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Nacho's Young Latinas

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/3/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 41 minutes

Date of Production:  2016



Genre: Gonzo; Latin; Teens 18+; Anal; Big Cock

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Nacho Vidal

Cast: Starring Frida Sante, Francys Belle, Melody Petite, Zoe Doll, Medusa

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Popshot Recap


Spanish gonzo performer and director Nacho Vidal fucks 5 beautiful babes only the way Nacho can in his flick Nacho’s Young Latinas. In his fiery style, Nacho shares with us his messy fuck sessions in his apartment as girl after girl drops by for a big cock pounding. The flick stars Latina starlets Frida Sante, Francys Belle, Melody Petite, Zoe Doll and Medusa. Nacho has picked some of the hottest and youngest starlets on the market for this 2 hour and 41-minute pussy expose that leaves his co-stars creaming and cumming. I recommend this movie. There are no frills in this flick as it features nothing but hot Latina pussy getting smashed by Nacho’s big stick. Newbie Medusa, a hot Spanish babe is featured in the last scene of the flick and she is a brunette bombshell who gets wet once Nacho stuffs her hole.  He is excited to fuck Mexican starlets Melody and Frida and he stretches Zoe’s tight pussy until it accepts every inch of his dick. Every scene has some POV action that puts the pussies full screen as they get pounded. The production on each scene is simple but each girl is lit and shot well and is enjoying every aspect of getting fucked by Nacho.

Scene 1:  Melody Petite and Nacho Vidal

Nacho opens his flick fucking 18-year-old Melody Petite. He decides to hold the camera himself for this scene and tells us to enjoy watching him fuck her. Melody is hungry and horny for cock and she interrupts Nacho’s opening lines by saying that she wants dick. She reaches into his pants for his hard cock but Nacho makes her wait. He plays with her lips and starts kissing her. The camera is zoomed in close on Melody, showing us her body up close. When she pulls down her top and starts spitting on her nipples, we get a close up view. Nacho fingers her mouth then spanks her nipples hard, turning her on and making her eyes roll back into her head. She turns around and leans up against the bookshelf, showing her ass for the camera. He spanks and squeezes her ass cheeks the orders her to pulls her panties off so he can see her pussy. He fingers her pussy from behind as she stands up leaning against the bookshelf. Her pussy is wet and waiting for his hard cock. Nacho sets up the camera then goes back over to Melody and starts eating her pussy from behind. She is still standing up and he sits on the floor, burying his face in her snatch. His cock is hard and ready for her hole and it penetrates it from behind, keeping her in standing doggy position. He finally works his cock into her tight pussy, making her moan with her mouth gaping open. Once his cock gets in her hole, he picks up the pace, fucking her faster and faster and harder and harder, keeping her in pleasure.

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The standing doggy is in full force now as Nacho’s big hard cock disappears in her tight gash. He slaps her face and grips her around the neck, giving her the rough sex she enjoys. He falls back onto the bed on his back, quickly positioning her in reverse cowgirl position. He continues to pump her wet pussy, gripping and squeezing her tits. Melody’s eyes roll back in her head as he fingers her clit while keeping his cock stuffed in her pussy. She plays with her pussy for a few minutes while he leaves the room. When he comes back, she is positioned on all fours on the bed, ready and waiting for him. He buries his face between her ass cheek and eats her pussy, licking and spitting all over it, making it drip. She sucks his cock voraciously then sits on his dick cowgirl style. This time, Nacho has his cameraman filming the action as the 18-year-old starlet grinds back and forth on his dick. The camera zooms in close on Melody’s snatch as it devours his cock. Nacho takes control again, plowing her pussy hard then positioning her on top to ride his dick stick some more. She sits on his face for a tongue lashing of her pussy then Nacho gives her a hard finger bang that makes her squirt all over the bed. He fills her hole again with his thick meat, fucking her missionary style this time. The finger banging and tongue stabbing continue on her pussy before Nacho drills it open again with his cock. She begs him to give her more and more cock as Nacho transitions to a doggy bang, stuffing her hole all the way full with his cock. A downward doggy fuck makes her scream even louder before Nacho spoon fucks her pussy balls deep. The spoon fucking gets intense and after a hard and fast round, Nacho pulls his cock out of her pussy and pops all over her tits. He grabs her by the hair and leads her into the shower where her runs the ball water all over her. She drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock and licking his balls.  

