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Polyamory 2

Studio: Erotica X » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/3/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Couples, Romance, Polyamory

Director: James Avalon



Cast: Ana Foxxx, Pepper XO, Cece Capella, Elle Alexandra, Valentina Nappi, Seth Gamble, James Deen

Length: 2 hours 10 minutes    

Date of Release: July 20, 2016

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Slideshow

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in HD and presented in anamorphic widescreen. very brightly lit scenes and the audio is clear.

Overview: Valentina and Elle are in a polyamorous lesbian relationship and Valentina introduces the concept to Seth and assures him it is okay if they make love as long as she's honest with Elle about it. Later, Seth will introduce that concept to his longtime female friend Cece. The two have obvious feelings for each other and she can't wait to act on them now that she knows it's okay with his new girlfriend. In a separate storyline James and Pepper are both hot for Ana and they just want to share her with each other.

Scene 1: Valentina Nappi, Seth Gamble

Valentina Nappi

Seth and Valentina are in a well-appointed white room that is flooded with light in normal James Avalon fashion. They are discussing that she has a girlfriend and that it is okay, he can have a girlfriend that has a girlfriend if he plays his cards right. They move to a large white couch for the action.

Valentina Nappi

Seth starts out by licking the brunette babe's box for a bit and they move into doggie. They make good eye contact and kiss each other regularly as he humps her from behind, her natural boobs bouncing with each thrust. Fans of curvy women will like the views they get when she climbs on to ride; camera shots switching between close, mid, and far viewpoints. He picks her up for a moment of standup sex and then finger fucks her quickly, her reciprocating with a blowie before he pumps her in spoon. He holds her tightly as he jams her energetically. They break for a blowjob which he really seems into as she works her hand on his shaft as she nuzzles his nuts and licks his tip. She climbs back on to slap her butt against his balls, which is shot from two directions one of which is facing into the large bright window. That window is also the backdrop for the next position which is standing, her pinned to a large column, leg over his shoulder. She takes time to perform some more oral on him and slide his rod between her boobs before they finish the deed in missionary while staring into each other's eyes. The kissing and cuddling afterwards lets us know that this is more than a one time thing.

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This scene is really brightly lit, overly so in my opinion. The flesh tones were on the verge of being washed out; I adjusted for that with a bit of gamma and contrast correction.

Scene 2: Valentina Nappi, Elle Alexandra

Elle & Valentina

Valentina walks to Elle's house in the rain, and Elle wants to hear how her visit to Seth's house went and they kiss a bit as they share a moment of girl talk. They are sitting on a silver vinyl(?) sofa which looks like a prop from a sci-fi movie and squeaks with every movement. They make out for a bit and then Valentina licks her girlfriend's slit softly, playfully motorboating her mound. Valentina's eyes stay focused on her partner's, who really seems to be liking the oral attention. That oral action gets more intense and Elle demands Valentina take her clothes off and then spends some time kissing Valentina's voluptuous body. She slides to the floor so she can access her lover's hole for some licking action of her own.

Elle & Valentina

Elle's red hair shines in the sunlight as the pair rotate through a few positions as they lick and love on one another. Valentina appears to get satisfied by Elle's efforts, and Elle smiles a lot as she sits on the back of the couch watching her girlfriend intently as the cunnilingus continues. The sun has dropped just a bit in the sky and the scene takes on some more saturation at this point, which is welcomed by me. The girls are presented in a much more flattering light. They cuddle and caress as the curtain closes on the scene.

Scene 3: Ana Foxxx, Pepper XO, James Deen

Ana & Pepper

The trio is sitting on a white couch, in a massive white room. Pepper's eyes sparkle as she comes right out and asks Ana if she's ever been with a woman before. Ana smiles brightly back at her as she answers in the affirmative and the group agrees that they are all into the idea of sharing some fun stuff with each other. Given that cue, the couple get right to work sandwiching Ana in between them as James gets rid of Ana's dress. Ana and Pepper work Pepper out of her outfit too and the trio becomes entangled with one another. James offers up his wife's pussy to Ana who dives right in as James buries his own face in Ana's pretty black booty. He has Ana mount his wife so he can play with both of their pussies at the same time. That only lasts a moment as Pepper wants some pussy and Ana wants some dick.

Ana & Pepper

She begs Pepper for her husband's cock and gets granted permission. Ana gets busy giving head while Pepper pulls her head back and forth and then helps her out. Pepper leans over the couch so she can get fucked from behind and licked from below. Ana does a good job switching between whose bits she is licking as she rubs her own clit. Her tight little body looks good as she takes her turn riding some rod while Pepper rides face. The girls share a blowjob as Pepper sits atop a 69 and then Ana fucks James feverishly as she helps lick Pepper's pussy. Ana shows off her adaptability as she licks both of her playmates while Pepper rides in reverse cowgirl. James takes the ladies through one more turn apiece, Ana having what seems like an intense orgasm as Pepper tells James she wants to see him cum all over Ana. He blasts the entire length of Ana's body as he kisses his wife. The trio is all smiles as the scene fades.

Scene 4: Cece Capella, Seth Gamble

Cece Capella

Cece looks longingly at Seth and lays her head in his lap as she asks how this thing with Valentina works. He doesn't quite take the hint so she puts it more bluntly that she wants to have sex with him. Once he's sure this is what she wants they both get topless and then she wriggles off her lacy skirt to reveal her long, lean body. Seth's obviously wanted to do his friend for a while now and gets his face right into her gash. They stare into each other's eyes as he laps her as she grips her thighs; her blue fingernail polish matching the throw pillow exactly. She reciprocates by bobbing on his knob and then climbing on to bounce a bit. She holds her ass cheeks as she watches her hole slide up and down on his shaft.

Cece Capella

This is easily the most fervent fucking in the movie. She rubs her clit as he rams her in missionary while she lies on the arm of the couch. Their faces are pressed together as he pounds in and out. The two seem to be having a ton of fun as she drops for some more dick sucking, her eyes locked on his. Now that Seth has moved out of The Friend Zone; he fucks his gal pal as hard as he can in as many positions as he can. Her body looks especially inviting as he slams her in a modified spoon. I think she's the only girl in the flick that actually does some dirty talking as she gets taken by her new fuck buddy. She finds it totally awesome as he pops all over her and she does a bit of cleanup on his cock as they cuddle with her covered in cum.

Final Thoughts: James Avalon takes us into the world of Erotica for couples. This title is about Polyamory, not swinging. If you are looking for some hardcore lesbian or threeway action, this is not the title for you at all.

James presents this polyamorous story in his standard fashion, in brightly lit white environments. I usually like that high key type of photography/cinematography, but this time it seemed overly bright to me and I found that distracting. His usual team works the cameras and editing with surgical precision, and I'm pretty sure all of the performers here are regulars on his sets too. The acting is believable, and the storylines get setup within about 30 seconds as each scene starts. This level of precision has one drawback; it seems almost clinical in the execution. While the performers seem to have some connection with each other there just never seems to be a true spark that gives the scene life. I think couples that are just getting their feet wet watching porn together may enjoy it, and for that crowd I would say rent this or stream it online. I'm not sure it has much replay value in it, and since it doesn't have any extras to speak of on the disc I can't say anyone should add this title to their permanent collection.

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