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Natural Beauties

Studio: Vixen » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/11/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 40 minutes

Date of Production:  September 2016

Genre: Teens 18+; All Sex; Big Boobs; Natural Boobs; Anal

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Starring Kendra Sunderland (first time) with Leah Gotti, Lily Rader, Bonnie Kinz, Christian Clay, Mick Blue and Jean Val Jean

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Popshot Recap; Website Info


If you haven’t heard already, the reigning AVN Director of the Year, Greg Lansky, is also the chief creative director of the newly launched studio brand called Vixen.com. This sister site to Tushy.com and Blacked.com promises to be the new online destination for high class erotic cinema, showing beautiful, natural adult performers shot in luxurious locations. Vixen.com’s first DVD is Natural Beauties and it features webcam model Kendra Sunderland in an exclusive scene. Kendra is best known as the library girl for her daring webcam stunt of pleasuring herself in the Oregon State University library. This natural beauty with big round and bouncy tits is a standout in her first feature for Vixen.com. I highly recommend this DVD. By now, we know the porn quality and cinematography that has become a hallmark of Greg Lansky flicks. This DVD sits right up there with the rest of his award winning movies and scenes. This DVD also stars AVN Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue fucking webcam sensation Kendra. Leah Gotti, Lily Rader and Bonnie Kinz round out the natural beauties getting pounded by Christian Clay and Jean Val Jean. If you don’t already have a Greg Lansky porn collection, start one with Natural Beauties.

Scene 1:  Leah Gotti and Christian Clay

Leah had to find a part time job last summer because college was really expensive and her parents were not helping her with bills. She started babysitting for a wealthy European guy, Christian. Leah could tell that he was totally into her. Sometimes his interaction with her was borderline inappropriate, but she loves the attention from older men. Every time his wife wasn’t around, he would give her extra tips. Sometimes, when Leah was bored and she had finished all the work at his house, she would go skinny dipping in his pool. She never figured she would get caught until one day he walks up when she steps out of the pool. He approached her with a towel and wrapped it around her, helping her dry off. He starts rubbing her shoulders. She tells him he’s being very inappropriate, but before she knows it, she can feel his hard cock in his pants. They start kissing and she drops the towel from around her body and helps him take his shirt off. She reaches for his cock and starts jerking it off as they stand near the edge of the pool. They are so turned on by each other, they jump into the pool together, kissing each other passionately. When they emerge, Leah sits on the edge of the pool and Christian starts eating her pussy right away, driving her insane. He sucks on her clit and licks her all over. When he stands up out of the pool, she grabs hold of his cock again and starts sucking it and licking his balls. She is hungry for his cock and fills her mouth up with his prick. They take the passion over to the lounge chair where she lies on her back and enjoys more kisses and titty sucking from him. She goes for his cock again, keeping it hard in her mouth. He invites her to his bedroom so he can fuck her and she follows him.

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Leah picks up where she left off with his cock in her mouth, gripping it and jerking it with both hands then working it further and further down her throat. She tells him she knows he has wanted her pussy for a very long time as she sucks his balls. Leah lies on her back and does the splits with her legs wide open and Christian’s face buried in her pussy. He licks and sucks her snatch, making her body quiver. She grips his head, holding it in place between her legs and tells him how good his tongue feels. He opens her pussy up with his cock, stretching it wider and deeper with every stroke of his dick and making her scream. Christian drills her tight teen hole until she yells right there! Right there! The camera zooms in close on Leah’s pussy pumping as she begs him not to stop fucking her. The passion and chemistry between these 2 is great to watch and this is a good opening sex scene for the flick. After assaulting her pussy and ass hole with his tongue, Christian pries her ass hole open with his cock, making her head fall back on to the bed in ecstasy. She fingers her pussy while he annihilates her ass hole. The all natural Leah is an anal starlet who enjoys getting spoon fucked up the ass. Christian takes his piston deeper into her ass hole in doggy position, crouching over top of her and drilling her tight sphincter harder and deeper in stroke after stroke. Leah is in anal nirvana as he fills her tight end with a big hard cock. Her greedy mouth sucks his cock again in ass to mouth action then she sits on it in reverse cowgirl position, taking it all up the ass. Another round of fasting pumping reverse cowgirl causes Leah’s eyes to roll back into her head and Christian to pop. He pulls out quickly, telling her he wants to cum in her mouth. She lies on her back and he kneels over her mouth, shooting cum down her throat. Leah takes his cock and sucks it, swallowing more cum and telling him how good it tastes.

