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Dark Perversions 4

Studio: Kelly Madison Media » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/11/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Anal, Domination, Fetish, Bondage

Director: Ryan Madison



Cast: Sandee Westgate, Tiffany Tyler, Amara Romani, Charlotte Sartre, Ryan Madison, Jared Grey

Length: Disc 1: 2 hours 29 minutes  Disc 2: I didn't total up the times, but they are listed individually in the Extras Section. 

Date of Release: September 27, 2016

Extras: All on Disc 2. Menu-selectable BTS & Fluffing Cams for 3 of the 4 girls totaling 29:10 minutes, Q&A content in written format, Polaroid gallery, 10 minute Photo Gallery, 10 Minute BTS Photo Gallery, 39 minute Bonus Scene (I can't put my finger on who the girl is but she costars with Ryan in black and white fetish footage here), 15:21 minute Trailers for Rough Rider, Morning Joe, Boho Beauties, Hard Passion 3, Kelly 2; Even More Trailers and Commercials from Porn Fidelity and Teen Fidelity!

Extras Menu

BTS Menu

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in 4k Ultra HD. Presented in anamorphic widescreen with exceptional audio. Scenes seem to be shot with mostly available light, which doesn't seem to be a problem for the gear at all other than some glitches with white balance as the performers move from one room to another.

Overview: Four thematically related scenes in that they all involve rough sex. Some involve breath play, some involve hot wax, others involve simulated abductions and bondage. Ryan Madison shows off his darker side in this series, and he brings his high-end video gear along to make sure you see every detail.

Please be aware that this is not for the timid or faint of heart. In fact, scene 3 is actually preceded by a "Viewer Discretion Is Advised" warning. This disc will definitely not appeal to everyone! I give TWO recommendations in my final thoughts, please pick the one that applies to you and purchase accordingly.

Scene 1: Charlotte Sartre & Ryan Madison

Scenes of Charlotte wandering around in Goth attire are interspersed with her tossing rose petals into a tub before climbing in. It's all shot very stylistically and then Ryan joins her and rolls a Wartenberg wheel around her tongue before dripping candle wax on her and his dick. She gets out of the tub and they go at it standing up, many of the shots being shot in a broken mirror. He slaps her tits, which she seems to get off on and spits in her mouth at her request and then she spits it onto the mirror as he pummels her pussy from behind. They move to the hallway where they go at it, him choking her with his shirt. He picks her up and tosses her onto a bed and then rams her while facing away from her.

Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre

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He preps her ass hole with his thumbs before he plunges into it. She likes that, and climbs on top of him to ass ride his cock some more. He tosses her around and switches his dick from one gaping hole to another as she plays with whichever one he's not in at the moment. She really seems to have a great time with a cock in her ass, smiling and giggling. The two wrestle around, Ryan managing to keep his fedora on and his dick in her ass the entire time. After forty some odd minutes Ryan finally loses his load in her pussy and then spends a few minutes working it back out.

As I mentioned earlier, the scene is shot very stylistically and the soundtrack is good. The framing is usually on point and the cameraman shows us just how impressive the gear is from this studio. The camera is able to shoot in almost no light and the dynamic range on it is impressive, as are the focus pull capabilities and shallow Depths of Field possible. I thought this scene was way too long, myself.

Scene 2: Tiffany Tyler & Ryan Madison

Tiffany's scene starts like an 80's-era MTV video, in a montage complete with ripped spandex, torn shirts and bondage tape. Watch your volume on this opening scene, it's pretty loud. That fades into her getting fingered by Ryan, squirting very quickly. The camera tilts so as to utilize the entire frame and not cut heads off, always appreciated! She does some dirty talking until Ryan tells her to shut up and take her bra off so we can see her beautiful rack. That's when our cockstar wraps a studded belt around her throat and pulls her around. An edit causes his shirt and the collar to disappear as they spit and kiss. He then licks her and fingers her, which you can't see because his head is in the way, but she sits on his face to fix that problem.

