for the pop and swallow. That's fine with him and she giggles like a dolphin and shakes her head with happiness as it happens.

Scene 4: Taurus, Brad Knight

Green-haired Taurus is hitting on Brad four days after marrying his Dad. Dad walks in on them, returning from the movies because the theatre was on fire when he got there. That's one of the funnier setups that I've seen lately and of course, Dad is reluctant but agrees that he's too old to bag another girl as hot as her so he lets her bang his boy. Hubby watches from another couch as his son strips off Taurus' tight clothing, following her landing strip down with his tongue to her twat. She looks at her husband and tells him how much better his son is than he is, and that she hasn't had an orgasm since getting married. She says humiliating things, but in a very matter-of-fact way as her hubby hangs on her every word. Taurus maintains constant eye contact with each guy, depending on who she happens to be addressing.


She says more humiliating things to hubby as his son throat fucks her and she pulls hubby in for a closer look. Dad mentions that Brad will be looking for a new place to live after this. She bends over the arm of the couch so Brad can bone her from behind as she looks her husband in the eyes and tells him how great it all is. Brad pumps her in long, smooth strokes making her teeth clench and her breathing get shallow as she cums all over his cock. Taurus mounts Brad and bounces her round ass on his boner. She holds her butt cheeks open for the camera as she gets hammered from below. The two bang in a couple more positions, the humiliating banter continuing until Taurus is ready to let Brad cum and drops to work his cock with both hands while sucking his tip; her eyes never leaving his as she begs for him to blast.


IAFD only has 17 credits as of this writing for Taurus. If she isn't on your radar and you like your girls built for comfort, sporting lots of ink, and bright hair colors you definitely need to check her out. She's a natural onscreen. I'm glad to see she's starting to do more titles as of late.

Bonus Scene: India Summer, Tyler Nixon

India Summer

India narrates while she feels bad for her recently broken hearted stepson. She has to figure out a way to rebuild his confidence. Of course that plan involves seducing him as she gently wakes him from a nap as a soft soundtrack plays in the background. She looks as sexy as always as she slowly peels off her clothes, lying back on his bed wearing a white and black lingerie ensemble. The two have great chemistry, and the dialog is perfectly natural and well-acted as they kiss sensually while he plays with her tan-lined tits and rubs her crotch through her panties. He goes down between her legs to lick her softly and that's when she loses the sensual MILF persona and goes into dirty-talking slut mode.

India Summer

She spreads her legs wide for the camera as he gets his pants off and then she slinks down to his sac. She gurgles and slurps as she shows off her oral skills while talking dirty. She needs some dicking and squats over his cock in reverse cowgirl. She grinds and bounces, once again reminding us why she has won MILF of the year multiple times. She turns sideways during a doggie-style drilling, one leg in the air, and asks for her hair to be pulled as Tyler fucks her. I'm pretty sure Tyler almost busted during that, but these performers don't miss a beat as they change the position and rhythm in perfect synchronization. He hammers her hard, stopping to lick her hole a couple of times before jamming back into her. This has gone from a sensual confidence rebuild to an all out fuck session between two great performers. It's hot when he gets ready to cum and she tells him to just splatter her wherever he wants. She's one of the best dirty talkers in the biz, and don't be surprised when she gets nominated for multiple awards again this year! This scene is totally hot, not like many "bonus scenes" that are nothing more than a clip a studio might have been trying to figure out what to do with.

Cover vs. Content: The cover features Olivia and Tyler, along with hubby but it gives you no indication of just how hot this disc is going to be. Content blows the cover away on this title!

Final Thoughts: Wow. This title delivers the goods! The acting is good, if a bit over-the-top at times. It has some humor in it, and is fun to watch. If the idea of cuckolding isn't your cup of tea, you may want to downgrade my rating, but I'd say that most viewers will definitely want to put this on their shelf. Highly Recommended for having a high production value and for featuring four hot female performers paired with guys that can give them the cock they are craving.

Olivia Austin is listed as the star on the cover, but I'm sure there was a discussion at some point on who should get that honor. Maybe they rolled dice to pick? It had to be a hard call, I'm sure. Olivia delivers the most humiliating cuckolding in the flick, but Sarah knocks her scene out of the park! Rio and Taurus turn in great performances right along with them! India's bonus scene puts this disc at the top of my list. This disc is hot from start to finish. Had the studio tossed in a BTS segment I would've gone a step higher with my rating but again, I'll remind you that you need to pick up this disc if you are into the genre. It will probably cost you the same amount of cash to watch this online (if you don't have a subscription plan) as it will to grab the disc and own it which gives you the great India Summer Bonus.

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