Scene 2:  Kylie Page and Jean Val Jean

Kylie is living at her parents’ house with her older sister. She didn’t get along with her sister, but they worked things out because the house is big enough to avoid her. Every time their parents leave town, Kylie’s sister bosses her around and acts like she is in charge. As soon as their parents leave town again, Kylie’s sister brings her boyfriend over and starts making out with him on the couch. Kylie decides to flirt with her sister’s boyfriend, Jean, when her sister is not looking. One day when Kylie’s sister left the house, Kylie knows that this is her chance to take advantage of him. She knows that Jean wants her because she is so much hotter than her sister. She meets him out by the pool and starts talking to him but there is so much sexual tension building between these 2 that pretty soon Kylie is straddling him on the lounge chair and kissing him. He licks and sucks her all natural nipples once she pulls her bathing suit off. Kylie licks his chest and rubs his body then makes her way down to his hard cock. She pulls down his swim trunks and starts licking his cock then rubbing it with her big boobs. She grips it and jerks it then licks his balls, keeping her eyes on his. She asks him if he likes what she’s doing while she sucks his cock. She jerks him off really hard then spits on his cock and puts it between her big tits.

She invites him inside to her bedroom to finish what they started. They kiss in the bedroom and she jerks his cock some more telling him she wants him to fuck her. Kylie drops to her knees to keep working on his dick, this time titty fucking it. She promises to be a dirty girl slut that’s going to make him forget about her sister. After titty fucking his dick, she stays on her knees to get her face fucked. Jean grips her behind the head, tells her to open her mouth and he thrusts his prick back and forth down her throat, making her spit up all over it. He beats her tongue with his cock then starts eating her pussy, calling her a dirty little girl. Jean keeps her lying on her back with her legs sprawled wide open then he starts pumping her hole. She tells him how much she loves his cock as she gets fucked missionary style. Kylie can’t help but moan yes, yes, yes as her hole gets stretched. She is good at pussy to mouth when he pulls his dick out of her wet hole and stuffs it in her wet mouth. She greedily sucks it then sits on it in reverse cowgirl position and bounces up and down on it saying I’m your dirty little whore daddy and I’ll do whatever you want. She does just that, spreading his legs open while he lies on his back and she licks his ass hole then works her tongue back up to his cock and balls. She goes for another cowgirl ride then gets on all fours for a hard doggystyle pounding. Jean gives it to her deep and hard, getting her pussy wet. He pulls out and promises to cum on her face, getting some of his spunk on her tongue and in her mouth. She sucks him off, begging for all of his cum down her throat.

Scene 3:   Kendra Sunderland and Mick Blue

DVD cover starlet Kendra Sunderland is depicted on the balcony overlooking stunning views in the valley. She talks about meeting her dad’s friend Mick last summer when he came over for the weekend. Mick hadn’t seen her in a very long time and she was excited to show him how much she had changed. Mick is shocked to see her body when she gets up out of the pool. Kendra tells him it’s just little old her and that Mick isn’t getting any younger. Kendra’s dad walks up and tells Kendra to put some clothes on because they have company. Kendra loves the way Mick has been looking at her and when her dad decides to leave the house for a while, her heart started pounding. She knew it was now or never. She gets dressed in her sexiest outfit, showing off her natural tits and makes her way to the living room where Mick is. She sits next to him on the couch and starts to undress, telling him they’re alone now and he doesn’t have to keep pretending. Her big boobs slip out of her top and she grabs his hand and puts them on her tits. He can’t believe how good they feel. He starts rubbing her boobs and kissing her. Kendra tells him she has wanted him for so long as Mick kisses his way down her neck and to her big round tits. He squeezes them together and licks her nipples, telling her how beautiful her boobs are. HE fingers her pussy for a few minutes and Kendra works her hands down to his hard cock. She jerks it and tells him she wants to be a dirty girl for him. With that, she drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. Kendra starts slowing, working his cock in and out of her mouth, then once she spits all over it, she jerks it harder and faster, blowing bubbles with her spit all over it.

Mick starts fucking her big boobs and Kendra enjoys squeezing his cock between her tits. After another round of cock sucking, she lies on her back and opens her legs, allowing Mick to make her cum after he eats her pussy. She has an incredible orgasm, giggling as she cums in his mouth. She begs for his cock inside her. He starts stretching her pussy missionary style, opening it wider and wider as he lies on top of her. Mick holds one of her legs up over his shoulders and drills her wet spot, making her scream that she’s cumming again. She cums and orders him to fuck her pussy.

