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Summer Lust

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 10/21/16

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Genre: All Female Lesbian Feature


Cast: Aspen Rae, Capri Anderson, Elle Alexandra, Georgia Jones, Adrienne Manning, Vanessa Veracruz, Bree Daniels, Dani Daniels

Director: Tammy Sands

Length: 152 min. with bonus scenes

Release Date: Sept. 12, 2016

Extras: Eight trailers and five bonus scenes


Condoms: None

Video/Audio: Well shot anamorphic digital film with nice crisp stereo.

Overview: Wonderful light fluffy yarn about love and jealousy at a lesbian pool party. Not much by way of story but it's made up for by some fantastic sex scenes played nicely by some amazingly hot women. The feature itself is only 58 min. long, but it has over and hour and a half of terrific bonus scenes which I'll get to later.

Scene One: Aspen Rae and Elle Alexandra


Aspen Rae, with her gorgeous tight tanned body and beautiful long auburn hair, is in a new relationship with Georgia Jones and she invites her ex, Elle Alexandra, over to meet. Well, Elle decides to show up early in an attempt to woo Aspen back. They go to the bedroom and Elle suggests they have one last fling for old times sake. They start kissing and undressing each other while gently carressing each others bodies. The sensuousness beautifully sets the tone for the scene. After they have their tops off Aspen lies belly down and Elle gives her ass sweet butterfly kisses before removing her thong and flipping her over to give her some wonderful head. Elle eats and licks Aspen's pussy until she convulses in the first of many volcanic orgasms that make up this feature. After she cums it's Elle's turn and Aspen licks her tart ginger pussy until she cums in Aspen's mouth. After the orgasm they sweetly kiss and caress each other until Aspen makes Elle promise not to tell Georgia of the tryst. Let me interject here how much I appreciate that the sex scenes in this film are only about 10-12 min. It reminds me of the classic porn films of the '80's and '90's before it became mandatory for scenes to be 30 minutes to an hour long. Thank you.

Scene Two: Aspen Rae and Georgia Jones


Later in the day Elle goes to the store to get some stuff for the party. While she's gone the very energetic and very horny Georgia Jones comes bounding into the house carrying and oversized inflatable Simpsons donut for the party. (Aspen must be a fan since she it matches her cell phone cover.) Georgia immediately pounces on Aspen and goes down on her. She eats her pussy until she cums and switches up with Aspen, letting her go to town on her pussy. When she cums, Aspen climbs up and Georgia rubs her pussy with her fingers until she cums again. Her gorgeous ass bucks on Georgia's hand as she explodes on her fingers. She then sits down as Georgia sits on Aspens face and rides her face to Chicago, wildly convulsing on her mouth as Aspen rubs her own pussy to another orgasm. AMAZINGLY hot scene with a lot of energy and electricity.

Scene Three: Elle Alexandra and Capri Anderson


Elle returns not only with some liquor but something extra, her new girlfriend played by one of my favorite girls next door Capri Anderson. This is a total shock to Aspen who had no idea that Elle had moved on and was dating again. She puts on a fake smile and is cordial enough while we can see the jealousy welling up inside her. Cut to outside by the pool where Capri and Elle start making out. They start kissing and caressing while removing their clothes. Capri eats Elle's sweet red pussy until it squirts in her mouth. Capri then climbs up and they start scissoring each other until the cum. Capri then sits on Elles face for one more orgasm before laying down next to Elle. They cuddle, kiss and caress each others beautiful bodies very tenderly and romantically. Another nice short well shot scene.

Scene Four: Aspen Rae, Georgia Jones, Elle Alexandra and Capri Anderson


It's time for the party to start. The pool is filled with gigantic inflatables which the girls have fun playing on. Aspen and Georgia are playing together on a giant swan. Aspen watches sees Elle and Capri cavorting together and the jealousy overtakes her. She starts making out with Georgia prompting Elle to compete with her. They both make out with their respective girlfriends. They all get naked and start fucking each other. Capri eats out Elle as Georgia eats out Aspen. It's when Capri starts rubbing on Georgia's ass that they start going at it. Aspen and Georgia say what the hell and fuck each other. The orgy scene ends with Georgia making Capri cum while Elle eats Aspens ass out from behind. Lot's of action in this well shot scene from four very hot performers.


Bonus Scenes: Along with the feature the disc contains five bonus scenes, all equally great and deserving of a mention. While for the most part they have the same actresses as the feature they are all unrelated from the film.

Bonus Scene One: Aspen Rae, Capri Anderson and Elle Alexandra


This scorching hot scene starts with Capri and Elle worshipping Aspen's ass and pussy. Capri licks her clit as Elle sits on her face. Elle and Aspen go into a 69 until Elle and Capri switch, with Capri riding Aspen's mouth. Elle makes Aspen cum in her mouth and they start fucking Capri, each one eating her pussy. I really like Capri Anderson. She is such a natural beauty and her intense orgasms are a true site to behold. After they make Capri cum it's Elles time for attention. Aspen sits on her face as Capri goes down on her. Aspen has a great convulsive orgasm on Elles face as Capri continues eating her. Capri then climbs up and makes a daisy chain from Aspen's pussy to Elle's mouth. Elle rubs her sweet ginger pussy. They then switch around and Elle sits on Capri's face as Aspen eats her pussy. Elle bucks and convulses her sweet red headed ass on Capri's face as she cums. The scene ends with all three in a loving embrace, kissing and caressing each other in a beautiful lesbian menage a troi.