Scene 2:  Francys Belle and Nacho Vidal

Nacho has been partying all night and when he wakes up he is happy to see the beautiful Brazilian babe Francys Belle in his house and horny. He starts kissing her and gripping her ass cheeks as they stand in the living room. Francys rubs his cock in his pants, making it hard. Nacho wastes no time pulling his big hard cock out of his pants and fucking her thighs as she stands with her body pressed up against his. She loves the feeling then drops to her knees, spits on his dick and starts sucking it. She works on his head first, jerking it in and out of her mouth and wetting it all over. She moans as his cock pries her mouth open when Nacho pushes it down her throat. She gags loudly as he sends his meat to the back of her throat. When she takes his dick out of her mouth, she gaps for air then puts it back down her throat. This time, Nacho holds her head and fucks her face, forcing his cock in her mouth. She stands up and he fingers her pussy from behind then fucks her in standing doggy position. She yells si, si, si as his dick stretches her pussy. Francys screams louder and louder now as Nacho starts pumping her hole harder and faster from behind. He grips her around the neck, driving her crazy as his cock plows her pussy.

She bends over for more doggystyle fucking. Nacho stops fucking her to eat her wet pussy then introduces his cock to her hole again, stuffing it all the way in. Soon, he stuffs his finger in her ass hole while he fucks her doggystyle, sending her to ecstasy. She climbs on top of his tower cowgirl style and rides his dong, grinding back and forth on it, pleasuring herself. The camera zooms in close on Francys’ pussy as it hosts Nacho’s mega meat balls deep. Francys is enjoying his cock, grinding and fucking it hard, making herself cum over and over again. We get a front on POV perspective as Francys bounces up and down on his dick, ending her ride in another orgasm. He lies her on her back and fucks her missionary style, drilling her as she should more, more more! All the pumping makes her cum again. He leads her upstairs to his bedroom where the doggystyle fucking continues with Francys wanting it even more than before. Nacho pulls out and pushes his prick in her ass hole, stretching it wide and deep while Francys fingers her clit. She’s about to cum again, this time with his cock in her ass. The drilling continues in downward doggy and then they spoon fuck before Francys works her way on top of his tower in reverse cowgirl position. She grinds down onto his dick, cumming and screaming again. He lays on top of her and drills her missionary style then turns her over onto her stomach for more downward doggy fucking that has her gripping the bed sheets and screaming. Nacho pumps her pussy harder and faster until he pulls out and pops all over her ass cheeks, putting a big smile on her face.

Scene 3:   Zoe Doll and Nacho Vidal

Zoe teases the camera, showing us her big, round ass cheeks in her short, tight pants. She shakes her ass for Nacho, working it around and around. Nacho is filming the whole thing and we’re watching Zoe from his POV. She pulls up her shirt and rubs her tits all around, squeezing them for Nacho then she pulls his hard cock out of his pants and starts sucking it as he lies on his back and films her. She keeps her big beautiful eyes on him while she sucking his dick, working it in and out of her mouth. She jerks it then tries to deep throat it. He encourages her to go deeper and deeper down his thick shaft. She rubs her tongue all around his dick head then swallows it again. Zoe strips all the way naked for Nacho, giving him a dance and playing with her pussy for him. Then she sits on his dick cowgirl style. We see all the action in Nacho’s POV. Her pussy is so tight, she can barely work it into her snatch. It takes her a few minutes to get his dick head in her pussy. Once it’s in, she tries to send it deeper and deeper in her snatch.

After a few minutes, she is able to bounce up and down on his meat and starts moaning and groaning as she rides him. She looks him in the eye as her pussy swallows his cock. The camera goes out of POV and zooms in on Zoe from behind as she takes all of his cock in her pussy cowgirl style. They get into an interesting position with Nacho still on his back with his legs up opened wide and in the air as Zoe continues to ride his cock as she lies prostrate on top of him. They get back into a traditional cowgirl with Zoe taking control of his man meat. She turns around and rides him reverse cowgirl style and fingers her clit while he stuffs her. A last round spoon fuck leads Nacho to blow his load on her tongue and in her mouth. She swallows then shows her empty mouth to the camera, licking her fingers while she does.

