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Little Red: A Lesbian Fairy Tale

Studio: Girlsway » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/11/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Feature, Webisodes, All Girl/Lesbian, Fairytale
Directors: Bree Mills and Stills By Alan
Writer: Bree Mills
Editing: John Doe & Michael Hues




Jelena Jensen as Miss Flowers
April O'Neil as Social Worker
Shyla Jennings as The Flower Girl
Penny Pax as Foxy
Kendra Lust as Mrs. Riding
Abigail Mac as Abby Wolf
Cassidy Klein as Little Red

Length: Disc 1: 2 hours 15 minutes Disc 2: 26 minutes

Date of Release: September 12, 2016

Extras: 38:17 Minute BTS, Menu-selectable Trailers

Condoms: None needed

Audio/Video Quality: Shot extremely well and presented in anamorphic widescreen. Audio capture is on point, and the sound mix is very nicely done. The soundtrack music fades in and out nicely and at appropriate times.

Overview: This is a new genre of adult film making, lesbian fairytales. Little Red by Bree Mills is the first story out of the gate, but I don't expect it will be the last! It's a hot lesbian version of Little Red Riding Hood, but it's definitely not the tale as you remember it. Up above, I've told you who the cast plays but that's pretty much all I'm going to tell you about the storyline. Girlsway shot this as a series of webisodes, so you won't get any spoilers from me! I will tell you that this is a good story, and the cinematography is creative and well done. The technical aspects are very good, and there was a lot of attention paid to small details like props present in a scene, or the placement of off-screen audio in the stereo imaging. You'll want to watch this on a real monitor or television, not on your phone!

Story setup: Little Red has basically raised herself in the middle of nowhere and a social worker comes across her and takes her to be reintegrated into society.

Scene 1:

Cassidy and Jelena

Cassidy and Jelena go for a wild romp in a dark room, bathed in a pool of white light from directly above. This is not loving, lesbian sex; this is furious licking, grinding and tribbing. The lighting and camerawork here make for an awesome scene and Cassidy plays a commanding role; much different than the character she was portrayed as just moments ago. If you like your girl-girl action performed with oomph, this is your ticket.

Cassidy and Jelena

Scene 2:

-- sponsored by --

Shyla shows Cassidy her oral skills. Shyla licks and rubs Cassidy where it counts, coaxing a massively convincing orgasm out of her. Shyla has a bit of dialog here, as does Cassidy; but the scene is really about watching Cassidy have that intense orgasmic pleasure. The camerawork and lighting here make the scene inviting and flattering to the ladies. This is not like the wild sex that preceded it, but more of an experienced lesbian showing a newbie what the whole thing is all about.

Cassidy and Shyla

Scene 2A:

Cassidy Shyla Penny

Cassidy and Shyla tag team Penny as she sleeps on the couch; quickly conning her out of her clothes and into position for some two-on-one action. The trio all sport individual body types and their hair and makeup styling matches their characters nicely. Penny is the driving vocal coach in this scene; the other two moan and hum while they work on Penny's pussy. The wide shots incorporate some props which will make film buffs appreciate the attention to details in this flick. Penny takes control and shows the other how rubbing pussies is supposed to be done as she rides Shyla while Cassidy rubs one out. The sex is good, and the performances of each girl as their characters are awesome to watch. Shyla and Penny grind each other into massive orgasms and then Cassidy gets a chance to lick Shyla's wet hole. Shyla becomes the mouthpiece as she spouts intentionally lame lines at Penny, which works really well here. The cacophany of kitten chatter is great as they switch it up to Penny and Shyla grinding their groins on Cassidy. The whole scene is hokey in that old school sitcom way, and I'll say it again: it really works here!

Cassidy Shyla Penny

Scene 3:

Kendra is surprised as Abigail gets right into licking her tits and twat, but soon enough she's into the idea and the two get naked; their contrasting busty body tones looking fantastic onscreen. Kendra's shaven slit looks totally inviting as Abigail jabs her tongue in and out of it. The chemistry seems totally genuine as these two go at it, complete with dirty talk and ass licking while Kendra gets a thumb in her fingerhole. The piledriver version of tribbing is superbly framed as Abigail brings herself to orgasm (which distorts the audio just a tad).

Abigail and Kendra

Scene 4:

Cassidy and Abigail tangle in a bedroom. It's a full on catfight with each girl pinning the other while yelling naughty words. Abigail gets a two-handed, four finger fucking while she's down, and Cassidy grinds her snatch into her pussy furiously; the camera work covering the action nicely. Abigail looks incredibly hot as she flips to the top position, but Cassidy is having none of that and dominates her again via a rolling position switch. The power exchanges here are engrossing as the two ladies try to break each other. (This is the catfight that every guy imagines in his head when two girls slap each other)

Abigail and Cassidy

I'm going to pause for a moment to thank the production crew here: lighting, hair & makeup, costuming, art direction, directors, cameramen, audio...everybody involved in this scene is absolutely noteworthy; and the performers are so on point it's ridiculous,...but back to the action.

Abigail fucks the shit out of Cassidy, and vice-versa. The claws of both kittens are out and they just ravish each other while issuing sexual challenges. There's miniscule amounts of breath play, gagging with panties, and threats yelled at each other; which are totally hot in this fantasy scenario.  They just go at each other uncompromisingly until they are both spent.

Abigail and Cassidy

Without counting sex toys, anal insertions, or actual fuck machines; this is some of the hottest female-only action I've personally ever seen. I can't wait to pop Disc 2 in.

Disc 2


Slideshows Menu

Extras Menu

Scene 5:

Four Girls

Cassidy and Abigail tussle again, but this time Kendra joins the fray! It's a battle filled with moaning, grunting and dirty talking. Tongues lash out at each other and pussies get impaled by fingers. It's a battle for orgasmic supremacy and the balance of power goes back and forth, with no clear winner in sight. Luckily April shows up to tip the balance of power and jumps in on the action! Good girls become bad girls; predators become prey and the action is non-stop as these four brunette babes get down and dirty. It's a high energy scene with boobs and butts, muffs and hair bouncing in every direction. It's a whirlpool of humping and howling, clit-licking and catcalling.

Four Girls

Final Thoughts: This whole thing plays out like calling up your favorite Italian restaurant. You could order some wings and enjoy a beer with them while watching an episode, or you can go all in and order wings, salad, a couple of different pizzas, garlic knots, and some tiramisu while binge watching the hell out of this!

It's an erotic fairytale, not a parody, and a great take on a new genre. The fact that it is laid out in episodes rather than a continuous movie made reviewing it really tough without giving away the plot for people that choose to view it episodically. I put this flick at the bottom of my review pile because I wasn't sure if I could endure almost 3 hours of girl on girl action; boy, was I wrong on that! This isn't just 5 scenes of girl-girl action repeating itself over and over. Sure, the same tonguings and fingerings happen more than once; however the fact that everybody stays in character during each session puts a whole new spin on things. I don't care how you watch this, episodically or in a binge, just watch it! If you like plot based porn, or girl-on-girl action, you definitely can't go wrong here.

The camera work, the audio, the lighting, hair and makeup, props, editing. You name it, everything shines in this flick. That even extends into the way the BTS is put together. The cast is excellent, staying in character and even acting over-the-top when the scene calls for that. This is an easy flick for me to Highly Recommend. Look for a slew of award nominations this year! Bree and Alan knocked this out of the park for Girlsway.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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