Bonus Scene Two: Capri Anderson and Adrienne Manning


In this beautiful scene Capri is having sex with the absolutely gorgeous knockout Adrienne Manning. After some making out and undressing Capri finger bangs Adrienne from behind. Great shot of Adrienne's ass in the air as Capri glides her fingers up and down and in Adrienne's beautiful pussy. Capri takes off her thong and they start masturbating each other. They gently kiss and rub each other's pussies making each other cum. They then pull out a clear dildo which Adrienne uses on Capri. She slides it in and out of Capri's pussy making her cum. Then, with Adrienne nestled in her arms, Capri uses it on Adrienne. This beautiful scene ends with Capri making Adrienne cum with the dildo as she holds her like a child in her arms. Wow!

Bonus Scene Three: Elle Anderson and Vanessa Veracruz


At 25 minutes this is one of the longer scenes with Elle and the striking Latina beauty Vanessa Veracruz. After some making out Vanessa points her gorgeous brown ass to the camera and Elle spreads her pussy open, rubbing and fingering for all to see as Vanessa moans in pleasure. Vanessa then eats Elle's ass from behind, burying her face in her pussy making her convulse on her face. She lays down and Vanessa goes down on her, licking and fingering her until she cums. Vanessa then lays down and Elle goes down on her, licking her hot Hispanic box until she cums. Lot's of great closeup shots of the all the action on this one. After licking and finger banging her to orgasm, Elle sits on Vanessa's face and Vanessa laps up her pussy, burying her face into it. After making her cum, Vanessa sits back in Elle's arms and Elle rubs and fingers her pussy to one last intense orgasm. Very hot scene from two beautiful women.

Bonus Scene Four: Georgia Jones, Bree Daniels and Dani Daniels


In this very cute and sweet scene Georgia is joined by Bree Daniels and Dani Daniels (no relation, thank goodness). All three are girlfriends sitting on a bed wearing nighties talking about girlfriend stuff when the conversation turns to sex. Dani undoes Georgia's top and Bree starts pinching her nipples. All three start making out and Dani starts rubbing Georgia's pussy through her panties. Bree undoes her top and Georgia starts sucking her nipples. She takes her panties off and Dani starts licking her pussy as Georgia sucks her nipples. Dani buries her face in her pretty blond pussy until Bree convulses and cums in her mouth. Dani then takes her panties off and sticks her ass to the camera as Georgia rubs her from behind. She gently glides her fingers along Dani's pussy lips and clit, giving sweet butterfly kisses on her ass. Dani then lays down and Georgia goes down on her trimmed pussy (Dani Daniels with a trimmed pussy? That's rare.) Georgia eats her out as Dani passionately kisses Bree. After bringing Dani to a glorious orgasm, Georgia lies down on her belly and Dani eats her ass out. She gets up underneath her and Georgia sits on her face. With Dani spread open she sweetly brings Georgia to a writhing orgasm while Bree cups her breast and kisses and licks her ear.

Bonus Scene Five: Aspen Rae and Vanessa Veracruz


The last bonus scene has Aspen Rae trying to relax topless in her bed with a good book. Unfortunately she can't since Vanessa won't stop masturbating in the next room. Fed up she goes in to put a stop to it. She finds her playing with herself with a vibrator and Aspen starts to use it one her. She rubs it along the outside of her pussy and starts kissing her. The this for about a minute before Aspen puts it away and goes down on Vanessa. She eats and licks Vanessa's spicy Latina pussy until she cums. Vanessa sits up and Aspen fingers her until she cums again. Aspen then lays down and Vanessa covers her body with passionate kisses. It such a thing of beauty to see Aspen's perfectly tanned and Vanessa's naturally brown bodies intertwining together. Aspen flips over and Vanessa rubs her pussy making her cum on her hand. She flips back and Vanessa goes down on her licking her pussy like a dog driving Aspen crazy. She sucks and licks Aspen's clit until she convulses and cums in her mouth. Vanessa climbs up and scissors Aspen for a little bit before laying down for Aspen to eat her out. Aspen grabs the vibrator and rubs Vanessa's clit with it making her bucks and wang to another intense orgasm. Aspen then climbs up and sits on Vanessa's face. She rides her face shile Vanessa laps at Aspen's pussy with her tongue bringing her to another earth shattering orgasm. Vanessa gently and lovingly licks Aspen's pussy juice up before Aspen climbs off and they both embrace each other in sweet lesbian love.


Final Thoughts: All I can say is wow! This disc is so hot you'll need oven mitts to insert it in your machine. It's another knockout from Girlfriends Films, who specialize in lesbian centric films. The women are just so gorgeous, the performances are just so great (even in the bonus material) and the camera work is so good that it's just one of the best genre centric films I've seen in a while. It's such refreshing change of pace from the standard cookie cutter gonzo lesbian disc. Do yourself a favor and get this disc! X-Critic Pick



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