Tiffany Tyler

Ryan then fucks the slut standing up as the camera zooms in and out trying to avoid most of the clutter that is present in the garage or wherever they are. He decides to carry her into the kitchen and there's a white balance issue because of that, and a quick adjustment is made as he drops to eat her ass. The cameraman has to think quickly; adjusting light levels as Ryan again pulls her around the house while fucking her. They end up on a round bed doing it doggie. She looks better in missionary until the camera guy's hand hits the frame. We get to see her cute ass as she does a modified reverse cowgirl and then we get shots of her shaven slit as Ryan fucks her from below. Every time our vixen tries to talk dirty Ryan shuts her up. There's an overhead shot that pivots which is pretty cool. The two fuck in a bunch of positions until she finally gets to dirty talk while he pounds away in missionary before blowing inside of her apparently and then an edit shows us her slapping her pussy and saying she's fucking done.

Tiffany Tyler

I don't think this is the same camera guy from the first scene. This scene zooms in and out a lot and focus goes wonky quite a bit.

Scene 3: Sandee Westgate & Jared Grey

This is a simulated abduction scene between a married couple. The camerawork is frenetic and shot by flashlight to reinforce that concept. The soundtrack is creepy and foreboding. Our abductee looks great as she gets fucked and collared in what appears to be a large closet. Even though this is shot by a cameraman some shots manage to look very POV of the abductor. it doesn't take very long before that abductor shoots his load all over Sandee's ass as she lies on the floor and then ties her up with her leash and walks away.

Sandee West

It's a well performed scene between a husband and wife and it is shot very nicely portraying the chaos that is being simulated.

Scene 4: Amara Romani & Ryan Madison "Gloved"

Ryan and Amara continue the theme of rough, forced sex as the soundtrack plays creepily and the visuals go back to that broken mirror from the start. The two play rough with each other as he pulls her around and then she's on her knees and acts like a badass telling him to shove his fucking cock in her throat, causing her to break character as she laughs as she hears herself say it. The interruption is momentary as she proceeds to give one of those super sloppy BJs we've all come to know and love. She must be trying to one up herself because she just covers her face in more slobber than usual as the camera and soundtrack go into slo-mo. Ryan's nice enough to clean her face off by shoving her head under the water in the tub. This is Amara Romani we are talking about, so she goes right back to throat fucking him in a few positions.

Amara Romani

Amara Romani

Ryan isn't going to be satisfied with that so he proceeds to jam his cock into her from behind as he throws up against a wall and sticks a bunch of fingers down her throat while pinching her nose shut. He gets some more head and then fucks her on the floor and in a doorway. I think we're back to our original camera man as he follows the changing action deftly. The rougher Ryan rides her the more she likes it. She gets thrown on the bed, and the gloves come off, literally. She gets her pussy oiled up and Mr. Madison proceeds to choke her and fuck her furiously until he creampies her. I won't tell you what happens next, but be assured it will be fairly disturbing to many people.

Final Thoughts: This disc is not going to appeal to the masses, I don't think. If you are curious and open-minded about things like hot wax play, simulated abductions, and small medical devices being used; this might be what you are looking for in a rental or a few days of streaming. If your fetishes involve things like the above then you might want to purchase this 2-disc set for your collection, or perhaps stream this off of their website in resolutions up to 4k if your gear allows you to do that.

This isn't softcore anything, let's get that right up front. There's not a lot of connection between the performers in the scenes, and I'm pretty sure that is by design. The scenes each have their own look and style, and each delves into a different fetish. This is about dominance, submission, roleplaying and more. Barring that second scene, where the cameraman seems to be filling in while the regular guy runs to the store: the camera work really shows off what the gear is capable of. However, in that same scene I note that there is a cool overhead shot so maybe it's an assistant learning the ropes and showing off what he has learned simultaneously.

All in all it is what it is. It's not your run-of-the-mill, quickly cranked out porn. It's not high gloss starlets getting banged on white couches in white rooms. There's a ton of material on disc 2 which some may find interesting, others won't care less. It's different, it has a niche. If you are part of that niche, you know it and for you I Recommend it, otherwise I'd say rent it just to satisfy your curiosity about the "little spiky wheel" on the cover. It's well shot, well produced porn; it won't be something you watch a lot though.

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