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Nice Girls Swallow Vol. 7

Studio: Amateur Allure » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 10/11/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 1 hour, 55 minutes

Cast: Nicole Bexley, Nicole Clitman, Ariel Skye, Raylin Ann, Violet Starr, Arryn, Vera Rain, Jenna Reid, Ray Dark, and Justin Hunt

Directed by: Ray Dark

Genre: Blowjobs, POV, Gonzo, Teen 18+, Big Cock

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: 4K video resolution, 16:9 ratio, Dolby Digital sound

Bonus Scenes: None

Extras: Photo gallery, cumshot recap, website info

Overview: Seven volumes into one their trademark Nice Girls Swallow franchise, Nice Girls Swallow Vol. 7 sticks to its concept fittingly by featuring gorgeous young starlets sucking cock with dreamlike, almost hypnotic ambience to create a visually arresting scene every time.

Scene 1: Nicole Bexley and Justin Hunt

Nice Girls Swallow Vol. 7 starts with the longest and arguably the best scene of the whole disc. Nicole Bexley is a beautiful nineteen-year-old from St. Louis, and with this scene, she's working to get inducted into Swallow Academy, so says our man of the scene, Justin Hunt. Nicole begins by effortlessly slobbering on Justin's sizable dick, emphasizing the eye-contact, the very thing Amateur Allure is known for, every slurp of the way. Just when you think the scene is over - with an ostensibly premature swallow - Nicole and Justin go at it again, this time, having sex, that winds up getting so intense for her that she takes her headband off in order to surpress the moans.

For Justin's second load, she accepts it as if she's trying to hold back a devilish grin, completing what's an overall fitting scene. The fact that the two remain clothed the whole time, however, makes the scene bear a "quickie" vibe to it rather than a more intimate one, but Nicole's stellar blowjob technique - enlarging her mouth around the thickest part of the shaft before pursing her lips around the head - make for such a hearty distraction you might not even notice. Four out of five stars.

Scene 2: Nicole Clitman and Ray Dark

Compared to Nicole Brexley's scene, twenty-year-old Chicagoan Nicole Clitman's is over before you get to take your pants off, so it seems. Nonetheless, Nicole does her best to make with the time she has, especially working to pleasure Ray's ballsack in addition to showcasing her deep-throating skills in a more obvious manner. Her golden blonde hue captures the overall innocence of her appearance, especially when it works with Amateur Allure's almost-inherent dreamlike videography, but the shortness of this scene unfortunately gets the best of it. Three out of five stars.

Scene 3: Ariel Skye and Ray Dark

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Ariel Skye perfectly defines the slang-word "adorkable," as she boats skin-tight jean shorts, glasses, and a smile that screams deviant behavior. Ray can't even help but admire the twenty-year-old starlet's aura about her, even as he's balls-deep inside her mouth. She's quietly enthusiastic, and like Nicole Clitman, makes the most out of the brief time we get with her. Her mild shyness, however, is forgotten as soon as she has a creamy load sliding down the back of her throat. Three and a half out of five stars.

Scene 4: Raylin Ann and Ray Dark

Self-proclaimed slut Raylin Ann is no stranger to cocksucking, as she claims to have fellated about fifty guys in the past at only eighteen years old. This is her debut porn scene and the fun starts as soon as she walks in, projecting this unshakable "bad girl" aura into the room with every strut. She's also, by far, the most talkative and personality-driven woman to be featured on this disc, unapologetically showing her enthusiasm for cocksucking and porn before Ray even has a chance to undo his fly.

Raylin wastes no time going down on Ray, slurping, sucking, and salivating all over his large cock, talking him through nearly every stroke about how dirty she is and how in-love she is with blowjobs. The cum simply slides down her throat and what you have it easily one of the most charismatic scenes of the entire project. Four out of five stars.

Scene 5: Violet Starr and Ray Dark

Violet Starr waltzes into Ray's room flaunting a blood-red, skin-tight dress and heel combination that gets one hard just from looking at her, in classic want-what-you-can't-have, modest fashion. She resembles a young Tori Black, right down to her lengthy brunette hair and innocent smile, complimented only by her braces.

Her first move is to be sure to work Ray's ballsack just as well as she sucks his cock. She salivates over his large erection before Ray decides to enter her adorable, unshaven clit. Just by her expressions and moans, Violet oozes a great deal of charisma, and the two strike an amiable chemistry as if the nineteen-year-old relative-newcomer and her cocksucking skills have been in the industry for sometime now. She also earns points as having the best swallowing scene of the entire project, unabashedly accepting Ray's load and smiling as it goes all the way down. Four out of five stars.

Scene 6: Arryn (Lily LaBeau) and Ray Dark

Twenty-five-year-old Arryn (aka Lily LaBeau), the oldest starlet of the entire film, returns after four years away from Amateur allure and is ready to slob on Ray's knob some more, now with added experience. She flaunts in with a hip-hugging jean-skirt, only to pull it down and reveal the cutest little landing strip you've seen in quite a while. Arryn will win any blowjob-fan over, with her ability to almost throat-fuck such a large penis, yet caress and savor it in equal measure. She's a fun-filled, five-foot ball of unadulterated energy and this scene effectively captures that, as well as a lovely swallowed load as well.

The only setback to the scene is this is the perfect example where Amateur Allure's ethereal videography works against it. It's as if you have to over your remote control to adjust the brightness too frequently, as Arryn's milky-white skin and outfit sometimes become entirely whitewashed to the point of being indistinguishable. It's not a scene-killer, but it's a notable setback nonetheless. Three and a half out of four stars.

Scene 7: Vera Rain (Peyton Coast) and Ray Dark

Newcomer Vera Rain's (also known as Peyton Coast) scene in Nice Girls Swallow Vol. 7 is probably the messiest one of all, as the slobber from her blowjob drips all over her black blouse. Vera doesn't seem to mind, however; her saliva glistens Ray's dick as he gently holds her head and pushes her up and down rhythmically along his well-endowed thickness. She's charming without being overly giddy, and her scene may debatably qualify as the only real "throat-fucking" scene of the entire disc. Three and a half out of five stars.

Scene 8: Jenna Reid and Justin Hunt

"I want cum in my mouth," newcomer Jenna Reid demands in her debut scene that not only showcases her dick-sucking skills, but her lean-and-mean figure. The nineteen-year-old's charm in Nice Girls Swallow Vol. 7 is something different than the other girls' here and that's her inability to so easily deep-throat Justin's member. Try as she might, Jenna can't take the entirety of Justin's shaft, coming up about an inch and a half short of his balls. She's never discouraged, however; in fact, she's more than willing to showcase the variety of melodic sounds her mouth can make when skin and slobber become entangled for a messy but delightfully appealing concoction of intimacy.

Her energy is a beautiful way to conclude the entire film, and her asking Justin, "can I cum?" while suppressing moans and a beautiful O-face during intercourse just might make your heart melt. Four out of five stars.

Final Thoughts

Nice Girls Swallow Vol. 7 is a great disc for anyone looking to see the cut-and-dry of what Amateur Allure is all about: ethereal, entrancing videography, high-quality, 4k-resolution POV sequence, and barely-legal, innocent-looking teens happy to suck Ray's impressive dick. The downside to that is Amateur Allure's most consistent issue of frequently too-bright videography - even with brightness and color adjustments - that can sometimes wholly obscure the action that is occurring on-screen.

The monotony of the disc would be a larger criticism, but the less-than-two-hour runtime makes its blowjob-centric content more forgivable, as well as the romantic elements that the visuals, eye-contact, and charm of the girls (and Ray, for that matter). It's plentiful and arousing without being too overwrought.

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