Kendra’s big tits are beautiful when they bounce all around as Mick fills her hole up. They bounce even more when she sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl position, working her body up and down on his cock tower. Mick takes control, fully stuffing her pussy from underneath, making his balls slap her clit with every stroke. She turns over onto all fours and Mick tongues her snatch before fucking it doggystyle. Her mouth gapes open as Mick continues his pussy assault. The doggy fucking gets hard and fast then the pair get back into cowgirl position. Kendra watches his dick slide in and out of her gash and tells him to fuck her pussy. Mick gets ready to pop and quickly pulls out of her pussy and shoots his jizz in her mouth. She takes control of his cock and cum and sucks it. She tells him it tastes so good and this will be their little secret.

Scene 4:  Lily Rader and Christian Clay

Lily is living with her mother who has just gotten remarried to a new man. She is really happy for her mother but she has the hots for her stepdad. She can’t stop thinking about him and she has fantasies about him punishing her. She masturbates in the bed, fucking her own pillow. She wants to live her fantasy out so bad that she starts teasing and flirting with her stepdad to get his attention. She throws stuff at him and becomes a pain in the butt to him. She finally decides to do something that would really piss him off. She puts his phone in a glass of water and waits in her bedroom until he finds it. When Christian finds his phone, he rushes to her bedroom and asks her if she ruined his phone. She says yes and that she deserves to be punished. With that, Christian bends her over his knees and starts giving her a hard spanking, turning her soft ass cheeks red. This is exactly what Lily wants. He makes her count the number of smacks he gives her. She gets up to 10 hard whacks until Christian stops and tells her he wants to show her something. He tells her to get on her knees and open her mouth. Christian fills her mouth up with his hard cock, making her gag almost immediately. He tells her he knows she wanted his cock and that’s when he shoves it further down her throat, making her spit up all over it. She licks his balls then bends over on all fours to continue to eat his meat. She tries deep throating it, but it’s way too big for her.

Christian tongue lashes her pussy then fucks her missionary style, pumping her hard and fast right away. She moans telling him how much she loves his dick deep inside her. Christian pins her legs back and drills her wet hole, making Lily’s body shake. He pulls her closer to the edge of the bed and continues to focus on her snatch. His cock opens her gash then pumps further and deeper in her crevice. She says she has never had a cock this big in her life. The camera angles get interesting when Christian crouches on top of her and plows her pussy balls deep. We get a close up view of Lily’s pussy being annihilated by his prick. He works on sucking her tits then she sits on his cock cowgirl style, riding it. She sucks him off then sits on it again, getting her hole stretched. She tells him to choke her while he fucks her. Christian goes into overdrive on her pussy, fucking it hard and spanking her ass. Her reverse cowgirl fucking is just as hard and she loves how his big cock stretches her pussy. After another round of throat fucking, Christian fucks her in a steamy doggystyle fuck that makes her cum. She can’t believe how big his dick is and how deep it is in her pussy. The doggystyle fuck makes Christian pop. He pulls out and feeds her a load of cum right in her mouth. She swallows his jizz and sucks his cock, wanting more. She tells him she’s a better fuck than her mom.

Final Thoughts:

Daring webcam starlet Kendra Sunderland is the standout star in Vixen.com’s first DVD Natural Beauties. Kendra’s big round tits are a natural wonder of the world and are a turn on to watch as they bounce all around when she gets her tight pussy fucked. Natural Beauties is the first DVD from the brand new Vixen.com, sister site to Tushy.com and Blacked.com. The reigning AVN Director of the Year, Greg Lansky, is the chief creative officer for Vixen.com and his high quality style dominates this sizzling flick. When Vixen.com was launched, Lansky called it the new online destination for high class erotic cinema, showing beautiful, natural adult performers shot in luxurious locations. What makes this DVD hot is Kendra Sunderland’s exclusive first time appearance, fucking Male Performer of the Year, Mick Blue. Kendra shot to stardom as the library girl for her daring webcam stunt of pleasuring herself in the Oregon State University library. She is joined by equally hot natural beauties Leah Gotti, Lily Rader and Bonnie Kinz who enjoy hosting the hard cocks of Christian Clay and Jean Val Jean. Greg Lansky continues to set a high bar in the fantasy world of erotica and Natural Beauties is another one of those flicks any porn aficionado should get their hands on.

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