Scene 4:  Melody Petite, Frida Sante and Nacho Vidal

Nacho is excited that he is going to be fucking another Mexican girl today. He fucks Frida Sante in this scene. Toward the end of the scene, he takes Frida upstairs where Melody and another girl are lying on his bed. He gets in between them and continues to fuck Frida and in the end he pops in Frida and Melody’s mouths. For a majority of the scene, he fucks Frida.

When the scene opens, he can’t believe how beautiful Frida is. He calls her a beautiful Latin girl. She is happy to tease him, bending over on all fours on the couch and squeezing her ass cheeks. His cock is already hard and it takes center stage in front of the camera as she drives it over to her pussy. She plays with his cock, jerking and spitting on it and telling him she loves it. Nacho is filming the action and he instructs her to go down. She drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock but it’s too big to fit down her throat. She licks up and down his shaft then puts it back in her mouth. Nacho shoves it deep in her mouth, making her gag and dribble. He fingers her pussy from behind and spanks her ass cheeks while she swallows his meat. The fuck standing up in doggy position and his dick penetrating her pussy sends her eyes rolling back into her head. She bends over the couch and he fucks her hole, slapping her ass and face and pulling her hair tight. She looks back at him, telling him to fuck her.

She sits on him in reverse cowgirl position and grinds slowly on his dick while he fingers her clit. After a while, she sits up and bounces on his meat, making it disappear deep in her pussy. Nacho encourages her to grind on his meat. She bounces her big ass up and down on his dick and her ass fills the screen up when Nacho grabs the camera and films her in POV. The get into a fast paced spoon fuck on the couch that Frida loves then she rides him cowgirl style again but this time she cums all over his prick. Nacho keeps stuffing her hole, filling her up with his dick. He leads her upstairs where Melody and another girl are waiting. Frida sits on him again and goes on a hard and fast cowgirl ride that keeps her screaming and cumming. Melody joins in on the action, kissing Nacho until he pops. He pulls out and cums in Frida’s mouth. Melody shares in the cum bounty, licking it up from all around his cock.

Scene 5: Medusa and Nacho Vidal

Medusa is another pretty Spanish conquest for Nacho and he shows her off in the opening part of the scene. She is new to porn and Nacho promises to get more girls like her. She leans up against the wall and he buries his face in her pussy from behind. She pulls her tits out of her bra while Nacho eats her snatch. He pulls his already hard cock out of his pants and works it in her tight pussy in standing doggy position, making her moan and clothes her eyes. Once he works his cock in her hole, he stars drilling it, holding one of her legs up in the air. Medusa is in ecstasy almost right away, making his cock wet as it slides in and out of her hole. The standing doggy fuck continues and Nacho gets into a rhythm, pounding her hard and fast.

She walks over to the couch and once Nacho lies down on his back, Medusa sits on his towering cock cowgirl style. She rides and grinds on his meat, working her big round ass in circles. Nacho can’t believe how tight her pussy is. He spoon fucks her gash, making it even more wet then plows it doggystyle again. It’s when she sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl position that she cums as he fills her all the way up with his stick. Another round of spoon fucking leads to pussy to mouth cock sucking by Medusa. She finishes him off by sucking and jerking his dick until he shoots all over himself. She licks his dick then shows off her body again for him.

Final Thoughts:

I recommend Nacho’s Young Latinas for the no-frills gonzo style hard sex with these bubbly young Latina starlets who cream and cum all over Nacho’s cock. Spanish gonzo performer and director Nacho Vidal fucks Frida Sante, Francys Belle, Melody Petite, Zoe Doll and Medusa in his 2 hour and 41 minute flick and it’s worth watching. These Latinas are young, sexy and horny and they have all come by Nacho’s apartment to host his big hard cock in their tight wet pussies. It’s hot to watch these girls reach their peak on top of Nacho’s meat in scene after scene of messy sex. Nacho holds the camera for some of the action, giving us a POV look at these girls’ pussies and tits as they bounce up and down in front of the camera. The production quality is simple and the girls are all lit well as they work their pussy magic on film.

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